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Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony – Prayers

PDF document that can be printed “Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints,” the psalmist declares. When you were on earth, O Holy St. Anthony, gentlest of Saints, your love for God and Charity for His creatures made you worthy of possessing supernatural abilities, which you did while on earth. I’m encouraged by this concept, and I ask you to purchase something special for me (request). O gentle and kind St. Anthony, whose heart was always full of human sympathy, please whisper my petition into the ears of the precious Infant Jesus, who adored being enveloped in your arms; and the gratitude of my heart shall be yours forevermore, I promise you.

Printable PDF of Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony

PDF document that you may print off In His Angels and His Saints, God is exalted, “blessed be God in all things.” St. Anthony, gentlest of Saints, your love for God and Charity for His creatures made you worthy of possessing miraculous abilities while on earth, as your love for God and Charity for His animals demonstrated to the world. Please, I beseech you to gain something for me as a result of this concept (request). O gentle and kind St. Anthony, whose heart was always full of human sympathy, please whisper my petition into the ears of the precious Infant Jesus, who adored being enveloped in your arms; and the gratitude of my heart will be yours forevermore, I assure you.

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  • Josephine Bakhita on behalf of victims of human trafficking-St.
  • Prayer for Depression – by Saint Ignatius of Loyola-O Christ Jesus, when all is dark and we are in despair.
  • Anne, it is you whom I desire to honor in this way.
  • Anne, it is you that I desire to pray to.
  • Prayer in the honor of St Elizabeth Ann Seton: “Lord God, you have blessed Elizabeth Seton with many blessings.” Prayer of Reparation of Saint Theresa-I love and praise Thee, O my Divine Jesus, with all of my heart, soul, and might.

Prayer of Saint Claude de la Colombiere – A Prayer of Despair.-Lord, I am here to demonstrate Your charity to those who are in need of it.

Aloysius to the Wonderful Mother-O holy Mary, my Mistress into thy blessed trust, I place my confidence in thee.

Francis De Sales 1- O everlasting love, my soul longs for and chooses you.

Francis De Sales 2-Lord, I am yours, and I must not be possessed by anybody else.

Francis of Assisi prays: “We worship You, O Lord Jesus Christ, in this Church,” he says in his prayer.

Ignatius Loyola: “Dear Lord, teach me to be kind; teach me to be generous.” ‘I adore You, O my God, and my only wish is to be with You,’ says St.

Prayer of St.

Thomas Aquinas: “O unfathomable Creator, Who, out of the richness.

Prayer to Mary, Queen of the Apostles (by Saint Vincent Pallotti)-Immaculate Mother of God, Queen of the Apostles-Immaculate Mother of God, Queen of the.

Our Lady of Mercy Prayer (by St.

“O Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Mother of God,” says St.

Prayer to Saint Gabriel for Others-Descend, O compassionate messenger of the Incarnation, and bless those who are suffering.

Prayer to Saint Michael (Assistance Against Spiritual Enemies)- Glorious St.

Prayer to Saint Michael, the Glorious Prince of the celestial hosts, for Powerful Assistance Prayer to Saint Raphael—O God, who hast bestowed Thy incomprehensible grace upon him.

a prayer to St.

Dymphna, because of your goodness.” Chastity is a virtue that St.

We live in a period when we pray to her for this virtue.

Dymphna – Faith-Dear St.

Fortitude-Courageous St.

Prayer to St.

Dymphna, you are the one in whom you have put all your trust.

Dymphna, for your justice and mercy for all people.

Dymphna is a prayer in honor of the saint who, against all odds, never wavered.

Dymphna – Prudence-You were distinguished in life by a high, St.

Temperance-Generous St.

Prayer to St.

Gerard, great intercessor before me,” says the speaker.

Gerard: O wonderful St.

A prayer to Pope St.

John Paul, from the window of the heavenly palace, Prayer to Pope John XXIII-Dear Pope John, I offer you this prayer.

Prayer to St.

Jesus, Who in Thy painful Passion,didst show Thy Sacred Face to us, says Saint Therese of Lisieux in her prayer to the Sacred Face.

Alphonsus de Liguori.) -My Lord Jesus Christ, who you bore because of the love you have.

Alphonsus de Liguori-He who prays is certain to be saved; but, he who does not pray will not be saved.

As a result of his compassion for the bereaved, Saint Anthony is known as the Consoler of the Afflicted (Saint Anthony).

Anthony, it is still the same as St.

Anthony, after all these years in the service of humanity, Saint Anthony, the Charity-Generator-Dear St.

Saint Anthony, Pilgrim’s Guide-Dear St.

We made the journey.

Saint Anthony, Martyr of Desire-Dear St.

God-fearing Saint Anthony, Model of Perfection-Dear St.

Saint Anthony, Miracle Worker-Dear St.

In the Gospel, Saint Anthony is described as “restoring sight to the blind.” Dear St.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Restorer of Speech to the Mute-Dear St.

Saint Anthony, Zealous for Justice-Dear St.

Lord, our God, you mercifully picked St.

Most holy Apostle St.

God’s Prayer for Simeon: “Lord, now please let Your servant leave in peace.” The Letter of St.




We are appealing to you for strength and support.

Brother Leo was given the prayer of St.

Francis of Assisi adoring Mary, the Mother of Jesus: “Hail, sweet Lady, most holy Queen, Mary, Mother,” says the saint.

Francis of Assisi reads as follows: “Most High, Glorious God, illuminate the darkness.” St.


Elizabeth Ann Seton-Soul of Jesus, purify and consecrate me.

Brother Leo has received the blessing of St.

God’s blessings and protection are upon you.

It is addressed to you, O Most High, all-powerful, kind Lord God, in the Canticle of Creation (written by Saint Francis of Assisi).

As a mark of respect for both the Presentation of Jesus and the Purification of Mary, you may now discharge your servant in to the chapel.

Francis of Assisi My God, my everything!

Bernard-Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that this is what you have done for me.

Saint Anne-Dear St.

“Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints,” says the St.

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This prayer to St. Anthony is said to have “never been known to fail”

St. Anthony of Padua is widely regarded as a miracle-worker by the general public. In faith, countless numbers of people have prayed to him throughout history, and many of them have received a miraculous response to their prayers. Many believe that this prayer to St. Anthony is similar to the “Unfailing Prayer to St. Joseph,” in that it “has never been known to fail, provided that the request is for one’s spiritual benefit or for those for whom we are praying.” It is critical to remember that God always responds to our prayers.

  1. Listed below is the Unfailing Prayer to St.
  2. Holy St.
  3. I’m encouraged by this concept, and I ask you to purchase something special for me (request).
  4. Anthony, whose heart was always overflowing with human sympathy, please whisper my petition into the ears of the sweet Infant Jesus, who adored being wrapped in your arms.
  5. You have my heartfelt gratitude for the rest of my life.
  6. More information can be found at:An exorcism prayer taught by Saint Anthony This ancient prayer to St.

Prayers to Saint Anthony

Here you will discover a selection of classic prayers directed to Saint Anthony, which you may read online. These prayers are a very helpful tool that has been passed down to us by the tradition in order for us to meet the presence of our beloved Saint Anthony in our everyday lives, and in particular to seek his assistance in assisting us in re-establishing a cordial connection with God. Antony is like a younger brother who is constantly at our side, ready to assist us in finding the correct answer and the correct road.

Si quaeris

This responsorial, or prayer of praise, in honor of Saint Anthony was written by friar Julian of Speyer and may be found here. The responsorial is a component of the Officium rhythmicum S, which stands for “rhythmic office.” More information may be found here.

Invocation to Saint Anthony

Greetings, Saint Anthony. I address my prayer to you, trusting in your compassionate goodness, which is capable of listening to and comforting everyone: please act as my intercessor in the presence of the Lord. More information may be found here.

Help me find

Anthony is well-known across the globe as the saint who aids in the recovery of misplaced belongings, including daily items, crucial papers, and even the faith itself. More information may be found here.

Prayer of Spouses

Dear Saint Anthony, please bless and protect my family; keep them together in love, provide for their basic necessities, and keep them safe from evil. More information may be found here.

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For a sick person

Dear Anthony, you have always been of assistance to people who have called your name. I am sincerely praying for a sick individual who is very close to me. More information may be found here.

To obtain a special grace

Admirable Anthony, you are so wonderful because of your miracles and because of the favor that Jesus showed you by appearing in the form of the Divine Child to rest in your arms. May His kindness provide me the grace that I so desperately desire inside my heart. More information may be found here.

Prayers to St. Anthony: For Life’s Lost And Found

IN THE FORM OF A PODCASTHERE, THIS WEBSITE IS AVAILABLE. Numerous petitions to St. Anthony of Padua (1195-1231), patron of the poor and Doctor of the Church, are offered up in the hope of receiving his assistance, notably in the recovery of misplaced items. Franciscan (a member of the monastic order created by St. Francis of Assisi) St. Anthony was a brilliant speaker and theological tutor who lived in the fifth century. The impact of his sermons was so powerful that his reputation extended throughout France and Italy in the ten years leading up to his death.

  1. During his canonization as a saint by Pope Gregory IX, in 1232, he was referred to as “The Ark of the Covenant.” There are several specific graces and requests mentioned in prayers to St.
  2. He has been credited with a slew of miraculous occurrences.
  3. (Various representations of this picture, such as the one at right, have appeared in paintings and statues throughout history.) St.
  4. This prayer to St.
  5. Alternatively, please return to me mental peace and tranquillity, the loss of which has hurt me much more than the loss of tangible things.
  6. Allow me to choose to lose everything than to lose God, my ultimate good.
  7. Amen.

I beg you, please obtain for me from His mercy the favor that I so desperately desire from the depth of my heart: (mention your request)Since you have been so gracious to poor sinners, do not consider the lack of merit on the part of him who comes to you; rather, consider the glory of God, which will be exalted once more through you, by my salvation and the granting of the petition that I now earnestly present to you.

  • As a token of my thanks, I implore you to accept my vow to live more sincerely in accordance with the teachings of the Gospel going forward and to devote my time and energy to the service of the poor, whom you have always loved and continue to love so much.
  • Amen.
  • Anthony to conclude this section: Sacred Heart of Jesus, intervene on our behalf so that God may grant us our request if it is for the welfare of our soul.
  • We beseech thee, Saint Anthony, ever attentive to those who call upon thee, grant us the assistance of thy mighty intercession for the graces of holy purity, meekness, humility, obedience, the spirit of poverty, and complete surrender to the will of God.
  • Despite the fact that St.
  • As Christians, let us strive to follow this committed servant of God in our desire to assist others.

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Prayers to St. Anthony of Padua – Companions of St. Anthony

The daily summons to prayer lies at the core of what it means to be a Companion to St. Anthony. In the sections below, you will find a variety of petitions that beg for St. Anthony’s intercession for all of life’s many blessings and problems. Let us join our voices in prayer, believing that our requests will be answered through the intercession of St. Anthony in the name of Jesus. All honor and glory belong to Jesus Christ! To send prayer requests for us and our other Companions, please visit this page.

The prayers listed below are also available as a full-color softcover book in a pocket-size format.


I salute you, St. Anthony, the lily of purity, the adornment of Christianity, and the splendor of the Christian faith. I salute you, noble Saint, cherub of knowledge and seraph of heavenly love, for you have earned my adoration. I am overjoyed by the numerous blessings that Our Lord has showered upon you. In humility and confidence, I implore you to assist me, knowing that God has endowed you with kindness and compassion, as well as authority and strength. In the spirit of the love you had for the Holy Infant Jesus as you held Him in your arms, I implore you to please tell Him about the blessings I am requesting via your intercession now.



St. Anthony, patron saint of the poor and downtrodden, you extended a giving and sympathetic hand to those who were afflicted. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers during this period of bad health, and join me as I confront this illness and all of the uncertainties that come with infirmity. Help me to feel God’s healing power via your prayers as well as my own by sending me healing thoughts. Please guide me to join myself with the Cross of Jesus Christ so that my suffering might be of spiritual value to me and others.



St. Anthony, you were always there to assist people in need. I am sincerely requesting your holy intercession right now on behalf of (insert name here) who is unwell and in desperate need of your miraculous intervention. Provide strength to (name) in order for him or her to be able to enjoy God’s gifts and goodness at this time. May his or her pains be alleviated and his or her faith in God’s Divine Providence be strengthened. In your caring care for the ill, St. Anthony, you performed miraculous deeds of healing that brought them great joy.

Allow our worried hearts to be consoled, and allow that our bodily and emotional pains serve as a source of cleansing and growth in preparation for everlasting life in your presence.

“Compassion toward our neighbors should be threefold: if they offend against us, we should forgive them; if they do not sin against us, we should not punish them.

If they are in need, we have a responsibility to assist them.” – St. Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of travelers In our pocket-sized softcover book dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua, you can find all of these prayers and many more.


As a dedicated servant of Christ, you provided comfort and consolation to anyone who sought your assistance in times of need. Please say a prayer for me right now, so I may have genuine peace of mind, heart, and soul. Support my faith development so that I may be rid of any unnecessary and pointless tension in this life. I pray for you. Fill me with total and unwavering faith in God’s healing gifts for all of time. Please grant me the tranquility that comes to those who have let go of their resentments, hatred, and rage.


Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of travelers


St. Anthony, you are an example of tremendous holiness. Please assist me in living as a deserving son or daughter of God, according to the vows made to me at my Baptism. You are well aware of the hazards and challenges that I am facing in my life. Please grant me the strength to resist all temptations to do evil and the bravery to bear witness to my faith. Ask Our Divine Savior to grant me a heart that is capable of loving God above all else and to open my spirit to a generous and honest love for my neighbor.

Inspire me by following your exemplary life, so that I may be the most open and receptive to God’s flawless and all-powerful love possible.


St. Anthony, thank you for your service. God has given you with a loving family that will mold you into the image and values of Jesus Christ as you grow older. Keep an eye on my family from your heavenly throne, and help us to develop together in faith and in a caring care for one another. Our family’s relationships will be strengthened as we live out Jesus’ teachings of forgiveness, selfless service, and prioritizing God’s love and the needs of others over our own desires and desires of wealth and power.


Is there anyone out there who has seen anything like this before? It is no longer necessary for the philosopher to avoid listening to the ordinary laborer; the wise to the simple; and the educated to the uneducated.” – St. Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of travelers


Your childlike traits of innocence, trust, and kindness, St. Anthony, were much adored by others around you. In this moment, I want you to please pray for me before God on behalf of the children I have entrusted to your heavenly care. (This is worth mentioning.) Keep them away from potential danger. Preserve them from illness and disease, as well as from falling prey to the unlucky influence of those who would lead them wrong. Please assist them in growing in faith and knowledge, so that they may develop into magnificent daughters and sons of our heavenly Father.

It is our prayer that they would regularly experience the delicate compassion and care of our Loving God, who breathed life into them and whose image they bore.


St. Anthony, thank you for your service. It was God who picked you to carry out a mission of mercy to individuals who had strayed from their Catholic faith. I am entrusting you with my worries regarding (insert name here) who does not currently attend Mass or receive the Sacraments on a regular basis. Inspiring people to desire to know God better, to worship God more frequently in the celebration of Holy Eucharist, and to devote their time and skills in the committed service of a welcome, holy, faith-filled Catholic parish community are all goals that may be achieved by speaking to their hearts.

Allow patience and wisdom to guide me in order to be a worthy example of faith to everybody.

“In this gloomy world, the saints shine brightly like the stars of the heavens,” says the author.

Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of travelers


St. Anthony, you became well-known for your scholarly accomplishments as well as your Christian insight. I thus commit the direction of my education to you. You have a good understanding of how essential they are in my life and how serious the commitment they demand of me are. Please give me the drive and determination to put up constant effort in my studies, the intellect to comprehend what I am taught, and the gift of a good memory to retain and apply what I have learned. I pray that, with your guidance, I will be able to effectively continue and complete my studies so that I can be of assistance and service to others, as well as discover my actual purpose and significance in this life.


St. Anthony, you are a magnificent worker of miracles who has shown me much love and comforted my troubled spirit. Thank you very much. I want to express to you my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of your divine assistance right now. I ask that you accept my prayer and my genuine pledge that I will make every effort to live my life in the love of Jesus Christ and of my neighbor.

I ask you to keep shielding me from harm with your mighty protection, and to grant me the last grace that will allow me to enter the Kingdom of Heaven one day, and to join with you in the everlasting praises of the Lord for his great compassion and kindness. Amen.


St. Anthony, you are frequently referred to as the patron saint of travelers. Many people have expressed their appreciation for your attention and watchfulness while on their trips. Please provide me with the same level of security when I embark on my journeys, both close and distant. Always assist me in determining and following the correct road when I am lost, and always keep me safe while I am lost. Amen.

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St. Anthony, you were summoned to your heavenly reward by Sister Death when you were a little child. Make my life so that I am spiritually prepared to depart this world at the command of Sister Death whenever she comes to call on me. Remove my dread and allow me the certainty of trust that, at my final hour, I shall be greeted by our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ, and will be able to enjoy eternally the brilliance of perpetual light, the fullness of eternal life, and perfect love in God’s presence forever.

Make it possible for me to die with no regrets for the things that have happened, with appreciation for all that has happened, and with a joyful openness to the benefits of grace and kindness that Christ has prepared for those who love Him.



Take a look at the Cross of the Lord! Get out of here, you terrible forces! Alleluia! The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has triumphed over his enemies. Alleluia! V. St. Anthony, conqueror of devils, intercede on our behalf! R. In order for us to be made worthy of the promises of Christ. In prayer, let us ask God to grant Your people, through the intercession of Your servant, Blessed Anthony of Padua,the grace to overcome the powers of evil, by Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Deliver us from the snares of the devil, we beseech you.

Anthony is a saint who is venerated in Italy.

Lost Your Keys? Call on St. Anthony!

When anything important is lost, the intercession of the revered 13th-century Franciscan is frequently asked today. You’ve misplaced your keys, your checkbook, or the book you were currently reading, among other things. Your search has taken you beneath the bed, into every drawer and on top of every countertop. You’ve exhausted all possibilities. What are your plans for the future? Of course, you should turn to Saint Anthony for help. During his lifetime, St. Anthony of Padua, a Catholic priest and Franciscan friar, lived from 1195 to 1231, and his feast day is observed on June 13.

As a matter of fact, he was so effective at preaching to heretics that he was given the moniker “Hammer of Heretics.” After hearing Anthony preach, Pope Gregory IX referred to him as a “diamond case of the Bible” and instructed him to compile his sermons into a book, which was eventually published under the title Sermons for Feast Days.

  • Francis of Assisi, St.
  • Often considered the finest preacher of the Middle Ages, he is often regarded as such.
  • The Finder of Misplaced Items The custom of invoking St.
  • A psalter (psalm book) was kept by Anthony, according to tradition, in which he wrote notes and remarks that he utilized in instructing his seminarian students.
  • Anthony’s psalter was stolen by a novice who had left the order and taken the book with him, according to the story told in the book.
  • Anthony’s prayers were heard and heard well.
  • The Franciscan Friary in Bologna, Italy, has kept its psalter to this day.

Anthony when they have misplaced their keys, ring, or other valuable possessions.

It is the Franciscan Friars that have composed the prayer below, which is named “Litany of the Lost.” ******* Litany of the Forgotten Please, Lord, take compassion on me.

(May Christ have mercy on us.) Please, Lord, take compassion on me.

Anthony, please intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost our health.

Anthony, please intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost our peace of mind.

Anthony, please intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost our homes.

Anthony, please intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost our financial stability.

Anthony, please intercede for those of us who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

Anthony, please intercede for those of us who have lost sight of our goals.

Anthony, please intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost our abilities.

Anthony, intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost our early zeal.

Anthony, please intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost our sobriety.

Anthony, intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost our faith.

Anthony, intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost our self-respect.

Anthony, please intercede for those of us who have lost our sense of perspective.

Anthony, intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost our innocence.

Anthony, please intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost our independence.

Anthony, please intercede for those of us who have lost our sense of belonging within our families.

Anthony, intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost our civil tranquility.

Anthony, intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost faith in other people.

Anthony, intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost our virtue.

Anthony, please intercede on our behalf for those of us who have lost our homes.

Have compassion on us, O Lamb of God, since you have taken away the sins of the world.

Let us say a prayer.

Anthony, the patron of the lost, who serves as an intercessor for those who are in desperate need of your mercy.

This is our prayer, which we make through Christ our Lord.

******* Julian of Speyer, a German Franciscan friar who lived in the 15th century and was a contemporary of St.

After St.

He put the following in it: “The water obeys and the fetters are broken,And dead limbs thou dost restore,While treasures lost are discovered once more.” I beseech your assistance whether you are young or old.

Anthony for the recovery of a misplaced object or the return of a loved one.

(Are you interested in learning more about St. Anthony of Padua, orator, teacher, and finder of misplaced items? You might wish to read Saint Anthony: The Wonder-Worker of Paduaby Charles Warren Stoddard if you have the opportunity.)

How St. Anthony Became the Patron Saint of Lost Items + Your Stories of His Intercession

In the Church, St. Anthony of Padua is one of the most well-known and revered saints, as well as one of the busiest. It’s difficult to find someone who hasn’t sought his assistance in retrieving a misplaced or stolen item, as he is recognized as the Patron Saint of Lost and Stolen Items. Stories of his miraculous intercession exist among the devout in every country, both for the purpose of locating misplaced items and for a variety of other purposes. Beginning with my ancestors, I have an unique attachment to this Franciscan preacher and teacher who was so powerful before the throne of God.

Anthony of Padua.

My maternal grandpa, uncle, cousin, and sister are all named after and patronized by him, and he has always been one of our family’s most adored saints, according to my mother.

Although we have many incredible stories of his intercession, the following is one of my personal favorites.

A Personal Story

I misplaced my wedding bands, which had belonged to my husband’s paternal grandmother, a few years ago and was devastated. It made me very sad when I couldn’t find them anywhere in our house. I was positive they were someplace in our house. I sought the intercession of St. Anthony on a number of occasions. I would say a brief and simple prayer whenever the thought occurred to me, multiple times a day: “St. Anthony, I implore you to restore my wedding rings to me.” You have never failed us in any way.

I was confident that my rings were somewhere around, but I couldn’t locate them.

Anthony for the recovery of the rings on a daily basis, I had never offered a novena to him in the days leading up to his feast day.

Anthony has never failed us.” Continue to pray.” After all, we had entrusted him with many intents, both large and little, for centuries, and he had never failed to intercede on our behalf.

Praying a Novena to St. Anthony

On the eve of his feast, which also happened to be my birthday, I did a novena that ended on the vigil of his feast. I went to Mass every day that week in the hopes that he would return my rings to me on the feast day, and I expressed my gratitude to him for his prayer on my behalf. I was looking forward to seeing what our devoted family saint would do. I went to our foyer where his framed photo, which had been hung on a gold sconce for years, was exhibited after we had put the children to bed that night, and I cried.

It had been a long summer day, and as I climbed the stairwell, I moaned to myself about how I had neglected to go through our closets and purge before our relocation.

In those days, life with small children was quite hectic, especially during the summer months.

I feared the prospect of transferring, and I continued putting off the work of cleaning out our closets before packing our belongings, despite the fact that most of our other belongings were already boxed and heaped all around us.

His Miraculous Intercession

I walked inside the closet that I shared with my spouse, garbage bag in hand. I promised myself that I would start with something little and work my way up from there, one step at a time, completing our closet that night and then moving on to the children’s closets the next morning. I grabbed for a basket approximately the size of a shoebox, which contained buttons and other trinkets collected during a twenty-year period. It had been around since the days when clothing was packaged with additional buttons, threads, and embellishments to allow for easy patching of holes and tears.

  • I emptied the entire basket into a rubbish bag, satisfied that I had at least begun the process of purging, and thought about how ridiculous it was to save twenty years’ worth of extra buttons when I couldn’t recall ever needing a single one of them.
  • As I was dumping them into the rubbish bag, I caught a glimpse of something.
  • My wedding bands!
  • On the closet shelf, I kept the basket next to my jewelry box as a storage solution.
  • After spending so much time looking for them, I was nearly ready to toss them away!
  • Not only had I discovered them on the eve of the feast, which also happened to be my birthday, but St.
  • I yelled, “Praise God!” and sank down on my knees in the closet, praising God and prayed to St.
  • As soon as he heard me cry out, he rushed into the room to find me in tears, shouting the same thing my mother had: “He has never failed us!” When I pray his novena each year before to his feast, I set his image and my wedding rings on a home altar as a reminder of God’s and St.

The Origin of His Well-Known Patronage

Because of an episode from the life of this extraordinary saint, Catholics call St. Anthony to help them locate misplaced or stolen items: As a result, St. Anthony carried about a particular volume of Psalms with him at all times. Books were immensely precious in the 13th century, prior to the advent of printing, when they were first published. A instructor like St. Anthony valued them even more than the average person. This particular Psalter, or book of Psalms, was a special favorite of his since he had copied it by hand and extensively annotated it for use in his teaching and preaching.

  1. One of Anthony’s students, a novice, made the decision to leave the community after realizing that religious life was not for him.
  2. The fact that St.
  3. He prayed to God, though, in the hopes that his student might alter his mind.
  4. Anthony.
  5. The Franciscan Monastery in Bologna, Italy, still has a copy of this book on its shelves today.

As a result of St. Anthony’s death, his narrative inspired the faithful to designate him as the Patron Saint of Lost or Stolen Items—a designation that includes not just lost goods, but also souls in need of prayers for conversion or restoration to the Catholic Church.

St. Anthony’s Bread

Many donate “St. Anthony’s Bread” as a sacrifice to the needy in thankfulness for his intercession. This holds true not only for the recovery of misplaced items, but also for any other prayer aim. The saint had a special affection for the poor, and he was well-known for his efforts to alleviate their suffering in any manner he could. In 1263, when a young boy drowned near St. Anthony’s Basilica, which was being built in Padua at the time, his mother cried out to St. Anthony, imploring him to bring the boy back to life.

  • Her son was miraculously resurrected, and she maintained her vow.
  • He was also unable to open them, despite several master keys and fruitless tries.
  • Louise prayed to St.
  • She volunteered to give her bakery’s bread to the destitute for his intercession.
  • Louise fulfilled her vow, and her business became a particular center of devotion to the saint.
  • Anthony’s Bread for the help of the needy, and supports this sacrifice as a gesture of appreciation when St.
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Your Stories of St. Anthony’s Miraculous Intercession

We are always interested in hearing about how our heavenly benefactors intervene and act on our behalf. In light of this, we polled our workers and social media followers to find out what their favorite stories about St. Anthony were. Many, many replies were received; we wish we had the space to share them all with you, but we are delighted to share at least some of them with you here on our website! We hope that the stories in this section will inspire and motivate you to seek the intercession of this great saint on your behalf.

Anthony, make your way over here.

The cross-country rosary

“My mother had a special relationship to a set of rosary beads that she received as a gift in the late 1940s. She was on the train from London to Manchester at the time. When she returned home to Manchester, she discovered that she had misplaced her rosary beads. She was in a bad mood. She prayed to St. Anthony and went to the railway station every day for two weeks in the hopes that someone would have given them in. She was unsuccessful. No such luck! She then placed a “lost” ad in the newspapers, along with her name and address, to try to find him.

He stated that he had discovered her beads on the train, but that he had continued on to Manchester and thus couldn’t place them in the lost property box there.

When I was younger, fish and chips were served in newspaper wrappers. So one evening, when he was enjoying his fish and chips, he happened to notice my mother’s advertising! I was pleased to see my mother with her beads once again!” – Josiah

The metro-riding backpack

My father’s account of St. Anthony’s intercession will always be my favorite story of St. Anthony’s intercession: He once took my small sisters and cousins and me to the heart of downtown Washington, DC. He had forgotten to take his backpack with him as he was rushing to get all of the small girls off the subway. within which he kept his camera, wallet, and phone. Given that this is the DC metro system, we’re all thinking “goodbye, forever” to all of his possessions. We prayed to St. Anthony, and somehow my father was able to find enough dollars to use a payphone (this was around 2003) to call his phone, hoping that someone would hear it ringing in the bag and come get it.

My father worked with him to arrange for the rucksack to be dropped off at the security station at one of the metro stations.

And, of course, he went by the name of Anthony.

The keys in the lake

When I was around 12 years old, I accidentally lost a set of keys in the lake. I went home and acquired a rope with some magnets attached to it, and I began “fishing” for the keys in the area where I had left them. After a few minutes, I’d reached the end of my patience and was ready to throw in the towel. I said a prayer to St. Anthony and got ready to make “one final” try to catch them while fishing in the river. The magnet ended up several feet distant from where the keys had been dropped due to a slip of the hand.

But, lo and behold, I was able to grab the keys out of my pocket on the final throw.

The missing soldier

My great grandma received word that my grandfather, a soldier, had gone missing in the Philippines, and she immediately contacted the authorities. When she got home, she went straight to her St. Anthony statue and threw a blanket around him before putting him in the closet and telling him she would not let him out until he found her son. My grandfather served as a prisoner of war for four years. When she discovered that he had been located and was returning home, she took St. Anthony out of the closet.

The sapphire necklace

When I graduated from high school, my sister and two younger brothers presented me with a star sapphire necklace as a graduation gift. Many years later, I couldn’t find my necklace in any of the usual places. It was a never-ending cycle of prayers to Saint Anthony, who had always been there for me in the past. I had finally given up after two years of searching; I had realized that I was not meant to discover my necklace. When I stepped out of my bedroom and into the corridor, there was my necklace, simply laying there in the middle of the floor, which I found strange.

Anthony does not always respond promptly, as I discovered at the time. He does, however, respond. I am 72 years old, and I have never forgotten how relieved I was to receive that necklace back in exchange for my life. Theresa is a woman who lives in the United States.

Anthony impresses the Protestants

After our first trip to Europe, I overheard my Baptist husband telling a group of other protestant friends at a dinner party about how I had prayed to Saint Anthony and he had witnessed me find so many things that I had misplaced that he was afraid he would have to build a chapel to Saint Anthony before we left Europe to return to the United States. Betty is an example of a woman who is adamant about getting what she wants in life.

The perpetually missing rosary ring

When I was thirteen years old, I received a rosary ring from the Monte Cassino Abbey in Italy. I like the rosary ring; I adored the fact that I could recite the rosary anyplace and it would be inconspicuous and unnoticed. It was something I wore all the time. The problem was that I had a poor tendency of forgetting things. I would lose my temper for days or even weeks at a period, much to my great distress. As a recommendation from a friend, I decided to ask St Anthony to pray for me, which is exactly what I began doing.

  1. My temper flared out one day during my sophomore year of high school, when I participated in a school-sponsored dunk tank fundraiser.
  2. However, as my mother pointed out, “St.
  3. Anthony for interceding on my behalf hundreds of times.
  4. Monique

Lost joy

Last year, I was suffering from severe anxiety and felt as if someone had thrown me into a black hole. Being unwell all of the time made it impossible for me to accomplish anything or go anyplace. Saint Anthony answered my prayer, restoring some of my lost joy one piece at a time. Now it’s all back, and I’m feeling better than ever! “Melanie” is a pseudonym.

The Miraculous Medal from Sister

In the third grade, a religious sister from the Missionaries of Charity paid a visit to my son’s classroom. She presented them with a Miraculous Medal to each of them. When I picked him up from school, he was bursting with excitement to tell me about his mother’s visit and how much he enjoyed it. On his wish list was to attach the medal to a necklace and wear it to school. As soon as he went to school the next morning, he removed his sweatshirt and saw that the medal was no longer attached to the chain.

All of his other students were sporting theirs, and he was devastated to discover that his was missing.

I told him we could get another one if he wanted, but I knew it wouldn’t make him happy.

In order to honor St.

I was strolling by the swing set when I noticed the light streaming down on the grass. It was just 5 minutes later. there was the Miraculous Medal, gleaming in the sunlight, and then there was nothing. This is really a joyful occasion! LaRissa is a fictional character created by author LaRissa

“Hey Tony, it’s me, Ann”

He has assisted me in locating a variety of items. Some very remarkable discoveries. My friends and family members have called me on the phone to ask me to pray for them. My acquaintance claims that I misplace so many things and make so many prayer requests that we have become acquainted on a first-name basis with one another. She claims that I say, “Hey Tony, it’s me, Ann!” when she calls. He’s one of my favorite Saints, to say the least. “Ann” is an abbreviation for Ann’s name.

A husband.and follower of Anthony

Having performed a particular novena prayer to St. Anthony every night since I was 16 years old, I have been asking him to help me discover my future husband. Even though it took a long time, and I had many doubts that it would ever happen, I eventually found the guy I was supposed to marry after nine years of searching. We have now been married for seven years, which is a blessing. Because my spouse is of Italian descent, his last name is “follower of St. Anthony,” which means “follower of Anthony.” And if that isn’t intercession, then I don’t know what is.

A new heart

I required a heart transplant for my kid, and St. Anthony guided me to a great match, which was accomplished on the feast day of St. Anthony in 2016. He’s doing OK, thank you. Thank you very much, St. Anthony! “Melissa” is a pseudonym for “Melissa” (Melissa is a pseudonym for “Melissa”), who is a pseudonym for “Melissa” (Melissa is a pseudonym for “Melissa is a pseudonym for “Melissa is a pseudonym for “Me

A talent for finding diamonds and rings

Even though your experiences have shown us that St. Anthony is capable of locating almost everything, we have found that he appears to be particularly adept at locating your missing diamonds and wedding bands. It became apparent that there were enough of these anecdotes to warrant a separate blog post. More information may be found at: Why St. Anthony should be officially designated as the patron saint of lost diamond rings, as well as your personal stories Do you have a story you’d like to tell?

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