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St. Charles

St. Charles is a city in the Illinois state of the United States that is located in DuPage and Kanecounties. It is located approximately 40 miles west of Chicagoon Illinois Route 64 in the state of Illinois. The population was 32,974 at the time of the 2010 census, and it was predicted that the population had declined to 32,887 as of 2019.

Notable Places in the Area

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  • Type:Town
  • In the Illinois counties of Kane and DuPage, in the United States, there is a Chicago suburb known as Category:cities in the United States of America
  • Illinois, the Midwest, the United States, and North America are the locations. 60174 and 60175 are postal codes in the area.
Latitude41.914° or 41° 54′ 50.3″ north Longitude-88.3128° or 88° 18′ 46.1″ west
Open Location Code 86HHWM7P+HV Population 33,000
Abbreviation St. Charles United Nations Location CodesUSILC,USSSL andUSTCA
Elevation223 metres (732 feet) Open­Street­Map IDnode 153390038
Geo­Names ID 4908737

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Also Known As

  • Saint CharlesMissouri, United States
  • Saint CharlesCounty inMissouri, United States
  • St. CharlesLocality inMaryland, United States
  • KasongoTown in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Saint CharlesCounty inLouisiana, United States
  • Saint CharlesSuburb inMaryland, United States

In the Area

  • Surrounding communities include Surrey WoodsNeighbourhood, Wildrose ValleyNeighbourhood, WildroseNeighbourhood, and ThornleyNeighbourhood, which is 3 kilometers north.


  • In Honduras, there is the La Travesa neighborhood, in East Java, Indonesia, there is the Desa Puhjajar location in East Java, Indonesia, there is the Jana village in Serbia, there is the Osborne Corners location in Ontario, Canada, there is the Cerrada la Cantera location in Chihuahua, Mexico, there is the Michinobe location in Chiba, Japan, and there is the Jana village in Serbia.

Popular Destinations inIllinois

I don’t travel to get somewhere, but rather to get somewhere. I travel only for the pleasure of it. The big event is about to take place. Stevenson, Robert Louis (Robert Louis)

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St. Charles, IL DuPage and Kane Counties, 35 miles W of the Loop. The site of St. Charles was well known to thePotawatomi,who established two summer camps near the shallows where they forded theFox Riverand fished. Later settlers also were attracted by the varied nature of the country, with prairie to the west and extensive woods on both sides of the river to the north. They also prized the creeks that ran into the Fox River for mills and used rock outcrops in the area for building stone.By 1836 abridgeand dam had been built, and a little town was growing up around them on both the east and west banks. It was at first called Charleston, but as there was already a town in Illinois with that name, it was changed to St. Charles. Most of the early settlers came from New England, and theYankeeinfluence remained strong throughout the nineteenth century.From 1849 to about 1859 St. Charles was served by the St. Charles BranchRailroad.But regular rail service did not come until 1871 when the Chicago, Saint PaulKansas City Railroad established a depot, ushering in a period of economic growth. Some new industries, like the cheese factory and the milk condensery, processed local farm produce; but others, like theironworks, paper mill, piano factory, and cut-glass factory, took advantage of St. Charles’swaterpower and strategic location. Factory work drew many hundreds ofSwedishimmigrants, along with substantial numbers ofLithuanians,Belgians,andDanes.

It was roughly half a mile in either direction from the Fox River bridge by the end of the nineteenth century, and the wooded region to the north was also being cleared for farms and outlying residences by the end of the century. During the early twentieth century, the introduction of the car pushed St. Charles into the rapidly expanding Chicago market. A total of 6,709 people lived there in 1950, up from 2,675 in 1900. Although not as rapidly growing as some of the communities to its east, the town did not reach a distance of more than a mile each way from its historic core until the late 1970s.

In the year 2000, the population was 27,896 people.

Despite this, St.

St. Charles, IL (inc. 1839)
Year Total(and by category) Foreign Born Native with foreign parentage Males per 100 females
1900 2,675 28.2% 35.6% 105
2,640 White (98.7%)
35 Negro (1.3%)
1930 5,377 25.6% 36.8% 106
5,330 White (99.1%)
43 Negro (0.8%)
4 Other (0.1%)
1960 9,269 7.9% 22.9% 95
9,227 White (99.5%)
28 Negro (0.3%)
14 Other races (0.2%)
1990 22,501 3.2% 96
22,081 White (98.1%)
82 Black (0.4%)
25 American Indian (0.1%)
163 Asian/Pacific Islander (0.7%)
161 Other race (0.7%)
585 Hispanic Origin* (2.6%)
2000 27,896 6.6% 99
26,169 White alone (93.8%)
462 Black or African American alone (1.7%)
39 American Indian and Alaska Native alone (0.1%)
499 Asian alone (1.8%)
1 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone (0.0%)
463 Some other race alone (1.7%)
263 Two or more races (0.9%)
1,535 Hispanic or Latino* (5.5%)
BibliographyBadger, David Alan.St. Charles of Illinois.1985.Pearson, Ruth.Reflections of St. Charles: A History of St. Charles, Illinois, 1833–1976.1976.
The Electronic Encyclopedia of Chicago © 2005 Chicago Historical Society.The Encyclopedia of Chicago © 2004 The Newberry Library. All Rights Reserved. Portions are copyrighted by other institutions and individuals.Additional information on copyright and permissions.

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Best Places to Live in St. Charles, Illinois

4.6 percent unemployment rate in St. Charles (6.0 percent national average). Positive job growth in recent months.St. Charles is a great place to live, work, and play. The number of employment in Charles has grown by 2.2 percent. More frugality


The cost of living in St. Charles is 5.9 percent more than the national average, as compared to the rest of the United States. More on the cost of living in St. Charles or a comparison of the cost of living in other cities.


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Kane county voted decisively Democratic in the most recent presidential election, with 56.1 percent of the vote to 41.7 percent for Republicans. Additional Voting Statistics


The city of St. Charles has a population of 32,709 people. It has had a 1.0 percent increase in population since the year 2020. Find out more.


In the United States, the average commute time is 31.1 minutes. The average time in the United States is 26.4 minutes. Find out more.


The median cost of a property in St. Charles is $338,200, according to Real Estate. The average annual rate of home appreciation over the previous ten years has been 3.0 percent.


The public schools in St. Charles spend an average of $13,473 per pupil. In the United States, the average school expenditure is $12,383. In St. Charles, there are around 15.7 pupils for every instructor. More Information and Education

Best Places to Live in St. Charles Rankings

In St. Charles, now is a terrific moment to make a purchase. In the last year, the value of a home has increased by 12.1 percent on average. St. Charles has a typical house price of $338,200, which is more than the national average.

St Charles History, St Charles Museums, St Charles IL Historical Society

The community of St. Charles encourages you to learn about its unique past, present, and future by visiting their website. Members of the community are united by a shared history that has shaped the town of St. Charles into what it is today. A colorful past of 175 years has resulted in scenic river vistas, a vibrant neighborhood vibe, gorgeous architecture, friendly faces, and a small-town ambience. Because of its lush woods, broad plains, and plenty of resources, the Fox River area was historically considered a suitable location for settlement.

At what is now Baker Memorial Park, Evan Shelby and William Franklin built a colony they dubbed “Charleston” on the east bank of the Fox River in March 1834, which they named after their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.

When it was discovered that there was another town in downstate Illinois with the same name as the colony’s initial name in 1839, the name of the village was changed.

Steven S. Jones, an early immigrant who went on to become a lawyer and publisher, is credited with recommending the new name for the city of St. Charles.

St. Charles Grows AlongWith the Country

The initial enterprises in town were timber mills, gristmills, and wool carding mills, all of which were powered by water wheels near the man-made dam on the Fox River, which was built in 1854. St. Charles was the site of numerous “firsts” in the state, including the state’s first medical school, The Franklin Medical Institute, which opened its doors in 1842 on the northeast intersection of First Avenue and East Main Street in the city’s downtown. Several Underground Railroad “stations” were established in and around St.

  • Some of the town’s most prominent individuals were well-known abolitionists and members of the Kane County Anti-slavery Society.
  • St.
  • During the Battle of Gettysburg, a soldier of the 8th Illinois Cavalry, Marcellus Jones, is credited with firing the first shot of the battle.
  • Charles, like many other towns, underwent significant changes in industry, “technology” (as it was known at the time), and political leadership between 1874 and 1910.
  • Muddy, wheel-rutted dirt roads were paved with bricks to suit the new “horseless” carriages, which were a big improvement over the previous system.
  • As the industrial sector expanded, the demand for laborers increased as well.
  • Saint Charles had evolved from a modest agricultural town to a multi-cultural and largely industrial metropolis by the turn of the century.

A Place to Relax for Turn-of-the-Century Chicagoland

With its gorgeous river vistas and the establishment of Pottawatomie Park in 1912, St. Charles provided people of the Chicago metropolitan region with a “resort” town feel throughout the early decades of the twentieth century. With the erection of the Arcada Theatre and the Hotel Baker in St. Charles during the “Roaring Twenties,” the city became a popular destination for pleasure seekers. The John W. Gates estate was inherited by local benefactor Edward J. Baker, his niece Dellora, and her husband, Lester Norris, who were all heirs to the Gates fortune.

  • Later on, he went on to start the Texaco Oil Company.
  • Charles Municipal Center, the Baker Memorial Community Center, the Baker Memorial Methodist Church, the Hotel Baker, and the Arcada Theatre.
  • On the stage of the Arcada, popular performers and entertainers of the day, including Burns and Allen, Ginger Rogers, Maria Von Trapp, Edgar Bergen, Will Rogers, and the John Philip Sousa Band, appeared.
  • The Arcada is one of such theaters, and it gives today’s viewers a fantastic ambience reminiscent of a sumptuous theatrical experience from decades ago.
  • With its Spanish décor and luxuriously outfitted guest rooms, it was one of the most magnificent hotels west of Chicago’s bustling downtown area at the time.

The St. Charles History Museum created this piece.

St. Charles Business Alliance

Fine dining and quick bites are both available. Cocktails Prepare for your trip to St. Charles, Illinois. Located about 35 miles west of downtown Chicago, 22 miles from O’Hare Airport, and 32 miles from Midway Airport, St. Charles, Illinois is a great place to visit. There are hundreds of guest rooms and a variety of indoor and outdoor convention venues in St. Charles, including a nationally-acclaimed conference center and a historic riverside hotel, making it an unrivaled destination for residents, visitors, and corporations.

Charles offers something for everyone, thanks to a thriving downtown loaded with retail and dining options.

Charles Has to Offer Shopping at a posh boutique Options for National Retail Stores There are a plethora of live performance venues.

Attractions for People to See in Public Spaces Downtown that is alive and well Parking is available on the street at no charge.

Upcoming Events

Featuring the Lighting of the Lights ceremony and the Electric Christmas Parade on November 26th and 27th, 2021 in downtown St. Charles, Missouri.

15 Best Things To Do In And Near Saint Charles, IL

When you take the family to Hickory Knolls Discovery Center, they will have a great time. It’s a great spot to bring curious children to learn about the Pale Blue Dot and keep them interested for a long period of time! The native reptiles, as well as the enjoyment that can be had feeding creatures and other animals, are all waiting for you. This natural park allows you to don your scout hat, learn about the Ice Age, engage with the interactive mural, and explore the miles and miles of paths that are home to captivating flora and animals.

Hickory Knolls Discovery Center

United States of America: 3795 Campton Hills Dr, St. Charles, IL 60175, United States Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday at the Hickory Knolls Discovery Center (closed on Sun)

2. Steel Beam Theatre

Note from the editor: This photograph was obtained from the establishment’s official social media account. Visit Steel Beam Theatre for a professional show if you want to kick your vacation to St. Charles up a level in terms of entertainment value. This performing arts theater presents acts that are both enjoyable and thought-provoking, while never losing sight of their ability to amuse. These shows are suitable for people of all ages and are manufactured reasonably priced. Children’s plays are frequently performed at the theater as well.

Steel Beam Theatre

Address: 111 W Main St, St. Charles, Illinois 60174, United States of America Steel Beam Theatre’s official website.

3. Primrose Farm

Address: 111 W Main St, St.

Charles, Illinois 60174, United States of America. Steel Beam Theatre’s website may be found at:

Primrose Farm

Address: 5N726 Crane Rd, St. Charles, Illinois 60175, United States of America Primrose Farm’s official website Hours of operation: Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (closed on Sun)

4. Portillo’s Hot Dogs

Note from the editor: This photograph was obtained from the establishment’s official social media account. This weekend, spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests at your Fourth of July celebration! Now is a great time to order catering fast packs, buffets, and TakeMake kits! Portillo’son has posted a message. The 29th of June, 2021, is a Tuesday. If you’re looking for a traditional American staple, you can’t go wrong with Portillo’s Hot Dogs, which originated in Chicago. With a location in St.

It is known for its Chicago-style hot dogs, cheese fries, and Italian beef sandwiches to name a few of its delectable specialties.

Don’t forget to try their handmade chocolate cake and chocolate cake shake while you’re there.

Portillo’s Hot Dogs

Detailed address: 3895 East Main Street, St. Charles, Illinois 60174, United States Portillo’s Hot Dogs has a website. Hours of operation: 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (daily)

5. Delnor Woods Park

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: At the time of this writing, there is no photo available. Delnor Woods Park in St. Charles is a wonderful spot to visit if you simply want to get out in nature and stretch your legs while taking a picturesque walk. If you want to have a family picnic, bring out the blanket and your baskets and set them out on the grass or in the pavilion. In addition to playing on the playground, the children may have a good time running around and hiding in the bushes and trees. In addition to fishing places, pathways, river access, and seats, this neighborhood park has a playground.

Delnor Woods Park

Address: 517 IL-25, St. Charles, Illinois 60174, United States of America Delnor Woods Park’s website may be found here. Hours of operation: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (daily)

6. St. Charles History Museum

Note from the editor: This photograph was obtained from the establishment’s official social media account. In order to share tales and information about the city’s history with both inhabitants and tourists, the St. Charles History Museum has established a mission statement. Permanent and temporary displays, a study room, research archives, a repository for the collections, and, of course, a gift shop are all housed within the museum’s four walls. Their collection includes more than 10,000 pictures and 15,000 objects, many of which are related to the history of the city.

The current temporary exhibition at the museum is on fashion, and it features trends from the 1860s through the 1960s, among other things.

They also host activities, such as gallery presentations and scavenger hunts, to raise funds. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do in St. Charles, Illinois, start with this location.

St. Charles History Museum

Address: 215 East Main Street, St Charles, IL 60174, United States of America St. Charles History Museum’s website may be found here.

7. Pottawatomie Park

Pottawatomie Park is a great place to go if you feel like you need to get some exercise. There is lots of outdoor recreation to be found due to the location on the Fox River. Watersports such as canoeing and fishing are available on the river, and there is also a swimming pool if you want to cool down in the water. There are playgrounds, picnic spots, and sports facilities such as tennis courts and ball fields for those who like playing sports. Walking and jogging routes are also available on the paved surfaces.

The park is a wonderful place to burn off some energy while also enjoying the fresh air.

Pottawatomie Park

Address: 8 North Avenue, St Charles, IL 60174, United States of America Pottawatomie Park’s official website may be found here.

8. Geneva History Museum

The Geneva History Museum is a great place to learn more about the history of this area. The city of Geneva is located directly over the river from St. Charles. In order to gather, preserve, and educate the public about Geneva’s history, the museum has set out to do so. The museum’s primary gallery tells the narrative of Geneva in a straightforward manner. A feature gallery, which hosts exhibitions that rotate throughout the year, is also available on the premises. In addition, there is a research room and a gift shop.

Additionally, the museum offers a variety of activities, including a weekly lunch hour presentation.

Geneva History Museum

Address: 113 S 3rd St, Geneva, IL 60134, United States of America The website for the Geneva History Museum is: www.historymuseum.ch.

9. Fox River Trolley Museum

Come to Fox River TrolleyMuseum in St. Charles, Illinois, for one of the most entertaining things to do in the area. “Education by demonstration” is the motto of this place. You may travel along the Fox River’s banks on an antique electric trolley car, which is available for rent. The museum also hosts special events throughout the year, such as the Terror Trolley around Halloween and the Polar Express during the month of December.

Fox River Trolley Museum

Address: 365 South La Fox St, South Elgin, IL 60177, United States of America Fox River Trolley Museum’s official website.

10. Beith House Museum

A Greek revival style residence stands on the banks of the Fox River, and it is one of the few remaining examples of river stone construction in the area that has remained virtually unchanged through the years. In 1850, William Beith, a stone mason from Kane County, Illinois, erected this house for himself and his family. Today, it serves as the headquarters of Preservation Partners, a nonprofit organization that owns three museum houses and works to promote the preservation and appreciation of the region’s architectural heritage.

There are both permanent and temporary exhibitions on the first floor of Beith House, and they’re all free and available to the public. Tours and activities are also held in the museum, allowing visitors to acquire a better appreciation of the history of the house and the surrounding area.

Beith House Museum

Address: 8 Indiana St, St Charles, IL 60174, United States of America The website for the Beith House Museum is:

11. Arcada Theatre

Address: 8 Indiana Street, St Charles, IL 60174, United States of America. Visit the website for the Beith House Museum.

Arcada Theatre

Address: 8 Indiana St., St Charles, IL 60174, United States of America The website for the Beith House Museum is.

12. Healing koi pond and Japanese garden

Note from the editor: This photograph was obtained from the establishment’s official social media account. If you want to feel tranquil and relaxed, the healing koi pond and Japanese garden are the best places to visit in St. Charles, Missouri. The pond and garden, which are located along the Fox River, cover two acres (0.8 hectares). The creator established a refuge with traditional Japanese gardens in order to create a calm environment while also assisting the koi fish in their daily existence.

The pond is home to more than 50 koi, some of which were brought from Japan and others which were saved from local rivers and lakes.

A fantastic location to rest and unplug; to relax while watching the koi fish float by!

Healing koi pond and Japanese garden

Address: 6N779 Illinois Route 31, Saint Charles, IL 60175-6334, United States of America Healing koi pond and Japanese garden, as seen on Facebook

13. Otter Cove Aquatic Park

Note from the editor: This photograph was obtained from the establishment’s official social media account. Otter Cove Aquatic Park is a great place to take the kids for a fun summertime pastime. Diving board jumps, flying down a water slide, and floating along the lazy river are all possible options. There are additional places designated for smaller swimmers, allowing toddlers to enjoy the splish-splash action as well. Throughout the summer, the water park conducts a variety of activities. “Sundae Sundays” and “Senior Citizens Days” are examples of such events.

Otter Cove Aquatic Park

Photo courtesy of the establishment’s official social media account. Note from the editor: Take the kids to Otter Cove Aquatic Park this summer for a fun-filled day out. Diving board jumps, flying down a water slide, and floating along the lazy river are all possibilities. Additionally, there are separate spaces for little swimmers, allowing toddlers to splish-splash in their own special place. Throughout the summer, the water park conducts several activities. Sundae Sundays and elderly citizen days are examples of such events.

14. West Branch Forest Preserve

Note from the editor: This photo was obtained from the establishment’s official social media account. Otter Cove Aquatic Park is a great place to take the kids for a fun summer pastime. Diving board jumps, flying down a water slide, and floating along the lazy river are all options. There are additional places designated for smaller swimmers, allowing toddlers to splish-splash as well.

Throughout the summer, there are several events at the water park. “Sundae Sundays” and “Senior Citizens Days” are examples of special events. For those who plan on returning regularly over the summer, the park offers a season pass for a discounted rate.

West Branch Forest Preserve

Address: West Chicago, Illinois 60185, United States West Branch Forest Preserve’s official website.

15. Garfield Farm and Inn Museum

The Garfield Farm and Inn Museum is the final stop on our itinerary. When it first opened in the 1840s, it served as a teamster inn (teamsters are truck drivers in modern-day English). The hay and grain barns, the horse stable, and the inn are all on the site, as well. Today, it serves as a museum that hosts educational and entertaining programs. You can take part in a session on prairie, forest, and wetland management, or you can build a bird box yourself. The museum provides monthly prairie walks as well as social activities like as barn dances and a tavern reception by candlelight each month.

Garfield Farm and Inn Museum

Garfield Rd, La Fox, IL 60147, United States of America Garfield Farm and Inn Museum’s official website.

Historic St. Charles

La Fox, Illinois 60147 (Garfield Rd) United States Garden Farm and Inn Museum’s website.

Frequently asked questions about things to do in Saint Charles, IL

1. What are the most popular places to visit in Saint Charles, Missouri? Make Arcada Theatre, one of the most popular attractions in St. Charles, the first location on your list of things to visit. The Fox River Trolley Museum, located in the adjacent community of South Elgin, the St. Charles History Museum, and the Beith House Museum are some of the other top attractions in the area. 2. What are the most popular activities to do in Saint Charles with kids and their parents? Traveling to St. Charles with your family and friends?

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St. Charles, IL

Our St. Charles, Illinois office, which is located in the Fox River Valley just west of Chicago, is firmly devoted to meeting the needs of our clients, the legal profession, and the community in which we live and work. Our attorneys are active members and serve on the boards of numerous professional organizations, including the Valley Industrial Association, the Illinois Fox Valley Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management, the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce, the Fox Valley Associated General Contractors, the Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Northwest Human Resources Council.

Our members are active in their local bar associations, with attorneys serving on the boards of directors of the DuPage County Bar Association, the Labor and Employment Committee, the Civil Practice Committee, and the Bar Briefs, Editorial Board of the Kane County Bar Association, among other positions of leadership.

Charles attorneys serve as board members. Year after year, people of the St. Charles office join together to help organizations such as the Northern Illinois Food Bank, the Black History Family Festival, and the Fox Valley United Way Christmas Drive for Toys.

Best Western Inn Hotel Saint Charles IL, St Charles IL Hotel.

  • If you are interested in applying for a Front Desk position at the Best Western St Charles, please submit your resume to [email protected]

Enjoy a complimentary local shuttle service with Contract, which is ideal for weddings, in addition to an incredible value and a fantastic location at this St. Charles, Missouri hotel. Discover the old downtown area of St. Charles. Spend your money as you choose at the Kane County Flea Market, Geneva Commons, Fox Valley Mall, and Aurora Chicago Premium Outlets, among other locations. At the Hollywood Casino in Aurora and the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin, you may try your luck. Visit the Kane County Fairgrounds, Funway Entertainment Center, and Pottawatomie Park to learn more about the area.

  • When you stay at the Best Western Inn of St.
  • Charles vacation to your individual preferences.
  • Charles for some rest and relaxation after your adventure.
  • On request, whirlpool rooms can also be made available.
  • Charles hotel include a daily hot breakfast buffet with sausage, biscuits and gravy, bacon, croissants, scrambled eggs, and hash browns each morning, as well as a fitness center and an outdoor heated pool on-site that is available during the summer months.
  • Are you visiting this Best Western in St.
  • In addition to being conveniently located near area companies like as Pheasant Run Resort, DuPage Airport, Kane County Fairgrounds and the Q-Center, the Best Western Inn of St Charles also provides a complimentary continental breakfast.
  • Charles hotel is also an excellent choice for weddings, gatherings, reunions, and other special occasions.
  • Charles stay immediately to save money.

Facilities of Best Western Inn of St. Charles

  • Internet, parking, services, general, entertainment, and activities are some of the topics covered.

Where is St. Charles, IL, USA on Map Lat Long Coordinates

The location’s latitude and longitude coordinates are 41.914196 and -88.308685, respectively. St. Charles, Illinois, is a tiny community in the state of Illinois with a population of around 35,000 people. It is located 40 miles west of Chicago. It is located near the Fox River and is dubbed “The Pride of the Fox” because of its location. It is a Pottawatomie communal settlement as well as a tiny historic transportation hub, with a few old subterranean railroad stations that have been maintained from bygone eras but are no longer in use.

Where is St. Charles, IL, USA on Map?

The position of the spot is shown on a road map of St. Charles, Illinois, USA.

Satellite Map of St. Charles, IL, USA

It is located at 41.914196 latitude and 88.308685 longitude in St. Charles, Illinois, United States. St. Charles, IL, USA is a town in the United States country in the Townsplace category with the geographic coordinates of 41° 54′ 51.1056″ N and 88° 18′ 31.2660″ W. St. Charles, IL, USA is located at the geographic coordinates of 41° 54′ 51.1056″ N and 88° 18′ 31.2660″ W. St. Charles, IL, USA is a town in the United States country in the Town Information about the geographic location

Country United States
Latitude 41.914196
Longitude -88.308685
DMS Lat 41° 54′ 51.1056′ N
DMS Long 88° 18′ 31.2660′ W
UTM Easting 391,471.31
UTM Northing 4,641,077.62
Category Towns
Country Code US
Zoom Level 10

It is shown above in both decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes, and seconds) format, indicating the location of St. Charles, IL, USA. The ISO2 format is used to represent the country code.

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