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This article is about the song of the same name. See Saint Pablo Tour for more information about the tour.

“Saint Pablo”
SongbyKanye West
from the albumThe Life of Pablo
Released June 14, 2016
Recorded 2016
Genre Hip hop
Length 6: 12
  • Kanye West, Sampha Sisay, Michael Dean, Allen Ritter, Shawn Carter, Deric Angelettie, Ronald Lawrence, Norman Whitfield, and Noah Goldstein are among those who have contributed to this work.
  • Kanye West, Mike Dean, Allen Ritter (co.), Goldstein (additional)
  • Kanye West

Kanye West’s song “Saint Pablo” is a hip-hop track that features significant vocals from British artist Sampha. It first appeared on the internet on March 31, 2016, after it had been accidentally uploaded to Apple Music by mistake, before being withdrawn a few hours later. It was eventually included on June 14, 2016, on West’s seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo, which was released the same year.


The hook of the song, as well as the third stanza, are spelled out in samphonic fashion. West’s thoughts and fears are addressed in the song, which includes theTwittercontroversies and his $53 milliondebt, among other things (at the time). It was produced by West and Mike Dean, with co-production from Allen Ritter and additional production from Noah Goldstein. “Saint Pablo” was directed by West and directed by Mike Dean. Sampha sings the hook and the third verse, while she also provides the instrumental backing.


“Saint Pablo” was initially performed during the release party for Yo Gotti’s The Art of Hustle album. The tune was leaked online on March 31, 2016, and it surfaced on Apple Music for a short period of time. As of June 15, 2016, West’s The Life of Pablo album was momentarily withdrawn from Tidal because he wanted to include the song “Saint Pablo” in the album. Since its removal from Tidal, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Spotify, the song has been freely available on a variety of streaming services.

Critical reception

The music received a lot of positive feedback, with NME authorNME Blog characterizing West as being “in typically confident mode, despite the fact that he starts the epic piece by revealing that he’s in debt.”


The long-awaited release of Kanye West’s Life of Pablo album has arrived. While the album has been released for a little over a month now, up until Friday, it was exclusively available through the Tidal streaming service. As a result, fans of the rapper may now enjoy listening the album on all major streaming platforms, as well as purchasing it directly from the artist’s website. Now that the new album has been made available to the general public, there are a few tracks that are generating a lot of interest.

  1. Everyone who has listened to it is still perplexed as to what the song “Saint Pablo” is about in the first place.
  2. It is not about his son Saint, who was born in December of last year, contrary to common assumption.
  3. There are a couple of reasons why this song has generated so much interest.
  4. The song was premiered at a listening party in Los Angeles in February, and since then, every time it has been made available on the internet, it has been pulled down within minutes, adding to the music’s attraction.
  5. You know, the $53 million debt that he begged Mark Zuckerberg to assist him in paying off.
  6. He also pours enough shade to spark a couple more Internet feuds.
  7. Nowadays, it appears that his music may be the only means by which he is able to convey his message in an exquisite manner.
  8. Irrespective of his inflated ego, Kanye is a really good artist.

Of course, there aren’t many people who are in debt for $53 million. Assuming that this album is one of his best yet, let’s hope that from here on out he can devote more time to the music and less time on Kanye’s personal life.

Kanye West Once Explained the Identity of Pablo From ‘The Life of Pablo’

The Life of Pablo, by Kanye West, was one of the most polarizing albums of the decade of the 2010s. Some considered it to be a masterpiece of avant-garde cinema. Others said it signaled the end of a long run of legendary albums from the West. Even some of the album’s admirers, who were enthusiastic about it, were unable to comprehend anything. One issue that kept coming up was why the film was titled The Life of Pablo. In preparation for Yeezy Season 3, Kanye West extends his arms. Photograph by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.

Fan theories about the title of ‘The Life of Pablo’

Compared to any other record in recent memory, The Life of Pablo has undergone the most transformations. So Help Me God was given three alternative names before it was officially released: So Help Me God, SWISH, and Waves. At some point, West came up with the term “The Life of Pablo.” What was the significance of the title? Initially, the only thing that fans could do was conjecture. Loren Diblasi of MTV News speculated that it could have been named after Pablo Neruda, a notable poet and politician who lived in Argentina.

It would have been incredible for the youngster to have received such a significant tribute for such a minor comment!

Kanye West opens up

* html,body img,span span span span span “The following attributes are allowed: src=” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; picture-in-picture” “allowfullscreen=” allows you to use the entire screen “> The following is an example of a formalized formalized formalized Fade (with Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone) is a song by Kanye West. It is not uncommon for West to let members of his audience to interpret his art on their own. He has, on the other hand, been extremely forthright about his motivations for calling the film The Life of Pablo.

Picasso, Escobar, and Saint Paul were all influential figures in their own fields.

Despite the fact that those three figures don’t appear to have anything in common, West believed they each reflected a different facet of Pablo’s life.

“Christianity was inspired by him, and he had the most powerful impact on it.” Pablo Escobar was the most important mover of goods, while Pablo Picasso was the most important mover of artworks.

Kanye West on Saint Paul

Kanye West is dressed casually in a black hoodie. Photo courtesy of PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP via Getty Images. Even while it may seem strange that West would call an albumThe Life of Pabloin honor of a guy named Paul, the choice is understandable given that “Pablo” is Spanish for “Paul.” Due to the inclusion of a tune titled “Saint Pablo” on the album, the relationship between the album and Saint Paul is particularly powerful. In the title of the tour that West went on to accompany The Life of Pablo: The Saint Pablo Tour, there is a connection to this song.

He proclaimed Saint Paul to be a great messenger of God.

Paul’s role as a messenger was likened by West to his own “freedom to express himself.” It’s up to the fans to judge whether or not the parallel is strong in this instance.

However, it is commendable that West clarified the significance of the title of The Life of Pablo by explaining what it means. Check out this article: Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West Reveal If They Will Have More Children After Psalm 139

Hear Kanye West’s Reflective New Track ‘Saint Pablo’

Kye West re-uploaded his still-in-progress new albumThe Life of Pabloto digital streaming providers to commemorate the launch of his Saint Pablo Tour, which will take place this summer. It was announced on Tuesday night that a new song, “Saint Pablo,” will be released as the album’s 20th and final track. “The only thing I ask is that, the next time I’m onstage, would you all come with me? Towards the conclusion of the six-minute track, West inquires, “Will y’all go?” West launched the tune, then known as “Closer Thing to Einstein,” after taking over the sound system at Los Angeles club 1OAK in late February.

According to the music’s credits on Tidal, it contains British vocalist Sampha as well as Mike Dean’s production on the tune.

“People are attempting to portray me as insane on Twitter/ My buddies advised me to keep a low profile/ I think it’s difficult to comprehend all of the transactions, especially when you have family members working for you,” West says on the tune.

After that, West shares details of his conversations with Apple, claiming that the firm offered him $100 million – $20 million of which he would have donated to Tidal owner Jay Z – but that he chose to remain loyal to Jay Z’s streaming service instead of accepting the offer.

Kanye West, ‘Saint Pablo,’ and the Power of an Unfinished Album

“This is not normal!” has become one of Kanye West’s catchphrases in recent months. As far as braggadocio goes, this is a very shrewd one. While some of West’s extraordinary accomplishments are more questionable than others (e.g., preaching for dad fashion, publishing fashion zines featuring naked women, and continuing to torment Taylor Swift), it is undeniable that he consistently finds ways to be exceptional. As an illustration: The announcement that Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo was “refreshed and redelivered”with alterations overnight, including the addition of a new song, is out of the ordinary.

  1. Albums have, of course, been issued in a variety of formats in the past, including remastered editions, demo versions, remix versions, and deluxe bonus-track versions.
  2. West is engaged in another activity.
  3. The fact that some musician or another will ultimately make use of the fundamental ownership shift produced by streaming technologies for aesthetic purposes seems evident in retrospect.
  4. Not another example of how the internet’s immediacy has eroded the quality of information?
  5. The fact that West toiled till the wee hours of the morning on Pabloeven after repeated release-date delays, as well as the fact that the album is the most uneven of West’s career, shows that this is the case, at least in part.
  6. Unlike much of Kanye West’s 2016 production, “Saint Pablo” has the vibe of a “classic” song in a manner that little else does.
  7. He has stated that the song was inspired by him revealing on Twitter that he was in debt to the tune of $53 million, which indicates that it was most likely produced after The Life of Pablo was released on February 14.
  8. Indeed, the first stanza of West’s “Saint Pablo” begins with him discussing how his wife has reprimanded him for being too careless with his money.
  9. “I’m not out of control; I’m just not in control of the situation.” In verse two, West focuses his emphasis to race, stating that black people must work together to achieve success.
  10. “She has the same shoes as my wife, but she grabbed ’em at Aldo/ Modern day MJ with aOff the Wallflow,” he raps at the end of the song, before Sampha gently brings the song to its conclusion.
  11. West, on the other hand, is bragging about his cultural reach, and he’s also sending a signal that he’s aware of how his record is being received.

This will allow you to tell whenever West makes even the most subtle changes toPablo, such as increasing the vocal levels on “Waves” or making a minor edit to Chance the Rapper’s verse on “Ultralight Beam.” For genuine believers, obsessively comparing and contrasting as the West fiddles may be a crucial element of enjoyingPablo in its entirety.

In order to keep up with the adjustments West has made to it so far (the most of which were applied in April, but Redditors point out that last night’s update modified the previous closer “Fade”), I haven’t kept up with the majority of the changes West has done so far.

A choral line appears unexpectedly; a beat hits you harder than you remember it happening; and was that synth tone there before it appeared again?

The allure of pop music derives from the familiar being transformed into something new; thePablotransformations take this appeal to a new level of literality.

After a few more spins, you’ll be able to determine whether the new music are “better.” However, the fascinating sensation of dislocation may be a value in and of itself, since it is one of the many things that West has done that are out of the ordinary.

r/Kanye – Why I Love ‘Saint Pablo’ and Why it’s Crucial to Understanding The Life of Pablo’s Theme

Saint Pablo is a fantastic conclusion that perfectly encapsulates the album’s overall mood. Kanye is entrapped, and he is relying on God to deliver him from the overindulgence of his crazy lifestyle and public reputation. He is striving to maintain a healthy relationship with his friends and family while still pursuing his own self-realization, which is meant to be the most important thing in his life. Kanye’s rhymes in Saint Pablo get increasingly contemplative and insecure as the album progresses.

  • He eventually comes to feel abandoned, which is subsequently stated in Sampha’s verse: Please keep your back to me when I talk.
  • Throughout the stanza, you have been treating me as if I am invisible, and as the verse progresses, it delves more into that feeling: Comprehend, understand, understand Understand I’m standing here under oath, and I told myself that I wouldn’t fall again, but I’m crying at the bar right now.
  • I wish you could have come down here and stood by me and looked at me like you knew who I was.
  • Kanye is much more alone and miserable in this location.
  • He won’t be able to transform him into a better person on his own.
  • And you’re left wondering where God is in your nighttime routine.
  • Until he comprehends this inconsistency, he will continue to distance himself from the things that genuinely matter in his life, ultimately destroying them.

Which is more important: the lifestyle represented by the model or the lifestyle represented by a photograph of the family on the album cover?

He likes his ego and self-assurance, and he will only “drop as a last resort” if necessary.

He is well aware of this.

Pablo’s existence is a contrast between these two lives, which he calls “The Life of Pablo” (had to put it somewhere lmao).

Throughout the album, he boasts about his sexual encounters, money, intellect, and so on, but those sentiments are constantly tinged with a sense of regret and a desire to liberate himself from it as the record progresses.

“I simply want to be liberated,” he repeats repeatedly in FSMH, while also discussing his sexual adventures with the other characters.

In addition, there is a significant difference between the low lights and the highlights.

), among other things.

It’s a little like a first chapter in the album’s ending.

The rapper finally “unveils the layers of his soul” and thinks on the crazy lifestyle that is consuming his life.

Although Kanye admits that he, himself, is a contributing factor to the problem, the song’s hook, performed by The Weeknd, is somewhat embraced in this country.

Everyone and everything, with the exception of his own self-awareness of his defects, which include both his awful public image and his crazy lifestyle, will have no power over his life and relationships.

His wife and family are the only things he has left at this point, and he can’t afford to let them down easily.

There is still another point of conflict in this back and forth.

Because his mother is such an important part of his life, she was expected to guide him in becoming a wonderful man.

Once again, Kanye’s ‘crazy’ lifestyle is undermining his identity as a human being.

He adores his wife and children, but he believes that the media and the ‘nightlife’ are interfering with the good relationship he is meant to have with them.

The value of human life cannot be overstated.

On 30 Hours, he looks back on his life and expresses gratitude to the individuals who have made it all possible.

Facts and Fade, however, go through the overindulgence of his public image and crazy lifestyles yet again, and this time it’s with a different perspective.

It’s like he’s trapped in a loop that he can’t break free from.

You may recall that following the Taylor scandal, we anticipated that he would straighten himself out, but he did not.

He constantly assuring himself that he’s going to stop, but he never follows through on his promises.

That’s simply my perspective based on the album’s overall structure and organization.

He constantly complains about how awful celebrity is, yet he refuses to back down from his desire to be associated with it.

He ultimately and totally investigates his life as the contradictory figure that we know him to be today, and how he actually suffers as a result of his conflict.

Simply put, I needed to get my thoughts out before they vanished, and one of these days I’ll have to create a more coherent, better written piece for the album, or find someone else to do it for me.

Please feel free to contribute your own interpretations or to critique mine if you so choose, as well as to point out things that you’ve observed in the album to keep the debate going!

tl;dr If you’re still scratching your mind after listening to Saint Pablo, it’s because the song directly explains what Kanye is attempting to do with The Life of Pablo.

stay W E A V E Y edit: the music video for the wolves has just been released. In my opinion, it supports my points here rather well with the images of clubs, nightlife, and paparazzi all that I’ve said in this article

Kanye West’s “Saint Pablo” Synths

When Kanye West’s seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo, was released in 2016, he chose to forego a traditional release in favor of making it available only through Jay-Tidal Z’s streaming service for almost a month. The album has been updated multiple times since its release, with West redoing lyrics, adding guest singers, and tuning the mix, going on to describe the album as a “living breathing changing creative expression.” West has stated that the record is a “living breathing changing creative expression.” Four months after the album’s initial release, it was modified once more, with the inclusion of a new song, Saint Pablo, to the album’s tracklisting.

  • The song is based around a hip-hop rhythm that includes a sample from the Jay-Z song Where I’m From, which is itself a sample from the 1975 Yvonne Fair song Let Your Hair Down.
  • Synth and piano chords have been added to the sample, which serves as an underpinning for Kanye’s own rap lines and Sampha’s soulful chorus.
  • Mike Dean’s Roland Juno-106 synthesizer was utilized to record the main synth in the verses.
  • In TAL U-NO-LX, a software emulation of the Juno series, the patch may be easily duplicated because it is straightforward to write.
  • Set both filters to the midway point to lower the sound to the midrange and set the LPF resonance to the 2 mark to increase the reverberation time.
  • Then set the ADSR envelope with an attack of 4 and a decay of 5 to create movement in your filter.
  • Midway through the song, an extra synth layer is introduced; it has the appearance of a plucked string but has an unique synth-tone to it, which was most likely recorded from one of co-producer Mike Dean’s Moog synths.
  • There are several Moog software emulation options available.
  • Finally, apply some lovely reverb to the audio and listen to the results in Arturia Mini V: Mike Dean, the song’s co-producer and a frequent collaborator with Kanye since Graduation, recorded and executed the synth breakdown that appears at 3:53.
  • Dean is a big lover of Moog synthesizers, and the video below, which shows Dean jamming on six Moog Mother 32 synthesizers inside Moog’s factory, wonderfully demonstrates his aesthetic.

A famous Moog lead patch composed of detuned sawtooth oscillators with the filter and envelopes turned off creates the lead sound. It is in legato mode, and glide has been increased to the halfway point, which creates the smooth flowing effect between notes on the synth.

The signal is then subjected to a significant amount of delay, resulting in an almost hallucinogenic effect. Because the delay is configured to replay the content a beat later, it is important to sync your delay with your recording software. At first, this provides a call-and-response effect, but as the section progresses, the words get more layered, generating a fascinating swirling effect in the reader’s mind.


Thank you for taking the time to read this! The information provided here should have given you some insight into Kanye West and Mike Dean’s production methodology and creative approach. Check out the download link at the bottom of the post to get the synth patches.

4 thoughts on “Kanye West’si Saint Pablo /iSynths”

  1. This is fantastic! What are your thoughts on Tyler The Creator’s most recent album? There are also some really nice synthesizers in there
  2. You should try to mimic some of the synthesizers used in Kanye West’s Yeezus album. What if you could show me how to build the moog bass patch that Mike Dean utilizes on so many of his tracks? Mike Dean synthesizers make me feel high

Kanye West Repackages ‘The Life of Pablo’ With New Song ‘Saint Pablo’

on Friday, June 5, 2016, in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Kanye West performs at Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2016 at MetLife Stadium. courtesy of Johnny Nunez/WireImage With The Life of Pablo, Kanye West hasn’t finished experimenting with it yet. As rumors of West’s upcomingSaint Pablotour began to circulate, the rapper re-released his seventh and most current album, which includes the new tune “Saint Pablo.” The Saint Pablo Tour Dates Have Been Announced by Kanye West


Explore View the most recent videos, charts, and news. See latest videos, charts and headlines “Saint Pablo” was first heard during a DJ set in late February, and it was widely speculated to be the first track lifted from a forthcoming Kanye West album. It is now the twenty-first and last tune on the modified edition of Pablo’s newest album (the deluxe version was available on Tidal and Apple Music at time of writing). In addition to providing vocals for the song, which was co-produced by Mike Dean, Sampha also contributed to the tune.

Overnight, a source close to Kanye informed Billboard that: This is a living record, and we are giving an updated version of the album, just as we stated in our previous statement.” Kanye West Debuts ‘Only One’ Video Game Trailer The Life of Pablo allegedly achieved 250 million streams in its first 10 days of availability as an exclusive with Tidal in February.

1 on the Billboard 200 list.

Kanye, a founding artist-owner of Tidal, was on hand for the public debut of the service back in March 2015.

25 in Indianapolis.

Saint Pablo by Kanye West (featuring Sampha) – Songfacts

  • Kanye West, who has previously referred to himself as a deity, is now equating himself with Albert Einstein, the Godfather of Relativity. In addition to gloating about being featured on the cover of Time magazine, the G.O.O.D. Music mogul speaks about his alleged personal debt as well as how he is regarded on social media. West posted on Twitter: “I composed Saint Pablo after I confessed to my greatest sin, which was my personal indebtedness. But I’m no longer embarrassed of myself.”
  • West performed the song for the first time on February 23, 2016, during Yo Gotti’s album release party at Los Angeles club 1 Oak, where it was first heard. A week after his The Life Of Pabloalbum became available on Tidal, he released the single, which has vocals on the hook from Sampha, who also appears on the album. He also contributed to Drake’sNothing Was The Sametracks “Too Much” and “The Motion.” The song uses the bass-heavy groove from Jay-Z’sIn My Lifetime, Vol. 1track “Where I’m From,” which appears on the rapper’s latest album.
  • This song, which was released four months after the release of The Life of Pablo, was added to the tracklisting in June 2016 as the 20th and final song

Kanye West Drops New Song “Saint Pablo” to Celebrate Tour Announcement

The Life of Pablo, by Kanye West, has been re-released on the music streaming site Tidal. With a brand new beat and a return to the subscription-based music streaming service, Tidal, Kanye West is marking the announcement of his next world tour. A new six-minute contemplative track named “Saint Pablo” was added to the rapper’s seventh studio albumThe Life of Pablo on Tuesday night, which was re-uploaded by the artist. Receive push notifications with news, features, and other information. +FollowFollowing You’ll receive the most recent information on this subject through your browser alerts.

RELATED VIDEO: Kanye West’s Surprise N.Y.C. Concert Causes Chaos After Thousands of Fans Show Up

The 20th and final tune, “Those Trying to Say I’m Going Crazy on Twitter,” refers to people who believe West is going insane on Twitter and that he is in debt. “My buddies advised me to maintain a low profile. I suppose it’s difficult to sort through all of the transactions, especially when you have family members on the payroll. The spending was characterized as extravagant by the media. ‘He’s completely out of control,’ the media said. I simply get the impression that I’m the only one who isn’t faking.

“It’s simply that I’m not under their authority.” “I’m quite aware that I’m the most influential,” he says of his Time Magazine cover featuring the “100 Most Influential People.” ThatTimecover was merely a confirmation of what I already knew.

However, the album was made available for free on both Apple Music and Spotify at the same time.

Saint Pablo: An eclectic, yet understated celebration of greatness

669 people have looked at this post. Thanks to Flickr for the image. On the exterior of The Forum, banners announcing the Saint Pablo Tour were displayed, including one that stated “6 nights sold out,” with the number six patched on the banner indicating that the tour’s early November dates were added very recently as a result of overwhelming demand for tickets. Inside the stadium, radio station booths, retail stands, reporters and hundreds of fans had gathered to experience what it was like to be at the heart of Los Angeles’ hip-hop culture for the evening.

  • The chants of “Yeezy!
  • Yeezy!” became louder as the ground level and surrounding stadium seats began to fill with people of all ages, races, and nationalities, all coming to see Kanye West, the guy who has come to define the rap and hip-hop culture of the twenty-first century.
  • A similar atmosphere could be felt in the silent, tense expectation of the audience as the building began to fill with people as the doors opened.
  • As “Father I Stretch My Hands Out” by Pastor T.L Barrett played, the arena became so foggy as a result of the smoke machines set up around the venue that it became difficult to see more than 50 feet in front of me.
  • This signaled the time for the guy himself to rise above his audience and wait for the song “Father Stretch my Hands Pt.1” to begin playing as a greeting to his visitors.
  • It was as if he had appeared from nowhere.
  • The event lasted around two hours, with Kanye performing hit after hit as the stage traveled from one side of the arena to the other, ensuring that no seat was thought to be a terrible one.
  • It seemed like a house party because of the incredibly varied crowd, with the youngest and most enthusiastic fans congregating in the centre of the floor, resulting in massive mosh pits that moved constantly throughout the event in sync with the stage.

For songs like “Only One,” I discovered an older, more polished group of people who were dancing to “Touch the Sky,” wrapping their arms around each other to keep back tears, and simply staring at the stage in awe during songs like “Flashing Lights.” Seeing Kanye West perform live was a once-in-a-lifetime event that not only made my year complete, but also helped me understand the significance of the rapper as an icon — someone who is a master of the live rap performance and understands how to get the most out of every crowd.

Although he is 39 years old, West’s ability to move a crowd to the hundreds of songs that he has been a part of, ranging from his appearance on 2016’s “That Part” to the 2007 mega-hit “Stronger,” is still as clear as ever.

Maybe it has something to do with the group of younger artists he has kept around him, including Chance the Rapper, Young Thug, and Travis Scott, or maybe it’s just a testament to ‘Ye as a mastermind who has grown to become something of a Paul McCartney or Mick Jagger of rap: An artist who doesn’t let their age hinder their ability to sell out a show and give concertgoers the best night of their lives.’ The simplicity of the Saint Pablo set design lends itself to the brilliance of West’s direction.

Kanye ensures that the attention is focused on the music and him alone, as opposed to the spectacles that were the Yeezus tour, where he wore a diamond-encrusted mask that was removed by Jesus Christ in front of a mountain, and the Glow in the Dark tour, which depicted him falling to earth from an alien spaceship with a set lluminating him from above.

West’s Saint Pablo tour, have left an indelible legacy of live performances, and it is this legacy that has helped propel rap from a genre of gangsters and underground listeners to arguably the most popular and influential genre in American music.

It’s an aesthetically basic, yet really technically competent and ambitious presentation that I enjoyed.

Because there are only two remaining Southern California dates on the Saint Pablo Tour, in addition to one stop in San Jose and one in Fresno, any fan of Kanye West’s music should make haste to see him perform live, especially considering all of the additional dates he has added for his West Coast fan base in recent months.

In any case, Kanye West is 39 years old, and who knows how many albums and tours the father of two has left in him.

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