Rdr2 Saint Denis Bank Robbery Which Safe To Open


r/reddeadredemption – Is it possible to open all the safes in the saint Denis bank heist [possible spoilers for anyone who hasn’t gotten this far

Level 1I don’t believe so, because the cutscene always appears to begin after the first one is opened. 2nd levelWhen I first started playing, I went to the farthest one possible, and the cut scene began right after I collected the loot. I resumed the quest and chose the one that was the closest to me this time; the cut scene still started promptly. (However, knowing what occurs subsequently, I suppose it doesn’t really matter how many safes I open.) a second-grade education That’s a pain in the neck.

1st grade Even if you could, it would be meaningless in light of what is about to happen.

Or use high-explosive ammunition, which is my preferred option.

a second-grade education I tried that, however the game does not enable you to position the dynamite exactly where you want it.

  • When you discover the sweet spot, the game allows you to place the dynamite in the middle of the room.
  • Whatever the case, it’s all a pathetic attempt to prepare for what’s going to happen at the end of the operation.
  • 1st grade I’m not sure what I was thinking when I looked up to see if I could potentially save my man.
  • 1st grade Yes, in today’s money, that amount would be around $3,045,646.06.


Look no further for a comprehensive walkthrough of the Chapter 4 – Banking, The Old American Art Mission from Red Dead Redemption 2, which includes gameplay tips, tutorials, and more.

Mission Walkthrough

Take a look at the Chapter 4 Mission Walkthrough.

Chapter 4: Saint Denis – Mission Chart

No. Procedure
1 Crack the safe without making any mistakes
2 Complete using only sidearms
3 Get 25 headshots
4 Complete the mission without taking any health items

Get Ready To Rob The Bank

No. Procedure
1 Follow the convoy towards Saint Denis.
2 Let Charles and Bill go ahead of the convoy in the carriages.
3 Ride into town, and hitch your Horse next to Dutch’s and the gang.
4 As soon as the explosion goes off, head to the bank with the gang.

3~4. Wait For Hosea’s Signal

Before stealing the bank, wait for Hosea to signal the start of the robbery with an explosion. This will divert attention away from the bank, allowing you to walk enter it and begin stealing the establishment.

Rob The Bank

No. Procedure
1 Make the senior bank manager open the vault.
2 Go inside the vault and loot the safes.
3 Open the big safe at the end of the room.
4 Loot the safe and get out of the vault.

3. The Combination Is 19-72-54

At the end of the vault, there’s a safe that has the combination 19-72-54. This will allow you to get access to the safe and plunder all of the money and goods contained therein.

Avenge Hosea’s DeathEscape The Bank

No. Procedure
1 Kill Milton’s men outside the bank.
2 Get to Dutch in the middle of the bank.
3 Take the dynamite and attach to the right wall of the bank.
4 Find cover, and shoot the dynamite on the wall.
5 Go through the hole in the wall and climb up to the roof of the building next to the bank.
6 Kill the enemy with the gatling gun.
7 Shoot down Lenny’s killers on the roof.
8 Keep moving through the roofs.
9 Keep hidden from the law while following Dutch.
10 Go through the window that Dutch finds.

6.Use A Long Range Weapon For The Gatling Gun

Because the gunner’s location is so far away from you, you’ll have to use a long-range weapon to take him out of the picture. A Rifle will suffice in this situation. Dead Eye may also be used to assist you aim more precisely at long-range targets, which is very useful.

Escape The Area Using A Boat

No. Procedure
1 Follow Dutch and the gang to the train.
2 Follow Dutch through the train.
3 Pass through to another car.
4 Hide behind a seat as the guard investigates the cart.
5 Lure the guards out of their posts towards the water.
6 Regroup with Dutch and the gang as soon as the guards are lured away.
7 Move towards the boat as soon as Charles is chased by the lawmen.

5. Lure The Guards By Whistling

Whistling will generate a lot of noise, which may cause the guards to become distracted.

This will lure them away from Dutch and the rest of the group and closer to you instead. Regroup with Dutch and the rest of the gang by walking around the crates. The following mission is: Welcome to the New World.

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Banking, the Old American Art – Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki Guide

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Gold Medal Checklist:

  • Attempt to open the safe without making any blunders. Only sidearms were used to complete the task. Get 25 headshots taken. Complete the objective without using any health-related resources.

Approaching Dutchat camp is the best way to begin this endeavor. He’s in the dining room of the home, which is downstairs. He and Hosea are talking about the bank heist plot, and Hosea believes that any plan is a good plan provided it is carried out properly. You get dressed in your three-piece suit and ride out with your caravan first thing in the morning to start the day. Everyone goes through the plan one more time. Abigailand Hosea creates a distraction for the police while the rest of the group carries out the bank heist with the rest of the group.

  • you) will be in charge of the teller and the vault.
  • While waiting for Hoseat to catch the notice of the police, Dutch will deliver one more pep talk to the team.
  • When Dutch begins to move, keep up with him.
  • One successful beating of the bank manager should be sufficient to convince him to open the vault for you.

Gold Medal Tips:

Be cautious and move the safe dial cautiously at this point – your controller will vibrate more as you get closer to the number you want to enter. Going above the limit will sabotage your chances of winning a gold medal. Unlike you, Dutch will be able to figure out what the combination is to the safe’s lock. Ask the teller to share his or her information with you The following numbers aren’t necessary for figuring out the lock, but they’re handy to have around. After you’ve looted the vault, you should proceed to the front with your group.

It’s a huge one.

Dutch tries to bargain with Milton, but Milton isn’t having any of it.

Gold Medal Tips:

During this task, you’ll need to take 25 headshots, so be sure to utilize your dead eye and make each and every kill count. advertisement Everything goes to hell in a handbasket after that. Take the law into your own hands and continue to fire until Dutchtell orders you to stop. – When Dutch calls out to you, run over to him. He tells you that there’s no way you’re going out the front door and offers you a stick of dynamite to prove it to yourself.

Place the dynamite with R2 on the northeast side of the building, then return to the counter and cover behind it with Dutch before shooting it to unlock a door. Dutch hands you a gun and instructs you to climb to the roof in order to protect him.

Gold Medal Tips:

If you want to win the gold medal, switch back to your sidearm. Step outside, take a sharp right, and climb the ladder to the roof to get to the top of the building. Continue to shoot. Make sure you’re prepared for the gatling gun when it comes around. Although it appears to be a far shot, you can really reach it if you toss it towards the gatling gun wagon, which will take care of it swiftly. advertisement As you make your way across the roofs with Lenny, Arthur will recommend that you look for a way down.

  1. Dutch will inform you that there isn’t enough time to assist him.
  2. Dutch will direct you to a window through which anybody may slip in and out at any time.
  3. and keep a low profile for a few weeks before reporting back to camp.
  4. You’ll get close to the docks, but the region is densely populated with police officers.
  5. Stay literally directly behind him if you want to avoid being apprehended by the guards.
  6. Don’t touch anything on your controller, or you could accidentally betray your true identity.
  7. advertisement Continue to move once Dutch says, “Come on.” When Dutchcurses, come to a complete stop against the wall and then obey his orders.

After then, return to Dutch and follow him.

While you and Charles are discussing what to do, Charles will sacrifice himself and flee, enabling you and the rest of the group the opportunity to bypass them and get to a boat.

The captain offers to assist you in your search for gold, and you discover that the ship is on its way to Northern Cuba from the captain.

The storm arrives in the following sequence.

You’re all divided from one another.


Banking, the Old American Art, Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission

Riding to Saint Denis with your crew is a great idea. When you approach the city limits, you will be divided into two groups. You and Dutch, along with a few others, will proceed to the bank.

2. Wait with Dutch for Hosea’s distraction

When you and the rest of your company get at the bank, you will dismount off your horses.

You’ll have to wait a little while longer for Hosea’s diversion. The signal to begin the robbery will come in the form of a massive explosion on the other side of town.

3. Follow Dutch / Force the bank manager to open the vault

Prepare your disguise and enter the bank with Dutch and the other intruders. Your teammates will look after the bank’s clients and employees (with the exception of the management), and your job will be to get access to the vault. You may either point your gun at the bank manager or beat him, and he should eventually unlock the vault.

4. Enter the vault / Unlock the safes

Once the vault door has been opened, enter and attempt to access any of the safes. Bill will use his leverage to compel the manager to provide you with the numbers you need to access the safe. The proper combination is 19 – 72 – 54, as seen in the diagram. Starting from the left (counterclockwise), move the dial to the right, and then back to the left again to complete the circuit. After you are getting near to the proper number, the controller should begin to vibrate, and when you have entered the correct number, you should hear a click on the controller.

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The challenges that have developed will be communicated to you by John when you take possession of the contents of the safe.

5. Follow Dutch

It’s likely that Dutch will flee from the vault, and you should pursue him. Agent Milton and a few of other Pinkertons may be seen on the street as you get closer to the windows of the building. Hosea was apprehended by the authorities. To demonstrate that he has no intention of bargaining with Dutch, Agent Milton will shoot Hosea and murder him in cold blood. The gunshots will commence a split second after that.

6. Take out the lawmen

In order to earn the gold medal in this mission, you must take 25 headshots in total. During this shooting session, you will be able to obtain all of them. When Dutch begins to call for you to come to him, ignore him and continue shooting until you have the required number of headshots in your collection.

7. Go to Dutch / Pick up the dynamite / Place the dynamite on the wall / Go to the wall / Take cover form the dynamite / Shoot the dynamite

Dutch will be waiting for you behind the counter in the bank’s central area when you arrive. Go over to him and take the dynamite that is laying on the floor with you. Approach the wall and detonate a dynamite charge against it. Once you’ve returned behind the counter, find a safe place to hide and fire the explosives. A massive hole will be created in the wall as a result of an explosion. In order to protect the other gang members’ retreat, Dutch directs you to travel to the roof of the building.

8. Go to the roof / Take out the lawmen while the gang climb up to the roof

When you exit via a breach in the wall, Javier will throw you a gun, intimating that you will need it on the roof. Take note: If you want to win the gold medal, you should refrain from using it. To begin, climb up the ladders on the top of a neighboring building and begin firing at adversaries on the street and from the balcony of a building across the street. The end of the street will be marked by the appearance of a cart with a machine gun mounted on it after some time.

Dead Eye must be activated in order to eliminate the gunner as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the rest of your gang will make their way up to the roof to join you. Arthur will propose that he and Lenny take the initiative and find a way out of the situation.

9. Follow Lenny across the rooftop / Take out the lawmen on the rooftop / Go and help Lenny

Lenny will go first, and you should follow him. When two Pinkerton agents appear on the roof and one of them shoots Lenny, you’re not going to get very far. Dead Eye will be activated on its own own. Assassinate both agents. Arrive at the location of Lenny, who is resting on the ground. Unfortunately, it is too late to save his life at this point.

10. Jump across the alley to the roof / Follow Dutch / Climb in the abandoned building window

Using a ledge, scale the roof of the next building. You’ll come to a halt for a time to talk about it. Dutch will make the decision to proceed, and you will be required to follow him. With the rest of your gang, follow Dutch across the roofs, balconies, and other high places. After a while, you’ll come across an abandoned building. Enter the building through the window on the right. You will remain in the abandoned building until dusk, after which you will attempt to reach the harbor and board a ship to escape.

11. Follow Dutch / Follow Dutch through the train / Hide behind the train seats

When it becomes dark, Dutch will lead you to the docks. At some point, you’ll have to slip further into the railway cars to get to your destination. Follow Dutch’s lead, and when the guards decide to inspect the train, take cover behind one of the seats and wait until they have finished their inspection.

12. Follow Dutch / Attract the guards over to the area without being spotted

As you go, you’ll come across more guards. The Dutch will want you to remove them from the situation. Whistle when you arrive at the spot highlighted on the map. The guards should begin to make their way in your direction. Then you should make your way back to the others by hiding behind barrels and boxes so that the guards do not notice your presence.

13. Follow Dutch

After that, you’ll come upon a location that is guarded by four men. While you and Charles are debating what to do, Charles will sacrifice himself and flee, allowing you and the rest of the group the opportunity to avoid them. I’m hoping the remainder of the path to the ship is clear at this point. Your journey will begin when you board the ship and set sail towards Cuba. The ship will sink as a result of a tremendous storm, causing you and the rest of the gang to get separated. You will have no choice but to abandon ship by jumping into the water.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Banking, the Old American Art Walkthrough

The 57th main plot task in Red Dead Redemption 2 is Banking, the Old American Art, which takes place in a bank (RDR2). It will lead you through all of the goals ofBanking, the Old American ArtMain Quest, including all Gold Medals for completing the quest with a perfect score of 100 percent. After finishing the course, you will be able to practice banking, an old American art. Revenge is a dish that should be enjoyed. Dutch is the one who assigns the quest. 4th Chapter: Lemoyne is located in the province of Quebec.

  • Attempt to open the safe without making any blunders. Only sidearms were used to complete the task. Get 25 headshots taken. To complete the assignment, you must refrain from accepting any health items.

Starting Location: Shady Belle, Lemoyne

In Saint Denis, it’s finally time to do a heist on the local bank.

Ride out with the group and follow them all the way into town. Hosea and Abigail will ride out ahead of the rest of the company to survey the terrain. Prepare to meet up with Bill across the street from the bank and await the diversion.

  • GOLD MEDAL: Successfully complete the assignment without utilizing any health-related goods. The GOLD MEDAL is awarded for completing the course with just sidearms.

It’s also quite the distraction, to be honest. Make your way down the street to the bank’s door, where you will press/ to equip your mask. The gang will crowd all of the customers and employees into the back office, leaving the manager to be intimidated into opening the vault by you after you have gained entry. Point your rifle towards him to urge him to keep going forward. The vault will include a safe, which will be accessible once it has been opened. This means that you must use the combination provided by the management to unlock the safe.

For the purpose of ensuring that you fulfill the gold medal criterion, the following combination will be used: 19, 72, 54.

  • The gold medal is awarded to the person who successfully cracks the safe without making any mistakes.

Just as you are about to open the safe and take the money out, John will inform you that there is an issue outside. Hosea has been apprehended by the Pinkertons, who have descended upon him in force. Hosea’s imprisonment, however, is not very long, as the story goes. The Pinkertons begin fire on you from across the street and from the balcony directly across the street from where you are standing. Use Dead Eye to capture headshots of as many people as you can notice at first glance. Reinforcements will arrive on horseback shortly after, and they will continue to arrive as you score more kills.

  • Dutch notices that there are just too many of them to be able to leave by the front entrance.
  • Once the seeds have been sown, retreat behind the desk and detonate the dynamite.
  • It is critical that you return to your sidearms in order to achieve your gold medal goal.
  • At some point during the conflict, another wagon will come, this one with a gatling gun placed on the back.
  • After a while, a cinematic will play and the rest of the group will join you on the roof, with the exception of John, who has been caught.
  • Follow Lenny as he makes his way across the rooftops.
  • You will be immediately placed in Dead Eye, so grab two more headshots to exact your retribution on the other party.

Dutch will discover a way inside a building where you will be able to hide till the end of the night.

Continue to keep a low profile if Dutch detects guards ahead, and then move as he enters the railway car.

Get behind the seat as swiftly as possible and wait for Dutch to start moving again.

There are guards ahead, and Dutch wants you to draw their attention to yourself so that they would move out of their current position and allow you to pass.

They’ll start heading in your way as soon as they see you.

Then you should follow Dutch.

In exchange for your assistance in leading the guards away, Charles will agree to accompany you to the boat.

This completes the Banking task in Red Dead Redemption 2, which is part of the Old American Artmain campaign.

The next quest, “Welcome to the New World,” will begin shortly. Following that, it’s on to the next step. Greetings from the New World Check out the completeRed Dead Redemption 2 Story Walkthrough for additional Walkthroughs that include all gold medals and achievements.

Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Rob Banks And Get Away With It

One of the primary objectives in Red Dead Redemption 2 is to amass wealth. Obtaining new weapons and equipment for Arthur is dependent on money. Money is also required for the purchase of camp improvements and food for the gang, as well as for the removal of bounties. The most profitable method to get money in this illegal game is to rob banks and businesses, which is exactly what you’ll be doing. As part of the game’s plot, Arthur will take part in bank robberies, but if players are feeling really courageous, they may even rob banks on their own.

Payton Lott updated this page on June 4, 2021: Despite the fact that it appears to be illogical, players are unable to just stroll inside a bank and break the vault.

Rogue Bank Robbery is one of the many options available in Red Dead 2 Online for players to try their hand at it.

Rob Banks With Mods

Installing a free roam mod that permits bank robberies in Red Dead 2 is one method of committing bank robberies. When it comes to RD2 modifications, Nexusmods is one of the most well-known and trustworthy vendors available to people who are looking for them. The bank mod available on the site has received more than 30,000 downloads and comes with a full description to assist you. In order to address any issues or problems that gamers may have, they can use the posts or bugs tabs.

How To Rob A Bank With Mods

Banks can be found in almost every large town on the globe, and they are one of the most profitable targets for robbery that players may come across. The players will need to frighten the teller in order to convince them to open the bank vault in order to rob a bank. Once inside, players will have to figure out how to get the safe open on their own. Cracking the safe rather than blowing it open with dynamite is a lot safer choice than busting it open with dynamite since it draws less attention and, according to player stories, appears to generate a larger take.

Banks Don’t Rob Themselves Mission

In Red Dead 2 Online, there is a task that concludes with a bank robbery that must be completed. Players will need to have a low honor rating in order to unlock it. A large number of individuals are unaware that the objective exists since their honor level is too high to be able to access the questline’s rewards. Those who have great honor can bring it down by killing innocent people or by allowing elderly man Mr. Jones to bring it down. Once a character’s honor has sunk to a certain level, a new series of assignments through Samson Finch will become available to them.

The first two objectives must be completed before the third task, “Banks Don’t Rob Themselves,” may be completed by the player(s). It’s no surprise that the eventual aim of the operation is to infiltrate a bank in Saint Denis in order to take bearer bonds from the vault there.

How to Rob Stores in Red Dead Redemption 2

The robbery of a store is a sort of robbery that is somewhat less difficult. Robbery is permitted in Red Dead Redemption 2, with players having access to a wide variety of establishments ranging from the general shop to the gunsmith. Store robberies are significantly less lucrative than bank robberies, thus there is a chance that the amount of money you take will be less than the amount of money you will be required to pay in compensation. Keep it in mind if you’re thinking about going forward with one.

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Players have the option of killing the cashier and robbing the entire business as well.

How to Get Away With Crimes in Red Dead Redemption 2

As with any illegal behavior in the game, robbing banks and businesses in Red Dead Redemption2 carries the danger of getting apprehended by the authorities and being saddled with a large reward to pay off. If you’ve murdered enough individuals in a certain area, the area may be placed under lockdown. Players, on the other hand, can get away with committing crimes if they are clever about it. In order to successfully steal a business, players must first put on their masks and make sure that the law enforcement officers do not notice them once they have departed.

Bank robberies are far more difficult to pull off than other types of robberies.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available for purchase on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

One artist, identified only as jaibrooklyn, has shared a wonderful mashup artwork in which they merge Alakazam from Pokemon with Doctor Strange from Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

Chapter 4-14: Banking, The Old American Art Walkthrough – Red Dead Redemption 2

  • How to unlock:Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten
  • Quest giver:Dutch Van der Linde
  • How to complete:Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten


  • Attempt to open the safe without making any blunders. Only sidearms were used to complete the task. Get 25 headshots taken. To complete the assignment, you must refrain from accepting any health items.

IMPORTANT: Because the following task will bring about a significant shift in the game, we urge that you utilize the time you have before starting this mission to complete any side missions you may have started before this mission. You may proceed at your leisure once you have completed your preparations. This is the most important one. The bank robbery in Saint Denis, which Dutch has dubbed “our last job ever,” was our final job before retirement. Before you begin, double-check that all of your cores are in good condition and ready to use.

  1. You’ll be pumped up about the idea as soon as you walk through the door.
  2. REQUIREMENT FOR A GOLD MEDAL A brief reminder for this mission: just your sidearms may be used, and we are not permitted to bring any medical supplies or equipment with us.
  3. However, be prepared to utilize a significant number of dead eye objects!
  4. Your situation will improve shortly, so go out with your crew and enjoy the conversation.
  5. We’re back in the vault, just as we were on Valentine’s Day.
  6. Oh my God, something terrible is about to happen.
  7. Upon completion of the cutscenes, we’ll mount our horse and stay around with Dutch and the guys till Hosea finishes his work.

Follow the lads across the street to the bank, where you may equip your mask (L1) and enter.

The manager is the man in the suit next to the “Deposits” sign, and once the customers have been taken care of, you can proceed to hold him at gunpoint until he opens the vault door.

Enter the building and proceed to the back safe (we don’t think it matters which safe you use here).

This isn’t that bad if you know to keep your eyes peeled for the directions.

Simply doing this action will satisfy the criterion, and you may complete it without ever looking at the vault numbers.

Continue to follow Dutch out, and a scenario will begin to develop shortly.

REQUIREMENT FOR A GOLD MEDAL In order to fulfill the last gold medal criterion of “getting twenty-five headshots,” we’ll be going through the combat and pointing them out, as usual.

It’s time to hold those Pinkerton Bastards accountable!

Things become really hectic from here on out, so keep your attention on the ground foes.

Taking advantage of the man running and the attackers rushing in from the left, you should be able to get in another five headshots.

There are more males outside, but they are more difficult to seduce.

At the very least, try to collect two of these (11/25).

You can really farm kills from this location.

You can continue to sit here and count headshots until you have collected the requisite number (or if you wish, until you get to 23, as two more very easy headshots are waiting for us later).

Once you’ve finished with that, walk over to Dutch, who will offer you some dynamite to use.

That’s certainly one way to get out of a jam.

(Please do not use it!).

Kill the Pinkertons who are standing on the balcony across from you (there is no need to utilize dead eye here).

After all, there is no penalty for accuracy).

We do propose that you use some dead eye to put a stop to that issue.

All except for one specific individual, who was apprehended (this is related to the first game, so we weren’t shocked).

Make your way off with Lenny and.

Kill the two men in this area (this is a simple two headshots with a dead eye, by the way) and then go to Lenny’s location.



Dutch will be leading the way up ahead, and all we have to do is follow him.

You’ll come to a window up ahead, which Dutch will point out to you when you get there.

Dutch will devise a strategy while the rest of the gang remains hidden (good to see six of us made it at least).

From a game perspective, this won’t take long, and we’ll be out on the streets shortly.

Wait here with Dutch, and you’ll soon be required to accompany him up and through the railway car.

We’re going to have some company in the next vehicle, so slip into a seat on the right and take cover as soon as possible.

We’ll be halted once more before long.

Take a step to the left and into the clearly indicated area, then use theUP directional button to whistle and entice them away.

After a while, you’ll see a scenario with a group of males in the background.

His approach is brilliant, and he will be able to pull them all away from him.

Continue to follow Dutch after that, and we’ll make our way to a boat where we’ll see the mission’s last cutscenes before finishing it.

It goes without saying that, considering all of the warnings from the previous missions, it is very dramatic. However, here is the official conclusion of chapter four, so congrats for completing it, no matter how dramatic the conclusion was!

How Red Dead Online’s Banks Are Changing

RDO’s banks are now included in the Blood Money update’s bank and train heists, despite the fact that they serve no other role for RDO’s economists. Prior to the introduction of the game’s most recent Blood Money update, players were able to pass through the doors of the banks in Red Dead Online when free-roaming, but this has now been modified to prevent players from doing so. Historically, the buildings have remained locked, and there has been no valid method to get access to the grounds. In Red Dead Redemption 2, many players have voiced dissatisfaction with the lack of outlaw-like actions to partake in in the game’s online mode, with calls for bank and train robberies frequently near the top of the list of user requests.

  • The newly releasedRed Dead Online: Blood Moneyupdate brought a slew of modifications and new outlaw chances to the game’s online multiplayer feature, which was previously unavailable.
  • Player’s collaborate with Guido Martelli, who appears in the Saint Denis city center and serves as the major mediator between the Bronte family and the rest of the world.
  • In contrast to the bank robbery activities that were available in Red Dead Redemption 2’s narrative mode, bank robbery activities are buried beneath the game’s latest stranger and story missions in Red Dead Online.
  • They were formerly accessible in free roam before to the update’s release, but have since been restricted to being available only as part of theRed Dead OnlineBlood Moneymissions, which can be found around the game’s open world.
  • This is the first time players will come face to face with the new bank robbery activities.

Red Dead Online’s Bank Robbery Increase Activities In Saint Denis

The Bank of Rhodes and the Lemoyne National Bank are the two banks that Red Dead Online players may currently plunder in the game. Other bank sites are still unavailable for robbery missions, and Rockstar has not said whether or not the company plans to expandBlood Moneymissions to include these underused locations in the near future. The beginning places for robbery missions are typically located within city centers, and are denoted by a dollar sign and a blood drop on the ground. Players have been given greater motivation to come into cities as a result of these new and profitable activities, boosting circulation through urban and rural areas and offering extra chances for social contacts.

  1. There is no opportunity to store money or other valuables in banks or safe deposit boxes, and there is no ability to earn income by sitting on money or other valuables.
  2. For the last several months, the future ofRed Dead Onlinehas been a bit up in the air, but theBlood Moneyupdate has provided the player base with a slew of new activities to keep them occupied for the time being, at least.
  3. Following that, we’ll go through the three new crime contracts in Red Dead Online.
  4. In the years before to this, she worked as a writing consultant in Rhode Island, where she assisted college students in improving their writing skills from 2018 to 2021.

Natalie, who works out of New Hampshire, spends her spare time outside, hiking or bicycling, when she isn’t writing about video games. On rainy days, she may be seen attempting to find action in the newest first-person shooter or browsing the latest comic books. Natalie Lindner has more to say.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Banking, the Old American Art

˜¸ï¸ GOLD MEDAL â˜¸ï¸ 

  • Attempt to open the safe without making any blunders. Only sidearms were used to complete the task. Get 25 headshots taken. To complete the assignment, you must refrain from accepting any health items.

It’s the crunch time. If the group manages to pull off this bank heist successfully, they will be able to set ship and retire to a tropical island far away from their current worries. If only reality could be as romantic as the fantasy. Rewards:

One more time

Hosea and Dutch are rehearsing the details of the bank heist strategy. They plan to strike during the day, utilizing a distraction from across the street to delay the arrival of the police force. The next morning, everyone mounts their horses and rides together to St. Denis. The convoy, which consists of two carts and four men on horseback, should be followed. If this really is the last one, John begins to doubt himself, but Dutch calms him down. Micah inquires about their money in Blackwater, but they will be able to obtain that as well as more funds from a major city bank.

  1. John and Lenny will be in charge of securing the front doors, with Javier in charge of the side escape.
  2. Dutch and Arthur are in charge of dealing with the management and the vault.
  3. Denis, the wagons disperse in order to get into position for the attack.
  4. They come to a halt across the street from the bank, where Bill and the cart are waiting.
  5. They’re all waiting for anything to distract them.
  6. It’s time to depart.

Best laid plans

Make your way to the door with Dutchto and outfit yourself with your bandana. Whenever everyone is ready, they rush through the doors and begin doing business. You will be instructed on how to fire a warning shot. Once the audience has dispersed, proceed to the bank manager and request that he open the vault. To get him to move, either beat him or point your weapon at him. When the entrance to the vault unlocks, enter it. There are three safes hidden therein. To play the combo minigame, walk up to the door and open it.

  1. They steal from the safe, and John claims that they are having difficulty getting back.
  2. They walk closer to the windows and notice Agent Milton calling for them to come out.
  3. Dutch warns Milton that if he doesn’t let Hosea go, people would perish.
  4. Hosea is given permission to move near the bank since Dutch has refused to come out.
  5. The gang has been recaptured.
  6. Kill the law enforcement officers.
  7. When you take away a number of them, Dutch comes up with an idea.
  8. When Dutch calls for you, go to the back of the office behind the main desk.

He takes out a dynamite and instructs Arthur to blast a hole in the back wall of the building. Pick up the explosives and secure it to the wall with duct tape. Takecoverback behind the desk and fire the explosive at the appropriate time.

Taking the high road

An explosion causes the wall to come tumbling down. In order to protect them, Dutch orders Arthur to go to the roof and cover them. As you get through the hole, Javier delivers Arthur a gun in his possession. Continue to the top of the building by a series of ladders. Once you have taken up your position, take down the lawmen on the balconies across the street. You might also lend a hand to those who are on the street. When you take them out, a wagon rolls up to the junction, complete with a Gatling gun in it.

  • Continue to shoot.
  • According to the Dutch, John has been apprehended.
  • FollowLenny.
  • Take them out as soon as Arthur enters Dead Eye.
  • Dutch encourages him to continue on.
  • They reassemble, and Dutch warns them that if they don’t keep moving silently, they’ll all perish in the process.
  • FollowDutchaacross and down a number of different roofs.
  • Dutch discovers a boarded-up window through which they might pass.
  • As the others enter, Arthur informs Dutch that the Pinkertons were aware of their arrival, similar to Micah’s Blackwater operation – a reference to Micah as he passes through the door.
  • They are able to find a place to hide within the structure.
  • It makes no difference where it goes.
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Slipping away

As night strikes, the surviving members of the gang slip out of the building. FollowDutchacross until you reach a railway station. Take shelter when two Pinkertonguardspatrolling on the opposite side of the street come together. They aren’t going anywhere, so keep following Dutch through the railway car. Aguard will be approaching from the left, so keep your distance. Continue proceeding to the next carriage and boarding the train with an aguard. Take cover behind theseas he continues on to the right with another weapon in his arsenal.

Dutch orders Arthur to move them to a different section of the pier so that they may rest.

Try to stay away from them in the area near the boxes and rejoin with Dutch.

Charles knows he won’t be able to murder them all quietly, so he uses himself as a diversion. Charles takes the lead in leading them away from the docks. Continue to follow Dutch all the way along the pier. They board a cargo ship after making sure that everyone who is still alive is accounted for.

Farewell cruise

As Dutch and Arthur chat, the sun begins to rise beyond the horizon. They don’t sure where the ship is headed but Dutch will spend some of the gold booty to buy over the Captain. He then departs to perform his enchantment. Dutch later claimed that it was a success. The skipper hails from New England, while the rest of the crew is French in origin. They’re transporting coal from Pennsylvania to the Caribbean islands. When the ship arrives in northern Cuba in a few days, Dutch and his men should be able to slip ashore without incident.

  • They’ll take refuge in Cuba for a while before returning to the United States to round up the rest of the gang.
  • He does not believe that the Pinkertons will accompany them to Cuba.
  • In the middle of the night, Dutch hurriedly wakes the others as the ship begins to rock violently due to the sound of alarm bells.
  • The ship is engulfed in flames and is beginning to list in the sea.
  • As massive waves pound the shore, he loses sight of them.
  • Arthur is seen struggling beneath the surface of the sea, and the screen goes black after that.
  • Welcoming the New World is the following mission, which is immediately followed by this one.

Gold Tips

  • Because there is no time limit, you should take it leisurely throughout. Take your time with the safe. There is very little movement required for the first or second numbers
  • You can only use pistols or the Sawed-Off Shotgun for these
  • Utilize rapid Dead Eye bursts to preserve your ammo. Concentrate on taking out the heads of your opponents
  • You can stall in a few areas to allow additional adversaries to arrive. The first time this happens is during the opening gunfight. Avoid going to Dutch when he calls and instead knock out a few more law enforcement officers. Following the acquisition of the explosives and while passing through the hole, you may do the same
  • There is plenty of cover within the bank. When atop the roof, exercise cautious since the front sign may lead Arthur to lose his aim while utilizing it as cover.

Bank Robberies

Robbery in a Bank ModREQUIREMENTS: – ScriptHookRDR2 – ScriptHookRDR3 In order to use this script, you must first install Alexander Blade’s Script Hook RDR2 and then place “BankRobbery.asi” in the root folder of your Red Dead Redemption 2 game directory. BANKS THAT ARE SUPPORTED: Valentine Bank – Rhodes Bank – Saint Denis Bank are all financial institutions. ENTER ANY OF THE SUPPORTED BANKS AND AIM YOUR WEAPON AT THE TELLER CHANGELOG: 1.1 – Support for Rhodes Bank Vault controllers has been added.

  1. ISSUES/FIXES THAT ARE CURRENTLY KNOWN: Lag in the game – SOLUTION: If you are experiencing lag, uninstalling Lenny’s Trainer should resolve the issue.
  2. • FIX: If you are unable to kick down your vault door, either push the teller out of the way or kill him until the prompt appears again.
  3. Any additional flaws or difficulties should be reported on the Nexus Mod Download page, and I’ll do my best to address them as quickly as possible after receiving your complaint.
  4. Thank you to NateNZ for putting the mod through its paces.

Red Dead Redemption 2 robbery guide: how to rob trains, open a safe, rob the doctor and more

MODIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR BAILOUT MODIFICATION: – scriptHookRDR2 – scriptHookRDR3 (optional). INSTALLATION: – Download and install Alexander Blade’s Script Hook RDR2 – Copy the file “BankRobbery.asi” to the root folder of your Red Dead Redemption 2 game directory and save it. BRANCHES THAT HELP: the Valentine Bank, the Rhodes Bank, the Saint Denis Bank, and many others HOW TO USE IT: Simply enter any of the supported banks and point your weapon at the teller to begin playing. CHANGELOG: The Rhodes Bank Vault controller now supports version 1.1.

The first release was designated as version 1.0.

The vault door could not be opened.

If a person is in the path of the vault door, the door will not open.

Any additional defects or difficulties should be reported on the Nexus Mod Download page, and I’ll do my best to address them as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience. Showcase Unlosing – Jedijosh920 created the video. The patch was tested with great success by NateNZ.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Robbery Tips

Rob any store, gunsmith, hospital, or other establishment that you see fit. You may even rob anybody on the street. We do not encourage doing so because it will lower your Honor System level, which might affect the value of discounts and the ability to access certain features, and the payback is rarely that amazing if at all. If you’re in a critical need of money, make sure you take all of the measures you possibly can. Keep your robbery away from the busiest locations to avoid being seen by witnesses, and be prepared to run if your Wanted status increases.

Also, make sure you have your mask on (choose it from your item menu) so you don’t seem like a complete novice.

How to rob a train

If you’re going to embark on a robbery spree, you may as well go all out and get whatever you want. While robbing a train has a high level of risk, it also carries the potential for the most lucrative of payoffs, since you may fleece people and their belongings. Freight trains typically have a lockbox with some useful stuff in it as well. We propose that you halt the train outside of towns, ideally between stops, in order to steal it effectively. Riders may follow a train and hit the X/Square button to get on board while the train is in motion.

This decreases the amount of law enforcement officers who will come seeking for you.

You should now proceed through the passenger carriages, threatening and assaulting the passengers until they surrender up money and jewelry to you.

How to rob a stagecoach

It’s not very profitable to rob stagecoaches until you’ve unlocked the stagecoach fence at Emerald Ranch, though. After that, in Chapter 3, you will be able to participate in a number of particular coach robberies. You’ll be introduced to two bent postal employees – one in Strawberry and one in Rhodes – who are more than willing to provide you with the contact information for numerous stagecoaches in exchange for a fee. These begin as simple as possible and progress to armed stagecoaches, when you’ll need explosives and be up against a large number of guards.

Banks and how to open a safe

Banks are simple to target, and the remuneration is excellent in this industry. After every game, there is always a shootout at the conclusion. You should prepare to evacuate and avoid the town for a period of time since the town will be placed on lockdown. Once inside the bank, intimidate the clerk until he or she unlocks the vault door, and then plan how you’re going to open the safe from the inside. You have two options: you can blow them up with explosives or you can discreetly break them open.

You’ll need to have dynamite on hand, and you’ll want to make sure you’re not too close to the explosion or you’ll be caught in it.

If you didn’t leave any evidence, you’ll have more time to break into a safe and make a more discrete exit from the scene.

The key is to slow down when the controller vibrates a lot then spin in the other direction as soon as the button is pressed once more. With time and repetition, it becomes simpler.

Rob the doctor in Valentine

In Valentine, there’s a strong reason to steal the doctor: the Schofield Revolver, one of the greatest weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2, is obtained as a result of the heist. Attempting to rob the doctor ends in a firefight and a run-in with the cops, so be prepared to evade the sheriff and his officers rather than being embroiled in a rapidly growing confrontation. You’ll have to coerce the doctor into opening the two closed doors in this room because there isn’t a method to unlock them with a gun.

Home robberies in Red Dead Redemption 2

With each step you take on your journey across the Old West, you’ll have the option to rob homesteads and residences in some of the most profitable side-missions available in the game. Because you are accompanied by another member of the gang at particular points in the tale, you can only complete a pair at specific points in the plot. We’ve compiled a list of them below:

  • With Javier, at camp in Chapters 2 or 3
  • At Chez Porter with Javier
  • While at camp in Chapter 3, Lonnie and Sean visit Lonnie’s Shack.

A couple additional residences are available for looting as well, each with its own set of encounters to be discovered and dealt with. You don’t have to be very sly or blow the place up every time, but there are some situations that call for a little more finesse and subterfuge in order to obtain what you want. Here are some of the ones we’ve discovered so far:

  • Aberdeen Pig Farm is located southeast of Emerald Ranch, over the county boundary, and northeast of the location on the map that indicates Bluewater Marsh. After greeting the farmer, he will allow you to enter the house, which you may then loot. Accept their offerings for a one-of-a-kind scenario
  • Watson’s Cabin is located to the northwest of Wallace Station, which is located to the north of Strawberry Mountain Resort. – On your initial visit, you may just go inside the house and the elderly occupant will believe you are someone else, allowing you to enter the cellar and collect a semi-automatic shotgun from the safe deposit box. If you return, though, you will find that four guys have arrived, who will become violent if you barge in. If you want to pillage the remainder of the home, you’ll have to murder them all, or at the very least the elderly woman, first. It is somewhat similar to the first meeting with Hosea, which takes place along the river’s bank south of the Van Horn Trading Post. The Van Horn Mansion is located south of the Van Horn Trading Post on the south side of the river. If you try to enter at night, the people will be asleep, and you will be able to creep about and take everything while they are sleeping

Red Dead Online is now accessible to all players, and you can begin claiming your early access stuff as well as participating in Free Roam tasks right away. To get started in Red Dead Redemption 2, read our tutorials on how to improve your boys and arrows, how to level up and utilize Dead Eye, and where to get the most suitable horse. Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals, check out our guide to the greatest weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2: Guns of the West. If you want to get rich quick, discover a fence, or know where to hunt famous creatures in Red Dead Redemption 2, then check out our comprehensive Red Dead Redemption 2 guide.

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