Who Is The Patron Saint Of Hunters

Saints for the deer hunting season

The deer hunting season has officially begun. Whether it’s bow season in Wisconsin, which runs from Sept. 12 to Jan. 3 this year, or deer gun season, which runs from Nov. 21 to Nov. 29 this year, getting into the woods has been a family ritual for generations. When it comes to patron saints of hunters, two names come to mind immediately: St. Eustace (also known as Eustachius) and St. Hubert (also known as Hubertus) (also called Hubertus). Due to the similarities between their stories, it has been suggested that the earlier one was more of a religious story than the factual account of an actual person.

Eustace, on the other hand, is recognized as a saint and is, in fact, one of the 14 Holy Helpers (a list which includes St.


Before his conversion to Christianity, he was known by the name Placidus, and it is during this conversion that the hunting narrative takes place.

  1. In the course of his pursuit of a hart (a red male deer), Placidus noticed that the beast had turned back on him and that it had a crucifix between its horns.
  2. As a result, he was given the given name of Eustace, which means “fruitful” or “lucky.” Eustace’s fortunes did not improve immediately, and he and his family became the victims of a succession of misfortunes.
  3. When the next emperor, Hadrian, came to power, Eustace and his family were forced to become martyrs for their Christian beliefs.
  4. St.
  5. Being born into aristocracy, he had the opportunity to grow up in comfort and luxury.
  6. The enormous deer turned on him one Good Friday when he was following it instead of attending church, in a manner similar to how Eustace faced his hart.
  7. Hubert also heard a voice telling him that he needed to alter his ways and live a holy life, or else he would “soon descend into hell.” Moreover, he was directed to seek out Lambert, Bishop of the Diocese of Maastrict, in order to find out what else God desired of him in the future.

Hubert (also known as Hubertus in German) was a reformer who lived in the 16th century.

His ultimate successor, Lambert, relocated to the see city of Liège, where he was consecrated as the first Bishop of Liège.

Hubert died in the year 727 or 728 in the vicinity of Brussels.

He was also frequently invoked to protect people (as well as animals) from the rabies epidemic in Europe.

Hubert’s Key (Hubertusschlüssel), which was often seen in numerous European churches throughout history, including the Middle Ages and even into the twentieth century.

It was originally intended to be used to cauterize animal bites in order to prevent the spread of rabies.

The deer with a cross between its antlers, which is St.

Its original distiller was a passionate hunter, and Jägermeister — a German name that literally translates as “hunt master” — had been used for generations to refer to hunters, woodsmen, and gamekeepers.

Jagermeister is an alcoholic beverage that has been around since 1935.

During his time as a member of the Order of St.

Hubert (IOSH), he was appointed as patron of the Order in what was then the Kingdom of Bohemia.

One of the order’s founding members was Charles II of Bohemia, who would go on to become the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles VI, in the next century.

The history of the IOSH also mentions that when Hermann Goering, Hitler’s second-in-command, was rejected admission, he ordered the execution of the order’s Grand Prior, according to the history.

The International Organization for Standardization (IOSH) said that when World War II ended, its hunters were ordered to assist in providing winter food for Austrians.

Halvor Ekorn, a member of the International Organization for Standardization (IOSH), was posted to the headquarters of United States Forces in Austria at the time.

The feast day of St.

Hunters and sportsmen, as well as religious leaders, will benefit from his legacy.

Hubert of Lisieux of Milwaukee, creator of the “Catholic Gentleman” blog, who writes, “St.

Hubert and St.

A number of sources were used, including IOSH-US.com, “The Catholic Encyclopedia,” catholicgentleman.net, romanchristendomblogspot.com, the british museum, Catholic Saints, and the Science Museum of the United Kingdom, as well as catholiconline and Catholiconline.com.

Celebrate St. Hubert: The Patron Saint of Hunters!

St. Hubert is known as the “Hunter’s Patron Saint.” In 1744, the Catholic Church declared St. Hubert to be the Patron Saint of Hunters and Butchers, and he was canonized and honored as such. Today is the third of November, which is observed every year on this day. Here are some interesting facts about the man who was a deer hunting enthusiast long before anybody dreamed of utilizing a tree stand or a compound bow in his pursuit of deer. Daniel E. Schmidt’s article Everyone should have a happy St.

  1. Did you know that St.
  2. 3?
  3. Hubert was born into the splendors of royal circles at the middle of the 7th century, as the son of the Royal Duke of Aquitaine, and grew up in the midst of deer hunting splendors.
  4. According to legend, Hubert was riding on horseback when his hounds surrounded a big buck in a clearing and brought him to heel.

Then a voice came from the stag and said, “Unless you convert to the Lord, Hubert, you will perish in Hell.” “Repent or you will perish!” After repenting, Hubert dedicated his life to seeking out hunters and preaching in distant Belgian camps during hunting season, which he did for the rest of his life.

  1. Seeing as how, I was born and reared in the town of Hubertus, Wisconsin, which was named after Saint Hubert in 1840 when Catholic priests transported a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary to what would become St.
  2. My siblings, sisters, and I attended St.
  3. the very same school where, in April 1981, I wrote a topic paper for my English class on the subject of religion.
  4. It took many years of education, college, and journalism-related jobs for me to finally realize my ambition, which happened 20 years ago this month.
  5. Hubert has been keeping an eye on me over this entire period.

How did Saint Hubertus Become the Patron Saint of Hunters?

Details The 15th of January, 2019 is a Tuesday. The conversion of Saint Hubertus, the patron Saint of hunters, to Christianity. Wilhelm Räuber’s “The Conversion of Holy Hubertus” (The Conversion of Holy Hubertus) (1849-1926) Most of us are aware that St Hubert is the patron saint of hunters, but how did this nobleman, who was reportedly commanded by God to take his attention away from hunting, come to be known as the patron saint of hunters remains a mystery. He was born in 656 A.D. in the vicinity of Toulous, France, and like many lords of the period was addicted to the “chase,” to which he was able to dedicate the majority of his time because of his riches.

  • When Hubert’s wife Floribanne, the daughter of Dagobert, died during delivery, Hubert’s dedication to hunting turned into an addiction to which he chose to dedicate all of his time and effort.
  • According to legend, on Good Friday one year, when hordes of devoted churchgoers gathered for mass, the devil appeared to them.
  • Hubertus is supposed to have walked up to the stag’s antlers and seen a sparkling cross dangling between its majestic antlers, just as he was about to take the kill.
  • He was directed to seek out Bishop Lambert of his diocese in order to discover what God expected of him.
  • Although St.

It is said that the voice from heaven, which Hubert heard during his vision, instructed Hubertus on the importance of treating animals as God’s creatures and on the principles of never shooting females with young, prioritizing the shooting of sick and injured animals, and making a quick, clean kill, all of which St Hubertus went on to preach to his congregation as a result of his vision.

In particular, in the region of Europe where St Hubert lived, the principles of the hunter training courses in Germany and the French’chasse à courre’, huntsmen and followers, who hunt large game on horseback and are the last direct descendants of Saint Hubert in Europe, have continued to be practiced and adopted.

The saint is widely regarded among sport hunters as the first to encourage ethical hunting techniques and to have been responsible for the establishment of ethical hunting standards and behavior that respects animals as God’s creations.

You might consider taking the level 1 ‘Proficient Deer Stalker’ course if you are interested in learning more about deer hunting in the United Kingdom. For additional information, please see this link: proficient-stalker.

Why St. Eustace and St. Hubert are patron saints of hunters

When it comes to hunting, most people in the United States are familiar with St. Hubert and his relationship to patronage. However, few people are aware that his narrative is essentially identical to that of another saint who lived around 600 years before him. A 2nd-century Roman hunter named St. Eustace had a miraculous vision of a cross formed by the antlers of an elk, which he shared with his companions. He was converted as a result of this experience, and he was baptized shortly thereafter.

  • St.
  • Then he came across a white deer with a lighted cross between its antlers, which he immediately recognized.
  • The day of his feast is November 3.
  • Hubert was well-known in Northern Europe and St.
  • Aside from that, their feast days coincide with the traditional deer shooting season in several nations.
  • According to the Archaeological Journal, the difference between the two may be distinguished by the clothing they are wearing.
  • Eustace and St.
  • Eustace is always depicted as a warrior, whereas St.
  • Hubert and the stag was associated to this saint as a result of the story of St.
  • Hubert.
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Hubert, Patron Saint of Hunters

Saint Hubert is the patron saint of hunters. Designed by Mitch Ballard, the Jagermeister label features a deer with a crucifix dangling between its horns. It is estimated by some historians that the year was 705 AD, while others believe it was 656 AD. Regardless, St. Hubert, the Patron Saint of Hunters, was born in the European city of Maastricht, where he was of French nationality and was the patron saint of hunters. According to all academics, Hubert died on May 30, 727 A.D. at Fura (modern Tervueren), in the province of Brabant, after a long illness.

  • Hubert was reputedly a great lover of pleasure, and his major passion was hunting, to which he spent practically all of his time during his lifetime.
  • He was hunting a gorgeous white deer through the woodland when the animal came to a clearing and turned around.
  • He received an immediate response, which stated, “Go and seek Lambert, and he will instruct you.” Lambert was the Bishop of Maastricht at the time, and he was gracious enough to accept Hubert and serve as his spiritual counselor.
  • Hubert made the decision to resign from all of his awards, titles, and military rank.
  • Lambert is said to have taught Hubert self-discipline by forcing him to live as a hermit in the Ardennes (the Great French Forest) for a period of time, according to another version of the narrative.
  • Soon after, he rose to the position as one of Lambert’s most trusted advisors in the administration of his Diocese.
  • During an interview with Hubert, the Pope was distracted by a vision of Lambert’s murder, and on the spot he named Hubert as the new Bishop, so removing Lambert from his position as Bishop.

As told in the tradition, idolatry survived in the Ardennes Forest, and “risking his life, Hubert entered the furthest hidden places of paganism in his search of souls and, in the end, brought about the abolition of idol worship in his region.” Eventually, Hubert proceeded to dedicate a new church, but he had another vision, this time of his approaching death, which prevented him from proceeding.

  • Within six days, Hubert died while reciting the Lord’s Prayer in his bedroom.
  • He is also credited with performing a number of miracles throughout his lifetime, including exorcising persons who were possessed by demons and treating a case of rabies by placing his hands on it and making the sign of the cross over the sufferer.
  • As well as being the patron saint of mathematicians, machinists, precise instrument manufacturers, and smelters, he is also the patron saint of persons suffering from hydrophobia (rabies), as well as dogs.
  • Hubert and the white hounds of the House of Talbot – both of which are from the Ardennes).
  • Hubert.” Hence, the Master Hunter’s (or Jagermeister’s) Badge of Honor is a stag with a cross or crucifix between its horns, which represents Hubert’s image of the deer.
  • The label of the bottle has the same image of a deer with a dazzling cross dangling between its antlers that appears on the brand’s emblem as well as on the bottle itself.
  • Jagermeister is a German word that literally translates as “Master Hunter” in English.

A license in Germany is provided to hunters who have completed an eight-hour safety course before being issued a license.

The privilege of going abroad with a weapon is highly prized in that culture, and the sport demands many seasons of apprenticeship.

This particular cultural legacy comes from the land that is also responsible for the legend of Bambi, among other things.

Because hunting is a strictly regulated activity with a long history in Germany, there is no anti-hunting societal agenda in the country.

German hunters also participate in elaborate ceremonies following the death of a large game species killed during hunting, as well as other cultural traditions, such as a toast to the deceased animal itself.

Very possible, it is because of these centuries-old traditions that the North American big game hunter feels compelled to engage in some type of ritual following the murder of his prey.

It’s possible that they are unclear of where or when this tradition began.

For a child, taking their first big game animal is unquestionably a rite of passage, and it is an experience they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Respect for the dead, the asking of a blessing for the meat, and the honoring of the death of one of God’s creations must serve as the catalysts for these customs to take root and flourish.

The activities that accompany the hunt, as well as the friendship that develops among members of the “tribe,” bring unfathomable delight while also creating long-lasting memories.

It’s horrible to make fun of folks who have never had the privilege of taking a wild game animal’s life in the sake of sport.

Our teeth and stomachs turn the deer’s live force into our own, and we owe it a debt of gratitude that is richly merited.

When killing your next deer or elk, you can say a prayer of thankfulness or ask for a blessing from St. Hubert; just remember to respect the life of the wild animal and treat its flesh with care once it has died. It gave its life so that you may live.

The Thrill of the Chase: Prayers and a Patron for a Virtuous Hunt

The 26th of September, 2014 Hunting is, without a doubt, a manly pastime that should be practiced. Deer season is in full swing in the United States, and over the following two months, hundreds of hunters will travel to the woods with rifles and bows in search of a trophy buck in a carefully camouflaged environment. The fact that there is an ancient and venerable history of Catholic hunting is something that many Catholic hunters are unaware of. In fact, the Catholic Church has even designated a patron saint for people who seek the thrill of the hunt.

Hubert is his given name.

The Conversion of a Master Hunter

Have you ever seen a bottle of Jagermeister in its original form? A beautiful looking deer with a crucifix strung between its antlers will almost certainly have caught your eye if you did so. What does this image signify, given that Jagermeister is not recognized for being a very Christian company? As the narrative of St. Hubert, the master hunter tells it, this is a reference to him. St. Hubert, who was born in 705 A.D., was a bit of a tomboy. As a member of the aristocracy, he enjoyed the freedom and luxury to do as he wanted, and hunting was his absolute favorite pastime.

  1. The one thing he didn’t realize was that God was following him around the entire time.
  2. Hubert, on the other hand, was not one of them.
  3. After closing in on the stag, Hubert was about to make the kill when the deer he was following suddenly turned and stared right at him.
  4. Hubert was really taken aback.
  5. Hubert, who had been deeply impacted, inquired as to what he should do.
  6. A dramatic conversion occurred for Hubert as a result of the vision, a conversion that drove him to abandon his money and titles, pursue a vocation as a priest, and ultimately be consecrated as a bishop.
  7. It was because of his tireless missionary efforts that he gained the reputation of being an expert “hunter of souls.” St.

Hubert is also regarded as one of the first to advocate for ethical hunting techniques, advising hunters to refrain from brutality and to treat animals with respect and dignity as God’s creations, according to legend.

Prayers to St. Hubert for a Holy Hunt

You’ve probably come across a bottle of Jagermeister before. A beautiful looking deer with a crucifix strung between its antlers will no sure have caught your attention if you have done so! What does this image signify, given that Jagermeister is not renowned as a very Christian company? As the narrative of St. Hubert, the master hunter tells it, this is a reference to the story. Having been born in the year 705, St. Hubert was a real tomboy who liked to have fun. With the freedom and luxury that came with being nobility, he could spend his time and money whatever he liked, and hunting was what he enjoyed doing the most.

  1. The one thing he didn’t realize was that God was stalking him the entire time!
  2. Hubert, on the other hand, was not present.
  3. Hubert was closing in on the deer he was hunting when the stag turned and stared squarely at him, seemingly without notice.
  4. Hubert couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
  5. Hubert was brought to tears and inquired as to what he should do next.
  6. A dramatic conversion occurred for Hubert as a result of the vision, a conversion that drove him to forsake his money and titles, pursue a vocation as a priest, and eventually be consecrated as a bishop.
  7. The reputation of being a skilled “hunter of souls” was established via his tireless missionary work.
  8. Hubert is regarded as one of the first to advocate for ethical hunting techniques, asking hunters to refrain from cruelty and to treat animals with dignity and respect as God’s creations.
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Blessing from a priest:

Permission is granted by the intercession of St. Hubert, patron saint of hunters, that you always remember to worship God the Creator, who gave man sovereignty over all the creatures. May the Lord God make you an honorable hunter who respects other hunters, animals, and all of creation; may He keep you and everyone else who shares the field or the forest safe; and may He make all hunters proud of their kills, generous with their meat, and thankful in all situations. Amen. God’s blessings are upon you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Novena prayers in honor of St. Hubert, patron saint of hunters, for Oct. 26 to Nov. 3:

Prayer for the ability to be a good hunter. By the help of God, may I always remember to honor, thank, and worship the Lord God, who created the animals and saw that each species was beneficial to mankind. I’d like to express my gratitude to the God who created humans in His own image and likeness and placed them in charge of the entire world, granting them dominion over all living things, including fish and birds of prey in the oceans, cattle, and all of the earth, as well as over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth (Gen 1:26).

  • Prayer for a fair and honest hunt Lord, please allow me to conduct an accurate count of game while adhering to the legal limitations of game in order to maintain the delicate balance of life and death among the animals.
  • I’d like to be able to listen to my friends’ tales with interest and without feeling envious.
  • Help me to seek for the best and to be content with whatever I receive.
  • Maintain my awareness of the needs and wants of other hunters as I strive to hunt to the best of my ability at all times.
  • Lord God, You have placed all things under the control of mankind.
  • Please allow me to always show respect for the creatures I have hunted.
  • Let me always remember to be respectful of the wonder of an animal’s existence as well as the necessity of its flesh to people who rely on it for their nutrition when I take an animal’s life.

Specifically, pray that the injections are clean and do not result in the animals suffering unnecessarily from the shots.

May I realize my limitations and fire only the shots I know I am capable of firing, rather than firing a shot that may cause an animal to be maimed or wounded unnecessarily.

I appreciate You for providing me with the opportunity to contemplate and reflect on my life.

Thank You for the beauty that was witnessed throughout the hunt, as well as for the game that was captured and shared.

Prayer for the opportunity to share the bounty of the hunt Lord, I am very grateful to be able to hunt and I appreciate the benefits You have showered upon me.

Don’t only allow me to share the bounty of my hunting expedition with my family and friends; instead, let me to share it with those who are in greater need: the hungry and the impoverished.

As people come to You, Father, asking for their daily bread, please use me as a modest tool to assist You in providing it to them.

HubertLord, you talked to St.

Your transformation into a soul-hunter did not stop there; you continued to utilize his hunting talents to open people’s hearts to your Gospel.

Please allow me to search for chances to communicate about You and Your saving grace.

I pray that my time alone will provide me with an opportunity to pray and listen to You. My prayers are that all of my acts for the rest of my life would be a continual search of You, for the possibilities you provide me to evangelize and to target the souls most in need of Your love.

Imprimi Potest,Very Rev. Father Edward Schmidt, SJ

Many photographs of a hunter or a guy confronting a deer with a crucifix between its antlers have appeared on the internet in recent days. This is a representation of Saint Hubert (or Saint Hubertus). To clarify for those of you who are unfamiliar with St Hubert, and I know many of you have inquired about him today and last year when we posted a number of photos, he is the Patron Saint of Hunters.

Why today?

The feast day of St Hubert is celebrated on the 3rd of November. It is customary to commemorate St. Hubert’s Day across Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in some regions of North America. Special masses are conducted, and blessings are granted by the priest on hunters and their hounds in order to ensure that they have a safe and successful hunt season.

What do we know?

He was born into an aristocratic family in 656 A.D, near Toulous, in what is now modern-day France, and was the patron saint of the city. Hubert would have enjoyed hunting, as would have been the case for many aristocrats of the period.

The Legend

According to one version of the narrative, after Hubert’s wife died while giving birth to their son, his grief compelled him to abandon the court and escape into the Ardennes forests, where he devoted himself only to hunting. Another version of the story claims that Hubert was out hunting in the forest when he should have been in church. In any case, the tradition has it that on a Good Friday morning, while the rest of the devout would have been in church, Hubert was out hunting in the forest with his dog.

In the next scene, Hubery is said to have heard a voice say to him, “Hubert, unless you turn to the Lord and live a pure life, thou shalt rapidly descend into Hell.” Hubert dismounted from his horse and instantly prostrated himself before the Lord, saying, “Lord, what wouldst Thou have me do?” In response, he was advised to seek Lambert, who would provide instructions.

What’s this got to do with respecting nature?

In brief, fair pursuit is sometimes claimed as having arisen from this tradition, and St Hubert is frequently credited among sports hunters as the inventor of ethical hunting practices. Depending on whatever version of the legend you read, the deer is claimed to have taught Hubert about how to treat animals with greater respect and compassion, as though they have inherent worth in and of themselves.

What is fair chase?

There are many different definitions for this, and each person’s interpretation will differ. In essence and in short, fair pursuit is an ethical and legitimate approach to hunting. The following is an excerpt from the Boone and Crockett Club (one of the oldest and most prestigious animal conservation and hunting organizations in the world): The principle of assisting in the protection of natural resources is fundamental to all forms of hunting and fishing. Known as sustainable usage, modern hunting entails the controlled capture of individual animals in a manner that conserves, protects, and maintains the hunted population while also benefiting the hunter.

An individual connection exists between the hunter and his or her target, and his or her hunting should be guided by a hierarchy of hunting ethics that includes the concepts listed below:

  1. Maintain strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  2. Respect the traditions of the area where the hunting is taking place. Maintain a personal code of conduct that reflects well on your hunting ability and sensibility
  3. Acquire and retain the abilities necessary to ensure that the kill is as certain and rapid as feasible
  4. And Ensure that your behavior will not bring disgrace upon the hunter, the prey, or the environment
  5. It is important to recognize that these principles are meant to strengthen the hunter’s understanding of the interaction between predator and prey, which is one of the most fundamental relationships between humans and their environment.

In Conclusion

Hunting, when done legally and in accordance with best practices, aids in the preservation of wildlife. Furthermore, a significant portion of the revenue collected through permits, licenses, and taxes is directed toward wildlife protection as well as the assistance of rural communities. Hunting helps to keep animal populations in harmony with their environments while also assisting in the management of an increasing number of predators. Hunting helps to lessen animal-human conflicts, such as automobile crashes, by reducing the number of animals.

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If that wasn’t enough, with so much attention being paid to where our food comes from, game has emerged as the healthiest and most ecologically friendly form of meat available.

Hubert’s Day!

Hunters’ Patron Saint Celebrated This Month

The following article was written by James A. Swan, Ph.D. on Thursday, November 21, 2019. Isn’t it true that Jainism, an ancient Indian faith that dates back thousands of years, is the only major religion on the planet that opposes hunting and consuming meat? Furthermore, not only do the other major religions accept ethical hunting, but the majority of religions and civilizations also hold particular rites to advise, assist, and protect hunters in their endeavors. Many of them are based on legends from antiquity.

  1. Throughout Scandinavia, hunters revere Alderman as their personal guardian spirit; Norwegians revere Ullr as the god of hunting and archery; and Finns pray to Tapio, the forest spirit, before embarking on a hunting expedition.
  2. Artemis and Acteon are the Greek mythical hunters’ gods, and they are also known as the goddesses of hunting.
  3. There are many different Buddhist sects to choose from.
  4. But what about the rest of the world?
  5. St.
  6. Valentine’s Day have become commercial affairs in the United States, where Christianity predominates, with little significance beyond the consumption of green beer, the exchange of greeting cards, and the purchase of flowers.
  7. If you take St.


The town of St.

He is also known as the patron saint of travelers.

3 (St.

In other parts of Europe, schools are closed on St.

Who was the Christian Saint St.

Hubert was born in 638 A.D., more than 1,378 years ago, as the eldest son of Bertrans, Duke of Aquitaine.

After his wife passed away while giving birth to their son, he withdrew from the courtroom and took refuge in the forest.

While walking towards the large stag, he was struck by a flash of vision of a glowing crucifix hovering above the stag’s head between its antlers.

“Hubert, unless thou turnst to the Lord and leadst a holy life, thou shalt quickly perish in hell,” a voice said.

“Lord, what do You want me to do?” he inquired of the Lord.

When Hubert was unable to locate the bishop, he sought refuge at the Abbey of Staveleot where he studied under Lambert before being ordained.

In the year 705 AD, Lambert advised Hubert to go on a pilgrimage to Rome.

The city of Liege was named after Hubert, who later built St.

Hubert combined his love of hunting with his religious beliefs, resulting in the establishment of Christianity in large sections of the Ardennes Forest.

Hubert is also said to have been blessed with miraculous healing powers for rabies, which he claims were bestowed upon him by the Blessed Virgin Mary through the use of a special white and gold silk scarf that he claims was given to him by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Hubert’s key, he possessed an amulet believed to be a healing amulet.

He was widely venerated during the Middle Ages.

His body is interred in the Andain monastery, now known as St.

What is the point of telling you this?

Hubert’s Birthday, also known as the feast day of St Hubert, it is appropriate to draw attention to the patron saint of hunters and the various events that take place on or around Nov.

Hundreds of thousands of people attend mass and celebrations in his honor in France, Luxembourg, Germany, and Belgium, to name a few countries.

Musical accompaniment is provided by parforce hunting horns, which are used to perform religious music (Grande Mess de Saint Hubert).

Hubert, Belgium, on Saint Hubert’s Day is considered by many European hunters to be equivalent to visiting Jerusalem during the Easter season.

Is there a St.

In spite of the fact that some people in North America celebrate St.

Hubert’s Day across the continent would go a long way toward educating the general public about hunting, accepting man’s place in the natural world, and recognizing hunting’s importance to wildlife conservation.

During the first week of September in Cap St.

Hubert is celebrated in the local church.

When the procession arrives, it passes through an archway of rifles held aloft by hunters dressed in camouflage and hunter orange.

Following that, the entire community comes together to celebrate nature’s gift with a wild game banquet. Such spectacle serves to reinforce the ethics, spirituality, and acceptability of hunting among the general public. Happy Saint Hubert’s Day, although a little late! Notes from the editor:

  • ‘The Sacred Art of Hunting’ by James A. Swan, Ph.D., Willow Creek Press, 2000, contains the history of St. Hubert’s Day, as well as photographs of festivities in Europe and Canada, as well as information on other religious traditions that celebrate hunters.’ How many of you are aware that the International St. Hubertus Order is the world’s oldest and most prominent hunting organization? The international fraternity, which has as its aim to “Honor God and His Creatures,” is organized as a Knightly Brotherhood under the guidance of a Grand Master and has National Chapters (or Baillies), each of which is under the authority of a Grand Prior. When it comes to membership in the United States, the Chapter is split into geographical Priories, each of which is led by an appointed Prior, and membership is strictly on an invitation basis. Dedicated to encouraging ethical and sportsmanlike behaviour, traditional rituals and rites, animal protection, and fraternity among sportsmen across the world, members are committed to the following:

St Hubert Prayer

‘The Sacred Art of Hunting’ by James A. Swan, Ph.D., Willow Creek Press, 2000, contains the history of St. Hubert’s Day, as well as photographs of celebrations in Europe and Canada, as well as other religious traditions honoring hunters. Isn’t it true that the International St. Hubertus Order is the world’s oldest and most distinguished hunting society? This worldwide brotherhood, which has as its aim “Honor God and His Creatures,” operates as a Knightly Brotherhood under the authority of a Grand Master and is structured into National Chapters (or Baillies), each of which is under the supervision of a Grand Prior.

Membership in the organization is committed to the promotion of ethical and sportsmanlike behaviour, traditional rituals and ceremonies, wildlife protection, and friendship among sportsmen all over the world.

Saint Hubert – Patron Saint of Bowhunters (and Jagermeister)

When I talk about hunting, I receive a lot of negative feedback from people who believe I’m a cruel redneck murderer. Prior to the detractors throwing their stones, let it be known that I hunt because of the following reasons:

  1. My family of eight children eats organic, grass-fed, hormone-free meat as a result of my hunting activities. The feeling of serving food to your family that you have trained for, hunted, slaughtered, prepared, and cooked is amazing. I enjoy having a concrete connection with the food that I make and consume. Hunting is the most effective method of raising funds for animal protection. I enjoy spending time in nature. It’s a skill or an art that demands practice and attention
  2. It’s something that all of our forefathers and foremothers did

We were just talking about the achievement of theTroops of Saint George in the game “Hunting,” and I recommended that we talk about Saint Hubert, the patron saint of hunters: It is estimated that Saint Hubertus was born in the year AD 656. In the course of giving birth to their son, who would go on to become a bishop, Saint Hubert’s wife (who was the daughter of a count) passed away. Saint Hubert, distraught at the loss of his wife, withdrew from the court and devoted himself exclusively to hunting.

During his pursuit of a beautiful deer, the animal turned and he was struck by the sight of a cross between its antlers, as well as the sound of a voice saying: “Hubert, except thou convert to the Lord and lead a holy life, thou shalt swiftly descend into Hell.” “Lord, what would Thou have me do?” Hubert said as he dismounted and prostrated himself before the Lord.

In the hunting community, Saint Hubertus is revered as the “Father of Ethical Hunting Behavior.” It is stated that Saint Hubertus developed the hunting concept of saving animals, which includes not murdering a mother with her young and favoring older bucks and bulls that are past their reproductive peak, among other things.

His life as a hunter in the forest finally led to his conversion to the faith as a priest and, eventually, as the successor bishop to his master Saint Lambert of Maastricht.

He was well-known for his austerity as well as his preaching. As a result, he is revered as the patron saint of hunters in general and bowhunters in particular. I made a podcast on one of my searches for Indian Nilgai, which you can listen to here if you’re interested. Interesting tidbits:

  • Antonin Scalia, the late Supreme Court Justice, died while on a mission to track down members of the International Order of St. Hubertus
  • The Jägermeister emblem was inspired by a vision of Saint Hubertus. Jägermeister is a German word that means “master hunter.”

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