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Saint Marie
‘Death in Paradise ‘location
DeshaiesonGuadeloupe, which is used for the town of Honoré inDeath in Paradise.
Created by Robert Thorogood
Genre Television series
Type British Overseas Territory
Population 10,000
Capital Honoré
Currency Eastern Caribbean dollar(XCD)

In the Lesser Antilles, there is a fictional island known as Saint Marie, which acts as the backdrop for the criminal drama television series Death in Paradise, which airs on the BBC.


A “beautiful island” located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, and “one-tenth the size of its north-western neighborGuadeloupe,” according to the description in Episode 3.3, which would put Saint Marie at around 160 square kilometers (62 square miles) in size. During Episode 4.5, it is said that it is 70 miles (110 kilometers) away from Martinique. The island is a British Overseas Territory, although it was until in the 1970s that the French relinquished control of the territory to the British. As a result, around 30% of the island’s population are French nationals, and the French language is still extensively used.

Another possibility is the island of Sainte Marie.

It is located on the northeast coast of Martinique, just in front of the little town of Sainte-Marie.

In Episode 5.2, a map can be seen, with Puerto Rico in the northwest and Dominica in the southeast of the map; Saint Marie, as well as another fictional island, Saint Robert, are present on the map; it would appear that there is a significant amount of distance between Guadelope and Dominica in the Death in Paradiseuniverse; Saint Robert appears similar in shape, and slightly smaller in size than Dominica, despite being rotated by approximately 100-110 degrees anti-clockwise; although inconse Compared to Dominica, Saint Marie looks to be around the same size, and somewhat larger than Marie-Galante.

It is possible to imagine Marie-Galante, Saint-Marie, Spinner’s Rock (a small islet that is crucial to this episode), and Saint Robert as being on a straight line between Guadelope and Dominica in that sequence from the most northern to the most southern point of the island.

The island drives on the right-hand side of the road, and vehicles, such as the police Land Rover Defender 110, have number plates that are the same format as those used in France, and are driven on the left-hand side of the road.


The population of Saint Marie is estimated to be approximately 10,000 people. On the other hand, in the first episode of series 10, episode 1, an audience number of 85,000 is reported for a show broadcast on the Saint Marie Broadcasting Corporation (although this may include viewers outside of the island). St. Marie is home to a volcano, a rainforest, sugar and coffee plantations, a fishing harbour, an airport, a university, a convent, various hotels, around one hundred public beaches, and a Crown Court, according to the television series.

A recreational and commercial marina, a market, pubs and restaurants, as well as a police station can be found in Honoré, the major town.

Its most important commercial relations are with Guadeloupe, the United Kingdom, and France, however it utilizes the East Caribbean dollar as its unit of currency, rather than the pound or the euro as other countries do.

The primary faiths practiced on the island are Catholicism and Voodoo, and various religious festivals are held throughout the year, including theSaint UrsulaFestival (which is really a significant festival of the Virgin Islands) and a number of Voodoo celebrations.


The series is filmed on the island of Guadeloupe, and Deshaies serves as the fictional town of Honoré throughout the show.


In the Caribbean, there are so many islands to choose from that you might be forgiven for overlooking one of them: the tiny island of St Marie, which serves as the backdrop for Death in Paradise, a tropical murder mystery series that returns to BBC One for its fifth season starting this Thursday. Despite its relatively tiny population of about 50,000 people, it has an unacceptably high murder rate of eight per year. The island’s little city, St Honoré, is nestled in the shelter of a volcano; it has a rainforest; and it has a complex history of French and British colonization.

In truth, the series – which provides a welcome blast of exotica on the midst of a gloomy British January – is filmed in Guadeloupe, which is located around midway down the eastern Caribbean chain, between Dominica and Antigua, and is a popular tourist destination.

Death in Paradise, a new BBC television series, was filmed on the island of Guadeloupe (Red Planet Features/BBC).

When compared to the concrete modernity of Deshaies, the police station is a charmingly old wooden structure, and Catherine’s Bar, where so many episodes come to a close – and where Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman (played for the third time by Kris Marshall) consumes an entire chilli – is a wooden deck right on the beach.

There are also a number of recurring places that fans will recognize, like the botanical gardens (where former DI Ben Miller met his end at the conclusion of season two), and DI Humphrey’s beach home, which is located on a breathtakingly beautiful length of palm-backed sand known as Anse la Perle.

As I walked about the neighborhood, I noticed little pink signs connected to electrical poles that said DIP LOC (short for Death in Paradise Location), suggesting that the area was being used for temporary film sets.

Catherine’s Bar, the setting for so many episodes’ conclusion – and the location where Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman devoured an entire chilli – is a wooden terrace located directly on the town’s shore.” James Chambers, the series’ location manager, is in charge of identifying these new locales as well as giving the series its lush tropical atmosphere.

  1. Obviously, it’s exhausting work, requiring the crew to be on set for up to 12 hours a day – but living in a tropical paradise has its advantages.
  2. It is possible to view pyroclastic flows going all the way down to the sea on a particularly clear day, which is uncommon because the volcano is generally shrouded in a veil of cloud.
  3. PH Giraud/Icon Valley Photo courtesy of PH Giraud/Icon Valley In spite of the fact that Montserrat was formerly considered one of the gentlest and sweetest islands in the region, the volcano on the island is still active and shows no signs of slowing down.
  4. As a child, he traveled to the Cayman Islands and Bermuda with his father, who worked as a pilot for the Royal Air Force.
  5. It’s like the Caribbean version of Magaluf, and I’m looking forward to visiting Dominica and St Barts.” Is there a Caribbean island that Marshall prefers to visit?
  6. There are less British and American tourists here, as well as fewer high-end hotels, which means there is a relative shortage of tourism as a result.” This part of Basse-Terre does, in fact, have a lot to recommend it to visitors.
  7. I and a large number of members of the film team slept in the Fort Royal Hotel, which is the only hotel of any size in the region.

Guadeloupe’s interior and coastline are both breathtakingly lovely (AP) Photo courtesy of the Associated Press It is breathtakingly magnificent in Basse-Terre, with rainforest that cascades down the mountainside into steep-sided bays of sweet orange sand and towering, uncontrolled greenery.

Some are located on the shore, while others are situated in wild, rock-strewn gardens high up the hillsides of the island.

When I wasn’t doing that, I was exploring the island by driving two or three thousand feet up the mountain road, where lianas hang from massive ficus trees and 20-foot ferns appear to explode at the roadside.

Taking a plunge in the pool was wonderfully refreshing.

Heliconias are a puzzle to me.

The most lasting effect of traveling in Guadeloupe, however, is absorption in the local language.

Cascade aux Ecrevisses is located in the Basse-Terre region (AP) Photo courtesy of the Associated Press In the restaurant’z’épices (from the French “Aux Epices,” which literally translates as “At the Spices”), I was at least able to deduce some underlying reasoning.

An amuse-bouche, a rillette de marlin, arrived quickly after I made my selection from the short blackboard menu.

Chef Jimmy Bibrac of Guadeloupe uses Caribbean ingredients and spices grown in his garden nearby to create “cuisine gastronomique créole,” which is a hybrid of classical French technique and Caribbean ingredients and spices.

I ended up talking to him for a long time, with a glass of fruit-flavored rum in hand, on anything from Caribbean life to cuisine to everything.

Pointe aux Chateaux is located on Grande Terre, and it serves as a showcase for the island’s impressive geology.

In addition, the actors talked about their respective characters.

The attire of undercover DI Florence Cassell (Josephine Jobert) was also a topic of conversation, notably her shorts, which were particularly controversial.

No, I’ve been informed, albeit it appears that she will be assisting Humphrey with his romantic affairs.

Still, you may be confident that DI Humphrey, who is devilishly bright, will be able to solve each case within an hour. The next season of Death in Paradise will premiere on BBC One on Thursday, January 7, 2016, at 9 p.m., and will run for a total of six episodes.


One of the Caribbean’s numerous islands, St Marie, is so little that it’s easy to overlook it. Death in Paradise, BBC One’s tropical murder mystery series, will return for a fifth season on Thursday, and the island will serve as the location for the fifth season. Despite its relatively tiny population of about 50,000 people, it has an unacceptably high murder rate of eight per year. The island’s little city, St Honoré, is nestled in the shadow of a volcano; it has a rainforest; and it has a tangled French and British history.

Actually, the series is shot in Guadeloupe, which is approximately midway down the eastern Caribbean chain, between the islands of Dominica and Antigua, and serves as a welcome respite from the gloomy depths of a British winter.

Several scenes from the new BBC show Death in Paradise (Red Planet Features/BBC) were shot on the island of Guadeloupe.

A beautiful, old wooden building nestled among the concrete modernity of Deshaies, and Catherine’s Bar, where so many episodes conclude – and where Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman (played for the third time by Kris Marshall) ate an entire chilli – is an open-air wooden deck right on the town’s sandy beach.

  • In addition to the botanical gardens, where the previous DI, played by Ben Miller, died at the conclusion of season two, DI Humphrey’s beach home, which is located on a breathtakingly beautiful length of palm-backed sand known as Anse la Perle, is a regular stop on the show for spectators.
  • The team and cast were approximately midway through their five-month schedule of recording eight new episodes in Guadeloupe when I traveled there last June to see these locations for myself — and to meet them.
  • “Tourist attractions have sprung up around several of the filming locations on the fictitious island of St Marie.
  • The view of the glittering bay from his office was a welcome break from his previous employment in London, where “every scene has been exploited a million times before,” he remarked.
  • Guadeloupe is home to the cast and crew for five or six months out of the year (guest actors for individual episodes visit for two weeks).
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As Kris Marshall describes it, “I reside in an incredible property perched high on a cliff overlooking the sea, with a breathtaking view of Antigua on one side and Montserrat on the other.” It is possible to view pyroclastic flows going all the way down to the sea on a particularly clear day, which is uncommon because the volcano is generally shrouded in a veil of cloud.” Its exquisite beaches conceal a volcanic, wild interior (PH Giraud/Icon Valley).

  1. Guadeloupe is a classic Franco-Caribbean destination.
  2. Marshall has visited a number of Caribbean destinations, including St Lucia and Antigua, it has been discovered.
  3. According to him, “I notice that every island I visit is extremely different from the one before it.” It’s like the Caribbean Magaluf, actually, and I’m looking forward to seeing Dominica and St Barts next month.
  4. In addition to Dominica, he stated that “this section of Guadeloupe is my favorite – because of the volcano and the jungle.” “I’m looking forward to seeing Dominica,” he continued.
  5. Because there are fewer British and American tourists here, as well as fewer high-end hotels, there is a relative shortage of tourism.” This part of Basse-Terre does, in fact, have a lot to offer visitors.
  6. I and a large number of members of the film team slept at the Fort Royal Hotel, which is the only hotel of any size in the surrounding region.
  7. The majority of the island’s tourist hotels may be located around this white sand and turquoise sea.

It is breathtakingly gorgeous in Basse-Terre, with rainforest that cascades down the mountainside into steep-sided bays of sweet orange sand and is towering, wild, and lush with life.

Some are located on the shore, while others are situated in wild, rock-strewn gardens high up the hillsides of the region.

When I wasn’t doing that, I was exploring the island by driving two or three thousand feet up the mountain road, where lianas hang from massive ficus trees and 20-foot ferns appear to explode along the roadside.

It was breathtaking.

When I was at the botanical gardens, among the tangle-stemmed pandanus bushes and huge ranges of bougainvillea, I saw emerald-throated hummingbirds flashing, briefly engaging in a territorial dogfight before flitting away with their wings whirling.

Scarlet lobster claws and bright flames adorn their blossoms, which are made of plastic.

The French influence can be heard in creole as a language (though even for a French speaker, the meaning can be elusive, evaporating like some Gallic will-o-the-wisp), but it can also be found in all aspects of Francophone Caribbean life – in the mixed French and African faces, in the food, and even in philosophy (there was once a French Caribbean school of thought, Négritude).

  1. In the restaurant’z’épices (from the French “Aux Epices,” which literally translates as “At the Spices”), I was at least able to deduce some logical principles.
  2. An amuse-bouche, a rillette de marlin, appeared promptly after I made my selection from the brief blackboard menu.
  3. Chef Jimmy Bibrac of Guadeloupe utilizes Caribbean foods and spices from his garden nearby to produce a “cuisine gastronomique créole,” a hybrid of classical French technique with Caribbean ingredients and spices.
  4. In the end, I ended up talking to him about Caribbean life, food, and everything else while holding a glass of fruit-flavoured rum in my hands.
  5. Pointe aux Chateaux is located on Grande Terre, and it serves as a showcase for the island’s outstanding geology and architecture.
  6. They also spoke about what they were portraying as their characters In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Danny John Jules, who plays Officer Dwayne Myers, discussed how he and his junior officer J P Hooper (Tobi Bakare) fumble through to assist the eccentric Detective Inspector.
  7. Is there going to be a little flirting here and there?
  8. In order to have eight mind-boggling murders every year (and only during the months of January and March, when the series is aired), St Marie has to be the most hazardous location on the planet statistically, which seems improbable for such a small and sleepy Caribbean island.

You may feel convinced that DI Humphrey, who is devilishly intelligent, will be able to solve any case within one hour. From January 7th, 2016, BBC One will broadcast the new series of Death in Paradise at 9 p.m. on Thursdays.

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Death in Paradise locations in Guadeloupe in the Caribbean

Where does the television series Death in Paradise take place? Learn about the real-life Saint Marie island while taking a tour of Death in Paradise filming locations in and around the town of Deshaies on the island of Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean. * This site contains affiliate links, which means that I receive a small compensation if you make a purchase via them at no additional cost to you. Weather conditions are extreme outside, with torrential rain and gale-force winds, and the temperature is far below freezing.

It’s no surprise that the BBC television series Death in Paradise has grown so popular, especially given that it airs during the harshest of the British winter.

The repetitive nature of this series, which centers on a slightly stupid British investigator who investigates murders on a Caribbean island, is questionable, and you have to ask how many people could really be killed on such a small island.

Death in Paradise filming locations

Deshaies is the primary site for the show’s filming.

Where is Death in Paradise filmed?

In the series, the action takes place on the Caribbean island of Saint Marie, which is said to be located close off the coast of the French territory of Guadeloupe. However, you’ll have a difficult time finding it on any map. Despite the fact that Saint Marie island is a fiction of the writers’ imagination, the breathtaking landscapes you see on screen are genuine, and the most of them are located on Guadeloupe’s Basse-Terre island in the Caribbean. The film Death in Paradise was my introduction to Guadeloupe, and I couldn’t help but look for some of the filming sites when I visited the island last year.

But would everything be as picture-perfect as it seems on tv, or would there be some sort of television trickery at work? At dusk, Deshaies is a beautiful sight.

Where are the Death in Paradise locations?

It is located on the north-west coast of Basse-Terre and is the epicenter of all things Death in Paradise on the island of Guadeloupe. Honoré, the city of Saint Marie, is the setting for the program, and it is also where the actors and crew stay when they shoot in Guadeloupe for six months each year for the show. With a red-roofed church and brightly colored homes clustered around an inlet surrounded by jungle-covered hills, Deshaies is the picture-perfect hamlet you see in the overhead photographs.

A surprising number of Death in Paradise places may be found in and around Deshaies, as I discovered when I first started looking for them on the internet.

Deshaies Beach and a parrot in the Botanic Gardens are two of the highlights of the trip.

Death in Paradise filming locations around Deshaies

They’ve done an excellent job of making a little strip of shoreline in the upper left corner of Guadeloupe appear to be an entire island’s worth of distinct spots, thanks to the show’s location crew. The fact that they are concentrated near Deshaies makes it simple to conduct a do-it-yourself Death in Paradise location tour is fantastic news for anyone who wish to discover them for themselves. If you’re short on time or don’t have access to a vehicle, you may spend the day at Deshaies (which is accessible by taxi or bus from the island’s capital, Pointe-à-Pitre), where you can walk about and see some of the key attractions.

You may go on a safari with Pelican Safari or Coeur des Iles, or you could rent a car and driver.

Honoré police station

It is the most crucial place in the program — the Honoré police station – that is the first stop. It’s right across the street from Deshaies church in the heart of town, making it quite easy to discover. Deshaies’ priest’s office, which is located next door to the police incident room in real life, serves as the holding cells for the police department. We couldn’t get a look inside because it was locked and vacant when we arrived, but other from the absence of the Honoré police sign, everything appeared just as it did on television – even down to the hens scratching about outside.

One thing you don’t see on TV, though, is a cemetery – and they’d definitely need one with that murder rate (though, given the high number of British fatalities, perhaps they’re all taken back to their home country?).

In reality, there is a large cemetery on a hill above Deshaies, but it is normally not used for filming, though you may occasionally see it in the backdrop when you look closely. Embattled police station in Honoré

Catherine’s bar(s)

Catherine’s tavern (owned by Catherine Bordey, the mayor of Saint Marie island and mother of the first investigator Camille Borday) is another frequent stop for the detectives. Every episode must have at least one drinking session at the bar, either in the middle of a case when there is a difficult challenge to solve or at the end of the episode to celebrate solving the murder (no one gets away with it!). A restaurant named Le Madras served as the location for the seaside terrace featured in the show (as seen in the top photo of this page).

We missed out on our seaside drink and a look inside since Le Madras was closed for the day, but I did manage to get a really tastypina colada at another Deshaies pub that had a Death in Paradise link.

In this case, the restaurant is named La Kaz, and it is located just south of Le Madras along the shore.

However, there are a few images hanging on the walls that depict moments from the program from back when it was being filmed there.

Honoré church

Because of its proximity to the police station, Deshaies church was frequently featured in passing views, but it wasn’t until series 10 that the church was given its own leading role on television. Episode five depicts the murder of a concert pianist, whose burial is performed in a church with Saint Marie locals gathered on the terrace outside and his wife being interrogated inside. In reality, it is the Catholic Church of St Peter and St Paul, which is frequently utilized by the local community for religious services.

Go inside to look around, or attend mass (in French) to listen to the music and learn more about the church.

The beach hut

One place in Death in Paradise, the beach where the investigator lives in a charmingly primitive beach cottage directly on the sand, was the one that convinced me to travel to Guadeloupe for the first time after reading the book. This picture-perfect location can be found at Anse de la Perle beach, which is three miles north of Deshaies and is accessible by car. Although there are a few of bars at one end of the beach and a little road behind the sand, the beach is not quite as isolated as it appears on television, yet it is every bit as beautiful.

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However, during the off-season, the foundations may be seen at one end of the beach.

Two islands are located offshore: a large one (named Kahouanne), which was utilized as a private island in an episode from the third series, and a little one (called Kahouanne).

Fortunately, if you’re aware of their presence, you can easily locate them in the backdrop of a variety of beach scenes that apparently take place in various areas across the island! The stunning Anse de la Perle beach is a must-see.

The Botanic Gardens

Deshaies Botanic Gardens, located a mile south of town, are a vibrant riot of tropical flowers, flamingos, and parrots – and, as you might expect, there’s been a murder there as well. In fact, it was here that the show’s first investigator Richard Poole (played by Ben Miller) met his untimely demise with an ice pick in the series’ first episode of season three, which was the first episode of season three. The filming took place at a private residence set inside the gardens, complete with its own swimming pool and a balcony with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Deshaies’ Botanic Gardens is a botanical garden in Deshaies, France.

The zoo

The Saint Marie Zoo served as the setting for the eighth season’s first episode, in which a zookeeper was murdered using a tranquilizer gun. This is the Zoo de Guadeloupe au Parc des Mamelles, which is located 30 minutes down the coast from Deshaies and is a great place to visit. There are 85 different types of animals from the Caribbean and Guyana at the zoo, ranging from huge cats to tiny reptiles, and they are spread out over four acres of rainforest. The zoo’s treetop walkway, which was also included in the episode, is one of its most impressive features.

You’re perched high above the dense green forest canopy, with a panoramic view of the animal cages below you.

The hotel

From the far end of Anse de la Perle beach, there’s a large white structure in the next bay that looks a little like a pile of sugar cubes. It’s called the Anse de la Perle Hotel. This is the Langley Fort Royal * hotel, where the majority of the cast and crew stay while filming, either in the main hotel or in the charming pointed-roofed bungalows on the grounds. However, you are not need to remain in order to have a drink at the bar and a look around. Again, in a brilliant example of reuse, the hotel and bar in front of it have appeared in a number of different episodes throughout the course of the show’s run, including one in series one in which a bride was shot and fell from a balcony, and another in series eight in which a TV presenter drowned.

The police station in Deshaies was being photographed by a couple of other individuals, but the majority of tourists to Guadeloupe are French, and many of them had never heard of the show before we were up.

Death in Paradise location map

The longitude and latitude coordinates for each of the Death in Paradise filming sites are shown here in case you’re seeking for the exact location of a certain Death in Paradise filming location.

  • In honor of the Honoré police station, the following locations are noted: Church hall 16.30655, -61.79384
  • Catherine’s Bar (current location): Le Madras 16.30756, -61.79448
  • Catherine’s Bar (early series location): La Kaz 16.3057, -61.79461
  • Honoré harbour: 16.3051, -61.79581
  • Detective’s beach: Anse de la Perle 16.34044, -61.7793
  • Botanic Gardens

In search of lodging options in Guadeloupe? *

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Saint Marie (French: Saint-Marie) is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean that is home to an island known as Saint Marie. Honoré is the capital and largest city in the country.


The travel writer Albert Peter Dunn describes Saint Marie as being one tenth the size of its northwest neighbourGuadeloupe, one eighth the size of Dominica, one sixth the size of Saint Lucia, one fifth the size of Martinique, and a third of the size of Barbados in his bookWalks of the Caribbean, Volume 2. Saint Marie is a volcanic island that was formed thousands of years ago. Mount Esmee, the island’s most active volcano, is inactive. There are numerous additional mountains in the area, including Mount Clair.


Saint Marie is located in Hurricane Alley and has been affected or almost impacted by storms on a number of occasions in the past (e.g. hurricaneFrancis, hurricaneIrma). The sun, on the other hand, shines 300 days a year for a total of 10 hours every day. Temperatures routinely approach or exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). In addition to the Teisserenc Meteorology Department at the University of Guadeloupe, there is a Meteorology Unit that includes five weather stations located in the island’s northern and eastern regions, as well as its southern and western regions and center.


In 1554, the French established a colony in Saint Marie. The French were defeated by the British, who were defeated by the Dutch. The French reclaimed the territory that the Dutch had lost. The French then returned it to the British in the mid-seventies, and the British reclaimed it. Additionally, see:Timeline


Although English is the official language, French is frequently spoken due to the fact that 30 percent of the population is French.


  • Honoré, Port Royal, Chapel Town, Port Louis, and San Boullestre are just a few of the places you may visit.


It is the British monarch who serves as the head of state, who is represented by a Governor who is selected for a four-year term. The Governor’s residence is a home named Government House, which is located just outside of Honoré. The Mayor of the island serves as the head of government and is chosen by the people of the island. Ministers are members of the island government who have positions of authority (for example, Ministers of Trade and Commerce). These individuals work out of an office complex known as theHôtel de Ville (French for “town hall”), which is located in the town of Honoré.

In Honoré, members of the public administration (for example, the Police Commissioner) have their offices in a building known as Government House (not to be confused with the Governor’s mansion), which serves as their headquarters.


The tourist industry, as well as sugar and rum manufacturing, are the mainstays of Saint Marie’s economy. There are a huge number of hotels and vacation rentals available in Saint Marie. The vast majority of visitors appear to be well-to-do. It is possible to go diving, surfing, and participate in a wide range of other tourist activities, such as treasure digging, bird watching, and team-building excursions, in addition to over 100 public beaches.

Mineral resources

  • Caves in the Amazon jungle were discovered to contain palladium. It is thought that oil is off the shore
  • The emerald was discovered on Spinner’s Rock, an isolated island close by.

National parks

  • Saint Marie Marine Reserve
  • Saint Vincent National Park
  • Saint Marie Marine Reserve


The most widely practiced religions are Catholicism, Protestantism, and Voodoo, to name a few. See also: List of Priests for further information.

Notable Saint Marie born characters

  • A list of notable police officers includes Dwayne Myers (born 1964, police officer), Camille Bordey (born 1982, police officer), Fidel Best (police officer), Florence Cassell (born 1989, police officer), JP Hooper (born 1993, police officer), and others.

See also

It’s an exciting moment to be a Death in Paradise fanatic right now. Apart from theDeath in Paradise Christmas special, which will air in December 2021, we also have the highly anticipatedseason 11 premiere scheduled for early in 2022. Given the idyllic setting of Death in Paradise, it’s difficult to imagine how anyone could muster up the motivation to murder someone when they could be sitting on beautiful beaches watching a spectacular sunset or sipping a rum cocktail at Catherine’s Bar, among other things.

Saint Marie is a fictional character who does not exist in real life.

Ralf Little, who portrays Neville Parker in the program, recently stated on Express.co.uk that there are two competing narratives about the site where the show is being filmed: “There are two competing narratives about this show and neither of them are exactly fair.” There’s the sentiment that “Oh, it’s a great huge jolly because look how gorgeous it is.” In contrast, the other narrative is “Oh you wouldn’t believe how tough it is,” he continued, “it’s a nightmare, and it’s really difficult to be hot,” he explained.

At the same time, it’s none of those things, and it’s both of those things at the same time.” Despite the fact that I’m feeling quite fortunate to be here, this is a physically hard concert — there’s no getting around it.” Executive producer Tim Key expressed gratitude to the island of Guadeloupe for allowing them to film there in 2021 despite the coronavirus outbreak, which he described as “a blessing.” “I mean, we have absolutely nothing without Guadeloupe and without the local teams,” he explained.

We have a lot of people from France and Guadeloupe on our crew, and not only is the island featured as one of the characters in the show, but the town of Deshaies is one of the main characters as well.

Where is Death in Paradise set?

It is set on the fictitious Caribbean island of Saint Marie, in the village of Honoré, in the novel Death in Paradise. This fictitious island is designed to be approximately one-tenth the size of its neighboring island of Guadeloupe. Despite the fact that Saint Marie is a British Overseas Territory, the island’s history and geographic position ensure that around 30% of its residents are French; the island only fell under British sovereignty in the 1970s.

The primary faiths practiced on the island, according to reports, are Catholicism and Voodoo, which results in a number of interesting local festivities held throughout the year.

Where is Death in Paradise filmed?

It is set on the fictitious Caribbean island of Saint Marie, in the village of Honoré, that the novel Death in Paradise takes place. There is a popular belief that this fictional island is approximately one-tenth of Guadeloupe’s size. However, despite the fact that Saint Marie is an English-speaking overseas territory, the island’s history and geographical position ensure that around 30% of its residents are French. The island only came under British sovereignty in the 1970s. Catholicism and Voodoo appear to be the predominant religions on the island, which results in a number of fascinating local festivities taking place throughout the year.

Where is the detective’s “shack” on the beach?

The beachfront hut – equipped with a ravenous lizard named Harry – has been a staple of the program for many seasons. Despite its appearance, this shaky building is actually a full-scale set that is erected each year on Anse La Perle (also known as La Perle Beach), one of Guadeloupe’s most stunning beaches, with kilometers of unspoilt sand and towering palm trees. During the winter months, the hut is pulled down and placed in storage to prevent it from being swept away by the tide when it comes in during the shooting season.

“We’ve had years when we’ve kind of abandoned it to the elements, and then people were having parties in it on the weekends, just as visitors were having parties.” Key elaborates more.

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Where is Honoré police station?

When a church hall in Deshaies is taken over by the production company, it is converted into a police station, with the priest’s office serving as the “incident room.”

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Where is Catherine’s Bar?

After work, detectives frequently congregate at Catherine’s Bar, where the proprietor is always on hand to provide strange cocktails and life advise (and, for Neville, chicken and chips). These are real-life scenes from a real-life pub on the town beach in Deshaies. “It’s operated by a rather cranky woman who, I believe, is resentful of the large number of visitors that come in and drink there,” said show creator Robert Thorogood. Because the previous time I went in merely to get a cup of coffee, she rolled her eyes at me,” I said.

What is it like to film Death in Paradise in Guadeloupe?

Because of the pandemic, there was a lot less socializing during season 10 filming than there would have been otherwise. However, in a typical year, it appears to be the place to be. That is, if you don’t count the heat. It’s impossible to know unless you’re actually there and have had firsthand experience, according to Ardal O’Hanlon in a recent interview. It’s difficult to deal with the heat and humidity, especially during peak hours of the day: “There’s nothing that can prepare you for it.” As Tobi Bakare, who plays Sergeant JP Hooper, explains, “Sometimes people believe you’re on vacation because you’re filming in Guadeloupe.” It is true that shooting on the beach is difficult – only so people are aware of this!” The beach is beautiful when you’re in swimwear and sipping on a cocktail, but when you’re filming it is really difficult, it is extremely long, and it requires you to spend five months away from your family and friends.

What’s great about it is that we have so many gorgeous beaches, and the location is spectacular, and the crew is like a tiny family that you get to see year after year.

“There’s so much to do in Guadeloupe, there are waterfalls and volcanoes and all kinds of stuff there that you can discover,” Bakare continued.

“With a little booze!” The people in the nation are also wonderful; they employ a large number of Guadeloupeans and other locals, thus fishing will be their preferred mode of recreation or past-time.

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Sault Ste Marie Maps and Directions

  • Discover the inside of a real Great Lakes freighter! In her vast cargo hold, there is a 20,000 square foot museum with over 100 exhibits, which is open to the public. Rates and Schedules
  • Maps and Directions
  • Valley Camp History
  • Captain John P. Wellington Great Lakes Marine Hall of Fame
  • Photo Gallery

Tower of History

  • Visitors may obtain a breathtaking view of the world’s busiest inland shipping canal from the observation deck, which stands 210 feet above Sault Ste. Marie and the Soo Locks. RatesSchedule
  • MapsDirections
  • Contact Information

River of History Museum

  • The St. Mary’s River System Museum was established in 1992 by the Sault Ste. Marie Foundation for Culture and History with the purpose of conserving and promoting the history of the St. Mary’s River system. RatesSchedule
  • Directions to the location

Kemp Marina

  • Located within walking distance of downtown restaurants and sights, the George Kemp Downtown Marina offers contemporary facilities in a convenient location. Directions on a map
  • Reservations

Water Street Historic Block

  • A collaborative effort between the Chippewa County Historical Society, the Sault Historic Sites, and the City of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, has resulted in the operation of these historic residences. RatesSchedule

Visit Île Sainte-Marie, Madagascar

The peaceful island of Île Sainte-Marie (also known as Nosy Boraha) off the northeast coast of Madagascar is a site of soft-sand beaches surrounded by palm trees and fishing settlements where traditional customs are still alive and well. You may spend the final few days of your Madagascar vacation resting on the beaches, diving in coral reefs teeming with a variety of colorful fish, and, between June and September, watching for migratory humpback whales off the coast of the island. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the island served as a favorite base for pirates plundering the Indian Ocean and its surrounding waters.

  • It’s time to unwind on an island after a hectic vacation that included visits to the country’s most famous attractions as well as hiking through forests in search of the country’s unique variety of species.
  • You may take things at a more leisurely pace here.
  • Near-deserted beaches of creamy sand are lapped by clear water that has been warmed by the sun, and they are the perfect place to spend full days relaxing and reading a book.
  • If you’re an experienced diver, you should consider going on a dive trip to the coral reefs, while novices should consider taking a diving course to earn an international PADI certification.
  • Humpback whales travel from Antarctica to Madagascar’s warm seas to mate and calve.
  • When you’re back on dry land, most resorts offer bicycles available for rent.
  • Along the way, you’ll observe classic wooden pirogue boats tied in the shallows of the sea as you pass beaches.

As a result of its strategic location close to the maritime routes connecting ships to the East Indies, and the island’s abundance of sheltered bays and inlets, the island served as a haven for infamous pirates such as Olivier Levasseur, known as La Buse (The Buzzard) for the speed and ruthlessness of his attacks, and Henry Every, dubbed “The King of Pirates” for being one of the few pirate captains who managed to escape with his bounty without being app While in town, visit the town’s market, relax with a refreshing drink at one of the town’s pavement cafés, and view Madagascar’s oldest church, the red-roofed Notre Dame de L’Assomption, which was erected by French Catholics in 1857 but is regrettably not open to the public.

At the end of each day, you may savor fresh seafood (the island is particularly well-known for its crab), which you can wash down with Île Sainte-characteristic Marie’s drink, coconut milk infused with a generous amount of pastis.

Best time to visit Île Sainte-Marie

It is possible to visit Île Sainte-Marie from April to December, with the exception of the cyclone-prone months of January to March, which are not recommended. Visit between June and September to coincide with the peak whale-watching season.

Sault Sainte Marie

P-SMichigan is a city in the state of Michigan in the United States of America. Alternative titles include: The Soo is a slang term for “the Soo is a slang term for “the Soo is a slang term for “the Soo is a slang term for “the Soo is a slang term for “the Soo is a slang term for “the Soo is a slang term for “the Soo is a slang term for “the Soo is a slang term for “the Soo is Sault Sainte Marie is the city’s given name. The city of Soo, Michigan, is the county seat (1826) of Chippewa county and is located near the northeastern edge of the Upper Peninsula in northern Michigan, United States.

  1. Marys River’s rapids.
  2. Bridges connecting it to its Canadian twin city, Sault Ste.
  3. The city is a major center for the St.
  4. Saint Mary’s Falls Canal (which has four parallel locks, also referred to as Soo Locks) is maintained by the United States Army Corps of Engineers and raises or lowers boats between the two lakes in 6 to 15 minutes depending on the vessel.
  5. Aside from canal-related activity, tourism is the primary source of income, which is supplemented by forest products and dairy production; a minor industrial sector produces plastic items and car components.
  6. is based in Sault Sainte Marie, Mich., which is located across the St.
  7. The rapids (in French, saultorsaut) and river were named after the Virgin Mary, who was the patron saint of the early French missionaries when they were first discovered by the French Canadian explorer Étienne Brûlé in 1615–22.
  8. Though it was officially given to the United States by the Treaty of Paris in 1783, the British did not withdraw fully from the area until after the War of 1812.
  9. Because of the abolitionist movement and the discovery of copper and iron reserves in the Lake Superior region after the 1840s, the locks became more important in facilitating migration and development in the surrounding area.
  10. (built 1893 at a different location from the original 1822 fort).
  11. There is a maritime history museum and aquarium on board the SS Valley Camp, a decommissioned Great Lakes freighter that has been turned into a museum and aquarium.

Inc. was founded in the town in 1879 and the city in 1887. The population was 16,542 in 2000 and 14,144 in 2010. Chelsea Parrott-Sheffer has changed and updated this article in the most current revision.

April 30th – Feast Day of Saint Marie of the Incarnation, OSU

Happy Feast Day, everyone! The Feast of the Saint Marie of the Incarnation is celebrated today, April 30th, in honor of an Ursuline Sister who was born in Tours, France, in the 16th century and became a saint. God’s blessings motivated Mary to journey beyond the boundaries of the French Ursuline convent in 1639 and venture forth to Canada, New France, to teach the young Indian and French-Canadian girls who had come to the abbey for education. She was respectful to their culture and practices, and she became fluent in their languages, which included Algonquin, Iroquois, Huron, and Montagnais.

  1. Her work began 370 years ago and continues to thrive today as the Ursuline Monastery in Quebec, as well as other Ursuline schools throughout Canada and the United States of America.
  2. She is the first Ursuline missionary to be canonized.
  3. She is credited with creating the first girls’ school in the New World, which opened its doors in 1636.
  4. Pray for St.
  5. Please allow us to be motivated to follow in her spirit of Serviam in order to serve others and to be messengers of God’s love and mercy.
  6. Amen.

The Best Sainte Marie Vacation Packages 2022 – Tripadvisor

Wishing you a great feast! The Feast of the Saint Marie of the Incarnation is celebrated today, April 30th, in honor of an Ursuline Sister who was born in Tours, France, in the 16th century. She was moved by God’s graces to journey outside the walls of the French Ursuline abbey and into the territory of New France in 1639, where she educated young Indian and French-Canadian girls. She was respectful of their culture and practices, and she became fluent in their languages, which included Algonquin, Iroquois, Huron, and Montagnais, as well as their written languages.

  1. 370 years ago, she launched a ministry that is still going strong today as the Ursuline Monastery in Quebec and a network of Ursuline schools across Canada and Japan.
  2. During the Catholicization of New France, Marie played an important role.
  3. She has been canonized by the Catholic Church, and even the Anglican Church of Canada has designated a day to commemorate her contributions.
  4. Marie of the Incarnation to follow the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and travel outside the frontiers of France to North America in order to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to native Canadian children and their families.

May us be motivated to follow in her spirit of Serviam, to serve others, and to be ambassadors of God’s compassion and mercy to those around us. In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ your Son, we beg you to grant us this request. Amen.

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