What Time Is It In Saint Petersburg Russia Right Now


Current Local Time in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Wednesday, January 5, 2022, at 01:39:09 MST Fullscreen

Country: Russia
Federal City: Saint Petersburg
Lat/Long: 59°56’N / 30°19’E
Elevation: 10 m
Currency: Russian Ruble (RUB)
Languages: Russian
Country Code: +7

Holiday Reminder: The 5th of January is New Year’s Day. It is possible that businesses will be closed. °C (degrees Celsius)


0 degrees Celsius Clouds moving in the sky. 2 / 0 degrees Celsius Weather forecasted by CustomWeather for 2022 More information on the weather

Time Zone

MSK (Moscow Standard Time) is three hours ahead of UTC/GMT.


In 2022, there will be no Daylight Saving Time.


Eindhoven is 2 hours ahead of schedule. In relation to MSK (Moscow Standard Time), Decide on a place.


The coordinates are 09:57:138° Southeast.


The coordinates are 09:57138° Southeast.

Day length

6 hours, 13 minutes plus 2 minutes and 27 seconds longer

Moon 7.0%

The sun rises at 12:09 and sets at 19:39. More In Saint-Petersburg, there is a full moon. More information may be found at Information on the time of day and moon phase

Solar Noon

Sun in the South: 13:04 p.m. 7.6 degrees above sea level

Astronomical Twilight

07:15 – 08:06 18:01 – 18:52 07:15 – 08:06

Nautical Twilight

07:15–08:06 18:01–18:52 07:15–08:06 07:15–08:06 07:15–08:06

Civil Twilight

07:15 – 08:06 18:01 – 18:52 07:15 – 08:06 18:01 – 18:52

Previous Moon Phase

New Moon occurs on January 2, 2022, at 21:33 UTC.

Next Moon Phase

First Quarter, 9th of January, 2022, at 21:11 UT. Do you require assistance?


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Upcoming Holidays

  • Make a calendar for Russia!

More Russian vacations are on the way.


  • LED lighting at Pulkovo Airport About 16 kilometers south of Saint-Petersburg
  • Helsinki International Airport, HEL (Finland), approximately 300 kilometers west of Saint-Petersburg

In addition to LED lighting at Pulkovo Airport Helsinki Airport, HEL (Finland) is around 300 kilometers west of Saint-Petersburg and is approximately 16 kilometers south of the city.

Current Local Time in Saint Petersburg, Russia (St.-Petersburg): Date, time zone, time difference & time change

Wednesday is a working day (January 5, 2022)

Moscow Time MSK

In this time zone there isno Daylight Saving Timein use.

Time Zone Converter (Time Difference Calculator)

Comparing the local time of two timezones, nations, or cities throughout the world is a common practice.

Time Difference to major World Cities

Local time is 9:58 a.m.


9:58 a.m. local time in the United Kingdom

City information

  • Detailed map of Saint Petersburg, including other names, country time zone, and population.

Alternative names

  • Agia Petroupole
  • Betuyrbukh
  • Cankt-Peterburg
  • LED
  • Leningrad
  • Leningrado
  • Lungsod ng
  • Lungsod ng Pétursborg, SPb, Sankt-Peterburg, Peterburg, Peterburgo, Peterburi, Petersburg, Petrapilis, Petrograd, Petrogrado, Petrohrad, Petropolis, Petursborg, Pietari, Piiteri, Piter, Piter, Pétursborg, Sankt-Peterburg, Sankt-Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburgas, Sankt Peterburgas, Sank


Saint Petersburg is a city in the Russian Federation.

Time Zone

It is a city in the Russian Federation of Saint Petersburg.


There are 5,028,000 people in the world.

Major cities in the vicinity of Saint Petersburg(St.-Petersburg)

In this place, Daylight Saving Time is not observed, and the clocks are set to the local time of the day.

What are the major cities here?

Major cities in the Russian city of St. Petersburg include the following:

Time Here, Time There(Time Zone Converter)

See how the time in St. Petersburg City, Russia compares to the time in your own country. We’ll assist you with converting the time from St. Petersburg City, Russia time to your local time zone if you provide us with a date and time. Convert time from St. Petersburg City, Russia to any other time zone using this online converter. Do you need to compare more than two locations at the same time? By registering for our World Meeting Planner, you will receive a color-coded chart comparing the time of day in St.

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The Russian city of St. Petersburg

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Current Local Time in Saint Petersburg, Russia

CountryCapitalCurrencyMoscowRUB (Ruble)Use the currency converterInternational dialing code+7 (Russia)How to dial to Saint Petersburg?
Hourly coordinatesDecimal coordinatesElevationLatitude LongitudeLatitude Longitude59.8944430.2641712 meters (39.37 feet)Calculate distance from Saint Petersburg to another city

Daylight Saving Time in Saint Petersburg – Time Change

Standard time zoneDaylight saving time (DST)Time zone abbreviationUTC / GMT+3 hoursNo daylight saving time to observe in 2022MSK – Moscow Time

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Russia’s Coordinated Universal Time Saint Petersburg is a city in Russia.

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Saint Petersburg, Russia – correct time, standard local time, summer/winter time, time conversion dates 2022

Standard time: UTC/GMT +3 hours
No daylight saving time at the moment

Daylight Saving Time 2022 (Summer Time)

There are no known DST modifications for the year 2022.

Astronomical data

Today Yesterday Tomorrow
Sunrise Time: 9:58:18 AM 9:58:59 AM 9:57:31 AM
Sunset Time: 4:09:00 PM 4:07:24 PM 4:10:40 PM
Length of day: 6 h 10 m 42 s 6 h 08 m 25 s 6 h 13 m 09 s
Solar Noon: 1:03:39 PM 1:03:11 PM 1:04:06 PM
Astronomical Twilight Starts: 7:16:02 AM 7:16:18 AM 7:15:42 AM
Astronomical Twilight Ends: 6:51:16 PM 6:50:05 PM 6:52:29 PM

Saint Petersburg time zone

Airport IATA ICAO Distance to Saint Petersburg
Pulkovo Airport LED ULLI 15 km

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Time in Saint Petersburg, Russia. What time is it in Saint Petersburg right now?

The time zone in Saint Petersburg is UTC +03:00 or MSK.

Daylight saving time (DST) changes in Saint Petersburg

In Saint Petersburg, there is no daylight saving time (DST).

Sunrise and sunset time for Saint Petersburg

When the Earth completes one full revolution around its axis, a solar day is measured in hours and minutes, and it is equivalent to 24 hours in duration. The Earth’s rotation on its axis causes the passage of time to be divided into day and night. Another effect of this rotation is that, while traveling from West to East by 15 degrees, local solar time rises by one hour. Most people utilize official local time, which is usually always different from solar time, in their daily lives. The whole area of the Earth has been split into time zones.

  • The borders of time zones are frequently drawn along the lines of nation or administrative borders.
  • There are other instances in which the time zone difference between two nearby time zones is 30 or 45 minutes.
  • Time zones are frequently separated into a few time zones in countries whose territory runs from West to East by a large distance such as Russia, the United States, Canada, and Brazil, among others.
  • Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), often known as Coordinated Universal Time (CET), is the reference point for determining time zone offsets.
  • Time zone offsets from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) range from UTC-12:00 to UTC+14:00.

The time zone offsets from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in these nations vary twice a year. The majority of countries, however, do not follow Daylight Saving Time.

Best time to visit St Petersburg

When is the ideal time to travel to the Russian city of St Petersburg? During the year 2019, more than 9 million tourists came to St. Petersburg. Choosing the most appropriate time to visit St Petersburg is critical to having a completely successful vacation. In this blog article, I’ll discuss what to expect in St. Petersburg during the seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, as well as other seasons (month by month). Let’s get this party started! I’ll start by describing the primary characteristics that will assist you in determining the best time to visit St.

  • St. Petersburg’s climate, including temperatures and precipitation
  • Festivals and unique events are held in St. Petersburg every year. Budget, tourism seasonality, and visa requirements
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Then I’ll go over each season in detail (you may skip ahead to this portion if you already know when you want to leave), starting with the summer:

  • Advantages and drawbacks are listed month by month to assist you in selecting the most appropriate time to visit Saint Petersburg based on your preferences

The weather cannot be the sole determining factor. Even if the temperatures are low, Saint Petersburg in December is breathtakingly gorgeous, especially when the snow falls. As a result, I recommend that you take into consideration a number of parameters at the same time.

What is the best time to visit St Petersburg: weather, climate, temperatures

The weather in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg, which is located at the same latitude as Stockholm and Oslo, has a continental climate with significant temperature changes between winter and summer. Global warming, on the other hand, is altering the environment in a more and more significant way. Indeed, the disparity is becoming less and less noticeable and regular as time goes on. Temperatures. The first weather records in St. Petersburg date back to 1722. To be more realistic, I recommend that we use the most recent averages instead of the oldest.

July is the warmest month of the year, but it is also the wettest.

Petersburg are significantly colder than in Italy, however it is quite uncommon to spend a week with temperatures below -20 degrees.

When temperatures drop below -5 degrees Celsius, the days tend to be brighter.

Sunshine in St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is the world’s northernmost metropolis, and it is located in Russia. As a result, the days are extremely short in the winter while the sun sets for only a few hours in the summer, respectively. The famousWhite Nights, which take place from May 25 to July 16, are a summer event that takes place every year. During the summer solstice, which occurs between June 21st and 22nd, the night is virtually non-existent. Because of this, in winter, like in Scandinavian nations, you may expect less daylight hours than usual.

As a result, you will not be bored.

When to go to St. Petersburg: highlights of the year and events

If you have a general idea of which months you would want to visit St.

Petersburg during, you may skip forward to the month-by-month descriptions that are farther down the page.

White nights in St. Petersburg

Dates. We may say that the time between the beginning of June and the middle of July is characterized by restless nights. Even at 2 a.m., there are almost as many people in downtown as there are at midday! The Festival Alye Paroussa, also known as the Voiles Écarlates in French, is a large celebration that takes place on the night of June 21-22. (or the nearest date that falls on the weekend). All individuals who passed their BAC are invited to the celebration, which celebrates the conclusion of high school.

Beautiful boats float along the Neva, and in the darkest hour of the night, a spectacular fireworks show booms over the water!

In terms of budget, though, it’s at least twice as expensive as off-season costs (for both travel and accommodations), if not more, in the high season.

During the summer months, and especially during the White Nights, we recommend that you take a walk along the canals, stopping along the way to see other less known but equally interesting items and atmosphere to find along the way.

In May

Russians enjoy a plethora of holidays, but some of them serve to establish a rhythm for the country’s residents. In Russia, the date is May 1st, which coincides with the triumph of 1945. In contrast to Italy, the conclusion of the Second World War is commemorated on May 9, 1945. (time zone difference for good reason). On this day, there are large-scale demonstrations taking place throughout Russia.

End of the year celebrations in St. Petersburg

The holiday season is unquestionably the most joyous time of the year! For Russians, the 31st of December is the most important holiday. Christmas in the Russian Orthodox Church is observed on January 7. A public holiday is observed during the week beginning on December 31 and ending on January 7. During this week, a significant portion of the Russian workforce is off. The entertainment and service industries, on the other hand, are still thriving. During the Christmas season, there are a large number of travelers.

Petersburg have been the subject of a particular piece written by the author.

When is the best time to visit St Petersburg: budget part

Flights, accommodations, meals, visits, guided tours, and visas are all included!

Budget to go to St Petersburg

There are a plethora of different ways that may take you to St. Petersburg. The most expedient mode of transportation to St. Petersburg, however, is via plane. For example, a direct flight from Rome to London will cost around 300€ round trip. High season prices are higher, especially during the White Nights, as is the case throughout the year. Additionally, you can travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg as part of your itinerary.

The train is the most viable mode of transportation in this situation. A single ticket for a 3h30 fast train costs 3000 rubles and takes 3 hours and 30 minutes. For further information, please see our article on how to purchase train tickets from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Budget in St Petersburg: accommodation budget is a decisive factor in deciding when to go to St. Petersburg.

The city of St. Petersburg has a very significant seasonality to it. In Russia, the White Nights, and to a lesser extent, the Russian holidays and festivals, are the principal sources of interruption. If you want to see the sights of St. Petersburg during the White Nights, make sure to plan your trip far ahead of time. The greatest time to experience the White Nights in St. Petersburg is around the month of June. Prices at the end of June can easily quadruple in October, February, or even April compared to prices at the beginning of June.

The week of December 31 to January 7 sees a significant surge, although it is not as significant as the week of the Nuits Blanches.

Read my post on where to stay in St.


Budget in St Petersburg: food

Prices are lower than in the United Kingdom. There are proper “lunch” options available in the city center (from 12h to roughly 16h) for 250 rubles (less than 4€ in 2020) for 250 rubles (less than 4€). Lunch (or obed in Russian) consists of an appetizer, soup, and a hot main course entrée. Even though it is not a gourmet lunch, the overall quality is rather good. If you go outside of its offerings or in restaurants that are positioned in a better class, you will discover meals for 300 or 500 rubles.

Petersburg, Russian Federation.

Budget: guided tours and local experiences

Overall, the decision to relocate to St. Petersburg is a wise one. Admission costs to the major palaces (Peterhof and Catherine Palace) are around 13 euros. The same can be said for the museums: the entry to the Hermitage is merely 10 euros. Take a look at the palaces. You should avoid visiting the palaces of the tsars between mid-June and mid-July if you don’t know when to go to St Petersburg and you really want to see them. The reason for this is that the number of visitors to the palaces is quite high during this time period.

Visa to visit Saint-Petersburg

Visa on the internet. From October 1, 2019, visitors to St. Petersburg will be able to enter the country with an electronic visa. It is completely free and simple to get. Electronic visas are accessible for nationals of the majority of EU nations, although they are not available for citizens of the United Kingdom, the United States, or Australia. More information may be found here: Visas for Saint-Petersburg can be obtained electronically. Tourist visas are the most common type. If you intend to go to St.

The cost of a traditional visa is around 150 euros per person.

Travel in autumn: best time to visit St Petersburg in autumn?

Traveling to St. Petersburg in the autumn allows you to take advantage of reduced airfares as well as relatively pleasant temperatures.

Saint Petersburg in September

Despite the fact that temperatures are colder in St. Petersburg than in Italy over the same season, the weather is still pleasant in September. The school holidays have come to an end (also in Russia). The month of September is becoming increasingly popular among visitors as one of the most pleasant months to visit St.

Petersburg. Because of this, there is an increase in demand for September. The fountains are still operational, and boating on the canals and the Neva River is still an option for those interested.

St. Petersburg in October

From the beginning of October, the colors of autumn will be on full show. Beautiful strolls in the Summer Garden or across the vast lawns of the royal palaces are consequently in store for the future! The weather in St. Petersburg in October is still pleasant enough to go on lengthy walks about the city. This marks the beginning of the off-season for tourists. In October, there are fewer people queuing to enter museums and palaces than there are in September in St. Petersburg. It is expected that the shipping season would come to a conclusion towards the end of October.

St. Petersburg in November

Although there are always outliers (in 2019, +6 throughout the day), the November weather in St. Petersburg is beginning to approach the temperatures of Parisian winter. The opposite is true: this month is considered to be one of the quietest of the year. The cost of lodging in St. Petersburg has dropped to its lowest level in years. Because there is little waiting, there is no practical reason to purchase tickets in advance. So, why not travel to St. Petersburg in November and take in the sights in a more relaxed manner?

Travel in winter: when to visit St Petersburg in winter?

The month of February is the coldest month of the year. The month of December has the fewest number of daylight hours.

St. Petersburg in December: is it the best time to visit St Petersburg?

On the 24th of December, there is nothing extraordinary planned. The Orthodox Christmas celebration takes place on January 7. It is, first and foremost, a religious holiday. We either stay with the family or go to church with them. Christmas markets in the United States begin later than in Europe, typically at the end of December. This is unquestionably the greatest time of year to visit St. Petersburg and take advantage of the festive atmosphere.

  • Every year on December 31, Russians exchange gifts with one another. Often, the evening begins with the family, followed by a stroll along the street or a gathering of friends. Some restaurants host special New Year’s Eve parties for which reservations must be made in advance
  • A large number of people congregate in the city center to celebrate the advent of the New Year. Malaya Konnyuchennaya Pedestrian Street, Gostiny Dvor, and Palace Square are the three primary locations. At 3 a.m., a spectacular fireworks show will be held on the Neva River. Aside from the downtown area, firecrackers may be heard all around the city even if you’re not in the city center. On the first of January, all museums and most theaters (with the exception of the Peter and Paul Fortress) are closed. More information may be found in the article Christmas and New Year’s in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg in January

The Neva River and the canals of St. Petersburg have become impassable due to the freezing weather. Snow, ice rinks, and winter sports are all on the agenda! Everything is in place to make the most of the winter in St Petersburg. The first week of January, on the other hand, is a tremendously busy period. For Russians, this week is also a week of vacation. However, the rates of accommodations begin to decline towards the middle of January.

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Saint Petersburg in February

Those who are not scared of the cold will find February to be an ideal month! The days are longer in January than they were in December. Although temperatures are low, the days are becoming brighter. Being one of the quietest months of the year, the hotel prices are very attractive at this time. It is one of the greatest seasons to visit St. Petersburg because the prices are more affordable. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to visit St. Petersburg? More information may be found here: The best activities to do in St Petersburg during the winter are as follows:

Travel in spring: when to visit St Petersburg in spring?

Traveling to St. Petersburg in the spring is a wonderful experience.

St. Petersburg in March

The weather in St. Petersburg is still cold and blustery in March. Despite the fact that the temperatures are rising, snow is typically still on the ground until April.

It is also a rather peaceful month. The most challenging part of this period is the middle of the season, when the snow may begin to melt. This means that you should wear appropriate footwear. Otherwise, it’s excellent in terms of budget and visits (during the off-season).

Saint Petersburg in April

This time of year, around end of April or the beginning of May, one begins to notice the refreshing fragrances of the first plants, together with the joyous song of the birds. The sailing season begins again around the middle to end of April. There are still just a few tourists around, but the number of visitors is rising towards the end of April. It is a month, like March, where you may take advantage of favorable interest rates.

Saint Petersburg in May

We may sense the onset of the peak season as early as the first week of May. Because of this, it is important to arrange tours or tickets in advance in order to avoid long lines. For example, the Hermitage Museum, Katharine’s Palace, and Peterhof Palace are all located in the same building. There is also a longer wait time for the other appointments. The cost of staying in a hotel is increasing.

Travel in summer: when is the best time to visit St Petersburg in summer?

In particular, the White Nights are the busiest time of year for travelers throughout the summer months. If you prefer walking to touring, it will have little influence on the overall vacation. If, on the other hand, you want to see the most significant sights in St. Petersburg, you should plan your vacation well in advance. During the summer, hotel prices are quite high, but it is also one of the greatest seasons to go boating on the canals of St. Petersburg, which makes it a great time to visit.

June: is it the best time to visit St Petersburg?

If you are planning a trip to St. Petersburg in June and want to make the most of your time there, consider attending the Festival of Scarlet Sails (described earlier in the article), which is the summer’s highlight. The days are the longest in June. There are several opportunities to wander around the city, which is really enjoyable.

Going to St. Petersburg in July

July is the wettest month of the year. The city is often overcast, while the weather changes from one season to the next. In July, we traveled to St. Petersburg three times, and each time it rained and thundered, making for miserable conditions (a bit Breton weather). The peak tourist season begins in full force in July. The boat excursions will be available until the middle of October. When it comes to visits, on the other hand, obtaining the necessary admission tickets might be a bit of a hassle.

Going to St. Petersburg in August

Although the gloom of July is fading, the number of visitors to the island is still high. Remember to make your reservations for tours and accommodations in advance. However, now is an excellent time to do so. The weather in St. Petersburg is quite pleasant most of the time. Even though it’s cold outside, you can still walk for hours and hours outside, which is great because there are so many things to see and do on foot. It’s a pleasure to be alive! If you don’t mind spending a little extra money and don’t mind standing in line at some of the city’s attractions, this is one of the best times to visit St.

When is the best time to visit St. Petersburg?

Time to visit St.

Petersburg is determined by the variables you wish to prioritize, which may include weather, budget, tranquility of visits, and special events to attend if you are living in the city. In conclusion, the optimum time to visit St. Petersburg may be found to be:

  • In St. Petersburg, the peak tourist season begins in early May and lasts until the end of early October. During this time of year, the weather in St. Petersburg is more pleasant. You should visit St. Petersburg around this time if you want to escape cold temperatures while still taking advantage of the sailing season, which is already underway. Late December and early January are also quite busy months
  • Late January, February, March, early April, and November, on the other hand, are the least crowded months. You should visit St. Petersburg during this time of year if you want to experience the city in greater peace and on a more limited budget. So far, we have slept in a 3* hotel in Saint Petersburg for less than 17€ a night, which includes breakfast.

Have you made a decision on when you will visit St. Petersburg? You’ve decided whether you’ll visit St. Petersburg in the spring or summer. What about the fall or winter? What is the most convenient time for you to visit St. Petersburg? Idea for a vacation! Because it takes only 4 hours to go by rail from Moscow to St. Petersburg, why not take advantage of the opportunity to see both cities? Here’s an example of a travel itinerary: In one week, you may travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg. If you are still unsure, have a look at what you can see and do in Moscow to choose the ideal time to visit: what to see and do in St.

The city of St.

Finally, here is a stunning film of St.

I hope you have figured out what the greatest time would be for you to visit St Petersburg!

More about visiting St Petersburg:

  • In St Petersburg, there are many things to do and see. The best hotels and neighborhoods in which to stay in St Petersburg
  • Tickets for the Hermitage Museum, as well as the optimum time to visit, are available online.

Saint Petersburg, Russia to PST to EST to GMT

MSK (Moscow Standard Time) is 11 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time, 8 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, and 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. MSK is 11 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time, 8 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, and 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time 1:45 a.m. The time is 01:30 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. at 2:30 p.m. It is 14:30 in PST and 5:30 pm in EST. The time is 17:30 EST and it is 10:30 p.m. 22:30 p.m. GMT Call time from Saint Petersburg to PST Time for a conference call or meeting is best between 6:30pm and 8:30pm in Saint Petersburg, which corresponds to 7:30am and 9:30am in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

  1. Call time from Saint Petersburg to GMT For a conference call or meeting, the best time is between 11am and 6pm in Saint Petersburg, which corresponds to 8am to 3pm in Greenwich Mean Time.
  2. 01:30 a.m.
  3. UTC +3:00 hours is the offset.
  4. Pacific Standard Time is 14:30 p.m.
  5. UTC time zone offset is -8:00 hours.
  6. (EST).
  7. 10:10 p.m.
  8. (GMT).
  9. 1:45 a.m.
  10. Eastern Standard Time (EST) 22:30GMT
Saint Petersburg, Russia PST EST GMT
12am (midnight) 1pm 4pm 9pm
1am 2pm 5pm 10pm
2am 3pm 6pm 11pm
3am 4pm 7pm 12am (midnight)
4am 5pm 8pm 1am
5am 6pm 9pm 2am
6am 7pm 10pm 3am
7am 8pm 11pm 4am
8am 9pm 12am (midnight) 5am
9am 10pm 1am 6am
10am 11pm 2am 7am
11am 12am (midnight) 3am 8am
12pm (noon) 1am 4am 9am
1pm 2am 5am 10am
2pm 3am 6am 11am
3pm 4am 7am 12pm (noon)
4pm 5am 8am 1pm
5pm 6am 9am 2pm
6pm 7am 10am 3pm
7pm 8am 11am 4pm
8pm 9am 12pm (noon) 5pm
9pm 10am 1pm 6pm
10pm 11am 2pm 7pm
11pm 12pm (noon) 3pm 8pm
0:00 13:00 16:00 21:00
1:00 14:00 17:00 22:00
2:00 15:00 18:00 23:00
3:00 16:00 19:00 0:00
4:00 17:00 20:00 1:00
5:00 18:00 21:00 2:00
6:00 19:00 22:00 3:00
7:00 20:00 23:00 4:00
8:00 21:00 0:00 5:00
9:00 22:00 1:00 6:00
10:00 23:00 2:00 7:00
11:00 0:00 3:00 8:00
12:00 1:00 4:00 9:00
13:00 2:00 5:00 10:00
14:00 3:00 6:00 11:00
15:00 4:00 7:00 12:00
16:00 5:00 8:00 13:00
17:00 6:00 9:00 14:00
18:00 7:00 10:00 15:00
19:00 8:00 11:00 16:00
20:00 9:00 12:00 17:00
21:00 10:00 13:00 18:00
22:00 11:00 14:00 19:00
23:00 12:00 15:00 20:00

Time Zone

MSK is an abbreviation or a name that stands for Moscow Standard Time. While Moscow Standard Time is now in effect, the UTC / GMT Offset is +3:00 hours.

Saint Petersburg Facts

Adjacent NamesAgia Petroupole, Betuyrbukh, Cankt-Peterburg (LED), Leningrad (Leningrado), Leningrad (LED), Leningrado (LED), Saint-Petersburg (also spelled Peterburg), Peterburgo (also spelled Peterburi), Petersburg (also spelled Petrapilis), Petursborg (also spelled Petursborg), Pietari (also spelled Pietr) (also spelled Pietari), Piiteri (also spelled Piter), Pétursborg (also spelled Pétursborg) St.

  • Petersbourg, Saint Petersburg, Saint Pétersbourg, Saint-Pétersbourg, Saint-Pétersbourg, Saint-Pétersbourg, San Petersburgo, San Pietroburgo, San Pietruburgu, Sankt Peitersbuerg, St.
  • Petersborg, St.
  • Petersburgo, Sankt Peterzburg, St.
  • peterburg, sankutopeteruburuku, sant btrsbrgh, seinteupiteojeubeogeu, sankt.
  • peterburg, sankt.
  • Pi te xrs beirk was provided to you.

A slang term for a city in Russia that includes the towns of етpy, енинрад, етерур, етрорад, итер, анкт-етерур, A-Z-Z-Z, A-Z-Z, A-Z-Z, A-Z-Z, A-Z-Z, A-Z-Z, A-Z-Z, A-Z- Coordinates of the location 59° 56′ N Latitude / 30° 18′ E Longitude (59° 56′ N / 30° 18′ E) Dialing Code for International Calls: +7 PST (Pacific Standard Time) is eight hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and is used throughout North America.

Countries: There are several nations that utilize it, including: Canada, Mexico, and the United States are the three countries involved.

Vancouver, Tijuana, San Diego, and San Jose are among the other significant cities in the region.

Tiempo del Pacfico (Pacific Time), Zona Noroeste (Northern Pacific Time) Map of the Pacific Standard Time zone Even though this is a normal timezone, some locations move their clocks forward by one hour in the summer to observe Pacific Daylight Time, which is observed in the United States and Canada (PDT).

local time, and clocks were set one hour back to Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 1:00 a.m.

End: Pacific Standard Time (PST) ended on Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 2:00 a.m.

Every year, on the first Sunday in November, standard time begins to be observed.

To conclude, the Pacific Standard Time (PST) will come to an end on Sunday, March 13, 2022 at 2:00 am local time, and the clocks will be moved one hour forward to 3:00 am local daylight time on the same day. Every year, on the second Sunday of March, standard time begins to be observed.

PST representations, usage and related time zones

W3C/ISO-8601: International standard for the representation and sharing of dates, time-related data, and other relevant information. Standard for email header timestamps (RFC-2822: Internet Message Format Date Standard), also known as the Email/RFC-2822: Internet Message Format Date Standard

  • It is commonly used for timestamps in email headers (RFC-2822: Internet Message Format Date Standard).

Military/NATO: The United States military, the Chinese military, and others have made use of this technology.

  • PST is abbreviated as Uniform in the military
  • U is a short version of the word ‘Uniform’.

Time zone borders determined by governmental entities are reflected in the IANA/Olson time zone boundaries, which are primarily designed for usage with computer applications and operating systems.

  • America/Ensenada
  • sAmerica/Los Angeles
  • sAmerica/Santa Isabel
  • sAmerica/Tijuana
  • sAmerica/Vancouver
  • sCanada/Pacific
  • sMexico/BajaNorte
  • sPST8PDT
  • sUS/Pacific
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PST Abbreviation: The PST abbreviation is shared by several time zones, and it might refer to any of these time zones.

  • Pacific Standard Time is UTC -8
  • Pitcairn Standard Time is UTC -8
  • Peru Standard Time is UTC -5
  • Pakistan Standard Time is UTC +5:30
  • And other times are as follows:

Time zones that have a GMT -8 offset are as follows:

  • AKDT is for Alaska Daylight Time
  • PST stands for Pacific Standard Time
  • PT stands for Pacific Time
  • PST stands for Pitcairn Standard Time
  • U stands for Uniform Time Zone.

In North America, the Eastern Standard Time (EST) is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Countries in which it is used include the following: The Bahamas, Canada, Haiti, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Mexico, Panama, and the Turks and Caicos Islands Caicos Is the country of the United States Principal Places of Interest: The most populous city in the EST timezone is New York City, which has a population of around 8.175 million people and is located in the United States. Toronto, Montreal, Brooklyn, and the Borough of Queens are among the other significant cities in the region.

  1. Map of the Eastern Standard Time (EST) Time Zone: This is a typical timezone; however, during the summer, some areas move their clocks forward one hour when daylight saving time begins, and they observe Eastern Daylight Time instead (EDT).
  2. local time, and clocks were set one hour back to Sunday, November 7, 2021, at 1:00 a.m.
  3. Every year, on the first Sunday in November, standard time begins to be observed.
  4. Instead, local time and clocks are changed one hour forward to Sunday, March 13, 2022, 3:00 a.m.
  5. Every year, on the second Sunday of March, standard time begins to be observed.

EST representations, usage and related time zones

W3C/ISO-8601: International standard for the representation and sharing of dates, time-related data, and other relevant information. Standard for email header timestamps (RFC-2822: Internet Message Format Date Standard), also known as the Email/RFC-2822: Internet Message Format Date Standard

  • The offset is represented by the sign character (-) followed by a four-digit time indicating the hours (05) and minutes (00) of the offset. To the west of the zero meridian, this symbol represents a five-hour and zero-minute time difference.

Military/NATO: The United States military, the Chinese military, and others have made use of this technology.

  • Romeo is a military term for Eastern Standard Time
  • R is a short version of the word ‘Romeo’.

Time zone limits specified by governmental entities are reflected by IANA/Olson, and are designed for usage with computer applications and operating systems, particularly in the Eastern Standard Time zone.

  • America/Atikokan
  • sAmerica/Cancun
  • sAmerica/Cayman
  • sAmerica/Coral Harbour
  • sAmerica/Detroit
  • sAmerica/Fort Wayne
  • sAmerica/Grand Turk
  • sAmerica/Indiana/Indianapolis
  • sAmerica/Indiana/Marengo
  • sAmerica/Indiana/Petersburg
  • sAmerica/Indiana/Vevay
  • sAmerica/Indiana/Vincennes
  • sAmerica/Indiana/Winamac
  • sAmerica/Indianapolis
  • sAmerica/Iqaluit
  • sAmerica/Jamaica
  • sAmerica/Kentucky/Louisville
  • sAmerica/Kentucky/Monticello
  • sAmerica/Louisville
  • sAmerica/Montreal
  • sAmerica/Nassau
  • sAmerica/New York
  • sAmerica/Nipigon
  • sAmerica/Panama
  • sAmerica/Pangnirtung
  • sAmerica/Port-au-Prince
  • sAmerica/Thunder Bay
  • sAmerica/Toronto
  • sCanada/Eastern
  • sEST
  • sEST5EDT
  • sJamaica
  • sUS/East-Indiana
  • sUS/Eastern
  • sUS/Michigan

Time zones that have a GMT -5 offset are as follows:

  • CDT is for Central Daylight Time
  • EST stands for Eastern Standard Time
  • ET stands for Eastern Time
  • COT stands for Colombia Time
  • CST stands for Cuba Standard Time
  • EASST stands for Easter Island Summer Time
  • ECT stands for Ecuador Time
  • PET stands for Peru Time
  • R stands for Romeo Time Zone.

GMT is a time zone that is 0 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and is widely used throughout Europe. Countries: There are several nations that utilize it, including: Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, the United Kingdom (UK), Guernsey, Ghana, Greenland, the Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Iceland, Jersey, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, St Helena, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Sao Tome & Principe, and Togo are among the countries represented. Principal Cities: The most populous city in the GMT timezone is London, which is located in the United Kingdom and has a population of around 7.557 million people.

At the time of its inception, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) was used to refer to mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London.

In the military, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is referred to as Zulu time.

Map of the GMT time zone

GMT representations, usage and related time zones

W3C/ISO-8601: International standard for the representation and sharing of dates, time-related data, and other relevant information.

  • Z – is the zone designator for the zero UTC/GMT offset, also known as ‘Zulu’ time
  • +00 – basic short
  • +0000 – basic
  • +00:00 – extended
  • Z – is the zone designator for the zero UTC/GMT offset, also known as ‘Zulu’ time

Standard for email header timestamps (RFC-2822: Internet Message Format Date Standard), also known as the Email/RFC-2822: Internet Message Format Date Standard

  • +0000 – the plus sign (+) is followed by a four-digit time indicating the hours (00) and minutes (00) of the offset in seconds. The zero meridian has time discrepancies of 0 hours and zero minutes
  • This indicates that there are no time disparities.

Military/NATO: The United States military, the Chinese military, and others have made use of this technology.

  • Zulu is a military term for Greenwich Mean Time
  • Z is a short variant of the word ‘Zulu’.

Time zone borders determined by governmental entities are reflected in the IANA/Olson time zone boundaries, which are primarily designed for usage with computer applications and operating systems.

  • Africa/Abidjan
  • sAfrica/Accra
  • sAfrica/Bamako
  • sAfrica/Banjul
  • sAfrica/Bissau
  • sAfrica/Conakry
  • sAfrica/Dakar
  • sAfrica/Freetown
  • sAfrica/Lome
  • sAfrica/Monrovia
  • sAfrica/Nouakchott
  • sAfrica/Ouagadougou
  • sAfrica/Sao Tome
  • sAfrica/Timbuktu
  • sAmerica/Danmarkshavn
  • sAtlantic/Reykjavik
  • sAtlantic/St Helena
  • sEire
  • sEtc/GMT
  • sEtc/GMT+0
  • sEtc/GMT-0
  • sEtc/GMT0
  • sEtc/Greenwich
  • sEurope/Belfast
  • sEurope/Dublin
  • sEurope/Guernsey
  • sEurope/Isle of Man
  • sEurope/Jersey
  • sEurope/London
  • sGB
  • sGB-Eire
  • sGMT
  • sGMT+0
  • sGMT-0
  • sGMT0
  • sGreenwich
  • sIceland

Africa/Abidjan;sAfrica/Accra;sAfrica/Bamako;sAfrica/Banjul;sAfrica/Bissau;sAfrica/Conakry;sAfrica/Dakar;sAfrica/Freetown;sAfrica/Lome;sAfrica/Monrovia;sAfrica/Nouakchott;sAfrica/Ouagadougou;sAfrica/Sao Tome;sAfrica/Timbuktu;sAmerica/Danmarkshavn;sAtlantic/Reykjavik;sAtlantic/St Helena;sEire;sEtc/GMT;sEtc/GMT+0;sEtc/GMT-0;sEtc/GMT0;sEtc/Greenwich;sEurope/Belfast;sEurope/Dublin;sEurope/Guernsey;sEurope/Isle of Man;sEurope/Jersey;sEurope/London;sGB;sGB-Eire;sGMT;sGMT+0;sGMT-0;sGMT0;sGreenwich;sIceland;

  • GM time is UTC +0
  • GMT+03:00 is UTC +3
  • GMT is UTC +1
  • GMT+06:00 is UTC +6
  • GMT+11:00 is UTC +11
  • Greenwich Mean Time is UTC +0

Time zones that have a GMT +0 offset are as follows:

  • EGST stands for Eastern Greenland Summer Time
  • GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time
  • WET stands for Western European Time
  • AZOST stands for Azores Summer Time
  • UTC stands for Universal Time Coordinated
  • WT stands for Western Sahara Standard Time
  • Z stands for Zulu Time Zone.

World Clock & Time Converter

+0Saint Petersburg, MK (Russian time)

  • Wed, Jan 5
  • 1 am
  • 2 am
  • 3 am
  • 4 am
  • 5 am
  • 6 am
  • 7 am
  • 8 am
  • 9 am
  • 10 am
  • 11 am
  • 12 pm
  • 1 pm
  • 2 pm
  • 3 pm
  • 4 pm
  • 5 pm
  • 6 pm
  • 7 pm
  • 8 pm
  • 9 pm
  • 10 pm
  • 11 pm
  • Wed, Jan 5

-8EST/EDTeastern Standard Time (Eastern Standard Time) (US)

  • WedJan5: 4 pm eastern time, 5 pm eastern time, 6 pm eastern time, 7 pm eastern time, 8 pm eastern time, 9 pm eastern time, 10 pm eastern time, and 11 pm eastern time
  • 1 am eastern time, 2 am eastern time, 3 am eastern time, 4 am eastern time, 6am eastern time, 7 am eastern time, 8 am eastern time, 9 am eastern time, 10 am eastern time, 11 am eastern time
  • 12 pm eastern time, 1 pm eastern time, 2 pm eastern time, 3

-3LondonGMT England is located in the United Kingdom.

  • Monday, January 5
  • 9 pm
  • 10 pm
  • 11 pm on Wednesday, January 5
  • 1 am
  • 2 am
  • 3 am
  • 4 am
  • 5 am
  • 6 am
  • 7 am
  • 8 am
  • 9 am
  • 10 am
  • 11 am on Thursday, January 6
  • 12 pm
  • 1 pm
  • 2 pm
  • 3 pm
  • 4 pm
  • 5 pm
  • 6 pm
  • 7 pm
  • 8 pm on Friday, January 7
  • 1 pm, 2 pm
  • 5 pm on Saturday, January 7
  • 2
This time zone converter lets you visually and very quickly convert Saint Petersburg, Russia time to EST and vice-versa. Simply mouse over the colored hour-tiles and glance at the hours selected by the column. and done!EST is known asEastern Standard Time. EST is 8 hours behind Saint Petersburg, Russia time. So, when it isit will be
  • Monday, January 5
  • 9 pm
  • 10 pm
  • 11 pm on Wednesday, January 5
  • 1 am
  • 2 am
  • 3 am
  • 4 am
  • 5 am
  • 6 am
  • 7 am
  • 8 am
  • 9 am
  • 10 am
  • 11 am on Thursday, January 6
  • 12 pm
  • 1 pm
  • 2 pm
  • 3 pm
  • 4 pm
  • 5 pm
  • 6 pm
  • 7 pm
  • 8 pm on Friday, January 7
  • 1 am, 2 am
  • 5 am on Saturday, January 7
  • 2

St. Petersburg

In extreme northwestern Russia, the city and port of St. Petersburg (Russian: Sankt-Peterburg), once known as Petrograd and Leningrad (1914–24) and now known as Saint Petersburg, is located. St. Petersburg, a prominent historical and cultural center as well as an important port, is located around 400 miles (640 km) northwest of Moscow and approximately 7° south of the Arctic Circle. It is the second most populous city in Russia and one of the world’s most important metropolitan areas. Since its establishment in 1703, the city of St.

It served as the capital of the Russian Empire for over two centuries (1712–1918).

Architecturally, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful and pleasant cities in all of Europe.

In 1990, the city’s historic area was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city has a land area of 550 square miles (1,400 square km). The population was 4,879,566 in 2010, and it was estimated that it would be 4,953,219 in 2012.

Character of the city

St. Petersburg is a cultural, historical, and architectural hotspot, with a plethora of attractions. It was founded by Tsar Peter I (the Great) as Russia’s “window to Europe,” and it has earned the unofficial title of Russia’s cultural capital and most European city, a reputation that it attempts to maintain in its constant struggle with Moscow, which it shares with Moscow. Three distinguishing qualities of St. Petersburg draw the viewer’s interest. The first is the city’s seamless blend of western European and Russian architectural styles, which is evident throughout.

  • Petersburg lacks an unambiguous city center, which, like other Russian towns of the Middle Ages, is characterized by a Kremlin and its immediate surroundings.
  • The small but powerful tributaries and canals of the Neva River that reach all the way to the Baltic shore are inextricably linked to the city’s landscape.
  • Furthermore, St.
  • St.
  • The festivals hosted by the Mariinsky and Hermitage Theatres, as well as the Rimsky-Korsakov St.
  • Petersburg.
  • As dilapidated facades, potholed roads, and cultural icons were rebuilt following the demise of the Soviet Union, St.
  • The most difficult world capitals throughout history, according to the Britannica Quiz39.
  • There are tens of thousands more like them.
  • Join us on a journey to see how much you know about the world we live in and the many interesting places it has to offer.


St. Petersburg is located on the delta of the Neva River, at the head of the Gulf of Finland. It is the largest city in the Russian Federation. There are 42 islands in the delta and neighboring areas of the mainland floodplain where the metropolis is spread out across a large area. The city’s extremely low and initially marshy location has resulted in frequent flooding, particularly in the fall, when powerful cyclonic winds bring gulf waters upstream, and also during the spring thaw. The city has been vulnerable to periodic floods for decades.

  1. For flood control purposes, the city constructed an 18-mile-long (29-kilometer-long) dike across the Gulf of Finland in the 1980s.
  2. Greater St.
  3. Petersburg and its satellite towns, is shaped like a horseshoe around the head of the Gulf of Finland and includes the island of Kotlin, which is located within the gulf.
  4. This northern expansion consists of dormitory towns, resorts, sanatoriums, and children’s camps, all of which are nestled within huge coniferous woods and bordered by magnificent beaches and sand dunes.
  5. Summer dachas, or summer residences, in this area are also owned by certain upper-class citizens of Saint Petersburg.

Located on the southern side of the gulf, the metropolitan boundaries expand westward to cover Peterhof and Lomonosov, as well as other communities. Greater St. Petersburg extends eastward along the Neva River to the Ivanovskoye neighborhood.


With the moderating impact of the Atlantic Ocean, St. Petersburg has warmer temperatures than one might anticipate for a city located so far north in the world. But even in January, the temperature averages approximately 21 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius), which is just slightly warmer than the average temperature in Moscow. Winter temperatures, on the other hand, can plummet below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). The average duration of snow cover is around 132 days. Ice formation on the Neva occurs in mid-November and is complete by the beginning of December; disintegration begins in mid-April and is generally completed by late in the month of the following month.

The summers are generally warm, with an average temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius) in July.

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