What Is A Saint Christopher Necklace


The Meaning of St. Christopher Medals

Even though the significance of the St. Christopher medal originated as a Catholic concept, it has subsequently gained popularity among individuals of many theological backgrounds. Because of the veneration shown to St. Christopher, a martyr who lived during the 3rd century AD, during the reign of the Roman Empire, this medal is derived from that figure. Saint Christopher, one of the 14 Auxiliary Saints, is the patron saint of all travelers and is commemorated on the feast day of St. Christopher.

Christopher is the tale of the infant who was found and then carried across a raging river by the apostle.

Many individuals opt to wear a St.

In addition to being worn, the Saint Christopher medal may be kept in automobiles, handbags, and baggage for individuals who want to feel protected but do not want to wear the item.

  • The staff portrays him as a guardian against death while on the journey.
  • For example, the most typical inscription in English is “St.
  • Christopher Pray for Us,” which are both variations on the theme.
  • Christopher, you will not die in an accident) is a popular option, which translates as “If you trust St.
  • You may select a Saint Christopher necklace or bracelet from a range of alternatives, including a selection of metal tones, pendant sizes, and other features.

What is the Meaning of the Saint Christopher Medal?

When it comes to religious protection, the Catholic Church recognizes medals as a valuable asset. These medals frequently depict one of our many cherished saints, including Saint Christopher, who is one of our patron saints. Because of his importance in the Catholic religion, the Saint Christopher Medal is one of the most widely worn medals in the world, especially in Europe. The Saint Christopher medal is said to provide protection to those who wear it while traveling. As a result, many individuals choose to wear Saint Christopher pendants around their necks or on their wrists, and some even place the medals on the dashboard of their vehicles!

  1. Despite the fact that some researchers dispute his actual existence, we can all agree that the legend of Saint Christopher represents something very incredible.
  2. Christoper was born to a heathen monarch and his wife.
  3. Throughout his life, Reprobus developed into a powerful man standing seven feet tall who resolved to serve only the most powerful.
  4. He came upon a hermit, who gave him spiritual guidance and baptized him in the name of Christ.
  5. Christopher committed to transport people who needed assistance across a treacherous creek in order to better serve Him.
  6. Because the boy was convinced that Christopher had just borne Christ, he commanded Christopher to drive his staff into the ground as proof.

Despite the fact that this incident was popular with many people, it enraged the king. Christopher was imprisoned and, finally, executed by beheading. He is a martyr for his selfless and sincere efforts.

What does Saint Christopher protect you from?

In spite of the fact that many individuals wear Saint Christopher medals in their everyday lives, others wear them during lengthy voyages since Saint Christopher is recognized as the patron saint of travelers. Not only do people wear Saint Christopher medals, but sculptures of the saint are also put in front of their houses, churches, and bridges to remind them of his presence. Those who wear his medal do so out of reverence for him and in the hope of receiving his blessing while they travel.

Saint Christopher is also honored by many troops, who honor him by wearing his medal or by carrying a prayer card with them.

McVan Wholesale Saint Christopher Medals

Having Saint Christopher medals on hand is an important must for every religious retail establishment. Countless Catholics all around the globe benefit from the medals, which provide comfort and confidence. People who wear Saint Christopher’s medals around their necks or keep them in their automobiles believe they are protected from a variety of perils. These medals are an obvious choice for people who are looking for a Catholic pendant that will serve as a daily reminder of the beauty and value of having a strong religious belief system.

Four Reasons to Stock Your Store With Saint Christopher Medals

1. The monetary worth of sterling silver. Sterling silver is a more affordable alternative to other more expensive metal. People seeking daily protection from a beloved saint may purchase a medal for a moderate fee, and with appropriate care, they can keep it looking excellent for years to come. 2. There are more than 35 different styles to choose from. McVan provides more than 35 different kinds of Saint Christopher medals to guarantee that everyone may discover the appropriate pendant for them.

  1. Your consumers can benefit from Saint Christopher’s protection in a manner that is comfortable for them.
  2. Saint Christopher medals make wonderful gifts, not only for travelers, but also for anybody who is embarking on a new chapter in his or her own life.
  3. 4.
  4. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we are willing to provide a lifetime warranty on them.
  5. Topics covered include retail outlets, jewelry suppliers, and medals.

What Does the St. Christopher Necklace Mean?

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The Meaning Behind the St. Christopher Medallion

These medallions, which were inspired by St. Christopher’s ability to shield the kid on his back from the perilous waves of the river that they crossed, have come to signify protection, particularly over travelers.

Giving someone a necklace with the image of St. Christopher on it not only provides them with a sense of protection, but it also shows your affection for them via your concrete representation of your wish to keep them safe.

Who to Gift a St. Christopher Necklace

A necklace in honor of St. Christopher is a charming present that may be given for a variety of events and to people of all ages.

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St. Christopher jewelry is thought to provide safety and well wishes to travelers, and a necklace made in his honor would be an excellent present for someone who is about to embark on a journey or who travels on a regular basis. A charming and considerate present for a member of the family traveling on an especially long or unique trip, such as a military deployment, this pendant would be especially appropriate because the St. Christopher necklace is a symbol of hope and protection for those who wear it.


St. Christopher jewelry makes an especially thoughtful gift for young children and newborns, as it symbolizes the beginning of their journey through life with the patron saint of travelers. If you are attending a baptism or Thanksgiving service, this would be a great present. The necklaces are excellent heirloom gifts, even if the kid will not wear them until they are older. They may be stored until the child is old enough to care for and enjoy them.


Given the fact that a student leaving home to attend college or university is embarking on one of the most exciting adventures of their lives, and for many, it is their first major solitary travel experience, giving them a St. Christopher medal would be considered incredibly thoughtful, especially given the fact that it is often their first major travel experience away from home.


St. Christopher icons may be spotted on a large number of automobiles. Driving may be a stressful activity, and wearing a St. Christopher necklace can serve as a gentle reminder that there are people who care about them and want them to have a safe journey back to where they started from.

Types of St. Christopher Necklaces

Despite the fact that the necklace is the most common kind of jewelry designed with religious iconography, there are many ways to personalize these necklaces to match your own unique style.

  • Embrace the classics – There are a plethora of necklace alternatives to pick from in this classic style, with the majority of them being made of precious metals such as silver, gold, and stainless steel. Choose one-of-a-kind materials – Necklaces are generally worn on chains, but they look equally as wonderful when worn on alternative materials, such as leather bands. Because of this contemporary twist on the traditional form, it would appeal to youngsters or those seeking something a little different. Adding gemstones to pendants may make them more appealing, and a necklace made of small diamonds or other valuable or semi-precious gemstones can be a really special gift for your loved ones. Consider purchasing a piece of antique or vintage furniture. Adding St. Christopher medallions to your traditional wardrobe may add a touch of history to your look, and they make the perfect present for the antique enthusiasts in your life.

Caring for Your St. Christopher Necklace

As long as you take good care of your St. Christopher necklace, you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come. And because a St. Christopher necklace is a special gift that can be passed down through the generations, you’ll want to take extra precautions to ensure that it remains in good condition for future owners to enjoy. To ensure that your Saint Christopher necklace remains in excellent condition, follow these simple guidelines:

  • While wearing your St. Christopher necklace, you’ll get years of enjoyment out of it as long as you take good care of it
  • And because a St. Christopher necklace is a special gift that can be passed down through the generations, you’ll want to take extra precautions in order for future owners to enjoy it as well. To preserve your St. Christopher necklace in perfect condition, follow these simple guidelines:

Give the Gift of Protection

A necklace in the shape of St. Christopher is a unique piece of jewelry that has a purpose other than being purely decorative. Whether you’ve been given a piece of jewelry as a present by someone you care about or you’re going to give one to someone you care about, if these pieces of jewelry are cared for properly, they may be cherished for many years. All rights retained by LoveToKnow Media, Inc. in the year 2022.

What is a St Christopher Medal and Who Should Wear it?

An overview of the history, provenance, and significance of the St Christopher’s Medal.

It is the narrative of one of the most popular Saints in the Catholic Church, who began his life as a Monster and ended up becoming a Saint in the end.

What is a St Christopher Medal?

The St Christopher medal is one of the most widely practiced devotions in Catholic culture. It is recognized by the Roman Catholic Church that the wearing of medals is a symbol of religious affiliation and protection against all ills. It is claimed that wearing a Saint Christopher medal can protect the wearer from death while traveling and will also bring blessings. This is one of the main reasons why so many individuals choose to wear this medal around their necks and wrists. It is fairly uncommon to see this award displayed prominently in a vehicle.

Personalized vehicle badges, visor clips, and keychains are all quite popular.

(See this page for further information.)

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The medal actually depicts an image of a towering and intimidating guy crossing a treacherous stream. He is holding a long staff in his hands, and the kid Jesus is perched on his right shoulder. Understanding why this particular image was chosen to be engraved on St Christopher’s medal requires familiarizing yourself with the saint’s life narrative. (See this page for further information.) Among the most common inscriptions found on the medal are “Saint Christopher Protect Us” and “Saint Christopher Pray for Us,” while the most common inscription found on the medal in French is “Look at St Christopher and go on reassured” (which translates to “Look at St Christopher and go on reassured”).

Who is the medal for?

St Christopher is well-known as a patron saint of travelers and those who are always on the road. People who can claim that St Christopher is their patron saint include motorists, children, surfers, seafarers, gardeners, and athletes, among others. The list could go on and on. It also serves as your patron if you are a bachelor. He is also regarded as a guardian against toothaches, hailstorms, unexpected death, and plaque build-up in the mouth.

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As a patron saint of travelers and those who are always on the go, St Christopher has a strong following. Motorists, children, surfers, seafarers, gardeners, and athletes are just a few of the individuals who can claim St Christopher as their saint. Infinite possibilities are available to you. It is also your patron if you are a bachelor. He is also regarded as a guardian against toothaches, hailstorms, unexpected death, and plaque build-up in the teeth.

What is the Meaning of a St Christopher Medal?

Whether or not someone wears a religious medal, such as a St. Christopher medal, is essential because it demonstrates how the individual understands and relates to the saint depicted on the medal. It is ultimately a matter of how St. Christopher connects to my activities, my struggles, and my life that the issue of what does a Christopher medal represent is framed. Commence with the iconic picture of Saint Christopher, which you’ve probably seen in artwork or on a religious medallion at some point in your life.

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In this graphic, each part represents a different facet of St Christopher’s legend, and each element provides insight into the significance associated with each medal or image of St Christopher.

Let’s have a look at each of the elements. Saint Christopher, carrying the Child Jesus on his shoulder, is shown in a stained-glass window.

The Man

Christopher is generally shown as a muscular and rugged-looking guy with broad shoulders and a beard. This is in reference to his purported employment as a river ferryman, which involved ferrying people across a potentially deadly river. He is often referred to as a “giant,” and he stands out from other males in terms of physical size. His physical power and stature enable him to do things that others would find impossible. This individual is remarkable in every way. He is always represented standing, and he is frequently shown standing in the midst of flowing water.

While he is swimming in the river, it is rarely seen to be particularly deep.

Christopher emerging from the depths of the river and approaching the beach.

The Child

The tale of St. Christopher revolves on an amazing youngster who serves as its focal point. Despite the fact that the child appears to be a typical youngster, as Christopher takes the child over the river, the child becomes excessively heavy for Christopher to hold. Many pictures of St. Christopher include an indication as to the reason for his visit. You can see that the toddler is holding what looks to be a little ball in both of them. This is a universally recognized emblem. In exchange, the infant, who is Jesus, takes not the weight of the globe, but rather the weight of the sins of the world, which is an enormous burden for poor Christopher, yet he manages to bear it anyway.

The River

Symbolically, the river in the picture denotes danger, difficulty, or the threat of being injured. According to folklore, Christopher’s job was to ferry people across a treacherous river using just his own body weight as transportation. It is a striking representation of an advocate, an aid, and an intercessor. As a result, many people seek to him for guidance and protection when traveling. The river, as a symbol, has a special position in the Catholic and Christian traditions. Take, for example, the work of John the Baptist as depicted in the Gospel.

His baptism was a full immersion baptism, in which participants were entirely submerged in water.

Both deliver on their promises, but the baptism of John was an actual rescue from death for the apostle (unless you breath under water).

Finding Meaning in the St. Christopher Medal

As previously stated, the work of St. Christopher was to assist people in crossing a treacherous river, according to mythology. In that scenario, Christopher is one of the characters that physically assists others in navigating through a dangerous situation. It is no surprise that he has been designated as the patron saint of travelers. Those who do not travel a significant amount of miles each day are few and far between in our modern day. It’s easy to see why St. Christopher is so beloved among people.

In many automobiles, St.


A Christopher medal can be found in the possession of many athletes who compete in sports.

Sebastian is the canonical patron saint of athletics, Christopher is given honors in this context. Most likely, it has something to do with his legendary strength and capacity to persevere in the face of hardship. Many sports include physical competition, which may be taxing on the body.

View St Christopher Necklaces

Have you ever been curious about what a Saint Christopher pendant is and why individuals, particularly travelers, find them so appealing to put on their person? This page will provide you with all of the answers to your queries regarding this historical Saint! In addition, check out Off The Map Jewellery’s fresh new Saint Christopher pendants and keyrings for yourself!

Who is Saint Christopher?

In addition to travelers and vehicles, Saint Christopher is the patron saint of sailors and storm chasers as well as gardeners. He is a saint who belongs to a group known as the “Fourteen Holy Helpers,” which is composed of fourteen other saints. These 14 saints were instrumental in the struggle against sickness and were frequently invoked during the period of the Black Death in Europe. Saint Christopher is most recognized as the patron saint of travelers, and for good reason. The following is the legend of Saint Christopher: A young toddler wanted to be carried across a river one day, and the adults agreed.

Saint Christopher was only able to bring the kid to the other side because of his unwavering commitment.

What is a Saint Christopher pendant?

In addition to being a classic and famous travel charm, a Saint Christopher pendant is something you can carry with you and wear while you are on your travels. It’s a fantastic present for the adventurous traveler in your life who has everything. The great approach to pamper yourself if you are a frequent traveler and want to bring a fortunate charm on your next journey is to get a Saint Christopher pendant. Many people believe in the power of good fortune and the importance of wearing fortunate charms.

There are a plethora of Saint Christopher pendants to choose from, each with a unique design, metal, and finishing.

While the habit of wearing Saint Christoper pendants began as a Catholic tradition, they are now open to anyone.

Why a Saint Christopher pendant is amazing to travel with

A classic and iconicSt Christopher necklaceis a valued travel charm with a rich history that has been passed down through generations. To their voyages, it is thought to bestow good fortune and luck on those who carry it with them. It is an act of petition to Saint Christopher for his graces and good fortune by wearing a Saint Christopher charm. When traveling, many people think that he can protect them from calamities such as car accidents, robbery, and ill health. It is worn in order to envelop you in an aura of protection, which is intended to keep you happy, healthy, and safe.

A Saint Christopher pendant is something you may cherish long after you return home, and it will serve as a wonderful remembrance of all of your amazing travel experiences and adventures.

New Traditional Saint Christopher Pendants

There are a variety of fresh and unusual Saint Christopher pendant designs available right now at Off The Map Jewellery! Each item of jewelry is handcrafted from pure sterling silver of the finest quality and is one of a kind. With your option of matte, high polished, or vintage style with a polished and blackened picture, your hand polished and completed piece will be unique to you. Choose a message to be engraved on the reverse of the ring in the typeface of your choosing to give it a more personal touch.

A trace chain is often reserved for ladies, whereas a hard-wearing curb chain, complete with a strong lobster clasp, is an excellent choice for both men and women equally.

They are the ideal farewell gift for someone who is moving away or working abroad, and they also make the ideal good luck gift from mom and dad to their children.

All of our jewelry is delivered in a gift box, and we provide free international shipping.

Dog Tag Personalised Silver Necklace

With a linear patterned border and a bigger size, this eye-catching new design is a St Christopher pendant that may be personalized with a long phrase on the back. It is crafted from sterling silver and depicts the traditional iconic depiction of the great saint bringing the child Jesus over a river to safety.

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Dodecagon Personalised Silver Necklace- SmallLarge

It’s an unusual 12 sided dodecagon with a faceted border on this conventional fashioned St Christopher medal, but it works well. It is crafted from sterling silver and depicts the traditional iconic depiction of the great saint bringing the child Jesus over a river to safety. The smaller size is ideal for women or men who like a more refined look. The bigger size is more imposing and is ideal for traveling guys. It is possible to have a lengthier message engraved on the reverse of the card to add an extra personal touch.

Protect Us Personalised Silver Necklace

This traditional-styled St Christopher pendant features the wordsSaint Christopher Protect Usdeeply etched around the border as a symbol of good luck, and it is made of sterling silver. This silver necklace is similarly based on the famous iconic depiction of the legendary saint bringing the young Christ across the river, but it is made entirely of silver.

Faceted Oval Personalised Silver Necklace

With a simple faceted border, this classic styled St Christopher pendant features the traditional iconic picture of the legendary saint bringing the young Christ over the river. Its modern design is appropriate for both men and women alike.

Personalised Skinny Dog Tag

An easily wearing, slender Saint Christopher necklace in pure silver, with a dog tag charm. Designed in our workshop, this lightweight, slender silver dog tag pendant is engraved with a contemporary interpretation of Saint Christopher and handcrafted from sterling silver.

There’s an engraving spot for a message beneath, and we can also engrave the back to make it a more personalized travel present. With this slender dog tag pendant, the chain is a beautiful ball chain that complements the pendant wonderfully.

Personalised Dog Tag Saint Christopher Keyring

In thick and heavy solid silver, this askinny dog tag Saint Christopher keychain has been engraved with a message on the front (and reverse, if you so choose) and is made to last. Make the keychain a one-of-a-kind keepsake by having it engraved with a special good luck message of your choosing. An updated image of Saint Christopher is carved onto the surface of this lightweight, slender silver dog tag. A Saint Christopher pendant is a wonderful travel charm that you or a loved one may wear while on your next vacation or journey.

Saint Christopher Necklace

What are the benefits of wearing a Saint Christopher necklace? There are several tales surrounding Saint Christopher, the most well-known of which includes his transporting a kid over a river who subsequently revealed himself to be Jesus, afterwards known as Christ. This is the picture that is most often associated with a Saint Christopher necklace. As a result, he is recognized as the patron saint of travelers, and the St Christopher medal is worn to ensure one’s safety while on vacation. His renown stems from the devout mythology that he was a “Christ-bearer” (i.e., a representative of Christ).

  • A hermit who lived alongside a perilous creek and assisted others by leading them to safe locations to cross the stream came to his attention.
  • While the hermit was away, Offero took over at the river, but instead of directing people, he carried them across the water securely.
  • When they reached the other side, the infant showed himself to be Christ, and he was extremely heavy, as if he were carrying the entire weight of the world on his shoulders.
  • As a result of his work at the stream, Christopher became a patron of objects and people associated with travel and travelers, such as persons who transport goods.

St. Christopher Necklace

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The Original Surfer Necklace / St. Christopher Surf Medals

Before paddling out, some surfers say a small prayer, others cross themselves, and still others perform a wave happy dance in order to call Neptune and bring them wave success. Surfers used to wear a surf medal with the image of St. Christopher on it in the 1960s. Those who aren’t aware with the St. Christopher medal should know that it was a staple of the 1960s surfer outfit and is now considered a cultural icon. The uniform consisted of shaggy bleached blonde hair, a bitchin’ tan, rebel-infused ‘tude, a Pendleton shirt, and a St.



In California, the fad spread like wildfire, and the St.

Beachgoers wore the necklace to shield themselves from the elements, and some even gave the medallion to their Betties as a token of their commitment to one another.

The St.

Christopher in the center of the medal’s surface.

As strangely as they disappeared from the surf scene after the 1970s, a generation of surfers was left with wistful recollections of their youth attached to these medallions of their childhood.

Christopher surf necklaces are back in style, as are many other items that need to be revived.

Find out more about Get Back Necklaces, a family-owned business dedicated to preserving the heritage of the original St.

Get Back is a non-profit organization based in San Diego, California, that was founded by Scott Gousha, a local surfer and outdoorsman who enjoyed the nostalgia of the surf medal and saw an opportunity to bring the tradition back into existence.

Everything about Get Back is about supporting a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s on the beach, in the surf, or on the open road.

The medium and large sizes are ideal for men, but the small size is quite popular with female customers as well.

They are the ideal travel companions for surfers and travelers both, and they also make fantastic gifts for surfers and travel companions alike.

Christopher surf medals, there’s something about them that makes you feel linked to the ocean.

I hope that surf medals, whether you’re new to them or have been collecting them since the 1960s, continue to bring you safe trips, plenty of waves, and wonderful seaside memories that will last a lifetime!

Check out Get Back Necklaces atgetbacknecklaces.com, and follow their sunny beach vibes on Instagram at@getbacknecklaces.

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