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Saint Mary’s Gaels
University Saint Mary’s College of California
Conference West Coast Conference
NCAA Division I
Athletic director Mike Matoso
Location Moraga, California
Varsity teams 14
Football stadium Saint Mary’s Stadium
Basketball arena University Credit Union Pavilion
Baseball stadium Louis Guisto Field
Mascot Gideon
Nickname Gaels
Fight song “On To Victory”
Colors Navy, red, and silver
Website www.smcgaels.com

In Moraga, California, the Saint Mary’s Gaels are the sports teams that play for the Saint Mary’s College of California in Moraga. In addition to the college’s intercollegiateNCAA Division I teams, the term is also applied to the school’s club sports teams. The West Coast Conference is home to the vast majority of varsity teams.

The Gaels name

The following is taken from the Gaels’ website: “The Gaels are an ethno-linguistic group that originated in Ireland and expanded around the world, including Scotland and the Isle of Man. Their language is a member of the Gaelic (Goidelic) family, which is a part of the Insular Celtic languages that includes English. The name was first used in English in 1810 to refer to a Highlander, and it was derived from the Scottish Gaelic Gaidheal (compare Irish Gaedhealg and Old Irish Godeleg) (OED). When the name “Gael” or “Godeleg” was first used to refer to individuals from Ireland, it is believed to have arisen from the Welsh Gwyddel (Old Welsh Godel), which originally meant “raider” but has now come to mean “Irish person.” People who do not speak Gaelic, but who are descended from or have ancestral ties to the Gaelic-speaking peoples, consider themselves to be “Gaels” in a wide sense.” A reporter for the now defunct San Francisco Call-Bulletin, Pat Frayne, gave the school’s football team (now defunct) the moniker in 1926, when the squad was still in existence.

The Saints were the school’s prior mascot, while the baseball club was known as the Phoenix until the 1940s, when the nickname was changed.

Men’s sports Women’s sports
Baseball Basketball
Basketball Beach volleyball
Cross country Cross country
Golf Rowing
Soccer Soccer
Tennis Softball
Track and field † Tennis
Track and field †
† – Track and field includes both indoor and outdoor

Men’s basketball

The men’s basketball team has established themselves as one of the finest mid-major programs in the country, having competed in five National Collegiate Athletic Association tournaments since 2005 and appearing in both the Associated Press and the ESPN Top 25 lists. The squad was awarded at-large invites to the NCAA tournament in 2005 and 2008, but was eliminated in the first round of both tournaments. After a good start to the season in 2008-2009, the team went on to have one of the nation’s longest current winning streaks, which ended when star guard Patty Mills, who was the team’s leading scorer at the time, suffered an injury.

  1. In 2009, the Saint Mary’s men’s basketball team played its home games in McKeon Pavilion.
  2. It was the Gaels’ second WCC tournament title since 1987, and they received the bid after defeating Gonzaga in the championship game of the WCC Tournament.
  3. On March 20, 2010, the Gaels upset second-seeded Villanova 75–68 to proceed to the Sweet Sixteen, where they were eliminated by third-seeded and AP19 Baylor to finish the season 28–6.
  4. In 2011, the Gaels shared the WCC regular season championship with Gonzaga, but they fell to the Bulldogs in the WCC tournament and were therefore not invited to the NCAA Tournament.
  5. In the 2012-13 season, the Gaels finished second in the Western Conference and earned an at-large entry to the NCAA tournament, where they defeated Middle Tennessee in a “First Four” game before falling in the second round to Memphis State.
  6. Coach Randy Bennett was suspended for five games and had his scholarships reduced as a result of the incident.
  7. Patty Mills and Matthew Dellavedova are two former Saint Mary’s basketball players who are now competing in the NBA.

In addition to his professional acting career, Mahershala Ali, a two-time Academy Award-winning actor, was a Gaels basketball player who went by the name Mahershalalhashbaz Gilmore during his time at Xavier.

Women’s basketball

The Saint Mary’s Gaels football team competed as a Division II Independent football program in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The school’s first football team, which competed from 1892 to 2004, was disbanded in 2004.

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Club sports

In addition, SMC sponsors more than a dozen club sports teams.

Men’s rugby

The men’s rugby team, the school’s oldest sports club, competes in Division 1-A of the California Conference, where they play collegiate rugby. The squad has seen a significant improvement in recent years, thanks to a new coaching staff and more alumni backing. This was the Gaels’ third straight season finishing in the top 10 in the nation’s college rugby polls at the conclusion of the season. Following the 2006-07 season, head coach Tim O’Brien was named coach of the year by the American Rugby News magazine.

Kevin Swiryn was the Gaels’ captain that season, and he went on to have a successful rugby career with the United States national team.

Saint Mary’s finished the 2011-12 season with a perfect record en route to winning the Pacific Coast Conference championship, a non-conference victory over defending national champion California (20-18), and a national quarterfinal victory over Utah (24-15) that allowed the San Diego State to advance to the national semifinals before losing to Arkansas State.

  • St.
  • During the regular season in 2014, St.
  • The Gaels defeated Life University 21-6 in the 2014 Division 1-A college rugby championship final, with finals MVP Cooper Maloney leading the way.
  • In 2015, St.
  • In addition to rugby sevens, the Gaels have had success in other sports.
  • St.
  • When it came to the 2012 California 7s, the Gaels came in third.

The Gaels competed in the 2012 USA Rugby Sevens Collegiate National Championships, where they defeated Texas A&M and Navy en route to reaching the semifinal round. In addition, the Gaels competed in the 2013 USA Rugby Sevens Collegiate National Championships, where they finished in second place.


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External links

Saint Mary’s County is located in southern Maryland, United States. It is comprised of a tidewater peninsula that is bounded to the northeast by the Patuxent River, to the east by the Chesapeake Bay, to the south by the Potomac River, and to the west by the Wicomico River. The Patuxent Naval Air Test Center (which started in 1941) and the state parks of Saint Mary’s River and Point Lookout are notable landmarks. Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. is a publishing company that publishes encyclopedias.

  • Mary’s County (founded in 1637), the oldest county in Maryland, the island of St.
  • It was given this name in honor of Mary, Jesus’ mother.
  • Mary’s City was Maryland’s earliest European colony, as well as the state’s first provincial capital (from 1694 to 1710) and first county seat (1637–1710), according to the Maryland Historical Society.
  • Growing tobacco, logging, fishing and providing technology services are the primary economic activities in the region.
  • The population was 86,211 in 2000 and 105,151 in 2010.

Saint Mary School

Respectfully, St Mary School’s Families Parish, My name is Magda Harrison, and I am thrilled to present myself as the new administrator of Saint Mary School. I grew up in a little town in the Midwest. I am thrilled to have been chosen to head this excellent school and school community, which is well-known across the world for its commitment to academic and athletic achievement. Although I have worked as a teacher and an administrator for the past ten years, I believe that my most essential role is that of a kid advocate.

  • I will be happy for them, no matter how modest or huge their accomplishments are.
  • Not only am I looking forward to starting work with your children, but I am also looking forward to the job we will accomplish together.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing your children through your eyes.
  • As we prepare to welcome the start of the 2021-2022 academic year, you can be confident that we will continue to monitor changes in pandemic standards and will strive to ensure that our community is informed about how these changes affect them.

Getting to know you and your children is something I am looking forward to. Please feel free to contact me at any time, and remember that my door is always open to you. May God continue to bless and protect you. Magda Harrison is a woman who lives in the United Kingdom.

Saint Mary’s College of California

As a private coeducational institution affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church and administered by the De La Salle Christian Brothers religious teaching congregation, Saint Mary’s College of California (SMC), in the small town of Moraga near San Francisco, California, is a popular choice for students looking to further their education. The university was founded in 1863 by Archbishop Joseph Alemany and has a history that spans more than 150 years, making it one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the western United States.

The institution moved to its current location in the Moraga Valley in 1928, and during World War II, it was one of only four universities in the United States to provide pilot instruction to servicemen and women.

Today, SMC is comprised of three undergraduate schools – the School of Economics and Business Administration, the School of Liberal Arts, and the School of Science – as well as seven graduate degree programs in addition to its undergraduate programs.

SMC has a long history of producing outstanding athletes, including basketball stars Patty Mills and Matthew Dellavedova, as well as baseball professionals Harry Hooper and Mark Teahen, who have all graduated from the school.

Hospital in Reno, NV

We are dedicated to providing our facility a secure environment for those in need of care. You may be confident that we’ve taken all necessary precautions to keep you and people you care about safe. During these unusual times of the COVID-19 epidemic, Saint Mary’s Health Network is committed to ensuring that you do not have to choose between your safety and receiving the treatment you require. Acute care hospital with 380 beds, Saint Mary’s Health Network provides inpatient, outpatient, and wellness services.

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Among the many services available at Saint Mary’s are a top-rated Center for Cancer, a state-of-the-art William N.

It also has a fully integrated Medical Group with over 50 physicians and a state-of-the-art Fitness Center, which are all operated by the health system.

A long-time community partner, Saint Mary’s is committed to ensuring that the health and welfare of northern Nevada residents continues to be a top priority.


The Seminary, founded in Baltimore in 1791, by the Society of Saint Sulpice, strives, as its primary purpose, to provide outstanding spiritual, human, intellectual and pastoral preparation for candidates for the Roman Catholic Priesthood. Following in the Sulpician Seminary tradition, it seeks to do this as a formational community grounded in Jesus Christ and primarily directed toward diocesan priestly service in the Church.

The EcumenicalInstitute

The Ecumenical Institute encourages people of all denominations to explore theological studies in a serious, open-minded, and supportive environment.

The Center forContinuing Formation

Opened in 1996, the Center offers an array of programs for priests and bishops. There are conferences for the newly ordained, new pastors, priests engaged in pastoral and special ministries, and senior priests. The Center has also developed a series of conferences which addresses needs of bishops and their co-workers in the task of diocesan administration. Additionally the Center hosts groups for academic, pastoral and ecumenical conferences.

Saint Mary Academy: Home – Louisville, KY

Saint Mary Academy has been named the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence for 2015. “If you start youngsters off on the path that they should follow, they will not stray from it even when they are adults.” – Proverbs 22:6 (NASB)

Pre-School To 8th Grade

Our school community is a place where all children are given the opportunity to grow spiritually, intellectually, and socially as they progress through their education. Faculty and staff, working in collaboration with parents, are dedicated to academic success and aiding students in attaining their full potential and developing their unique skills and abilities. Students are challenged and engaged in a learning environment that is profoundly anchored in our Catholic faith. We encourage cooperation, critical thinking, and problem solving amongst all of our students.

The goal of Saint Mary Academy is for students to achieve amazing lives by opening their hearts and minds as well as their hands and eyes to the world.

School News

For more than four decades, Joan Negley Kelleher’50 was a loyal and loving friend of Saint Mary’s Hall. She died away on December 1 at the age of 91. Joan’s legacy at SMH transcends decades, and her tremendous effect on our school and the larger San Antonio community will be felt for many years to come. We are grateful for her service to our community. Read the entire story about Joan Kelleher ’50, a beloved SMH friend, alumna, and benefactor. Saint Mary’s Hall (SMH) is known for its commitment to service, which is an important part of the student experience.

Lisa Westergard, the Enrichment Program Coordinator at SMH, was recently acknowledged on a global scale for her efforts to the SMH students she mentors.

The annual Founders’ Day celebration at Saint Mary’s Hall, which has been a beloved tradition since 1998, took place on November 16.

Full Story about SMH Honors Master Teachers on Founders’ Day and Celebrates Founders’ Day Students must be healthy in order to learn, and teachers must be healthy in order to teach.

This serves as a strong reminder to children about the importance of wellness in their everyday life at school when they arrive to be treated for sniffles, a headache, an upset stomach, or simply to pay a visit.

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