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Because of this, Archangel Michael has a significant influence on our lives and on society at large. Always loyal to his promise, he is committed to achieving the most favorable conclusion possible for the sake of our strength and justice as a nation. Michael will not be convinced differently, and if you have ever had a chance to interact with him, you will be familiar with his ruthless honesty and willingness to let old wounds to totally heal themselves. You can turn to him if you are facing legal difficulties, if you need to be firm with others around you so that they will listen and regard you, if you want to feel safe and powerful, or if you need to sweep away any old or harmful attitudes and behaviors.

Even if this fails as a result of other factors, Michael will fight on your behalf to ensure that the best possible conclusion is achieved for all parties involved.

Archangel Michael possesses a variety of abilities.

Additionally, the name Michael is connected with inner strength, courage, leadership, and resolve.

  • With his unstoppable might, there is nothing Michael will not become engaged in.
  • Our intuition is given to us by him, allowing us to get clarity and follow our gut feeling.
  • If you want his assistance, he will gladly oblige.
  • In his presence, there is no longer any fear or stress, no hesitation, no doubt.
  • Michael will assist you in this process.
  • At the end of the day, Archangel Michael wants you to be the greatest version of yourself possible, guided by truth, light, honesty, openness, and a grasp of the greater picture of the cosmic reality.
  • The color blue is the most usually linked with Michael, however white can also be used to invoke his assistance on rare occasions.

The act of dispelling or reflecting the forces working against us is likewise regarded as beneficial.

To describe his color in words might be difficult because of the vast vibrations and power that emanate from his hue.

The color of Archangel Michael has appeared to me in a range of shades ranging from navy to deep blue.

The darker the color, in my opinion, indicates a greater amount of enthusiasm and involvement on his part.

Because he expects us to do our part and do what we can to assist ourselves, it is a little like an Archangel ordering us to back off.

When compared to a very pale blue, his vibe turns to one of being helpful, nurturing, and having faith in one’s abilities.

His approach of telling you that you’ll be OK and to keep your cool while he takes care of you makes sense to me.

Aspects of crystals related to Archangel Michael Sugalite, sodalite, and lapis lazuli are among the gemstones available.


In addition to charging up other stones, clear quartz provides clear vision and helps to bring light into your life.

Your energy field will be protected, and negativity will be dispelled by using it.

In addition to generating happy feelings, Sugalite is a stone that may help with worry release and emotional healing.

You will benefit from this stone if you are looking to reduce your stress levels and shift your focus to what can go well rather than bad.

Gold specks are found in Lapis Lazuli, which correspond to Michael’s ardor and fiery side, which helps him to get things done faster.

Place them in your pocket, bra, car, workplace desk, near the front entrance, or anywhere else you think you might need Michael’s assistance at the moment.

Take a look at some of our Archangel and Guardian Angel gifts listed below, or if you’d like to learn more about which Archangel is working with you, visit our Angel Card Reading page.

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These are our favorite saints who protect you in life (and you can find in the Cathedral):

According to tradition, once upon a time there was a tremendous giant who wished to serve the most powerful being on the planet, and he succeeded. He initially offered his services to a King, but soon discovered that the king was terrified of the Devil and declined his offer. Afterwards, he volunteered his services to the devil until he discovered that the devil was afraid of the Holy Cross and turned away. As a result, he determined to work for Christ, but he was unable to locate him. One day, a wise man advised him that the finest way to serve Christ would be to assist people who were crossing a particularly large river, which he dutifully did.

  1. The giant sat the child on his back and began strolling across the river with a palm tree stump as a cane to keep him from falling.
  2. The giant yelled, “Kid, you are heavier than the entire globe!” What the boy said was correct: he was Christ, and he bore the weight of all the sins of the world on his shoulders.
  3. The giant then saw that the trunk he had been using as a cane had sprung roots, and that the leaves were once again sprouting.
  4. If you go to the fourth side chapel of the Cathedral, to the right of the Choir, you’ll find him; unfortunately, he’s up on the ceiling and difficult to see: he’s shown in one of the keystones of the ceiling.

Saint Anthony of Padua (Sant Antoni de Pàdua)

When it comes to not being able to locate items, St. Anthony is the guy for the job! According to legend, Saint Anthony had misplaced one of his favorite books, a commentary on the psalms, and he prayed to God for the return of his prize possession. Somehow, the novice who had stolen it was apprehended and confessed, and Saint Anthony was able to regain possession of his book. Following the Saint’s death, his disciples began praying to him every time they lost anything (even when they couldn’t find.

), and because it appeared to work, they have continued to do so.

Saint Lucy (Santa Llúcia)

Lucy was a young lady during the time of the Romans. The woman’s father had died when she was a baby, and her mother had planned for her to be married to a pagan man. However, she desired to remain a virgin and devote her life to God. It was when she went her mother to the grave of St. Agatha to pray that the mother was miraculously healed of dysentery, which she had been suffering from for years, that she decided to call off the engagement. Her fiancé, on the other hand, was not pleased, and he brought charges against them, accusing them of being Christians before the Roman courts, who condemned her to tortures and death for refusing to worship the Roman Emperor as a god.

And it is for this reason that she has been designated as the patron saint of persons suffering from vision disorders.

Fact: If you can’t locate anything that is right in front of you in Catalonia, a grandmother will most likely chuckle and tell you that “Glorious St. Lucy preserves your vision!” (Santa Llcia gloriosa et conservi la vista!) (Santa Llcia glorious and preserve the view!)

Saint Raymond Nonnatus (Sant Ramon Nonat)

So, once you’ve discovered love, it’s time to start thinking about having children, isn’t it? That’s what any newlyweds will be hearing as soon as they return from their honeymoon, at the very least. And it is in this situation that Sant Ramon Nonat comes in helpful, as his protection will assist pregnant women in having a comfortable birth. In fact, according to legend and as his name indicates (nonnatus, which means “not-born” in Latin), St. Raymond was never “born” in the conventional sense: his mother died during giving birth, and he was removed from her body by a post-mortem medieval cesarean surgery.


Saint Barbara (Santa Bàrbara)

Allow me to introduce you to a Saint who is extremely beneficial to know about while you are on vacation or if you have plans to spend time outside in any capacity. Because, after all, what could be more detrimental to your trip than rain? We summon Saint Barbara specifically for this purpose: to halt the storm or at the very least to make its consequences less destructive. This is precisely what Saint Barbara is known for. And this is due to the fact that after she was gruesomely killed, her father beheaded her in retaliation for her conversion to Catholicism, but on his way home, he was struck by lightning and burnt to death.

(* Irony mode is on.) In addition, because miners work with explosives, she was designated as the patron saint of miners because of her connection to lightning.

In the Cathedral, she may be found in the second side chapel to the right of the doorway leading to the Cloister, which is the second side chapel.

PLUS, there’s a bonus!

Saint Rita of Casia (Santa Rita de Càsia)

It’s important to note that Saint Rita is the patron saint of the Impossible Things, which means that if you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, she’s your last hope for completing whatever it is you’ve set your mind to attaining. Of course, this makes her rather popular, and she is one of the saints whose chapel has the greatest number of lights lighted in honor of her (in the Cloister, right next to the exit giving to Carrer del Bisbe). When it comes to exam season, she is especially well-liked by moms who are concerned about their children’s exams (funnily enough, she offers much more candles around this time!).

  1. It is also customary to invoke her when we are given anything, but the prior owner later requests that it be returned.
  2. What is your favorite Catholic patron saint, and how did you find out about him?
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What is the Meaning of the Saint Christopher Medal?

When it comes to religious protection, the Catholic Church recognizes medals as a valuable asset. These medals frequently depict one of our many cherished saints, including Saint Christopher, who is one of our patron saints. Because of his importance in the Catholic religion, the Saint Christopher Medal is one of the most widely worn medals in the world, especially in Europe. The Saint Christopher medal is said to provide protection to those who wear it while traveling. As a result, many individuals choose to wear Saint Christopher pendants around their necks or on their wrists, and some even place the medals on the dashboard of their vehicles!

  • Despite the fact that some researchers dispute his actual existence, we can all agree that the legend of Saint Christopher represents something very incredible.
  • Christoper was born to a heathen monarch and his wife.
  • Throughout his life, Reprobus developed into a powerful man standing seven feet tall who resolved to serve only the most powerful.
  • He came upon a hermit, who gave him spiritual guidance and baptized him in the name of Christ.
  • Christopher committed to transport people who needed assistance across a treacherous creek in order to better serve Him.
  • Because the boy was convinced that Christopher had just borne Christ, he commanded Christopher to drive his staff into the ground as proof.
  • Despite the fact that this incident was popular with many people, it enraged the king.
  • He is a martyr for his selfless and sincere efforts.

What does Saint Christopher protect you from?

In spite of the fact that many individuals wear Saint Christopher medals in their everyday lives, others wear them during lengthy voyages since Saint Christopher is recognized as the patron saint of travelers. Not only do people wear Saint Christopher medals, but sculptures of the saint are also put in front of their houses, churches, and bridges to remind them of his presence. Those who wear his medal do so out of reverence for him and in the hope of receiving his blessing while they travel.

Saint Christopher is also honored by many troops, who honor him by wearing his medal or by carrying a prayer card with them. In addition to being one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, this medal brings with it the promise of health and well-being.

McVan Wholesale Saint Christopher Medals

Having Saint Christopher medals on hand is an important must for every religious retail establishment. Countless Catholics all around the globe benefit from the medals, which provide comfort and confidence. People who wear Saint Christopher’s medals around their necks or keep them in their automobiles believe they are protected from a variety of perils. These medals are an obvious choice for people who are looking for a Catholic pendant that will serve as a daily reminder of the beauty and value of having a strong religious belief system.

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Four Reasons to Stock Your Store With Saint Christopher Medals

If you own a religious retail business, Saint Christopher medals are an outstanding must-have item. Countless Catholics all throughout the globe benefit from the medals’ comfort and confidence. A Saint Christopher medallion worn around the neck or in the automobile provides people with a sense of security as they navigate through life’s many challenges. If you are looking for a Catholic pendant to serve as a daily reminder of the beauty and necessity of having a strong faith, these medals are an excellent choice.

Saint of Protection – Are they real? How do I pray to them?

Having Saint Christopher medals in your religious retail business is a must-have item. Numerous Catholics all throughout the globe benefit from the medals, which provide comfort and confidence. People who wear Saint Christopher’s medals around their necks or keep them in their automobiles feel safe from a wide range of hazards. If you are looking for a Catholic pendant to serve as a daily reminder of the beauty and necessity of having a strong faith, these medals are an obvious choice. Your shop may have difficulty keeping up with client demand because the Saint Christopher medal is one of the top four most popular medals.

  • St. Christopher is known as the “Saint of Protection,” and What is it that St Christopher protects you against
  • St. Dominic Savio is the Patron Saint of Protection, and he is known for the following: St. Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of protection in the Catholic faith
  • Finally, some last thoughts

St. Christopher, the Saint of Protection

Protection is bestowed to us by St. Christopher. Is there anything that St Christopher protects you from? Among the patron saints of protection are St. Dominic Savio, who is known as: Michael the Archangel, patron saint of protection in the Catholic tradition. Considerations at the end

What does St Christopher protect you from?

A figure of this saint is frequently seen on people’s dashboards or hanging by the rear-view mirror, and you may have even seen one of these saints yourself. You might invoke the assistance of this patron saint by uttering a simple prayer such as: Saint Christopher, intercede for me, and may my good fortune and confidence in my Lord improve with each passing day! People believe that Saint Christopher may protect them from various ailments such as epilepsy, lightning, storms, plague, and flooding.

The Saint Christopher medal is worn by many troops and law enforcement officers as a mark of respect for Saint Christopher. People who have trust in their abilities have never had poor luck while on their travels. They put their faith in this saint.

St. Dominic Savio, the Patron Saint of Protection

In addition to adults, these prayers are available for youngsters. It is frequently seen that teens and children of all ages are experiencing difficulties. Not that adult life is any less difficult, but children should be able to rely on God to provide for their needs as they grow older. Learn how to ask questions. Consider the following scenario: you are a teenager in need of assistance. Not just any type of support, but spiritual and divine assistance. You should keep Saint Dominic Savio, the 15-year-old in mind the next time you go to your parish priest to ask for his opinion on who should be the patron saint of protection.

St. Michael the Archangel, the Catholic saint of protection

In addition to adults, these prayers are available to youngsters. Teenagers and children of all ages are frequently observed to be experiencing difficulties. Children should be able to rely on God to provide for them, not because adult life is any less difficult. Become more confident in your ability to inquire. If you are a teenager in need of assistance, consider the following situation: The support I need is not just any help; it is spiritual and divine assistance. In the future, when you approach your parish priest to ask for his opinion on who should be the patron saint of protection, keep Saint Dominic Savio in mind.

Final Thoughts!

These saints are more than just legends. These saints have the power to protect us from all manner of evil and bad luck, and countless people from all over the world who believe in God also believe in the power of these saints to do so. All of these saints work as angels, assisting you in all of your efforts to overcome any spiritual, mental, or physical problem that may be affecting your well-being. Rather than praying to these saints, you are asking them to intercede on your behalf. During their entire lives, these saints have maintained an unwavering and unwavering level of faith and piety.

It is important to never underestimate their influence.

Discover some more interesting articles from Padre:

Pope Francis issued a warning in his sermon during a recent Mass at his Santa Marta home, saying, “The devil is here.even in the twenty-first century!” And we can’t afford to be naive, can we? What we need to understand about combating Satan comes from the Gospel.” Pope Francis reminds us of the following:

  • Temptation is always present in our environment
  • The devil is constantly on the lookout for methods to divert us from the path that is intended for us. The devil is cunning and unyielding in his attempts to persuade us to commit sin
  • We must maintain a continual state of alertness and refuse to give in to even the tiniest temptation
  • Fighting the devil is something we must learn from the Scriptures
  • Else, we will fail. Make a prayer to God for protection.

We might also pray to St. Benedict, who is known as the “Protector Against Evil Spirits,” for intercession and protection against the devil’s snares and traps. More.

​Who is Saint Benedict?

St. Benedict was born into a noble family in Nursia, central Italy, approximately 480 A.D. to an aristocratic family. He led a secluded life for many years, abandoning his family and friends to live in a cave near the town of Subiaco, where he was discovered. In response to the immoral lifestyle he witnessed while attending school in Rome, St. Benedict opted to live a tranquil life of prayer and devotion to God, which he describes as “calm and complete devotion to God.” Saint Benedict, like all of us, was continuously tempted by the devil, despite the fact that he led a life dedicated to God.

Benedict was successful in defeating the devil on multiple occasions, gaining him the title of defender against evil spirits, temptation, and witchcraft.

St. Benedict also provides protection from being poisoned, infectious illnesses, problems during childbirth, and devastation during storms and tempests, among other things. In addition, he secures the grace of conversion for sinners.

​St. Benedict’s Protection — A Lifetime of Defeating the Devil

Pope Gregory I, commonly known as St. Gregory the Great, wrote of St. Benedict’s confrontations with the devil in his four-part book series, The Dialogues, which was published in the early twentieth century. Here are some examples of how St. Benedict was successful in his battle against the devil.

​The Miracle of the Poisoned Wine

After a few years of isolation, St. Benedict was found by a group of monks who approached him and requested him to organize their monastery and serve as its abbot, or leader, for the following year. Soon after, however, the monks revolted against St. Benedict’s rule, believing it to be excessively rigorous, and concocted a plan to assassinate him. A cup of poisoned wine was handed to St. Benedict by the monks, but before drinking it, St. Benedict — who had a deep reverence for the Holy Cross – blessed the cup with a cross.

When St.

​The Black Bird

During his period in solitary, St. Benedict was visited by the devil, who appeared in the form of a blackbird and spoke with him. The blackbird flew quite close to him, lingering near his face as he walked around. Recognizing that the bird was the devil, St. Benedict blessed himself with the sign of the cross, and the bird flew away almost quickly after. Soon later, the devil tried to seduce St. Benedict by reminding him of a woman he had previously known. He was struck with passion for this woman to the point where he was tempted to abandon his vow of virginity and marry her.

Benedict dived into it, hoping to put an end to his longing.

God’s grace, according to St.

Later on, he said that the scars on his body were a result of the wounds on his spirit being healed.

​St. Benedict Moves a Large Stone by the Power of Prayer

On a day when the monks were hard at work constructing a new monastery, St. Benedict successfully drove the devil away once more. They came found a massive stone that they were unable to raise as they were transporting stones to be used in the construction of the project. The group of monks attempted to move the stone many times, but were unable. They soon understood that the devil was sitting on the stone, preventing it from being utilized in the construction of the monastic complex. The devil was driven away by St.

The power of prayer, such as this Saint Benedict Prayer, cannot be overstated.

The St. Benedict Medal​

The medal of St. Benedict is adorned with a variety of allegorical symbols. St. Benedict is seen on the front of the medal, holding a cross in his right hand and The Rule of Benedict in his left hand. The Rule of Benedict is a rule for monks and nuns on how they should live a balanced, simple, obedient, and devout life, and it can be found on the back of the medal. The same regulations are still in effect today, more than 1500 years after they were established. To the right of St. Benedict is a cup with a snake on it, which represents the poisoned cup of wine that broke after it was blessed by the monk St.

  1. A raven holds a loaf of bread to his left, which he eats.
  2. Benedict’s second assassination attempt, which occurred when a jealous rival presented him with a poisoned piece of bread.
  3. St.
  4. The medal was initially produced on this day by Monte Cassino (St.

Benedict’s first monastery), which was granted exclusive production rights. It was the 1400th anniversary of St. Benedict’s birth, which took place on this day. The words “May his presence protect us at the hour of death” are inscribed around the circumference of the medal.

​Back of the St. Benedict Medal

The reverse of the medal has a big cross in the center, which represents the Holy Cross. The initials C.S.S.M.L., which stand for Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux, are engraved on the vertical beam of the cross, which represents the first letters of the words: Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux (May the Holy Cross be for me a light). The initials N.D.S.M.D., which are the first letters of the phrase Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux, are inscribed on the horizontal beam of the cross (Let not the dragon be my guide). The four huge letters in the four corners of the Cross are as follows: Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti is an abbreviation for Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti (The Cross of the Holy Father Benedict).

), which are around the right edge of the medal, are also encircling the edge of the medal.

A pair of initials for the words Sunt mala quae libas and Ipse venena bibas are inscribed on the left border of the medal (The drink you offer is evil; drink that poison yourself).

​How You Can Use the St. Benedict Medal for Protection

The St. Benedict medal serves as a tangible reminder to call on St. Benedict to intercede on your behalf before God in order to safeguard your body and soul from the perils of the wicked one. Alternatively, you can wear the medal on a chain around your neck, link it to a rosary, keep it in your wallet or pocketbook, or keep it in your car or house. Numerous individuals also prefer to bury the St. Benedict medal in the foundation of their homes and structures, which will provide them with protection for many years.

Benedict is commemorated on July 11th.

​St. Benedict Medals, Crucifixes and Rosaries

The rosary is really lightweight, and it feels fantastic in your palm as your fingers make their way over the beads of the crucifix. Decorative elements include a black enamel inlay, a silver tone corpus, and a medallion of St. Benedict on both the back and the front of the cross. The centerpiece, like the crucifix, features a spherical St. Benedict medallion, which is similar to the crucifix. Take a look at The Rosary of Saint Benedict for Men A crucifix pendant, a St. Benedict medallion, and a St.

  1. Benedict rosary with a 6mm light brown bead as the centerpiece.
  2. It will also not take up a lot of room.
  3. In addition to the brown enamel cross, this affordable quality rosary has several additional appealing features.
  4. 3.75″ Saint Benedict figure perched on a little memento box, which contains a St.
  5. The figurine is sold separately.
  6. Benedict also has a red enamel top and a border adorned with flowers.
  7. Benedict rosary is hidden under the lid of the memento box, which you may discover by opening the lid.
  8. Benedict and rosary This high-quality St.
  9. The pectoral crucifix pendant is 3″ in height and features a big jump ring that allows even a thick chain to be threaded through it easily.
  10. Benedict medal, while the cross itself is inlaid with enamel.
  11. Benedict medallion, are similarly inlaid with enamel.

Have you been protected by St. Benedict? If so, how would you go about it? Do you pray with a Saint Benedict rosary or wear a Saint Benedict cross? Do you wear a Saint Benedict cross? Did you know what the symbols meant before you saw them?

Which Saint Is Your True Protector?

Which one will keep a close eye on you? GET THE QUIZ STARTED!

Question 1/10

Which of these do you find yourself sacrificing the most? It’s now or never for me. I have money, and I have opportunities. Time with my family is really important to me.

Question 2/10

In your opinion, which of these is the most important? CultureLoveFamilyReligion

Question 3/10

Which of these would you like to devote your time and energy to? Providing assistance to the impoverished Making a difference in the environmentI love defending my nation

Question 4/10

Which of these have you found the most difficult to overcome? Poverty BullyingSickness Other

Question 5/10

Which of these options gives you the most peace of mind? PrayerExerciseMeditation Being in the company of my loved ones Other

Question 6/10

Choose anything that you would most like to be granted. World peace is a goal we all share. Put an end to all forms of poverty. Health and well-being for you and your family Something else is going on.

Question 7/10

What do you generally do when you’re in an argument? I’m going to raise my voice to them. Just try to ignore them as much as possible. Make an effort to talk about it gently. I’m not really certain.

Question 8/10

Which of these characteristics is the most impressive? Kindness HonestyPatienceHumble

Question 9/10

Which of these characteristics is the worst? Greed, laziness, and a hot temper are all characteristics of envy.

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Question 10/10

What do you like to do on weekends in general? Go to the gym. Stay in for the entire weekend. Have a night on the town Take it easy this weekend.

Prayer to Saint Michael for Personal Protection – Prayers

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  • Now is the time to seek assistance.
  • Glorious Prince, ruler and champion of the angelic legions; defender of men’s souls; and victor of the rebellious angels, all hail you!
  • Our hearts are filled with love for thee, sweet Prince of Heaven.
  • Ask God to grant us a portion of your steadfast bravery; pray for us that we may have a deep and tender love for our Redeemer and that we may be invincible in the face of every danger or temptation from our adversary, the devil.
  • We ask that you be with us in our final moments, and that when our souls from this earthly captivity, that you transport them securely to the judgment seat of Christ, and that Our Lord and Master grant that you transport us quickly to the kingdom of eternal pleasure.

Teach us to repeat the noble cry: “Who is equal to God?” over and over again. Amen.

More Protection Prayers (17)

I adore Thee and I love Thee with all of my heart, O My God, in this prayer for protection. Be with Me at all times. Christ-May the cross of Christ be with me; may the cross of Christ be with me. Protect Me—just as you would the cup and the wine and the holy. Please Keep Watch Over Me-Jesus, I shall rise; Jesus, please accompany me. Let No Harm Come Upon Us-O God, You are the protector of mankind and the source of all good. Prayer for Fire Protection-Almighty and immortal God, we beseech You to protect us from the dangers of fire.

  1. We pray to the Holy Cross for protection: “Help us, O Lord our God; and defend us,” says the prayer.
  2. Protection from harm through prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel- Saint Michael, the Archangel!
  3. Prayer to Saint Michael for the Protection of the Church-O magnificent St.
  4. Protection from Theives-May God be with you, comrades, and may you halt.
  5. Prayer for Remembrance Day 2 (for Troops)-All-powerful and ever-living God, when Abraham was called to sacrifice his son Isaac.
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I am safe and secure.

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10 Patron Saints To Pray To When Times Get Tough And You Need A Miracle

Life presents us with its own set of difficulties, and when the going gets rough, all we can do is hold on to our faith and ask for a miracle. You are not only praying to God directly if you are a believer, but you are also asking for the intercession of the patron saints who are already in heaven if you are not a believer. It is through the intercession of saints that you are offering a prayer to those who are capable of requesting the Lord’s assistance in whatever it is that you require in line with His desire.

However, given the fact that there are over 10,000 recognized saints, knowing which ones to pray to for your specific needs may be quite beneficial.

1. St. Rita – Loneliness

Even though Saint Rita of Cascia had a difficult and unsatisfactory existence, God utilized her in miraculous ways both during her life and after her death. After 18 years of abuse, St. Rita’s patience, decency, and compassion were able to win her husband back. He was finally assassinated as a result of a family feud, and his two sons determined to get vengeance on their father. St. Rita was unable to persuade her children to forgive, so she went to God and hoped that he would let them to die before committing a fatal sin, which was the case.

Because of her experience of loneliness, she decided to become a nun, and because of her relationship with abuse and the veneration of windows, she is known as the patron saint of the lonely.

2. St. Valentine – Relationship problems

It should come as no surprise that Saint Valentine is known as the patron saint of love. After all, he is the reason why we celebrate Valentine’s Day in the first place. During his lifetime, it is thought that the Italian doctor-turned-Priest spent a significant portion of his time uniting people and assisting them in experiencing love. It is even said that the legendary saint was imprisoned for performing weddings at a period when new marriages were prohibited in ancient Rome. He was executed for refusing to forsake his religious views, but not before he had the opportunity to write a letter to a little blind girl whom he had befriended before his death.

This is the origin of the modern-day practice of sending Valentine’s Day cards to loved ones.

Since his death, those who are in need of love or who want to better their romantic relationships have prayed to St. Valentine for assistance, and many have stated that their situations have improved as a result.

3. St. Christopher – Bad luck

Why do so many people wear charms and necklaces with the face of Saint Christopher on them, or why do they place a miniature figurine of the saint on their dashboards? There’s a good explanation for this. Despite the fact that many details of his life are still unknown, Christians generally identify him with travel, and according to Beliefnet.com, “his classification as the saint of good luck undoubtedly has something to do with the protection he provides people who travel. Others assert that he is also the patron saint of soldiers, and while it is unknown why he has been designated as such, others speculate that it is because he is frequently shown as a hero in numerous medieval stories, which is true.

Christopher to intervene on your behalf so that God can respond to your prayers in a timely manner.

4. St. Dymphna – Anxiety

In the event that you are feeling overwhelmed by worry or mental illness, Saint Dympha is the person to whom you should direct your prayers. Despite the fact that she was a teenager at the time, the virgin saint was murdered for denying the overtures of a strong man, an Irish pagan monarch named Damon, who also happened to be her biological father. St. Dymphna’s mother died when she was around 14 years old, and her father, who appears to be suffering from mental illness, desired that the young girl assume her mother’s position in the family.

After she refused to come home, Damon was able to hunt her down and kill her, which was unfortunate.

Since then, many of people have turned to St.

5. St. Jospeh – Unemployment

Acquiring a decent job is not a simple endeavor, even with a strong CV and engaging cover letter. If you’re out of work and in need of a boost, you can turn to Saint Joseph for assistance. Saint Joseph, who is also the patron saint of the Universal Church, workers, carpenters, and immigrants, died before Jesus began his mission, but he still had enough time on this earth to demonstrate that he is honorable, humble, and dedicated to his Holy Family. Saint Joseph is also the patron saint of workers, carpenters, and immigrants.

Instead of feeling upset and unhappy about being out of work, seek St.

6. St. Matthew – Money woes

Saint Matthew the Apostle is the patron saint of money, and given the current state of the economy, you may want to consider turning to him for assistance if you are suffering financial difficulties. Praying to St. Matthew, who was formerly a tax collector, can help you with a variety of money-related difficulties, including increasing your income, recovering money that is owed to you, paying off debts, and being more financially stable.

Praying to St. Matthew, as well as to St. Joseph, may be quite effective for persons who are out of work or looking for work.

7. St. Gerard – Fertility issues

Prior to his death at the age of 29 from TB, Saint Gerard Majella was able to achieve some astounding miracles throughout his life. He spent his life to assisting the poor, sick, and in need, and he was known for his ability to cure ailments, giving him the moniker “wonder worker.” However, at one time, he was accused of fathering a kid with a pregnant lady who was not his wife. He categorically denied any participation, and it was eventually shown that the woman had been lying all along. This occurrence is one of the reasons why he is regarded as the patron saint of mothers, maternity, and those who have been wrongfully accused.

Women who are having difficulty conceiving a child or who are concerned about the prospect of childbirth are advised to pray to St.

8. St. Jude – Desperation

When you’re faced with a terrible circumstance and you’re starting to lose hope, rely on Saint Jude for assistance. After suffering martyrdom, Saint Jude, the younger brother of Saint James the Less, is renowned for preaching the gospel and performing miracles before he dies. He is credited for curing the King of Edessa, who was suffering from leprosy and had reached the end of his rope. In order to cure the king’s illness, it is believed that St. Jude used a cloth with a picture of Jesus’ face.

Jude to assist them in surviving the situation.

9. St. Peregrine – Cancer

Saint Peregrine Laziosi was not only a saintly man, but he was also the recipient of a miracle while on this planet. Doctors were planning to amputate his leg after a malignant growth was discovered on it. But after a night of fervent prayer for healing, he witnessed Jesus come down from the cross and place his hand on his leg. Of course, he awoke with his injuries entirely healed. St. Peregrine has been named as the patron saint of cancer patients, as well as those suffering from other incurable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, in recognition of his victory over cancer and miraculous rapid cure.

Peregrine for assistance in getting your prayers answered if you or a loved one is in desperate need of a medical breakthrough.

10. St. Michael – Danger

St. Michael, in contrast to the other saints on this list, never lived on earth, yet he was canonized for his work in assisting humans on our planet. The celestial angel is the commander of God’s army, and he had been sent on a mission to combat Satan, who causes human sorrow and suffering. For those suffering from a less serious sickness that requires treatment, for those who need to get out of a perilous situation and for those who seek protection from their adversaries, Saint Michael the Archangel is the one to turn to for help.

What patron saints do you pray to when in need? Let us know in the comments!

We have a large selection of Patron Saint Medals that will give a spiritual blessing to your neck if you practice Catholicism.

To view our Patron Saints Medal Collections, please click on the images of the medals:

St. Andrew

  • Patrons include representatives from Scotland, Russia, Greece, and the fishing industry. Because he was a Christian apostle and the brother of Saint Peter, he was patronized by several countries, including Russia, Greece, and Scotland.

St. Anne

  • Patrons include carpenters, mothers, grandmothers, and expectant mothers. According to fanciful Christian and Islamic tradition, the holy person Anne, who came from David’s family and line, was the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. Mary’s mother is not mentioned in any of the authoritative accounts, nor is she mentioned in the Quran.

St. Anthony

  • Travelers, the poor, and people who have misplaced their belongings are among the patrons. As a result of his outstanding teaching and mastery of sacred material, he was the second-most-immediately anointed holy person after Peter of Verona, earning him the title of “Saint Peter the Apostle.” He is also a beneficent holy person who aids with the discovery of lost objects or people who have gone missing. On the 16th of January, 1946, he was elevated to the rank of Doctor of the Church.

St. Barbara

  • Prisoners, minors, amorers, artillerymen, and mathematicians provide assistance. Person of sanctity Barbara is one of the Holy Helpers, who number fourteen in all. The fact that she had a connection with the lightning that killed her father has resulted in her being summoned against lightning and fire
  • In addition, because of her connection with blasts, she has become a benefactor of ordnance and mining.

St. Benedict

  • Patrons include schoolchildren and students, as well as those suffering from kidney disease and poison. The Catholic Church has venerated St. Benedict, who is the patron saint of the whole European continent as well as of those who pursue higher education.

St. Christopher

  • Customers include athletes, bachelors, and travelers. Patrons include those with a mustache or who live in stormy weather. Probably his most well-known legend is the time when he was ferrying a boy over a river before the youngster revealed himself to be Jesus Christ, according to the narrative. He is so revered as the patron saint of travelers, and Christians commonly carry little images of him around their necks, on wrist trinkets, in their pockets, or in the trunks of their cars.

St. Florian

  • Soapmakers, chimney sweeps, and firefighters are among the patrons. One of the most capable Roman commanders, he rose to become the commander of the splendid armed forces in the Roman province of Noricum. His responsibilities included overseeing the organization of firefighting detachments, in addition to his military responsibilities. Florian gathered and prepared a top-notch group of soldiers whose main responsibility was to put out flames.
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St. Francis of Assisi

  • Traders, animals, and the environment are among the patrons. St. Francis is renowned as the patron saint of nature and animals because he is one of the two patron saints of Italy, the other being St. John the Evangelist.

St. George

  • Military, Georgia, Farmers, Georgia, and the military are among the patrons. Saint George is regarded as one of the most powerful military saints in history, as well as one of the most venerated saints in the Catholic Church.

St. Gerard

  • Patronage is extended to those who have been falsely accused, expectant mothers, children, and those who have made good confessions. According to the Catholic Church, Gerard Majella is a saintly person who deserves to be venerated. His involvement is sought for children, unborn children, pregnant women, mothers, eager mothers, parenting, wrongfully accused persons, excellent admissions, lay siblings, and Muro Lucano, Italy.

St. John the Baptist

  • French is the language of patronage. Canada, Newfoundland, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and a number of other countries are included. Regarding absolution for the forgiveness of sins, John is shown to have a one-of-a-kind procedure that distinguishes him from the others. The majority of academics think that he was the one who baptized Jesus.

St. Joseph

  • Patrons include: Social Justice, Carpenters, Fathers, Happy Death, the Church, and Workers (amongst others). St. Joseph appears in the Gospels as the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and as the father of Jesus’ children. Joseph is revered as the patron saint of experts in both Catholic and other religious traditions, and he is honored with a few feast days. In addition, Pope Pius IX declared him to be the patron saint and protector of the Catholic Church in 1870, and he has been a benefactor to a number of nations and territories.

St. Jude

  • Patrons include the Chicago Police Department, the Desperate Situations series, Armenia, and the Philippines, among others. According to the New Testament, Jude was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, according to tradition. In the Roman Catholic Church, he is revered as the benefactor holy person of controversial situations and futile deeds (Cancer etc.)

St. Lucy

  • Throat infections, writers, the blind, epidemics, and martyrs are among the patrons. She is recognized as a saint by the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and Orthodox churches, among other denominations. Among the eight women who are commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass, along with the Blessed Virgin Mary, is St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

St. Luke

  • Patrons include surgeons, physicians, and visual artists. Many scholars believe that Luke was a Greek doctor who composed both the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts of the Apostles
  • However, some scholars disagree.

St. Mark

  • Patrons include the Republic of Venice, the Barristers’ Society, and the Egyptian government. The author of the Gospel of Mark, as well as the founder of the Church of Alexandria

St. Michael

  • Police officers, firefighters, and military personnel are among those who have received patronage from the Catholic Church and the Chivalry. In the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Michael is the most important heavenly messenger. The Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Anglican Church, and the Lutherans all refer to him as “Holy Michael the Archangel.” According to the New Testament, Michael is a God-ordained general who leads God’s military forces in battle against Satan’s armies in the Book of Revelation, where he defeats Satan during a battle in paradise.

St. Patrick

  • Patrons include paralegals from Ireland and Nigeria. In Ireland, Patrick was referred to be the “Messenger of Ireland.” When he was approximately 16 years old, he was captured by Irish privateers from his home in Great Britain and carried as a slave to Ireland, where he worked as a caretaker for animals for a long time before escaping and returning to his family.

St. Paul

  • Missions, Gentile Christians, and theologians are among the patrons. In general, Paul the Apostle is regarded as one of the most important individuals of the Apostolic Age, and this is largely because of his relationship with Jesus Christ. In Asia Minor and Europe, he constructed a few buildings of worship that are still in use today. Fourteen of the twenty-seven books of the New Testament are traditionally attributed to Paul
  • The remaining two are disputed.

St. Peter

  • Patronage is provided by institutions, churches, and workers. According to New Testament texts, Saint Peter, also known as Simon Peter, was one of twelve witnesses chosen by Jesus to testify on his behalf. The Roman Catholic Church considers him to be the primary Pope, having been selected by Jesus.

Saint medals in large quantities the significance of saint medals The significance of patron saint medals Saint pendants are a popular choice. Symbolic significance of gold catholic saint medals Protection medallions in the shape of saints Saint pendants and their symbolic implications Pendants with patron saints

10 Crazy Things Patron Saints Can Protect You From

The Roman Catholic Church maintains a database of thousands of departed individuals whom it has designated as saints – people whose presence in Heaven it believes to be confirmed. These saints’ great stature means that their assistance (or intercession) is frequently requested by Catholics on Earth in order to beg God for assistance with specific situations. In most cases, the concerns for which they are summoned are associated with an incident or trial that occurred in the saint’s own life. So it is common to have a patron saint for a certain issue because of their relationship to that particular topic being honored.

Here are a few of the most bizarre ones.


Saint Benedict of Nursia (about 480–543) was a pioneer in the development of Catholic monastic life. Born to a Roman aristocratic family, he was raised in a home that was distinguished by luxury and privilege. He, like many other teenagers, eventually rebelled against the principles that his parents instilled in him. This meant seclusion and a life of poverty for Benedict, who was known for his humility. He took refuge in a secluded cave in the Italian highlands, where he spent years praying and introspecting, which led him to design a groundbreaking “rule of life” for laypeople who wished to live in a virtuous manner.

  1. In addition to the big monastery at Monte Cassino, where Benedict died, he created several other monasteries as well.
  2. During Benedict’s hermit-like period of life, a group of monks from a nearby monastery contacted him and requested him to take over as abbot of their monastery, which he gladly accepted.
  3. He was absolutely correct.
  4. However, after he had settled in, they quickly discovered that his sternness was intolerable.

Fortunately, it was unsuccessful. Benedict, on the other hand, received the message and returned to his hermitage. There is no record in history of whether or whether there were any fresh applicants willing to take up Benedict’s post after he resigned.


Known as the “Father of the Church,” Saint Polycarp of Smyrna (c. 69–155) was one of the first “Father of the Churches,” and has been hailed from the beginning of Christian history for setting the foundations of much of Christian thinking. The fact that Polycarp studied at the feet of St. John the Apostle gave him the unique opportunity to claim that he gained knowledge from a man who had known and walked with Jesus personally. Polycarp lived for an incredible amount of time, notwithstanding his historical period.

And it was only because the local Roman rulers killed him that he died, not because he refused to abandon his religious beliefs.

After burning Polycarp at the stake and igniting a fire beneath him, the flames were unable to do any damage to him.

There is no information available on why Polycarp is the patron saint of earaches.

8Birth Complications

Saint Ulric of Augsburg (890–973) dedicated his life to serving the people of the diocese of Augsburg, Germany, throughout his life. His uncle Adalbero was the previous bishop, and he served him as a young man. Upon his eventual appointment to that position, he distinguished himself by refusing to attend the Holy Roman emperor’s court, where favors and influence might be sought, and instead choosing to remain at home among the faithful. He performed admirably for them, establishing several churches and demonstrating great leadership during internal unrest and exterior attack.

It was thought that those who drank from the chalice always had easy deliveries for their children.


A noblewoman from Belgium who, like the preceding Saint Benedict, finally put aside her life of privilege in order to devote herself to God, Saint Amalburga (or Amelia) (d. 690) was a saint. She married while she was young, and her family was a holy one: no less than three of her children (Gudila, Reinelda, and Emembertus) would go on to be acknowledged as saints in their own right after their deaths. Following the completion of their children’s education, she and her husband retired from society in order to take religious vows.

Because of a tradition about a competing suitor for her hand, she is patronized by the goddess of protection against bruising and cuts.

His persistent attempts to drag her away from the chapel where she was praying were met with such ferocity that she was first injured and then broken in the process, according to the tale!

A miracle occurred, though (again, according to folklore), and her arm was quickly cured, and she pardoned young Charles, who repented of his transgression against her. That one should go down in history as “The Day Charlemagne Learned to Take a Hint.”


A little-known saint, Saint Magnus of Fussen (died c. 665) is most remembered for one single manuscript, which is believed to include several exaggerations about his life. Magnus was a Benedictine monk who followed the rule of Saint Benedict (see above), and he was responsible for the establishment of a monastery in Switzerland and the spread of the Gospel in what is now Bavaria. There have been other remarkable stories about him that have spread throughout the years, most of them center on his encounters with animals.

The most interesting legend, on the other hand, is about his sponsorship for protection against caterpillars—and that’s not even the most bizarre element of it.

According to legend, a very juvenile dragon was raising a disturbance in the countryside near the town of Fussen, Germany.

After that, he found successful job as an assistant to farmers in the area, where he helped them rid their fields of pests such as rats, mice, and (you guessed it) caterpillars that had contaminated their crops.


It is believed that Saint Maurice (c. 250–286) led an entire Roman legion during the latter days of the empire. He was one of several army saints. Even though records from that era are sparse, they do mention Maurice’s regiment, which was an Egyptian legion consisting nearly exclusively of Christians and stationed in Thebes. Because of his name and origin, he is all the more remarkable for being customarily shown as a black African in paintings and stained glass windows, which adds to his historical significance.

The entire army was reportedly instructed to engage in pagan sacrifices before combat in 286, during a campaign in Gaul, to bring the favor of the Roman gods down upon the men prior to the start of the conflict.

It is unlikely that the army’s odds in combat were helped by the execution of a large number of its troops before to the battle.

However, as someone who voluntarily chose to have his head chopped off, we may suppose that he would chuckle at cramps and other minor discomforts.


Raphael is unique among the saints on this list in at least one significant way: he is not a human being. As an archangel, he is one of the archangels who have been named by the Catholic Church. In acknowledgment of the immense assistance he has provided to humanity, he has been elevated to the status of a saint. Raphael is widely regarded as the patron saint of healing and the healing arts. Raphael is a prominent character in the book of Tobit, which is included in the Old Testament. The book tells the narrative of how Raphael protected Tobit and his son Tobiah in a variety of ways, including binding evil spirits found in the desert, restoring Tobit of his blindness, and rescuing Tobiah and his betrothed Sarah from a demon who had been troubled by the young lady.

His battles with demons have also earned him the reputation of being a formidable adversary of the demons.

The practice of requesting Raphael’s assistance in the case of nightmares stems from both of these factors, as severe dreams are typically associated with a troubled mind, a troubled soul, or the oppression of demonic powers.


In the Roman Empire, Saint Vitus (died c. 303) was yet another martyr, but this time he was a young man. The two employees in his father’s household, a tutor and a nurse, who converted him to Christianity when he was 12 years old were the youngest people in the world. The boy’s father was visibly angered by this interfering, and he resorted to corporal punishment and finally torture in order to coerce all three of them into changing their minds. The father finally ordered all three to be thrown into boiling oil after they refused to comply, resulting in their deaths.

According to legend, a rooster was tossed into the vat of oil at the same moment as Vitus was put in.

So, the next time you’re worried about falling asleep at your desk and missing your bus, call Vitus (and his deep-fried rooster) for assistance.


In the Roman Empire, another victim, this time a young man named Saint Vitus (died c. 303), was martyred. A tutor and a nurse, both of whom worked in his father’s home, converted him to Christianity when he was just twelve years old. In response to this interfering, the boy’s father resorts to corporal punishment and finally torture in an attempt to coerce the trio into changing their minds. The father finally ordered the three to be put into boiling oil after they failed to comply, resulting in their deaths.

Vitus is said to have been tossed into the vat of oil at the same time as a rooster, according to folklore Perhaps it had aggravated the boy’s father by waking him up an inordinate amount of times.

Next time you’re worried about falling asleep at your desk and missing your bus, call Vitus (and his deep-fried rooster) for assistance.

1Death From Artillery

Fear of being killed by artillery, while understandable in particular circumstances (such as trench life during World War I), is something that, happily, few of us have to deal with nowadays. However, if you ever find yourself in need of this type of protection, Saint Barbara is the only name you need to remember (died c. 267). In addition, the fact that she died long before cannons were developed is inconsequential. Even though Barbara’s narrative has been passed down through oral tradition rather than through historical sources, it is nonetheless rich in information.

She was finally converted to Christianity by one of her instructors while still in the tower.

The celestial discourse between her and Saint Vitus about the hazards of having dominant parents is hard to fathom.) When she refused to abandon her newfound beliefs, he used progressively extreme penalties and torture to coerce her into doing so, and he eventually reported her to the local Roman authorities.

After a protracted period of deliberation, the authorities finally ordered her beheaded as part of a broader cleansing of Christians in the city.

After she was martyred, however, heavenly vengeance did not take long to arrive: Both her enraged father and the official who had ordered her execution were hit by lightning and destroyed by flames shortly after the incident occurred.

That continues to be the case today.

With his wife and three daughters, David lives in Maryland with one very excitable dog and is a man of faith and history, according to his friends and family.

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