Who Is The Patron Saint Of Childbirth

Mary Haseltine: Some Patron Saints for Pregnancy and Birth

When it comes to a woman’s life, there are few seasons and events that are more powerful than those of pregnancy and childbirth. As a result of her body’s cooperation with God’s creative force, a woman’s body develops and gives birth to a brand new, unrepeatable, and eternally valuable son or daughter of God into the world. Inviting the intercession of the saints for a healthy, happy, and holy pregnancy and delivery is a lovely time of year. Having said it before, I’ll say it again: God is concerned about our pregnancies and He is concerned about the births of our children.

The following are some of the most influential supporters of pregnancy and childbirth: Our Lady of Childbirth (also known as “Our Lady of Childbirth”) is a Roman Catholic saint who is venerated as the patroness of childbirth.

In her role as our mother, she want to support and guide us as we begin our own motherhood journeys.

In most countries, this specific feast day of Mary is observed on October 11, however in certain places, it is observed on the second Sunday in October.

When it comes to curing infertility, Saint Anne, Mary’s mother, is frequently invoked, and she is also revered as a patroness of pregnancy and women who are in labor.

In contrast to Our Lady, she experienced a normal conception, labor, and delivery.

Her feast day is on the 26th of July.

In addition to being a patroness of infertility and pregnancy, Saint Elizabeth, Our Lady’s cousin, is also revered for her miraculous pregnancy with Saint John the Baptist, as well as for her involvement in the Visitation, during which the unborn John leaped in her womb in the presence of Mary and Jesus.

  1. Saint Catherine of Sweden is a Swedish saint who is revered for her piety.
  2. According to accounts of her life, she was well-known for offering advice and prayer to expectant moms who had had a miscarriage or who were experiencing issues with their pregnancies.
  3. Saint Gerard is a patron saint of the Catholic Church.
  4. A number of miracles have been reported to have been performed for ladies he knew who were pregnant or giving birth at various points in his life.
  5. His feast day is celebrated on October 16.
  6. Our Lady of Guadalupe, also known as Our Lady of Guadalupe, is frequently invoked for the protection of unborn children, a safe pregnancy, and the delivery of babies.
  7. Additionally, this apparition was instrumental in putting a stop to the practice of baby sacrifice that was prevalent in the Aztec civilization.

Her feast day is celebrated on December 12.

Saints Louis and Zelie Martin, who were recently canonized, are now among those who are considered patrons of pregnancy and childbirth.

Although she was in poor condition and the couple had suffered the devastating loss of their children, they remained optimistic.

In addition to the canonization of their daughter, Saint Therese, the other members of the family are being considered for canonization.

Saint Gianna Molla is a saint who lives in Italy.

She made the decision to just remove the tumor in order to preserve the life of her daughter.

Her willingness to save her daughter’s life during the initial operation, rather than undergoing a hysterectomy as the physicians recommended, contributed to her heroic virtue (and which, morally speaking, some could view as permissible under the principle of double effect).

This is one of the reasons she is frequently called upon to assist with difficult pregnancies and to act as an intercessor throughout the birthing process. Her feast day is celebrated on April 28th. Saint Brigid of Ireland is a patron saint of Ireland.

Saint Brigid of Kildare is known for a variety of things, including being the patron saint of midwives and babies. Despite the fact that much of her real life story has not been proven, she is frequently relied upon for intercession during pregnancy, childbirth, and the care of infants. My research on her has led me to believe that she is a strong heavenly intercessor, as I’ve written about her here. Her feast day is celebrated on February 1. Saint Margaret of Antioch is a saint from Antioch, Syria.

(Yes, Catholics are a strange bunch.

Her feast day is on the 20th of July.

Saint Raymond Nonnatus Crowned by Christby Diego Gonzalez de la Vega

He was a 13th century Spanish saint who was born by an emergency cesarean section (yep, the same Raymond Nonnatus of Call the Midwife fame). It is true that Nonnatus was not his given name, but a nickname given to him for this reason (which means “not born” in Latin). certainly before there was a more educated perspective of the necessity of cesarean sections;) Because of the circumstances of his birth, he is revered as a patron saint of pregnancy, labor, midwives, obstetricians, and newborns, among other things.

  1. His feast day is celebrated on August 31.
  2. Despite the fact that we cannot formally declare them to be in paradise, the Catholic Church believes that we can “entrust them to the compassion of God.” And we know that He is a kind God who never fails to forgive.
  3. What a great force those prayers must have been!
  4. Angels of Protection Okay, so they aren’t strictly saints, but who better to turn to for protection and assistance for both the mother and the child than their guardian angels?
  5. (Just so you know, you are never to ask for or assign a name to your guardian angel!
  6. So, from the moment of conception, every mother has two angels looking out for her and safeguarding her.
  7. Honorable Mention Saint John Paul the Great, who has written and spoken so much about the beauty of the female body and motherhood, is another excellent patron saint for pregnancy and childbirth, and I’m going to go ahead and claim him.
  8. However, I was unable to determine why Saint Anthony was cited as a patron saint for infertility and pregnancy, even though I had heard it discussed elsewhere.
  9. Are there any other saints that you would recommend as excellent buddies throughout pregnancy and childbirth, if not these?
  10. While in labor and giving delivery, this might be an excellent and deeply contemplative approach for a woman to pray and beg for divine intervention.

May the prayers of these saints – and the prayers of all the saints – bring us a bigger part of this blessing!

The 5 Patron Saints of Mothers and Pregnancy

Among the many Christian Saints commemorated by Catholics, a few are recognized as patrons of women and pregnancy: in particular, the Saints who Catholics invoke for a safe pregnancy and childbirth are Saint Anne, Saint Gerard Majella, Saint Nicholas, Saint Anthony of Padua, and, of course, the Blessed Virgin Mary; they are the five most well-known saints for the protection of children and the health of pregnant women.

Saint Anne, Saint Gerard Majella, Saint Nicholas, Saint Anthony of Pad Using prayer to pray for your child as well as for your own peace of mind is a wonderful method to pray.

Explore the lives of the five patron saints for pregnancy and delivery, which are considered miraculous gifts from God, in this article.

St Anne

As many Catholics are aware, St Anne is the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus, as well as the patron saint of women. Among pregnant ladies, grandparents, and housewives, she is referred to as the Patroness. She is the Saint to whom mothers turn in order to have a safe pregnancy, a tranquil childbirth, a healthy son or daughter, and excellent milk for nursing their children. Do you already have a statue of St Anne in your home or office? Purchase it today and commit your daily prayers to the Mother of the Blessed Virgin, asking her to provide the heavenly protection your pregnancy and unborn child require.

Make a request of Saint Anne for a safe pregnancy, and express to her how pleased you would be if you were able to fulfill your life’s goal by becoming a parent, so that you could be a true Catholic family.

St Gerard Majella

He is commemorated on October 16th and is known as the “Patron Saint” of expecting mothers, children, and healthy childbirth. A legend states that, thanks to a handkerchief given to a woman who was about to die while giving birth, she was saved and was able to give birth to her first-born child without any difficulties. Make use of the St Gerard medal to protect your children and allow this Saint to keep a watchful eye on them throughout their lives. Invoke the protection of the Patron Saint of Childbirth to watch after your kid and ensure that he or she has a healthy brain and body.

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St Nicholas

Children are regarded to be the patron saint of Saint Nicholas of Myra, who is commemorated on December 6th. This is owing to a legend: one day, he handed three destitute girls with bags full of gold in order to offer them the opportunity to marry and escape prostitution, and they were grateful. As a result, the three golden spheres that adorn our St Nicholas statue are symbolic of this. Purchase it immediately so that you can have a sign of the Saint’s protection over your children in your home.

Solicit the protection of Saint Nicholas for your child, and ask him or her to look out for him or her in all aspects of his or her life, so that your child can grow and develop without any difficulties or complications. SHOP RIGHT NOW

St Anthony of Padua

One of the many facets of St. Anthony of Padua’s feast day, observed on June 13, is his status as the “Patron Saint of Pregnant Women.” He is also strongly associated with female infertility, which is most likely due to his association with the Child Jesus. His patronage is a result of the numerous miraculous pregnancies for which he has interceded. Numerous Catholic barren couples from all over the globe have achieved miracle pregnancies after requesting a grace from Saint Teresa of Lisieux in Portugal.

Solicit his blessings for a healthy womb, to be graced with the miracle of a pregnancy, and to be fertile like Sarah, who was mentioned in the Bible.

In order to have this Saint with you at all times and to commit your prayers to him throughout the day, we recommend that you wear the St Anthony medal.


The Blessed Mother

Last, but certainly not least, theHoly Virgin Mary is revered as the ultimate Patroness of Mothers and the safety of childbirths worldwide. We can rely on Her for everything and everything, but particularly during pregnancy. Because she is the Mother of Jesus, she understands what it means to be a mother: she understands what maternal love is, what it means to take care of someone, and she understands all of the joys and sorrows that come with being a mother, having given birth to theSon of God and attending to His sacrifice for humanity.

Set aside a portion of your daily prayers for a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby for this Saint Mary medal.


The 5 Miracles of St Anthony of Padua, as well as Saint Catherine Labouré and the Miraculous Medal

Patron Saints of Pregnancy and Childbirth

When it comes to labor, one piece of advise I’ve read in various prenatal books is to have something to concentrate on (other than the pain!) while you’re in labor. Pamela England recommends making birth art or selecting an image that will inspire you with bravery, confidence, and the strength you’ll need during your labor, according to her website. As I pondered her words, I realized there was only one place I could turn: to the patron saints of pregnancy. This post contains affiliate links, which means that as an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission if you make a qualifying purchase.

The fact that glancing through those images and remembering some of the positive moments helped me deal with the pain was a pleasant surprise.

Brigit of Ireland in preparation for Lily’s birth.

Gerard medal to wear while I was pregnant with Jade, and I’ve given similar medals to other pregnant women in my life.

These saints provide us with the inspiration of their lives as well as their intercessions for us while we are on this planet. When I’m expecting a child and on the verge of going into labor, here is a list of my favorite prayer warriors to whom I turn for help.

Patron Saints of Pregnancy

St. Margaret of Antioch (also known as Marina) is the patron saint of pregnant women and mothers-to-be throughout childbirth. She was killed at Antioch in 306 by the Emperor Diocletian for refusing to marry the local prefect, which was the reason for her refusal. According to legend, when she was imprisoned, she was devoured by a dragon, who then spewed her up again since she was carrying a cross with her. There is very little information available about her. Her feast day is on the 20th of July.

St. Brigit of Kildare (Ireland)

Babies and midwives are patronized by Saint Brigit (or Brigid) of Ireland, who is also known as St. Brigid. She lived in Ireland from 451 to 525 and was acquainted with St. Patrick. She decided to become a nun when she was a young woman. She went on to create a monastery as well as two religious institutes. Her feast day is celebrated on February 1.

St. Gerard Majella

Anticipant mothers and unborn children are patronized by St. Gerard Majella, who is known as the Patron Saint of Expectant Mothers and Unborn Children. He resided in Italy between 1726 and 1755. Besides working as a sacristan, tailor, gardener, and porter for the Redemptorists, his duties included advising the local religious women’s congregations as well. He was rumored to have experienced levitation and bilocation throughout his lifetime. As a result of a miracle that occurred when a lady in labor requested him to pray for her, several other ladies in labor approached him and wanted him to pray for them as well as they were giving birth.

If you would like to get additional prayer cards like these to utilize throughout pregnancy and labor, or to support a friend who is expecting, sign up for my email newsletter.

St. Ursus of Aosta

Saint Ursus of Aosta is the patron saint of women who are expecting a child. In the 6th century, he resided in the Italian peninsula. He served as a bishop at Aosta and was an outspoken opponent of Arianism. His feast day is the first of February, much like St. Briget’s.

St. Raymond Nonnatus

In addition to being the patron saint of childbirth, Saint Raymond Nonnatus (also known as Raimundo Nonato) is also the patron saint of expectant mothers, pregnant women, midwives, and babies. He lived in Spain from 1204 until 1240 and was a farmer before deciding to pursue the holy life. The reason why he is summoned by women in labor is that he was born via C-section after his mother died (thus his Latin name, “Nonnatus,” which literally translates as “not born”). His feast day is celebrated on August 31.

St. Erasmus

St. Erasmus (also known as St. Elmo) is the patron saint of women who are employed in the labor force. In Italy, he held the position of bishop. He died in 303, during the persecutions of the Emperor Diocletian, just like his sister St.

Margaret. As a result of his torturous treatment, which included having his intestines torn out and hooks placed in his belly, he is known as the patron saint of abdominal ailments, which includes those associated with delivery. His feast day is celebrated on June 2.

St. Gianna Beretta Molla

Mother of four children, St. Gianna Beretta Mollawa is a doctor who also happens to be a wife and mother. In addition to becoming pregnant with her fourth child, she was also diagnosed with a fibroid tumor on her uterus. The woman declined an abortion or a hysterectomy, telling physicians that if they had to choose between saving her life and saving her kid’s life, they should save the child. Gianna’s surgery to remove her tumor was successful, and she was able to carry her child to term before succumbing to an infection shortly after giving birth.

Her feast day is celebrated on April 28th.

Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary, Jesus’ mother Childbirth has a number of patron saints, the most notable of which being Mary. The narrative of Jesus’ birth is recorded in the Gospel of Luke, which is written in the Greek language. Mary gave birth to Jesus in a stable by herself (or with just her husband Joseph present to assist her), and she also suffered a long journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem while she was expecting him. In this way, she might be looked to as a woman who knows the difficulties of pregnancies and labors, and who can pray before God on behalf of modern-day women.

St. Anne, Grandmother of Jesus

Despite the fact that they are not named in the Bible, St. Anne and St. Joachim are often regarded as Mary’s parents. According to church legend, St. Anne was an elderly lady at the time of Mary’s birth (like her relative St. Elizabeth). In the New Testament, Mary is described as their only child, who was consecrated to God at an early age, similar to Samuel in the Old Testament. Her feast day is on the 26th of July. Theresa Doyle-book Nelson’s Saints of the Bible contains a chapter about St.

The patron saints of pregnancy and labor, I pray, will bless you at this difficult time in your life!

Prayer Cards and Posters to Inspire You!

Please sign up for my email newsletter to get complimentary prayer cards for pregnant and expecting mothers! There are three prayers to St. Gerard and one prayer to St. Anne (Mary’s mother) in this PDF collection, which is available in both prayer card / poster style and a greeting card format. All of the prayers are customary petitions to patron saints of pregnancy and delivery, such as St. Gerard Majella, St. Raymond Nonnatus, and St. Anne (Mary’s mother), who are all mentioned in the book.

You’ll also be the first to know when new saint entries are published on the blog or when new prayers are added to the downloadable.

Gianna, Gerard, and Joseph: Three Saints that Inspire Our Work

As a Catholic organization, we have role models that serve as inspiration for our work at Good Shepherd. The response to Christ’s call is a significant component of our mission. Fortunately, we have human models of people who have gone before us who have accomplished remarkable things on this planet. St. Gianna is the first of those Saints to whom we will turn our attention today. Gianna Beretta Molla was born in Italy in 1922 and grew up in the United States. She went on to become a medical doctor with a specialization in pediatrics.

  1. Gianna was found to have a tumor during her sixth pregnancy, which was the first time she had been diagnosed.
  2. She chose not to have the procedure and instead gave birth to a daughter in 1962.
  3. Gianna’s courageous decision to choose the life of her unborn child above her own life has earned her a place among the pro-life movement’s heroes.
  4. Mothers, physicians, and unborn infants are all patronized by St.
  5. Her devotion to life and to the welfare of unborn children serves as an inspiration for the work we undertake with expecting and new parents.
  6. Gerard Majella is yet another patron saint of expecting women.
  7. Gerard resided in Italy during the 18th Century, and at the age of 23, he was accepted as a brother.
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He was most closely associated with miracles that were wrought as a result of the prayers of women in childbirth.

At Good Shepherd, we have a stained glass window depicting St.

In our work with mothers, infants, children, and families, he is a natural companion, and we ask him to intercede on their behalf.

Joseph is a saint who serves as an inspiration at the Good Shepherd Church.

Joseph was Jesus’ foster father as well as Mary, the mother of God, and they were married for a long time.

Joseph worked long and hard to provide for his family.

Because St. Joseph provides the biblical paradigm for how to love children who have been entrusted in our care but are not “ours,” he is the patron saint of foster parents. We hope that these three saints, who serve as inspiration for our work, might serve as inspiration for you as well.

Saint Anne-Patron Saint of Women in Labor

Saint Anne de Beaupre is being invoked in prayer. We imagine you to be filled with sympathy for those who come to you in prayer and with affection for those who are suffering, Glorious Saint Anne. Because I am so heavily burdened by the weight of my problems, I humbly submit myself at your feet and implore you to accept the current affiar, which I commend to you, and place it under your particular protection. Please pass it on to your daughter, our Blessed Lady, and lay it before the throne of Jesus, so that He may bring it to a successful finish for us.

  • Above all, please grant me the blessing of one day being able to see my God face to face.
  • Amen.
  • Pray for me, good Saint Anne, mother of her who is our life, our sweetness, and our hope.
  • Blessed Saint Anne, full with sympathy for those who seek thy help and affection for those who suffer, I prostrate myself at thy feet and implore thee to place the current matter, which I refer to thee, under thy particular protection.
  • Assurance that it will be recommended by thee to thy Daughter, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and laid before the throne of Jesus, so that He may bring it to a successful conclusion.
  • Obtain for me, above all, the gift of one day beholding my God face to face, as well as with Thee and Mary and all the Saints, praising and blessing Him throughout all of time and space.
  • What an honor it would be to give birth to a woman who would go on to become the Mother of God!
  • Amen

Prayers for a Safe Delivery and a Healthy Mother

If you are a practicing Catholic who has a pregnant family member or friend, or if you are expecting a child, you may be considering which prayers to say to guarantee that the baby is born safely. Many individuals prefer to pray to St. Gerard Majella, the patron saint of expecting mothers and unborn children, since he is the patron saint of unborn children.

St. Gerard Majella

St. Gerard Majella was born in 1726 and died in 1755 in the Kingdom of Naples, which is now part of the country of Italy. He was a Redemptorist preacher who focused his ministry on the impoverished. He also worked in a variety of other occupations for the community, including as a gardener, tailor, chef, carpenter, and clerk, among other things.

The young priest, St. Gerard Majella, was wrongly accused of fathering a child when he was just 27 years old. Despite the fact that the young mother in issue subsequently cleared his reputation, he became connected with pregnant women and unborn children as a result of his actions.

Miracle for a Mother

St. Gerard Majella was known for performing miracles and for possessing the capacity to read souls and to bilocate, among other abilities. The miracle of a healthy delivery is what he is most known for. St. Gerard Majella accidentally lost his handkerchief one day. It was picked up by a young lady who intended to return it to St. Gerard, but in a flash of prophetic insight, he requested her to keep it. A number of years passed, and the young lady grew up and married. She was expecting a kid and was in danger of dying during childbirth.

Gerard was handed to her, and at that point the anguish ended and she gave birth to a healthy child.


Prayer to St. Gerard

In this prayer, a mother requests Saint Gerard to intervene on her behalf so that she and her unborn child would be safe during the birthing process. As the due date of a mother’s pregnancy approaches, this is a suitable prayer to say.

A Prayer to St. Gerard for Safe Delivery

Let the great Saint Gerard, loving Servant of Jesus Christ, flawless imitator of your meek and humble Savior, and devoted child of the Most Holy Mother of God, enkindle within me one spark of the holy fire of charity that shone in your heart and transformed you into an angel of love. O wonderful Saint Gerard, because you bore the calumnies of evil men, like your Divine Master, without murmur or complaint when you were wrongly accused of a crime, you have been elevated by God to the position of patron and defender of pregnant women.


St. Gianna: Patron Saint of the Unborn –

On October 4, 1922, he died on April 28, 1962, in New York City. The feast day is on April 28th. She was born in 1922 in Magenta, Italy, as the tenth of thirteen children in her family. Gianna Francesca Beretta went on to become an actress. Gianna was a person who enjoyed life. Her interests were fashion, music, art, skiing, and the outdoors. The lady of great faith, her life was led by a joyous confidence in God’s Providence and a deep belief in the power of prayer. She was a woman of tremendous faith.

  1. Vincent de Paul Society to provide assistance to the most disadvantaged in her community.
  2. Her desire to help others pushed her to medical school.
  3. Gianna Molla met Pietro Molla, an engineer who worked in her workplace, in December 1954, and the two were married in September 1955, the year after they met.
  4. There were three children born to the marriage, and Gianna went through two miscarriages after that.
  5. She declined to have a hysterectomy, which would have resulted in the termination of her pregnancy.
  6. Gianna went to the hospital to give birth to her child on April 21, 1962, which happened to be Good Friday that year.
  7. Mother Gianna, on the other hand, died seven days after the delivery of her child from septic peritonitis.
  8. In attendance during the canonization event were her husband, Pietro, and their youngest child, Gianna, among others.
  9. Gianna is the appropriate protector.
  10. She was a successful physician, a dedicated wife, and a kind mother who passed away unexpectedly.
  11. Gianna is an uplifting role model for pregnant mothers everywhere.

“You cannot love without suffering, and you cannot suffer without love,” she says, offering profound words of wisdom and solace. “You cannot endure without love.” May St. Gianna bless our mission as we strive to bring God’s praise and glory to the world.

St Margaret Medal – Patron Of Childbirth, Pregnant Women and.

Home/Shop/Families/Patron Saint of Pregnancy/St Margaret Medal – Patron Of Childbirth, Pregnant Women, and Nurses – Sterling Silver Antique Replica/ St Margaret Medal – Patron Of Childbirth, Pregnant Women, and Nurses


Size: 1/2 inch in diameter Sterling silver is used as the primary material. The image of St Margaret on this medal depicts her standing in front of a dragon. She is holding a palm branch in her hand, which represents sacrifice. According to the golden legend, St Margaret of Antioch was the daughter of a pagan priest who converted to Christianity against her father’s desires, resulting in her canonization as a saint. Even though she had taken a vow of eternal virginity, the beauty of her face grabbed the attention of Olybrius, a local Roman prefect.

  1. St Margaret’s most famous tale is that when imprisoned, she came face to face with Satan, who appeared in the appearance of a dragon.
  2. As a result of her successful delivery from the dragon, Mary was designated as the patron saint of women giving birth.
  3. She was also one of the saints that communicated with St Joan of Arc during her lifetime.
  4. It is packaged in an organza gift bag with a matching holy card, making it ready for gift-giving.

The Patron Saint Of Pregnant Women

In the Catholic Church, there is a patron saint for every possible cause: for alcoholics, archeologists, and amputees; for protection against breast cancer, mice, or lightning; and for protection against other diseases. As a result, it’s no surprise that people who have conceived have been honored with a saint (or are trying to). The only surprise may be that, considering the large number of moms who have been designated saints, the patron saint of pregnant women is a male and a virgin: St. Gerard Majella, who lived in the 18th century and was born to a married couple in Italy.

  1. In Catholic tradition, a patron saint is seen as a special advocate for a particular cause or group, generally because of some connection to the saint’s personal life and/or martyrdom.
  2. Gerard’s patronage are still a little hazy at this point.
  3. A ministry that began throughout his 29-year life and was thought to have continued during the canonization process is cited by some as a source of miracles for women with pregnancy difficulties.
  4. We have letters from ecstatic parents talking of ‘bouncing’ newborn kids, owing to the intercession of St.
  5. According to a widely used prayer card for the Italian saint: “O wonderful St.
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Provide protection for me against harm and against the excruciating sufferings that will accompany childbirth, as well as for the child I am currently carrying.” (The agony of a woman during childbirth is also mentioned in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the church’s comprehensive manual of church teaching, which states, “Do not forget the birth pangs of your mother.” In another prayer card, he implores the Master of Life, “from whom all paternity proceeds, to render me fertile in offspring,” to help individuals who are struggling with infertility: “O dear St.

  • Gerard, implore the Master of Life, from whom all paternity proceeds, to make me productive in offspring.” In addition, ladies discuss their pregnancies on a St.
  • It has been difficult for me to become pregnant,” explains MJ.
  • On December 3, I discovered I was pregnant after taking a positive pregnancy test.
  • It is difficult to condemn any pregnant lady who is suffering from the horrific twins of morning sickness and fear for adding St.
  • Who hasn’t wished to be free of the burden of delivery?
  • In a Sept.
  • I went to our local Catholic goods store a couple of weeks after finding out I was pregnant and purchased some St.

They were completely sold out.

Wearing the silver St.

Gerard statue in its maternity ward, I’m reminded of the importance of St.

A miraculous medal of Mary, the ultimate patron saint of mothers, hangs next to it on a chain, and I frequently rub the two together for good luck.

Gerard’s nose has been completely worn away.

It is my responsibility to believe and to behold. As my tummy grows and the unknowns continue to loom, having Mary and St. Gerard dangling from my collar bone makes me feel stronger in certain ways.

St. Gerard Majella – Saints & Angels

St. Gerard Majella is the patron saint of expecting mothers and their children. He was born in Muro, Italy, in 1726 to a family of seven children. Majella was born in poverty and has a deep admiration for others who are less fortunate. Because he was just 12 years old when his father went away, he was forced to mature quickly. His mother sent him away to live with his uncle and study to be a tailor, much like his father, shortly after his father’s death. In her latter years, Majella found work as a servant for the Bishop of Lacedonia, where she stayed for a few years after finishing her sewing apprenticeship.

  1. Majella’s skin became paler and thinner as the days went by, and she began to frequent a neighboring cathedral for prayer and fasting.
  2. Majella was informed that his health was not in good enough condition to maintain such a demanding lifestyle.
  3. When he was 23 years old, he entered the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, where he remained for the next three years until becoming proclaimed lay brother.
  4. He remained in close contact with the underprivileged and did a wide variety of occupations.
  5. Due to his outstanding devotion, exceptional intellect, and the ability to understand the thoughts of others, he was authorized to consult with religious organizations composed primarily of religious women.
  6. His presence was sought wherever it was needed, and he did so with graciousness.
  7. This obedient servant of God also possessed abilities connected with some mystics, such as levitation, bilocation, and the capacity to read the souls of others around him.

Several reported miracles have been attributed to Majella over the course of his life, including restoring a boy’s life after he fell from a high cliff; blessing a poor farmer’s crops and ridding them of mice; blessing a poor family’s supply of wheat and causing it to last until the next harvest; and multiplying bread for the poor on several occasions.

  • Majella had a chance contact with a little girl just before he died.
  • Majella informed her that she “may require it at some point.” Years after Majella’s death, the young lady found herself married and expecting a child.
  • It was she who requested that Majella’s handkerchief be applied to her.
  • Specifically, his prayers are requested for the children, unborn children, women who are giving birth, ladies who are expecting a child, women who are in the process of becoming mothers, wrongly accused persons, good confessions, lay brothers, and Muro Lucano, Italy.
  • His final desire was for a little plaque to be placed on his door, which would read, “Here the will of God is done, as God wills, and for as long as God wills.” He had no more requests.
  • However, this only lasted for about a month until he was unwell and became seriously ill once more.
  • Gerard Majella died of sickness on October 16, 1755, at the age of 29.
  • As a result of the countless miracles that were achieved as a result of Majella’s prayers, the process for his canonization began immediately after he died.
  • O Great Saint Gerard, loving servant of Jesus Christ, perfect imitator of your meek and humble Savior, and devoted Child of the Virgin Mary, please enkindle inside my heart one spark of the divine fire of charity that shone in your heart and transformed you into an angel of love.

Provide protection for me against harm and from the excruciating pangs of delivery, as well as for the child I am now carrying, so that it may see the light of day and receive the lustral waters of baptism through the intercession of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

St. Raymond Nonnatus

Raymond Nonnatus is the patron saint of birthing and midwives, as well as of children and pregnant women, as well as of priests who safeguard the secrecy of confessions. Every year, on the 31st of August, we commemorate his Feast Day. St. Raymond, please intercede for us. Birth and childhood are two important stages in one’s life. St. Raymond Nonnatus was born in a town named Portello, which is located in the Segarra area of the Province of Lerida in Spain, during the beginning of the thirteenth century.

  1. He was given the name “Nonnatus” (which means “not born”) since he was brought into the world by a C-section after his mother died during the course of his pregnancy.
  2. Nicholas, where a statue of the Virgin Mary was revered.
  3. Religious life is a way of life.
  4. Peter Nolasco, throughout his life.
  5. He was saved from this atrocity by one of his Mercedarian brothers, and Pope Gregory IX made him Cardinal of the Church of San Eustaquio as a result of his efforts.
  6. It was a contentious issue between the Order of Mercy and the city of Cardona about where he should be buried.
  7. The body was transported to the hermitage of St.

No one was present to witness the procession or to lead the mule.

He is the patron saint of expecting mothers, Christian families, and individuals who have been wrongfully accused of a criminal offense.

Raymond Nonnatus Foundation, which was established in 2015 by the Mercedarian Religious Order.

Go to www.Nonnatus.org to learn more about the foundation and to make a donation.

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