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We know absolutely nothing about the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus other than what is recorded in Scripture, and even that has seemed insufficient to those who have created tales about him. For example, the doubting Nazarenes inquire about Jesus, “Isn’t this the carpenter’s son?” We know he was a carpenter and a hardworking guy because of his profession. (Matthew 13:55; Mark 10:45). He wasn’t wealthy, as evidenced by the fact that when he brought Jesus to the Temple to be circumcised and Mary to be purified, he offered the sacrifice of two turtledoves or a pair of pigeons, which was only permitted for people who could not afford a lamb (Luke 2:24).

Although Luke and Matthew dispute on some of the specifics of Joseph’s genealogy, they both acknowledge that he descends from David, the greatest king of Israel, as his ancestor (Matthew 1:1-16 and Luke 3:23-38).

We are aware that Joseph was a sensitive and loving individual.

He knew the child was not his, but he had no way of knowing that she was carrying the Son of God.

  1. However, when an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and informed him of the situation, 20 “Take no fear, Joseph son of David, in taking Mary into your house as your wife, since the Holy Spirit has conceived in her what you are looking for.
  2. 21 She is to give birth to a boy, and you are to name him Jesus “He followed the angel’s instructions and married Mary as his wife.
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  7. In order to save his family, he instantly sold all he possessed and fled to a foreign nation with his young wife and the baby, abandoning everything he knew and all of his relatives and friends behind.

We already know how much Joseph adored Jesus.

Not only did Joseph flee his family in order to protect Jesus, but he also chose to live in the remote town of Nazareth out of fear for his life when he returned.

We also know that Joseph regarded Jesus as if he were his own son because the people of Nazareth often ask, “Isn’t this the son of Joseph?” when they saw Jesus.

He acted in accordance with God’s instructions in managing the matter with Mary and in traveling to Jerusalem to have Jesus circumcised and Mary cleansed following the birth of Jesus.

In light of the fact that Joseph does not appear in any of Jesus’ public appearances, including at his death and resurrection, many historians assume that he died before Jesus began his public ministry.

Joseph is the patron saint of the dying because, presuming he died before Jesus’ public life, he died with Jesus and Mary near to him, which is the manner in which we would all wish to depart this planet if we had the opportunity.

Joseph is also the patron saint of the United Nations.

March 19 has traditionally been the most widely observed feast day for Joseph, and it wasn’t until 1955 that Pope Pius XII created the Feast of “St.

This is also May Day (International Workers’ Day), which is celebrated to commemorate Joseph’s role as the patron saint of workers, according to tradition.

Joseph is commemorated at several towns and churches across the world, including the Spanish version, San Jose, which is the most widely called place in the world.

While Joseph is often depicted as an elderly man with grey hair and a beard, frequently balding, and sometimes seeming sickly, he is often depicted as a minor character in the context of Mary and Jesus, if not wholly in the background.

In some depictions, St.

There is so much we still don’t know about Joseph, like where and when he was born, how he spent his days, and when and how he died, to name a few things.

Following in His Steps: Joseph served as Jesus’ foster father.

To learn more about being a foster parent, please contact your local Catholic Charities or the Division of Family Services office in your area.

Prayer: Saint Joseph, patron of the global Church, keep an eye on the Church with the same care that you kept an eye on Jesus, and assist it in protecting and guiding it as you did with your adopted son. Amen Take pleasure in adding prayers to St Joseph. please visit this site

Saint Joseph

From c.1 to c.100, the population flourished. Members of the family who are notable include: the spouse Mary Known in the New Testament as Jesus’ earthly father and the Virgin Mary’s husband, St. Joseph (who lived in the first centuryce in Nazareth, Galilee, region of Palestine; principal feast day March 19, Feast of St. Josephthe Worker May 1) is a saint who lived in Nazareth, Galilee, region of Palestine. Throughout Roman Catholicism, St. Joseph is known as the “patron of the universal church,” and his life is chronicled in the Gospels, notably in Matthew and Luke.

  1. After marrying Mary, he discovered that she was already pregnant and, “being a righteous man and unwilling to expose her to public disgrace” (Matthew 1:19), he decided to divorce her quietly.
  2. Following the angel’s instructions, Joseph married Mary.
  3. While he was there, an angel came to Joseph again, this time alerting him of Herod’s death and urging him to travel to the Holy Land immediately.
  4. After his death, Joseph and Mary spent the rest of their lives searching for the missing child Jesus in Jerusalem, where they eventually discovered him in the Temple (Luke 2:41–49).
  5. “Did you not realize that I was required to be in my Father’s house?” According to John 19:26–27, the circumstances of Joseph’s death are unclear, save that he died before Jesus’ public ministry began and was almost likely deceased before the Crucifixion.
  6. Joseph is a saint who is venerated in Italy.
  7. Joseph and Jesus, which may be seen in the church of Millegem, Belgium.
  8. The 2nd-century Protevangelium of James and the 4th-centuryHistory of Joseph the Carpenter both portray him as a widower with children at the time of his betrothal to Mary, which adds to the uncertainty around the topic of Jesus’ siblings and sisters in the first century.
  9. The only reliable source of information on Joseph is available in the Gospels, because later religious legends damage his image and contribute to the delay in commemorating him.
  10. Pope Sixtus IV, who inaugurated the devotion in Rome in 1479, and the famed 16th-century mystic St.
  11. Joseph was already the patron saint of Mexico, Canada, and Belgium when Pope Pius IX named him the patron saint of the global church in 1870.

On May 1, 1955, Pope Pius XII established theFeast of St. Joseph the Worker as a counter-celebration to communists’ May Day, which was celebrated the previous day. Melissa Petruzzello was the author of the most recent revision and update to this article.

Patronages – Year of St. Joseph

Except for the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph is our most effective intercessor in heaven, owing to his unique position as the Head of the Holy Family and his special relationship with God. St. Joseph is most recognized as the patron saint of fathers, families, and laborers, but he is also noted for other roles. He is, on the other hand, effective against a wide range of ailments. In some cases, certain Saints are granted the privilege of extending to us their patronage with particular efficacy in certain needs, while others are denied the privilege in others; however, our holy patron St.

  • St.
  • Numerous sons and daughters of the Church have successfully turned to St.
  • Saint Joseph has become well-known for his efficacious intercession on behalf of the following professions and causes as a result of this.
  • excavators and grave diggers I wish you a pleasant death dying in the name of Christ House searchers, immigrants, and interior souls are all types of people.
  • Solicitors, teachers, travelers, and unborn children are all included.

St. Joseph is the patron saint we need in this pandemic

The Wangfujing Cathedral in Beijing, China, has a statue of St. Joseph and the God-child Jesus, which may be seen here. (Image courtesy of Bill Perry/iStock) Composite photo by Bill Perry/iStock Pope Francis declared this week that the year 2019 will be designated as the Year of St. Joseph in honor of one of his favorite saints. The pope, in his apostolic letter “Patris corde” (“With the heart of a father”), encouraged the entire church to reflect on and pray for the patronage of Joseph, Jesus’ foster father.

  • At a time when a worldwide epidemic has driven millions of people to live hidden away, alone, and alone, we might look to Joseph as a model of living a concealed existence.
  • In such case, we may consider him our patron, who will pray for us because he knows our sufferings with disease.
  • Even before the birth of Jesus, Joseph’s soft compassion and forgiving heart were on full show in his actions.
  • Joseph, like many other saints whose genealogy can be traced back to the early days of the church, is mostly unknown outside of what is revealed in the Gospels and the few words that are written about him.
  • Mary was discovered to be pregnant, which was completely unexpected.
  • Joseph’s gentle compassion and forgiving heart were on full show even before the birth of Jesus, as the Bible tells us.
  • A dream revealed God’s redeeming plans for the carpenter from Nazareth, just as he did for another troubled Joseph in the Bible, a patriarch named Joseph who appears in the book of Genesis.

The angel said: “Joseph, son of David, do not be frightened to accept Mary as your wife for the child conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.” After the birth of Mary’s son, the same angel instructed Joseph to flee to Egypt with the newborn and his mother in order to avoid being captured and executed by King Herod.

  • A couple more anecdotes about the young Jesus follow—he gets lost on a journey and ends up teaching in the temple—and then we get to the section of our savior’s life that has been kept concealed from us.
  • Those were the years in which Joseph lived.
  • In Joseph’s workshop in Nazareth, Jesus would have learnt about the raw materials used in his craft: which wood was best suited for chairs and tables, which wood worked best for yokes and plows, and which wood worked best for a variety of other things.
  • John Haughey, S.J.
  • As a carpenter, Joseph would have instilled in Jesus the virtues necessary to be a successful craftsman.
  • A young Jesus worked alongside his instructor, contributing to the general welfare of Nazareth and the neighboring cities throughout his childhood.
  • John Haughey, S.J.
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However, Joseph vanishes almost as soon as Jesus begins his public ministry, at least according to the Gospel accounts.

Is it possible that he died before his son reached adulthood?

John the Divine in New York City.

Standing beside Joseph’s bed is a youthful-looking Jesus, perhaps 16 or 17 years old, without a beard and dressed in a long tunic, his gaze fixed on Joseph with intensity.

In Goya’s painting, the sadness that must have surrounded Joseph’s death at such a young age is beautifully captured.

Joseph is traditionally regarded as the patron saint of a “happy death,” according to folklore.

We don’t know anything about their mourning from the Gospels.

As a result, the Holy Family is like many other families today who have suffered the loss of parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, and children as a result of the pandemic.

“God sees,” as Joseph’s life demonstrates to us all.

Joseph, who appears only briefly in the Gospels and is given no words to say, lives a life of quiet service to God, a life that is almost completely unknown to us today.

“God sees,” as Joseph’s life demonstrates to us all.

When a single parent cannot confide in anyone about her intense concern for her children, she becomes depressed.

After officiating at countless funerals for Covid victims and their families, the priest was concerned that he wasn’t doing enough to comfort them as he would have preferred.

There are so many hidden lives.

Heaven was the recipient of a slew of secret prayers. All of them are understood by Joseph, the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus. St. Joseph, patron of the hidden life and patron of those suffering from this pandemic, please pray for us this year and always. More from the United States:

  • St. Joseph’s Day has been designated as a holy day by Pope Francis
  • Anything brings a person closer to God is holy, whether you agree with it or not
  • This is the Advent to end all Advents, and it is the perfect time to give oneself permission to genuinely relax.

Patron Saint

Joseph (Hebrew:,Yosef; Greek:,Iosef) is a biblical character who appears as the spouse of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the earthly father of Jesus, according to the Gospels. In the Christian traditions of the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican churches, he is known as Saint Joseph. Jesus’ father is not mentioned in the Pauline epistles, which are usually regarded as the oldest existing Christian writings. Neither does the Gospel of Mark, which is generally regarded as being one of the gospels, mention Jesus’ father.

While both Matthew and Luke contain genealogy of Jesus that traces his ancestry back to King David, they do so through different sons of David; Matthew follows the major royal line from Solomon, whereas Luke follows a minor line from Nathan, another son of David and Bathsheba, who was a descendant of David.

Matthew claims that Joseph’s father was “Jacob,” however Luke claims that Joseph or even Jesus is “of Heli,” meaning that he is descended from a heavenly parent.

Matthew and Luke are also the only gospels that feature the infant tales, and they differ from one another in this regard as well.

As a result, Jesus was born at that location.

According to Matthew, the narratives of the Massacre of the Innocents and the Flight into Egypt are the only ones that are included in the Bible: following the nativity, Joseph remains in Bethlehem for an unspecified period of time (perhaps two years) before being forced to flee to Egypt by Herod; after Herod’s death, Joseph returns to Judea and settles in Nazareth.

  • The gospels refer to Joseph as a “tekton” (v), which has generally been believed to imply “carpenter,” yet the Greek phrase can refer to an artisan who works with wood in general, or an artisan who works with iron or stone.
  • He is never referred to by name.
  • A vision of an angel confirms to Joseph that Mary is pregnant with a son who will be named Jesus and who will save His people from their sins; as a result, Joseph should not be hesitant to marry her.
  • As a result of the second dream, an angel urges Joseph to transport Mary and Jesus to Egypt (as opposed to Bethlehem) and remain there until the angel provides more instructions, as Herod is attempting to assassinate Jesus.
  • However, when Joseph learns that Herod’s son Archelaus is in charge of Judea, he becomes fearful of continuing on his quest.
  • Joseph then relocates Mary and Jesus to Nazareth, which is located in the Galilee area.
  • Joseph is the patron saint of laborers in the Catholic and other religious traditions, and he has multiple feast days dedicated to him.

With the expansion of Mariology came the expansion of the theological area ofJosephology, which has seen the establishment of centers for research and study since the 1950s.

Joseph, whose protection is so vast, so powerful, and so swift before the throne of God!


In order for me to be able to express my gratitude and reverence to the most loving of Fathers after having committed myself here below your celestial authority.

Joseph, I never tire of thinking about you and Jesus, who is sleeping in your arms; I dare not approach when He is resting close to your heart.


According to historical records, this petition was written in 1505 and given to Emperor Charles when he was about to go into fight.

Anyone who follows this prayer, whether they read it, hear it, or carry it with them will never die suddenly, drown, or be poisoned; nor will they fall into the hands of their enemies, nor will they be burnt in any fire, nor will they be defeated in battle, according to oral tradition.

Celebrating St. Joseph on his feast day and with a special year

Whenever the name “St. Joseph” is mentioned, images of a saintly man, the husband of Mary, the earthly father of Jesus, and a hardworking carpenter come to mind. Despite the fact that he is one of the most well-known saints, nothing is known about him. A “just man” is described about him in the Bible, which was regarded a great compliment at the time of his writing. It also meant that he was ready and eager to do anything God required of him, including taking Mary as his wife despite her unusual – and wonderful – pregnancy.

  • He also had feelings for and concern for Jesus.
  • Joseph was a descendent of King David, which is interesting.
  • Joseph safeguarded his family by following the Lord’s instructions, which came to him through a series of dreams and messengers from the angels.
  • They headed to Bethlehem, where he was able to secure a safe location for Jesus’ birth.
  • Later, after those who wished to harm Jesus had been apprehended, an angel directed Joseph to return to his family in Egypt.
  • Joseph is only a passing reference in the text.
  • ‘With a Father’s Heart,’ the pope writes, and in it, he characterizes St.
  • The publication of the apostolic letter coincides with the 150th anniversary of Blessed Pope Pius IX’s proclamation of St.
  • As a way of commemorating the occasion, Pope Francis has declared the Year of St.
  • In a letter written against the backdrop of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Holy Father stated that we are more able to appreciate the value of “ordinary” persons who show patience and bring hope on a daily basis.

Joseph, who was “an incomparable part in the history of redemption,” was described as “the man who goes undetected, a daily, subtle, and concealed presence,” who played “an incomparable role in the history of salvation.” The saint’s name is given to churches, schools, and religious orders across the world.

  1. Joseph, the spouse of Mary, is celebrated on March 19 and has been on the liturgical calendar for many years – dating back to about the 10th century.
  2. Joseph the Worker, celebrated on May 1, was instituted by Pope Pius XII in 1955.
  3. Joseph’s feast by attending Mass and erecting a special altar or table on which items like as food, flowers, and other mementos are put in order to show appreciation and thanks to the saint or to request his intercession.
  4. Joseph’s feast day when it falls on a Friday during Lent.
  5. In some depictions, St.
  6. In other depictions, St.
  7. The Trinity can be represented as a bunch of three lilies.
  8. Joseph for intercession, including those who pray novenas, which are a nine-day series of prayers or devotions dedicated to the patron saint.
  9. Joseph died before Jesus started his public ministry.
  10. Joseph is also recognized as the patron saint of a joyful death as well as of families, expecting mothers, explorers and pilgrims, travelers, immigrants and house sellers and purchasers.

He is also the patron saint of artisans, engineers, and workers. In addition, he is commemorated in a number of towns and nations. On the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, you may find a number of different prayers and novenas to St. Joseph that you can use.

Why is St. Joseph the patron of a happy death?

But why should Joseph, Jesus’ foster-father, be the patron saint of the dying and the patron saint of a peaceful death? Given how little we actually know about him, his other patronages make a lot more sense than his previous ones. The universal church, fathers and families, carpenters and other artisans, working people, the impoverished, and the poorest of the poor are all patronized by him. In the Scriptures, we don’t learn anything about Joseph, and after the episode in which Jesus was separated from his family and subsequently found in the Temple when he was 12 or 13, we don’t learn anything further about him.

  • Catholics have created an image of Joseph as he breathes his last, with Mary and Jesus by his side to console him, for decades.
  • His solace came from Mary and Jesus, who also promised protection and eternal life to anybody who did good in the name of Joseph.
  • By the 17th century, numerous Catholic organizations had created a unique devotion to St.
  • It was unnecessary for St.
  • We may look forward to a happy death with Mary and Jesus at our side if we follow in Joseph’s footsteps and beg for their intercession, just as they did.
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E. Jane Doering’s full name is E. Jane Doering. Professor Emeritus, Program of Liberal Studies, now retired The gospel of Mark today has two extraordinary episodes, each of which has divine significance: the feeding of the 5,000 with loaves and fishes, and Jesus walking on the waves of the sea. It’s understandable that many would be dubious, but Jesus assuages their fears with the words, “Take courage; it is I; do not be frightened!” Both incidents show Christ’s teaching that love is capable of doing the seemingly impossible.

  1. It was through their activities that his divine love was communicated to others who received what the apostles had.
  2. He was present.
  3. The dread of being deprived of one’s own necessities prevents a person from completely obeying the commitment to love all neighbors, which includes sharing food and providing protection to all of them.
  4. The apostles, on the other hand, had not grasped the situation because they had hardened their hearts.

In spite of everything, Christ relieves our load by reminding us: “Take courage, it is I; do not be scared!” “When you are in love, there is no fear; pure love drives away fear.” (1 John 4:18; 2 Cor. 5:18) Christ is the epitome of pure love, and he is always with us.

St. Joseph The Worker, Patron Saint of Workers

St. Joseph was born in Galilee in the first century BC. He was a carpenter by trade.There is little known about the early life of St. Joseph; what we know about him comes from the New Testament.Joseph married Mary, who was somewhat younger than him. Upon discovering that she was pregnant he decided to divorce her. If Joseph had publicly spurned her, Mary could have been stoned to death. Instead, Joseph attempted to ensure that no harm came either to Mary or her unborn child. Later, Joseph had a vision of an angel who told him that Mary’s child was the Son of God.After Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, another angel appeared and told Joseph to flee with his family because King Herod wanted to kill the Infant. The Holy Family spent some time in Egypt, but later returned home after another angel told him that it was safe for the family to return to Galilee.After his return home, Joseph is believed to have taught Jesus the craft of a carpenter. Here, the future saint lived the quiet and humble life of an ordinary worker.There is only one more mention of Joseph in the Bible, when he is searching for the twelve year old Jesus who had gone missing on pilgrimage. Saint Joseph then disappears from the New Testament.The saint lived to a great old age. One source claimed that he lived until he was 109. It is believed that he died before Jesus began his ministry and before his Son’s crucifixion.Saint Joseph is the patron saint of workers on account of his trade as a carpenter and his humble and modest life. St. Joseph has been credited with many miracles over the centuries. Many of these have occurred in recent years.The saint was credited with curing a woman of cancer after she regularly prayed to him.During a typhoon in the Philippines, there was widespread devastation. The only thing literally left standing was a statue of St. Joseph.St. Joseph was a humble and modest man. His faith was simple, and almost childlike. The present Pope, Pope Francis, is a firm admirer of St Joseph, whom he described as “a strong man of silence.” He lived a humble life, but one that was rich in faith and love.St. Joseph is an example for every Catholic.

St. Joseph is patron saint of Father’s Day

Originally published on June 13, 2017 It is also available in Spanish. ‘If someone is unable to locate someone to teach him how to pray, he should use this wonderful saint as a guide, and he will not become disoriented.’ — St. Teresa of Avila was alluding to St. Joseph when she said this. Mother Mary and Jesus’ earthly father, Saint Joseph, is seen as a role model for parenting. His faith and obedience to God were the driving forces behind his love and dedication for his family. As we prepare to commemorate Father’s Day on Sunday, June 18, it may be beneficial to consider his example and how he lived his life.

Joseph,” highlights characteristics of the saint that might be used as a guide:

  • The life of St. Joseph was marked by obedience, selflessness, and leadership. St. Joseph was a laborer, and St. Joseph was a leader

“Take inspiration from St. Joseph, who is the patron saint of fathers and laborers as well as the Universal Church, for his obedience, humility, selflessness, courage, and love for Mary and Jesus, as well as his example of obedience, humility, selflessness, and courage. If we can even a little bit each day to mimic St. Joseph, we will be that much closer to being the men we are meant to be “Hain penned the piece. As part of his Redemptoris Custos apostolic exhortation from 1989, St. Pope John Paul II used the figure of St.

  • Joseph in the Life of Christ and the Church).
  • Joseph), to whose care God has “entrusted his largest and most valuable treasures,’ and to whom God has “entrusted his most precious treasures,” while also learning from him how to be servants of the “economy of salvation.” Wishing St.
  • 32; Redemptoris Custos, no.
  • Joseph’s involvement in Jesus’ life serves as a reminder to us of the importance of fathers in our own lives as well.
  • Please see the list below for further information.

Resources and Tips

Novena to St. Joseph – This nine-day devotion from EWTN explores the significance of St. Joseph to Jesus, Mary, and the entire Church. Dads have a lot of guts— On this section of Fathers for Good, a website sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, you may read articles about Catholic fathers who have accomplished wonderful things. 101 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads who are one in a million, as well as Grandpas— Ideas from Franciscan Media are centered on activities that involve little to no financial investment and that may be done with others.

You can go on this retreat either by yourself or with your father.

List of things to do for Catholic fathers— In his book, “Journey to Heaven: A Road Map for Catholic Men,” Randy Hain makes the following recommendations: surrender; be a man of prayer; realize your actual vocation; spend time; be courageous; exercise detachment; and love your wife.

Prayers for Dad

“We express our gratitude to you, Heavenly Father, for our dads. They gave us life and continue to provide us with the wisdom we need to conduct our lives successfully. We may learn about ourselves by looking at their demonstrations of love. We have a greater understanding of you because of their examples of faith. Fathers, fill them with the love and respect of their children so that they will be encouraged, motivated, and blessed in their endeavors. Amen.” — BustedHalo.com’s Father’s Day Retreat article “God our Father, you created everything out of your infinite knowledge and love.

  • Allow his faith and love to be a shining example for others.
  • Please grant this through the intercession of Christ our Lord.
  • Bless our ancestors.
  • Amen.” — Blessings and prayers for the Catholic household

St Joseph The Worker, Spouse of the Blessede Virigin Mary, Patron of Workers – Information on the Saint of the Day – Vatican News

St. Joseph the Worker, around 1370 (Musei Vaticani) Along with being the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the foster father to Jesus, St Joseph was also a carpenter, according to tradition. Joseph supplied for the Holy Family and played a role in the divine plan of redemption through the hard labor he performed for them.

Joseph, the “Just Man”

In the Gospel of St Matthew, Joseph is described as a “just man,” which in biblical terms indicates someone who loves and respects the law as an expression of God’s will, which is what Joseph aspired to be. In the same way that Mary was visited by an angel, Joseph was also visited by an angel, who came to him in a dream. Likewise, when the angel revealed that the Child she bore was the result of the Holy Spirit’s conception, Joseph responded affirmatively, just as Mary had. Joseph’s distinctive trait is his ability to hide in the background and remain hidden.

After the discovery of Christ in the Temple, he is never mentioned again.

And the location of his last resting place remains a mystery.

Work: Participation in the Divine Plan

For the same reason that many dads raise their sons to follow in their own professions, Joseph raised Jesus to be a craftsman; in the Gospels, Jesus is referred to as “the son of the carpenter.” It is the life of St Joseph that teaches us the dignity of human work, which is both the duty and the perfection of human beings. It is through their work that they exercise dominion over creation, participate in God’s creative work, provide service to others, and contribute to God’s plan of salvation.

He never moaned about being tired, but instead, as a man of faith, he elevated it to the level of virtue-seeking.

And, in accordance with God’s instruction, on the Sabbath, St Joseph observed the weekly rest and participated in the festivities.

Not surprisingly, God was represented figuratively as a winegrower, a sower, and a shepherd early on in the Old Testament, so we shouldn’t be surprised by this lofty interpretation of the modest effort of manual labor.

The feast of Saint Joseph the Worker

In order to ensure that workers do not lose their Christian understanding of work, Pope Pius XII officially established the feast on May 1, 1955; however, previous Popes had already laid the groundwork for it. When he proclaimed Saint Joseph the Patron of the Universal Church, Blessed Pius IX had acknowledged the importance of Saint Joseph as a laborer in a certain way, but he did not express it explicitly. The principle of work as a means of achieving eternal salvation would be revived by Pope John Paul II in his encyclical Laborem exercens, in which he refers to “the Gospel of Work.” So devoted was Cardinal Angelo Roncalli – who later became Pope St John XXIII – to the saint who served as Jesus’ foster-father that when he was elected to the Throne of Peter, he considered taking the name Joseph as his papal surname, which he eventually did.

There were many other saints who had a special devotion to Saint Joseph, including St Teresa of Avila, who was particularly well-known.

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St. Joseph (Our Patron Saint) — St. Joseph Catholic Church

His silent obedience to God’s plan is revealed in sacred Scripture, and it is obvious that this was a plan he was unable to comprehend fully at the time of his obedience. Despite the fact that he didn’t comprehend, he trusted. According to St. Matthew, “When Joseph awoke from his slumber, he performed what the angel of the Lord had ordered him” (Matthew 1:24). God entrusted Joseph with a tremendous deal of responsibility, but it was not a glamorous position. Although his position in God’s plan of redemption may appear to be significantly eclipsed by that of his wife and foster-son, his involvement in God’s plan of salvation is actually rather significant.

  1. When Jesus was presented at the Temple, the only sacrifice he could afford was pigeons, which he sacrificed at the Temple.
  2. In addition to this, we know that shortly after the Holy Family’s return from Egypt, Joseph was effectively erased from the story, allowing room for the development of the ‘Father-Son’ connection between Jesus and his heavenly Father.
  3. From the time he accepted God’s plans for his life, his primary worries were for people who had been committed to his care and protection.
  4. He was married to the Blessed Virgin Mary and was the earthly father of Jesus.
  5. For many centuries, the Catholic Church paid him little if any attention whatsoever.
  6. That it was only in the sixteenth century, however, that the Holy Family began to be revered, and with it, the Catholic Church finally began paying attention to Joseph, finally accepting him as the provider and guardian of the Holy Family.

There’s probably no better way to express it than in the entry antiphon for his feast day Mass, the Solemnity of St. Joseph (March 19): “The Lord has placed his faithful servant in charge of his family.” Reverend Father Todd O. Strange

Saint Joseph the Worker

The Life of Saint Joseph the Worker (Saint Joseph the Worker’s Story) In 1955, Pope Pius XII established the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker in order to inspire a great devotion to Saint Joseph among Catholics and in reaction to Communist-sponsored “May Day” festivities for workers. With this feast, the long-standing bond between Joseph and the cause of workers in both Catholic faith and devotion is furthered and celebrated. From its inception in the Book of Genesis, the dignity of human effort has long been recognized as a contribution to God’s creative activity.

It is only one of many examples of the holiness that may be found in human labor, such as Saint Joseph, a carpenter and foster father to Jesus.

He learnt the skill from Saint Joseph and spent his early adult years working side by side with him in Joseph’s carpentry shop before departing to pursue his vocation as a preacher and healer in the Philippines and elsewhere.

“The spirit flows to you and to all men from the heart of the God-man, the Savior of the world,” Pope Pius XII said, “but certainly, no worker has ever been more completely and profoundly penetrated by it than the foster father of Jesus, who lived with Him in closest intimacy and community of family life and work with Him.” Reflection Pope Pius IX designated Saint Joseph the patron of the entire Church in 1870, in order to include the devotion to Saint Joseph into the Catholic liturgy as much as possible.

The feast of Saint Joseph the Worker was instituted by Pope Pius XII in 1955.

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It has occurred to each and every one of us. At the very least, once. There will most likely be many more times. It’s possible that it’s a rushed, transient understanding. It’s possible that this is a more thoughtful problem. The thought may be caused by transient discomfort or exhaustion, and it is not always dangerous. Sometimes it is a more urgent question that is submitted to Our Lord in a state of desperate despair. But it’s something we’ve all done. “What am I doing with my life?” we’ve all questioned at some point, whether softly in the depths of our souls or noisily while we’re up to our elbows in physical or figurative muck.

  • Perhaps it does, and you’re feeling overburdened by your numerous, repetitious responsibilities.
  • Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, “Wow, look at her.” Take a look at all of the positive things that are happening in her life.
  • Is it true that I’m that good?
  • Many of us who are wanting to know, love, and serve the Lord are anxious to accomplish great things for Him because we love Him with enormous hearts and nothing but the best and the biggest will do for our Darling, who deserves nothing less than the best and the biggest.

On the other hand, there are times when our day-to-day lives don’t seem to be that significant or important, and we might find ourselves wondering what on earth we’re doing with our lives.

The Striking Silence of Saint Joseph

This is when Saint Joseph may be of great assistance. I adore this dude, and I’m guessing you do as well. Did you know that Saint Joseph is only mentioned once in the whole Bible, and that is by design? Not even once! We don’t have any of his words recorded, and, to be honest, just a few moments of his life have been preserved for us to read and learn from. Despite this, Saint Joseph is frequently considered as the greatest saint, second only to his wife. He is referred to be the “horror of devils,” and he is the patron saint of the terminally ill (aka every human person at some point).

He remains completely mute throughout the Gospels.

Saint Joseph’s Life is the Answer to, “Does What I’m Doing Even Matter?”

So, what’s the deal? What is it about Saint Joseph that makes him so revered? I believe it is his constant loyalty, faithfulness, and love for his God and his family that has brought him to this point. As you may be aware, Saint Joseph may have experienced periods in his life when things did not turn out as planned. It is important to remember that he was engaged to Mary when she was unexpectedly pregnant by the Holy Spirit. That had to have been a difficult pill to chew for Saint Joseph, who was known for his steadfastness.

  • Then he had to bring his heavily pregnant wife to Bethlehem for a census, something she was not looking forward to.
  • They were also unable to locate a place to stay.
  • That is to say, I’m rather certain that he understands our dissatisfaction.
  • His humility is what elevates him above the others.
  • He put his complete confidence in the Lord’s plan and placed his entire heart right there in the middle of it.
  • It’s likely that others around Joseph didn’t realize that Joseph was accomplishing great and powerful things for God.

His stillness is so deafening because he was constantly on the lookout for the pleasure of the Lord in the midst of the regular moments of his life. His service to the Lord has so immense significance because he put his whole heart into it.

How We, as Women, Can Learn from Saint Joseph

When we find ourselves questioning whether or not what we are doing is even worthwhile, Saint Joseph’s life provides the solution. When we are feeling confused, hopeless, fatigued, or disheartened, Saint Joseph’s perseverance in love serves as an antidote to our feelings. When we feel that our lives are insignificant and that we wish we could do more for Jesus, Saint Joseph’s happiness with his vocation and status in life might serve as an encouragement. Keep Papa Joseph in mind as we progress through Lent, sisters, as we move forward.

Take a close look at your profession.

Keep in mind that God selected a humble, flawed man to protect and lead Himself and His mother, and that He will likewise provide you with the grace you need to carry out the duties that have been given to your responsibility.

Olivia Spears is the author of this piece.

5 Reasons Every Man Should Love St. Joseph

The 16th of February, 2015 Because of his demeanor and private existence, St. Joseph is often overlooked by the public because of his sanctity. He does, on the other hand, have a lot to teach us about developing in holiness. Here are five compelling reasons to learn more about St. Joseph. 1. He is known as the Patron Saint of Labor. As males, employment takes up a significant chunk of our time and energy. We often find it difficult to carry out our jobs in a way that is pleasing to God. If we ask him, St.

One method of accomplishing this is to begin each workday with a prayer to St.

If you’re having trouble getting work, St.

He was given the responsibility of providing for the Son of God, and he is well aware of the pressures that men experience in order to provide for their families.

Joseph’s intercession in securing employment for my friends.

His intercession is really effective.

Joseph, which I found to be true.

Joseph’s assistance, and his requirements were satisfied.

A number of my prayers have been answered by St.

We can gain some insight into the reasons for the effectiveness of St.

Teresa of Avila’s autobiography.


When it came to choosing a foster parent for Jesus, the Father picked St.

That tells a lot about his character, since he was given with the responsibility of leading, caring for, and safeguarding the Son of God as well as God’s most beautiful creation, Our Lady.


He undoubtedly taught him how to be a good Jew, as well as how to work in the carpenter’s craft.

The love of God the Father for our spouses and children is our responsibility, just as it was for St.


Every time God asked Joseph to accomplish something, he was eager to accept the challenge.

The story of Joseph is a wonderful reminder that genuine greatness is found in following God’s plan rather than our own.


In the Bible, we never hear a word from St.

He was able to hear God’s voice and comprehend God’s intention for the Holy Family as a result of this period of stillness.

Make your way to Joseph!


In light of his feast day being celebrated in March, now is an excellent opportunity to learn more about this wonderful saint and to pray for his intercession in order to live a pure life.

Joseph has the capacity to aid us in all circumstances, in every necessity, and in every endeavour. – St. Thomas Aquinas. Continuing Reading: St. Joseph’s Life and Teachings Joseph’s Way Saint Joseph is known as “The Man for All Seasons.” The Advent Virtues of St. Joseph

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