How To Get To Mont Saint Michel From Paris


From Paris to Mont Saint-Michel: 4 Best Ways to Get There

We may receive a commission if you click on one of our affiliate links ( ) The island of Mont Saint-Michel is a very wonderful spot. It is a little island off the coast of Normandy that is capped with a magnificent Gothic abbey. Since the 10th century, the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel has served as a spiritual pilgrimage site for thousands of people. As it did during the medieval era, the Mont Saint-Michel continues to lure visitors who approach on foot at low tide, just as pilgrims did then. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mont Saint-Michel is one of France’s most popular tourist destinations.

It is possible to go to and explore the site of Mont Saint-Michel in a number of different ways.

Choosing the most appropriate mode of transportation to go to Mont Saint-Michel is dependent on your interests and preferred mode of transportation.

Near the Beauvoir Visitor Information Center and parking lots, there are walking routes and a bridge that connect to the Mont Saint-Michel National Historic Site.

While strolling across the bridge, you will have the opportunity to take in spectacular views of Mont Saint-Michel.

From 7:30 a.m.

There are approximately 400 meters between the shuttle drop-off station and the walls that encircle the historic city and abbey of Mont Saint-Michel.

1. From Paris to Mont Saint-Michel by Guided Tour

Mont Saint-Michel (Mont Saint-Michel) When visiting Mont Saint-Michel as a day excursion, most travelers find that taking a guided tour is the most beneficial option. It is considerably easier and faster to take an organized excursion than to drive yourself and it is also lot less expensive than taking public transportation (bus or rail). In addition, participants value the opportunity to learn about the history of Mont Saint-Michel from a knowledgeable guide. Those who wish to make the most of their time by taking advantage of an in-depth full-day journey to Mont Saint-Michel are well served by the Mont Saint-Michel Day Trip from Paris.

After spending a significant amount of time visiting Mont Saint-Michel, you’ll return to Paris around 14 hours after your departure.

You will pay a visit to the Abbey of Saint-Michel, where you will be able to marvel at the magnificent Gothic architecture. Optional hotel pickup and a three-course lunch are provided as part of the trip.

2. From Paris to Mont Saint-Michel by Car

The road leading to Mont Saint-Michel From Paris, the trip to Mont Saint-Michel takes between 3.5 and 4 hours. Getting there: Taking the A13 highway in the direction of Caen, then merging onto the A84 motorway in the direction of Avranches in the direction of Rennes, is one option to consider. Taking this route from Paris to Mont Saint-Michel is the most direct and shortest option available. Alternative routes include taking the A11 highway to Le Mans, then connecting with the A81 highway to Fougères.

  1. The main benefit of having a car is that it allows you to extend your holiday schedule and visit tourist sites in the Brittany and Normandy areas that are close to the Mont Saint-Michel site.
  2. Caen, in Normandy, is a convenient starting place for tours of the D-Day Landing Beaches and Memorials, which are less than a two-hour drive away.
  3. This is the best way to enjoy Mont Saint-Michel without being surrounded by throngs of tourists, allowing you to savor the quiet tranquillity of the island in the morning before day-trippers arrive and in the evening after they have left, as well as in between.
  4. Keep in mind that when you get to Mont Saint-Michel, you’ll have to carry your stuff up a steep slope to your accommodation.
  5. Tourists may park for a fee near the Mont Saint-Michel on the mainland at Beauvoir, which is a short distance away.
  6. All of the parking lots are in close proximity to the pedestrian walkways and pedestrian bridge.
  7. Taking a legally sanctioned guided stroll assures that you will securely cross the bay (when the tide is low enough).

3. From Paris to Mont Saint-Michel by Bus

The bus that will take you to Mont Saint-Michel There are a number of firms that provide public transit to and from Mont Saint-Michel via bus. This is frequently the most cost-effective mode of transportation, albeit the bus travel is somewhat longer than driving. This service is provided by theFlixBuscompany, which provides a direct bus service to Mont Saint-Michel from Paris (departing at Bercy Seine, La Défense, or Pont de Levallois). It takes between five and six hours to complete the journey.

On some Thursdays, there is just one bus that runs at 7 a.m. in the morning. When you get off the bus, you’ll be at La Caserne, which is close the pedestrian paths and the bridge to Mont Saint-Michel. From there, you may either walk or take the Passeur shuttle bus to your destination.

4. From Paris to Mont Saint-Michel by Train

The Mont Saint-Michel and the railroad tracks The railway is an excellent mode of transportation from Paris to Mont Saint-Michel, both in terms of cost and travel time between the two cities. The rail journey takes many hours less time than the bus journey. The train, on the other hand, is less convenient due to the fact that you must make many changes. Train timetables may be seen on the official SNCF website, which is accessible to travelers. There is a 2.5-hourTGV train (rapid-speed train) from Paris Montparnasse station (in the direction of Saint-Malo) to the Dol-de-Bretagne station, which is 30 kilometers from Mont Saint-Michel, which is the most effective way.

Additionally, a 30-minute bus trip on theBreizhGo bus from Dol-de-Bretagne to the Gare Routière in Pontorson and a connection to the La Navette shuttle bus that takes 20 minutes from Pontorson to Mont Saint-Michel is an option.

Travelers can look up the timetable for theBreizhGo bus service.

After arriving in Rennes, you will board the TER Train (which will transport you in the direction of Saint-Malo) to Dol-de-Bretagne.

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Other Attractions in the Area: There are a plethora of beautiful locations to explore in Normandy and Brittany that are close to Mont Saint-Michel. Located within an hour’s drive are the Normandy D-Day landing beaches and WWII memorials; the chic coastal resort of Dinard; the charming Breton port town of Saint-Malo; a fairy-tale medieval castle at Fougères; and Rennes, the historic capital of the Brittany region. Places to visit in the Loire Valley include: If you’re driving from Paristo Mont Saint-Michel to Paris, it makes sense to stop in the Loire Valley on your way back.

How to Get From Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel

Mont-Saint-Michelis one of France’s great landmarks, and it is located on the coast where the Normandy and Brittanyregions meet, making it a popular tourist destination. Paris, one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions, is 362 kilometers (362 miles) distant from this settlement, which is perched high on a rocky island and home to the world-renowned Abbey complex.

It is the most easy alternative for traveling between Paris and Mont-Saint-Michel, since it allows you to explore at your own speed and without the transfers and inconveniences that buses and trains normally involve.

Time Cost Best For
Car 4 hours, 30 minutes 225 miles (362 kilometers) Exploring on your own
Train 4 hours from $84 Arriving quickly
Bus 4 hours, 50 minutes from $21 Budget travel

What Is the Cheapest Way to Get From Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel?

The bus (from $21) is the most affordable mode of transportation between Paris and Mont-Saint-Michel (starting at $21). Customers can take a directFlixBusvehicle that departs in the mornings; two journeys are available every day for this service. The more expedient route takes around four hours and fifty minutes from the Paris Pont de Levallois bus terminal. Another option is to take a bus from the Bercy Seine bus station in Paris, which takes five hours and 35 minutes and travels throughout the country.

Because transportation timetables are subject to change and some routes are only available seasonally, it is best to make a reservation and then confirm the specifics in advance.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get From Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel?

When you factor in the transfer, the shortest method to go to Mont-Saint-Michel from Paris is by rail, which takes around four hours and forty minutes. There are multiple departures each day of the TGV train from Paris to Rennes, which takes around two hours and costs approximately $70. From the Rennes-Pontchaillou railway station, passengers may take a 40-minute train trip (beginning at $11) to the Pontorson-Mont-Saint-Michel train station, which is located 40 minutes away. Additionally, SNCF trains departing from the Paris Gare Montparnassestation around five times every day for Villedieu-les-Poêles are an option as well.

Passengers will have a one-hour transfer before continuing on to Mont-Saint-Michel with the SNCF.

Before departing from Paris, passengers should contact the Tourist Information Center in Mont-Saint-Michel to learn about shuttle services, which are normally synchronized with train timetables and run from the railway station to the village of Mont-Saint-Michel.

How Long Does It Take to Drive?

Traveling from Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel is 225 miles (362 kilometers) long and takes around four hours and thirty minutes, depending on your pace and the amount of traffic. There are tolls on several of the major highways, such as the A13, which is the most direct route between the two locations. Some visitors—as long as they are 18 years old or older and are not European citizens—take advantage of theRenault Eurodrive Buy Back Lease. If you’re planning to stay in France for more than 21 days, this is the most cost-effective alternative for renting a new automobile.

Taxis pick up and drop off at the parking lot adjacent to the Tourist Information Center. It is important to note that there may be long lineups to enter the parking lots, and that you must pay at the ticket machines before returning to your automobile.

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Mont-Saint-Michel?

The nicest and sunniest weather on Mont-Saint-Michel is experienced between May and October, with particularly dry conditions occurring from June through September. Sea level fluctuations effect the microclimate of the island. It is customary for the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel Marathon to take place in late May and attract 5,000 participants from all around France and the world. Summer, long weekends, and school vacations are the busiest times of year for travelers to visit. If you want to avoid the crowds, go exploring at daybreak or in the afternoon, or take a stroll about the town in the evenings.

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What Is There to Do in Mont-Saint-Michel?

Despite the fact that Mont-Saint-Michel is just 240 acres (97 hectares) in size, the island is magnificent and home to the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From its 262 feet (80 meters) high vantage point, the Abbey offers panoramic bay views, as well as more than 20 chambers to explore on your own or with a guide. The Abbey dates back to the seventh century. Cafés and tourist stores line La Grande Rue, the village’s steep main street, which is a popular destination for travelers.

Also worth seeing is the Moulin de Moidrey windmill, which dates back to the early nineteenth century and is still in operation; flour and other goods are available for purchase on the ground floor.

  • How long does it take to go by rail from Paris to the Mont-Saint-Michel monument? If you take the faster, indirect train to Mont-Saint-Michel, it takes around four hours, whereas the slower, direct train takes approximately four hours and forty minutes. What is the distance between Paris and Mont-Saint-Michel? The distance between Paris and Mont-Saint-Michel is 225 miles (362 kilometers). What is the cost of a train ticket from Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel? Ticket prices for the high-speed TGV train begin at $70, with an extra $11 charge for the connecting train. Tickets for the direct trip with SNCF trains start at $45
  • Tickets for the indirect route with SNCF trains start at $70.

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Tips for Visiting Mont-Saint-Michel from Paris

As a reader-supported publication, Road Affair has the potential to receive a profit from purchases made via links in this post. When traveling to France, the world-famous island of Mont-Saint-Michel, often known as Saint Michael’s Mount, is a must-see attraction that should not be missed. The vast abbey and monastery are really spectacular, and there is more than enough to see and do here to fill a whole day and make it an amazing day trip. As you travel around the commune, you will be surrounded by a wealth of natural beauty and historical significance.

Brief History About Mont-Saint-Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel was originally known as Mont Tombe, and it was created by an Irish hermit named Mont Tombe. According to legend, Saint Michael the Archangel appeared to the bishop of Avranches in 708 and instructed him to erect a church on the islet of Saint-Michel. Even the mighty English were unable to take it because of its formidable defences. The mount formally became a part of Normandy in 933, courtesy to the efforts of William Longsword, the second monarch of Normandy. Because there were so few monks in residence at the time of the French Revolution, the venerable monastery was transformed into a jail during the French Revolution.

The jail was closed in 1863, and the architectural gem was designated as a historic monument in 1874, thanks to the efforts of significant personalities such as Victor Hugo.

How To Get To Mont-Saint-Michel From Paris

The distance between Paris and Mont-Saint-Michel is around 225 miles (362 kilometers), so it will not be a short journey, but it will be worthwhile. It is possible to go to Mont-Saint-Michel from Paris using a variety of modes of transportation.

1. On a Guided Tour:

Make a reservation with one of the tour operators in the Paris area. Despite the fact that it will be a full-day journey, it will relieve the burden of navigating through traffic or a train station. In most cases, these trips will include a guide who will provide you with background information about the towns and villages you will be passing through as well as Mont-Saint-Michel itself. GetYourGuide offers excursions from Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel, and their services are highly rated by previous customers.

2. By Car:

You may go at your own pace if you rent a car, which gives you the most flexibility. Before traffic, the travel will take around four hours. There will be a fee for parking, and depending on your route, there may be toll roads to contend with as well.

3. By Public Transportation:

TGV (the French intercity high-speed rail train) from Gare Montparnasse in Paris to Rennes is the fastest way to travel. The train travel will take around two hours and cost approximately €56. A coach bus goes from Rennes to Mont-Saint-Michel, and the journey takes around one hour and twenty minutes. The cost of a one-way coach ticket is around €15.

What To See And Do in Mont-Saint-Michel

The abbey and monastery come to mind as the obvious option. The enchantment begins as soon as you reach the top of the 350-step staircase leading to the abbey and monastery and pay your entry ticket. The architecture of this megastructure is a combination of Gothic and Romanesque styles, and everything about it, from the huge halls to the courtyards, exudes a sense of grandeur. Within the complex, among of the attractions are the vistas from the west terrace, as well as the cloisters, which include double-row pillars.

It is normally open until 7:00 p.m.

in the fall, winter, and spring; the final admittance is authorized one hour before closing time in the summer and fall.

Make sure to purchase your admission ticket in advance here if you are not taking a guided tour.

1. La Grande Rue

It’s a difficult climb, to be sure, but the view from Mont-Saint-main Michel’s street is something out of a storybook. As you make your way up the street, you’ll find yourself surrounded by cafés and little stores. Keep in mind that the island receives more than three million visitors every year, which means that this street may become extremely busy. The ideal times to visit are in the evenings or when it’s quiet, so if you can visit during the off-season, you’ll be able to enjoy it to its fullest extent.

2. La Chapelle-Saint-Aubert

This church is a charming, hidden gem that is ideal if you are searching for some peace and quiet.

Paintings may be seen within this stone chapel, which is worth seeing. When you’re here, it’s critical to be aware of the tides, as high tide can bring with it very hazardous winds.

3. Barrage du Mont-Saint-Michel

Despite the fact that you have probably never gone out to see a dam, we guarantee that you will thank us for this one later. The stretch of metal and concrete affords some spectacular vistas, and the location is ideal for a picnic lunch in the park. Depending on the time of year and the weather, they may even provide a free guided tour at 3:30pm on some days. Despite the fact that the island is small, there are a plethora of charming and ancient locations to explore on your journey to and from the abbey.

Where to Eat in Mont-Saint-Michel

If you ask someone where to dine in Mont-Saint-Michel, the response will beLa Mère Poulard. Annette Poulard attached this restaurant to the hotel of the same name in 1888 to serve hotel guests. Annette became famed for her huge souffle-style omelettes, and that is why everyone from celebrities to royalty flock here to enjoy her creations. Just be aware that your budget will take a blow if you dine here. They also offer a café that’s a bit more cheap. It has a simplified menu, but the views are better.

Because of that, most of the things you see will be tourist traps.

Where to Stay in Mont-Saint-Michel

Many tourists visit Mont-Saint-Michel for a day trip from Paris, but if you’d want to spend more time on this picturesque small island, we’ve compiled a list of places to stay for you below.

  • The Auberge Saint Pierre, the Hôtel Vert, and the Mercure Mont Saint Michel are also excellent choices.

There’s a reason why Mont-Saint-Michel is so well-known across the world. Everything that people claim it to be is true, and it is something that must be experienced personally. It’s time to fulfill your ambitions by paying a visit to Mont-Saint-Michel. More day trip options from Paris may be found by clicking here.

How to Visit Mont Saint Michel from Paris (by Train, Car or Tour)

Please keep in mind that this content may contain affiliate links. Choosing to book through these links results in a little compensation for me, which I will almost certainly spend on future flights (it’s a vicious circle, I know). No additional charges will be incurred by you as a result of any of this online black magic.

Note: The Monument is currently closed in compliance with French Government regulations. The latestupdates can be found here.

Mont Saint Michel, situated against the backdrop of the expansive bay where Brittany and Normandy meet, is unquestionably one of France’s most stunning vistas. As a matter of fact, the ground surrounding the stronghold is so flat for miles around that when you first view it from a distance, it appears almost like a gravity-defying illusion. An monastery built by the Benedictines in 708 at the behest of Archangel Michael, perched high on a rocky islet, crowns this tidal island in the Mediterranean.

During the Hundred Years War, monks were so successful in defending the abbey that it was given the nickname “the Impregnable Fortress.” During the medieval period, the sanctuary grew in popularity as a pilgrimage destination, and a community sprang up within the defensive walls of the complex.

However, despite the abbey’s distant setting, it is easily accessible as part of a journey to Normandy or when vacationing in the coastal resorts of the Brittany area of France. At low tide, the Mont Saint Michel is visible.

How to Get to Mont Saint Michel from Paris

The trek from Paris to Mont Saint Michel is a little more time-consuming. While it is still feasible to visit as a lengthy day excursion or, much better, as an overnight stay, it is not recommended for most people. There are three basic modes of transportation from Paris to the city:

  1. Take the train instead
  2. Rent a car and go on a drive
  3. Make a reservation for a guided tour

Here’s an overview of each:

3 hours and 30 minutes is the time commitment. Traveling by train to Mont Saint Michel from Paris is a simple process.

  1. From the Gare Montparnasse in Paris, Take the TGV train (Train A Grand Vitesse) to Rennes
  2. From the Rennes Train Station, walk to the Place de la République. Exit North and Bus Station signage will direct you to a Keolis bus station where you may board a bus to Mont Saint Michel. Purchase a Bus Ticket Tickets cost EUR 15 (one-way) and buses operate up to four times a day, depending on the route. There is no need to make reservations. It is possible to purchase your bus ticket from the driver, at the bus station, or when purchasing your train ticket. There are bus schedules available here
  3. You may view them.

This leaves you with a quarter-mile walk to complete before reaching the island (which happens to be one of the greatest picture locations in the area!). Shuttles are available from 7:30 a.m. until midnight, seven days a week.

How to Get to Mont Saint Michel by Car

If you want to drive from Paris, the journey would take roughly 4 hours and will cost approximately EUR 20 in tolls along the route. While driving in France is significantly different from driving in Ireland (as long as you avoid the city of Paris! ), driving in France is no different from driving in any other western nation. More information may be found at: How to Survive Driving in Ireland (and Actually Enjoy It!) For those arriving by automobile (whether from Paris or the nearby towns), a designated parking lot is available on the mainland of Mont Saint Michel.

The cost of parking varies depending on the season, ranging from EUR 9.10 in the low season to EUR 14.20 in the hot season.

Or…Take a Guided Tour of Mont Saint Michel!

For those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of working out the train schedule or hiring a car, there are several guided tour choices accessible from cities such as Paris, Bayeaux, Caen, or Rennes. It is customary for tours to depart Paris at the crack of dawn, including lunch and a guided tour of the abbey, then return to Paris in the late afternoon. If you’re not opposed to taking group excursions, this is unquestionably the most stress-free method to go to Mont Saint Michel from the city of Paris.

Where to Stay Near Mont Saint Michel

While Mont Saint Michel can certainly be visited in a day, if you want to view it without the crowds, you might consider staying the night at the castle. It’s the only way to take advantage of the island’s natural beauty before and after the influx of tour groups each day.

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Yes, you can stay on the island!

In the event that you decide to remain the night, I strongly advise you to choose one of the few hotels that are located immediately on the island. The fact that you can access the peaceful, tiny streets of this unusual island at any time of day or night, even if the on-island alternatives are a little more pricey, is something really remarkable. It enables you to enjoy it in a manner that the great majority of tourists never get the opportunity to do. These are the streets of Mont Saint Michel.

Here are my two favorite options ON the island:

In order to get to the Hotel La Mere Poulard, you must use a shuttle bus, which drops you off just inside the causeway’s entrance gate (they do provide parking off the island). The hotel’s restaurant is world-famous for being the first to serve the island’s two culinary specialties – enormous, fluffy omelets and butter cookies – and for being the originator of both.

Les chambres de l’hôtel Le Mouton Blanc, located at the foot of the monastery, are tiny (i.e. small), yet pleasant. One of the three buildings that make up the hotel contains rooms decorated in a medieval manner, while another provides rooms with views of the Mont Saint Michel.

Off the island, but still close by:

If you’re on a tighter budget, staying a little further away from the island will save you money while still allowing you to take advantage of the nighttime and early morning hours when there are less people. Here are two excellent alternatives on the mainland, both of which are within walking distance of the shuttle: In addition to elegant and spacious accommodations, the Hotel Mercure Mont Saint Michel offers facilities such as a complete restaurant and bar. There is also free parking available.

The rooms are modest, yet they are also contemporary and tidy.

When to Visit Mont Saint Michel

High season is defined as the months of May to August, when temperatures are at their highest. In other words, unless you enjoy being around large groups of people, this is not the best time to come. Instead, spring and fall are the best times to visit since the weather is still pleasant and the people are significantly less dense during these seasons. For the best chance of capturing the famous image of the island’s reflection in the water, you’ll want to check the tide schedule and plan your visit for around the highest tide of the day.

Another good reason to get a hotel room for the night is to avoid traffic.

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What to See at Mont Saint Michel

Despite the island’s striking silhouette when viewed from a distance, the abbey is the major attraction on the island. Summer hours are 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from May 2 to August 31. From 6:00pm to 7:00pm for the remainder of the year. One hour before the doors close, the last tickets are sold. Be aware that the abbey is closed to visitors on the first and fifth days of each month (January, April, and December), as well as the few days each year when unusually high tides render the island inaccessible.

Don’t forget to take a stroll around the fifteenth-century ramparts, which provide breathtaking views of the harbor.

You’re likely to come upon gorgeous residences, secret gardens, and even more panoramic vistas while exploring.

So, why visit Mont Saint Michel?

This stunning island has been a popular pilgrimage site for ages, and there’s a good reason for that.

The island, as well as the surrounding tidal scenery and ecosystem, provide an enthralling environment to explore. As a result, the trip to Mont Saint Michel, which is located in a remote area, is well worth the effort, whether it is for a day excursion or for an overnight stay.

How To Get To Mont Saint Michel From Paris?

After you have seen the sights of Paris, it is a good idea to go around the rest of the country and the surrounding countryside. Traveling from Paris to other tourist destinations in France is simple, thanks to the large train network that connects the city. Mont Saint Michel is a must-see destination that you should not miss out on while in Paris, and it is a very simple journey to reach Mont Saint Michel from the city. It is located off the coast of Normandy and is one of the most identifiable locations in all of France, as does Mont St.

Because it is only a short drive away from Paris, it is an excellent way to spend the day, providing that you arrange your itinerary ahead of time.

Michel from other places.

Michel, or it could be the abbey, or it could be everything.

How to reach Mont Saint Michel

If you purchaseSafetyWing Nomad Insurance, it will be covered in the same way as other diseases. Having used it since 2019, I can attest that it is the ideal answer for digital nomads like you and me. Because France’s many public transportation networks are well-organized, getting to Mont Saint Michel should not be a problem for most people.

PSSST. Want to get FREE accommodation in exchange for work?

If you’re traveling on a tight budget or trying to save money in order to extend your vacation, this might be the perfect solution for you. Worldpackers is a website that links visitors like you with hosts in their local communities. It works in the same way as volunteer work: you provide your skills in exchange for free lodging. GET A $10 DISCOUNT BY USING MY CODE. More information on how it works may be found here. It is approximately 350 kilometers away, and the most convenient mode of transportation is via rail.

  • The rail travel will take around two hours and will get you to Rennes, from where you can board a coach bus that will transport you to Mont-Saint-Michel in approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.
  • However, in order to get the most of your vacation, you must begin early and meticulously organize every detail of your itinerary.
  • Because these trips include a guide, you will learn more about the regions you will be passing through.
  • There are a number of guided day tours and trips available, which are a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Mont St.
  • In an air-conditioned coach, you may travel from Paris to Mont St.

Before catching the shuttle, you may have a complimentary lunch at the village. You may visit Mont Saint Michel, which is a wonderful city with a famous abbey and historic architecture, after you arrive on the Normandy coast. Once you get on the coast of Normandy, you can explore the lovely city.

What to do in Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel is a tidal island which is highly popular, and more than three million people visit the island every year. During the high tide season, Mont Saint Michel is completely blocked off from the rest of the world. During low tides, it is feasible to walk around the entire island by yourself. Despite the fact that it is a small island, there are several historical sites to explore.

  • Mont Saint Michel is a tidal island in the English Channel that is extremely popular, with more than three million tourists visiting the island each year. During the high tide season, the island of Mont Saint Michel is completely sealed off from the rest of the world. During the low tides, it is feasible to walk around the island. There are several historical sites to see on the island despite its tiny size.

It is estimated that more than three million people visit Mont Saint Michel each year, making it one of the most visited places in the world. During the season of high tides, Mont Saint Michel is completely blocked off from the rest of the world. During low tides, it is feasible to walk around the entire island. Despite the fact that it is a small island, there are several historical sites to see.

Mont St. Michel by train from Paris

It may be high on many travelers’ to-do lists, but it is unquestionably a must-see destination. You can easily reach Le Mont Saint Michel by rail from Paris, so don’t hesitate to include it as an extension of your trip to the capital. Getting to Le Mont Saint Michel by train is simple. The Mont St. Michel is, to put it bluntly, a work of artistic genius. When you first see this majestic Benedictine monastery, which is dedicated to St. Michel and situated out at sea on sandbanks on the border of both Normandy and Brittany, it almost seems like a mirage.

A causeway that was covered at high tide provided access to the island until recently, giving it an ethereal appearance that must have been difficult to capture in photographs.

Despite the fact that the Mount is inaccessible during high spring tides, there are still a few of hours in the day when you cannot get to it.

Getting to Mont Saint Michel by train

It’s simple to go to the railway station from Paristo Mont St. Michel, which is where many tourists begin their adventure through France. In Pontorson, which is located on the Bay of Mont St. Michel and is 9 kilometers from the island, you may get a train to get to Mont St. Michel. This is approximately a 4-hour travel from Paris, with one stop in Rennes along the way. To go to Mont Saint Michel, you’ll need to take a shuttle bus from Pontorson.

Best time to go to Mont St. Michel

Many tourists come to Mont St. Michel to experience the spring tide, which occurs around twenty times a year and occurs a day or two after a full or new moon, according to the National Trust for Scotland. It is around the spring and fall equinoxes when they are at their most striking. When the tide rolls in with enormous speed, this creates a spectacular natural occurrence, which is best observed from the western wall, where people in the know congregate in hordes to take in the spectacle. There is plenty of lodging atop Mont St.

It is also crucial to realize that Mont St.

Of course, the biggest months for tourists are July and August, which means that the best time to visit Mont St.

Michel is when it is not busy during these months. It frequently becomes crowded on holy festivals, when visitors go to the monastery to attend Mass there. More information may be found on theabbey’s website.

Taking your bicycle to Mont St. Michel

If you are traveling with your bike and have made arrangements to bring it on the train with you, you are permitted to cross the bridge with it; but, there are extremely tight restrictions concerning where you must park it once you reach the other side of the bridge. As the terminus of theVeloscenic (also known as La Véloscénie in French) long-distance cycling path, riding to Mont St. Michel is quite popular. The trail, which runs between Paris and Mont St. Michel, is a magnificent 450km route through bike tracks, greenways, and country lanes.

From top to bottom, the following are the image credits: The view of Mont St.

Michel (iStock).


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How to Get From Paris to Mont St Michel + Helpful Tips

Mont-Saint-Michel is a must-see attraction on any vacation to France, or anywhere in Europe for that matter. The medieval island with its abbey atop it is situated in a gorgeous harbor and appears to be more at home in a storybook than in reality. The monastery was founded in 966, and the abbot believes that the archangel Michel played a role in its establishment at that time. This sacred site was maintained by French Royalty for centuries and withstood the invasions of the English Armies. It was also popular with travelers seeking religious guidance and enlightenment.

Despite the large number of visitors, the abbey on top of the rock, with its towering towers and spires, as well as the winding alleys and narrow passageways to explore, continues to be an amazing site to explore.

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How to Travel from Paris to Mont St Michel?

It is quite easy to reach Mont Saint Michel, despite the fact that it is located in a rural part of France. It is a highly popular destination for everyone, from pilgrims and package tourists to independent travelers and backpackers, and it is a very popular pilgrimage site. If you’re traveling from the capital, don’t be concerned; the journey from Paris to Mont St Michel is fairly straightforward. The distance between Paris and Mont-Saint-Michel is around 362 kilometers, thus getting there from the capital city will take some time.

There is absolutely no other spot in the planet quite like Mont St Michel.

Self Drive from Paris to Mont St Michel

It is strongly recommended that when you have completed exploring the capital city and finishing yourParis agenda, you rent a vehicle and go to Mont St Michel. Self-driving is unquestionably the most convenient method of getting to Mont Saint Michel from Paris. It’s possible to park for a day at Beauvoir for €9 in the low season and for €14 in the peak season, in big parking lots that often offer plenty of places. Campervans are more expensive, with prices starting at €12 in the low season and rising to €17.60 in the high season.

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Afterward, the shuttle takes you to the visitor center, from where you may take a picturesque stroll to the abbey or directly to the island.

If you’re travelling from Paris, for example, you’ll want to account for the fact that it takes four hours to arrive.

Sixt, which we consider to be the greatest vehicle rental business in Europe, provided us with a rental car to take us about. However, we recommend that you shop about for the best deal because numerous other vehicle rental businesses are still offering reasonable rates and service.

Paris to Mont St Michel Day Trip Tour

In order to save the hassle of hiring a vehicle or utilizing public transit, day excursions from Paris can be pre-arranged in advance. The journey from Paris is four hours lengthy, but you will be accompanied by a tour, obtain skip-the-line tickets, and won’t have to worry about parking or getting lost. People who are limited on time but yet want to check something off their bucket list can consider doing so. While this is the case, Normandy and Brittany are two places that are well-loved by tourists, and they have a great deal more to offer them.

If you still don’t want to deal with the trouble of driving in a foreign country or taking public transportation, consider taking a multi-day trip.

Check out their 8-day trip of Paris and Normandy, which includes the best of both cities.

Paris to Mont St Michel via Train

It is also feasible to go to Mont Saint Michel via train. Pontorson is the closest train station. Despite the fact that this is not immediately on the island of Mont Saint Michel, there is a convenient (and free) shuttle service that will transport you to the island in approximately 20 minutes. To get to Rennes from Paris, you may use the Gare du Nord rail, which runs straight to the city. Another shuttle bus service is available from the Rennes railway station that goes to Mont Saint Michel as well.

Both of these trains will cost you around €25.

Info about Visiting Mont Saint Michel from Paris

A kilometer off the northwest coast of France, Mont Saint Michel is a small island that stands in a bay where the French regions of Normandy and Brittany meet. There have been people living on the island for thousands of years, and it is undoubtedly the most beautiful spot to visit in all of France. The island itself is about 400 hectares in size, making it a rather modest area (900 acres). Even more incredible, there is a population of just 50 people on this UNESCO World Heritage Site, which seems absurd when you realize that three million people visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site on an annual basis on average.

In addition to having its own monastery, Mont Saint Michel has a long and rich history that makes it an intriguing place to visit if you want to study about the early history of France and the history of Europe more broadly.

What is the History of Mont Saint Michel?

Despite the fact that Mont Saint Michel is a small island off the coast of France, it is believed to have been created by an Irish hermit. Following this, throughout the 6th and 7th century AD, the island was transformed into a fortress for the Gallo-Roman peoples that inhabited the surrounding area at the time. Throughout the following decades, it passed through a number of different hands and had a number of changes in sovereignty, but the first monastery on the island was constructed in the 8th century – back when the island was known as Mont Tombe.

This city’s claim to fame during this time period was its representation on the Bayeux Tapestry, which was completed in 1066.

It is interesting to note that Napoleon converted the island into a jail in the early nineteenth century, and it remained a penitentiary until 1863, when it was designated as a national monument for the first time.

What is the Entry Price for Mont Saint Michel?

Surprisingly, there are no expenses associated with walking oneself to the island of Mont Saint Michel over the recently constructed bridge (no longer is it necessary to wait until low tide to do so). The Old Town, with its timber frame houses, stone arches, and cobbled streets, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no entrance fee – which, if you ask us, is fantastic. A little entrance charge is required to enter the magnificent Abbey of Saint-Michel itself, which towers over the surrounding landscape.

You can purchase your ticket at the abbey’s gate or online in advance to avoid the long waits at the ticket booth.

Can You Stay on Mont Saint Michel?

The answer is yes, it is possible to spend the night atop the Mont Saint Michel. There are a variety of hotels and guesthouses on the island as well as at the tourist center that offer convenient access as well as a tranquil setting in which to spend the night. We would, however, advocate spending the night somewhere else in Normandy or Brittany if possible. We found a charming farmhouse in Brittany, barely twenty minutes away, on AirBnB and rented it. Having said that, there are a number of homes that are well worth a visit if you are determined to spend as much time as possible with Mont Saint Michel and its surroundings.

  • Having said that, the property is not located on the island itself, but rather at the beginning of the bridge leading to the island, near the tourist center.
  • it’s a vintage hotel, but provides excellent accommodations with views of Mont-Saint-Michel and the harbor.
  • They do, however, benefit from a prime position and, in some cases, amazing views out to sea.
  • The Auberge Saint Pierre, on the other hand, has received the most positive reviews on the island.

Essential Tips to Know for Visiting Mont Saint Michel

Because it is so well-known — it receives literally millions of tourists every year – Mont Saint Michel is extremely crowded. As a result, because it is such a small island, the crowds might feel even more overwhelming. Visits to Mont Saint Michel are most popular during the summer months, notably during the school holidays in July and August, as well as on weekends and public holidays during the rest of the year. In order to escape the crowds, the ideal time to visit Mont Saint Michel is during the months of November and the beginning of December.

You may visit Mont Saint Michel throughout the summer months, but if you are uncomfortable with the notion of sharing your vacation spot with thousands of other people, we recommend going late in the day (after 3 p.m.) or very early in the morning (before 9 a.m.).

The Abbey may be closed, but the island is always accessible, and wandering around the island after dark on a balmy summer evening after all the daytrippers have departed is a pleasant experience – especially when the island is lighted in all its splendor as it is!

Prepare yourself for exorbitant pricing at the island’s cafés and restaurants, which is yet another hot suggestion. In fact, you may wish to stay away from them totally because, despite the outrageous costs, there is little consideration given to service or quality. Alternatively, you may stroll back to shore and discover something a little more locally produced. For obvious reasons, it’s necessary to be aware of the hours of operation. As previously stated, entry to Mont Saint Michel itself is not regulated by opening hours, and you are free to stroll about at your leisure.

to 6 p.m., and from May to August, it’s open from 9:00 a.m.

(last admittance is one hour before closure) (last admission is an hour before closing).

What are the Facilities at Mont Saint Michel?

It will come as a relief to hear that there are lockers accessible for tourists to use if they are traveling with baggage or a large suitcase. These may be found on the mainland at the Tourist Information Center, which is open daily. An added bonus is that there is no charge for them, which is convenient given that baggage is not permitted on Mont Saint Michel. Another advantage of visiting the Tourist Information Center is that you can pick up a tour guide while you’re there as well. These are reasonably priced and will not necessarily confine themselves to showing you around the abbey for the amount of your access ticket; in fact, you might get a €5 tour of the mudflats that surround the island at low tide for the cost of your entry charge.

Dogs are permitted on the island, however they are not permitted inside the abbey or on the shuttle buses that transport visitors.

This service is only available during the abbey’s regular operating hours.

Weather and Terrain of Mont Saint Michel

If you haven’t guessed it by now, Mont Saint Michel is a little island off the coast of France. Previously, it could only be reached during low tide because it is a kilometer away from the mainland. With the construction of the bridge, you may go whenever you want. Whether you are viewing Mont Saint Michel during high tide or low tide will have an impact on your experience; undoubtedly, it seems much more beautiful when surrounded by water, as if it were something out of a fantasy story. And it fluctuates significantly: there is a difference of 14 meters between the high and low watermarks.

The fact that Mont Saint Michel is located in this section of Normandy implies that it will be chilly and the days will be shorter throughout the winter months.

No matter what time of year you visit, be prepared for unpredictable weather by packing waterproof jackets and many layers of clothing.

Things to Know for Traveling from Paris to Mont St Michel

If you’re planning on visiting the island during the summer, it could be a good idea to arrive later in the day. Not only will visitors who arrive at the abbey grounds before 6 p.m. (last entry) experience less congestion, but they will also be able to stay for the light and sound show, which is (usually) a separately ticketed event. This light and sound spectacular will take place from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Another thing to keep in mind while visiting Mont Saint Michel is that there are several steps and staircases around the area.

Folklore Around Mont Saint Michel

The founding story of the ecclesiastical structures atop Mont Saint Michel is steeped in legend in and of itself. During a vision, Saint Aubert is said to have seen the Archangel Michael, who appeared to him in 708 AD and instructed the future saint to build a chapel on the island. We briefly discussed the Bayeux Tapestry previously, but let’s take a closer look at it today. This tapestry, which was produced the same year as the Norman invasion of England, shows the events leading up to that conquest.

Knights may be seen stumbling around on the mudflats between the island and the mainland, which is amusing to watch.

In part as a result of the Abbaye du Mont-Saint-financial Michel’s success and high respect as a pilgrimage destination, they assisted in the establishment of a parallel in Cornwall on a similar island that could only be reached by causeway during low tide.

What Else to See Around Mont Saint Michel?

Utah Beach is located in Normandy, France. Despite the fact that Mont Saint Michel is a beautiful destination, it may seem like a long distance to go simply to view one site. Fortunately for you, there is a great deal of historical significance in the surrounding region that is well worth your time to explore. As a WWII enthusiast, you are surely aware that the D-Day Landings took place in the area where you are currently staying. A two-hour journey north of Caen will take you to Sword and Omaha Beaches, as well as other landing locations.

Finally, the two areas of Brittany and Normandy, which are filled with lovely beach cities, castles, and attractive villages, are worth a visit.

Saint-Malo in Brittany and Honfleur in Normandy are the two jewels of their respective regions.

Honfleur is a town in Normandy, France.

The cloister, which is encircled by exquisitely carved granite pillars, as well as a dining hall with a gorgeous ceiling, and a Gothic-style guest hall, to mention a few of the structures on the grounds are among the highlights.

On the island, there is also a little chapel called La Chapelle Saint Aubert, which may be found tucked away. This little stone structure is a peaceful haven for thought away from the masses — and it offers spectacular views during high tide.

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