How To Choose A Saint Name For Confirmation

Biggest and Best List of Confirmation Saints (for Guys and Girls)

It actually occurred. I tried everything I could to keep the laughter at bay, but it was impossible. She was simply too amusing, too snarky, and too honest. St. Thérèse of Lisieux had actually made me laugh out loud in devotion, and I wanted to thank her for it. What an embarrassment of riches. For as long as I can remember, St. Thérèse has been a “saint-buddy” of mine, but it wasn’t until I read Story of a Soul (Thérèse’s autobiography) that her road to sainthood became very real to me. A real and personal message from her feisty, stubborn-headed, emotional self has been sent to me in such a genuine and intimate way.

The saints, our teachers

In the communion of saints, we have been given a very magnificent gift. The saints are people just like us! They are our forefathers and foremothers, our instructors and friends, and our siblings. They are actual people who are truly human. They are sinners, but they are also God’s children who have repented. The saints have lived on this planet and have experienced sorrow, joy, agony, broken promises, peace, frustration, conflict, injury, and heartbreak. they are familiar with our innermost thoughts and feelings.

They understand what it takes to live a good life for Him.

Why a saint for Confirmation?

Our choice of a Confirmation saint (as well as our choice of a Confirmation sponsor) is not motivated by a desire to follow the “law,” but rather by the realization that it would be most awful to go alone. We understand how vital it is to be familiar with your Confirmation saint’s narrative as well as his or her name, and we encourage you to do so. The saints have a great deal to teach us about the path ahead of us. The following list is intended to serve as a starting point for you in your search for a “Confirmation saint-buddy” to accompany you on your journey.

  • Learn about their background.
  • Inquire about their intercession in the same way you would inquire about the prayers of your friends.
  • What a wonderful thing to discover!
  • So, here it is.
  • Good luck with your selection!

Saints who I’m pretty sure were actually superheroes

No, their “superpowers” were not created by sophisticated equipment or by extraterrestrial power. They were just sensitive to the majesty of God’s overwhelming power. The stories of these saints are tremendously inspiring.

  • Mary, the Mother of God
  • St. Denis
  • St. George Martyr
  • St. Joan of Arc
  • St. Joseph Cupertino
  • St. Louis IX
  • St. Margaret of Antioch
  • St. Maximilian Kolbe
  • Bl. Miguel Pro
  • St. Padre Pio
  • St. Peter
  • St. Simeon Stylites
  • And St. Quiteria are some of the saints who have been commemorated this year.

Modern day saints

The people on this list are men and women who understand what it takes to live in the modern world while maintaining a holy lifestyle.

Wow, that’s not only remarkable, but also aesthetically pleasing. We may learn a great deal from the lives of these modern saints.

  • St. Augustus Tolton, St. André Bessette, Servant of God Chiara Corbella Petrillo, Servant of God Dorothy Day, St. Gianna, St. Jaime Hilario Barbal, St. John XXIII, St. John Paul II, St. Josemaria Escriva, St. Katharine Drexel, St. Luigi Orione, St. Mary MacKillop, St. Mother Teresa, St. Pius X, St. Ri

Saints who are Doctors of the Church

No, we’re not talking about Dr. Strange or Dr. Meredith Grey here; instead, we’re talking about physicians of theology in the Catholic Church. People who, by their own serious study and contemplation, have provided the Church with tremendous knowledge and insight have been recognized.

  • The saints St. Albert the Great, St. Alphonsus Liguori, St. Ambrose, St. Anselm of Canterbury, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Athanasius, St. Augustine, St. Basil the Great, St. Bede the Venerable, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Bonaventure, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. Cyril of Jerusalem, St. Ephre

Saints with a really cool conversion story

God performs miracles in our lives in subtle and inconspicuous ways, yet occasionally His miracles are audible. These saints underwent a life-altering conversion that had a great impact on their lives in significant ways.

  • God performs miracles in our lives in subtle and inconspicuous ways, yet occasionally His miracles are audible to those who hear them. During their lives, these saints underwent a dramatic conversion that had a great impact on their lives.

Saints with names your bishop might have trouble pronouncing

. because (don’t tell a fib) that would be quite amusing. However, their names aren’t the only thing that makes these saints stand out; have a look at their biographies!

  • Among those honored are St. Alphonsa Muttathupadathu, St. Benedicta Hyongnyon, St. Ceolwulf of Northumbria, St. John Chrysostom, St. Kateri Tekakwitha, St. Quadragesimus, Bl. Volodymyr Pryjma, Bl. Zepherin Namuncura, and St. Zygmunt Gorazdowski.

Saints who reached sanctity before the age of 25

When they were elevated to sainthood, the majority of these saints were far younger than you. What is your justification?

  • The saints St. Agnes, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, St. Aquilina, Bl. Carlo Acutis, St. Charles Lwanga, Bl Chiara Luce Badano, Saint Dominic Savio, Bl. Francisco Marto, St. Gemma Galgani, Bl. Jacinta Marto, St. José Sánchez del Rio, St. Lucy, St. Maria Goretti, St. Philomena, B

Saints to invoke if you need prayers for a very specific intention

The role of a saint extends well beyond their patronage, yet there are moments when we just require a saint in our life who can pray for us in a specific way.

  • The role of a saint extends well beyond their patronage, yet there are times when we just require a saint in our life who can pray for us in a specific manner.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the saints. If that were the case, it would be far more overwhelming than it would be beneficial. My prayer for you is that you have discovered your “saint-buddy” on this website. If you haven’t already, I hope you will soon, for the saints are truly our best friends and champions. They are a part of our family! Note from the editor: It has been passed down through history via record keeping and oral tradition that we have learned a great deal about the lives of the saints of the Catholic faith.

Thérèse of Lisieux), whilst others (such as the early Roman martyrs) are more mythology than historical fact.

Having said that, each of the linked websites is simply a launching point for exploring the extensive data available on each saint.

More information on Catholic saints and their lives may be found in other Life Teen blogs and books that have been published previously.

Choosing a Confirmation Name

So you’re preparing for Confirmation, and in addition to getting your head around everything that the Sacrament entails — which is the most important part and should receive the majority of your attention — you’ll probably have to think about what you’ll call yourself when you receive your Confirmation name. If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking, “Wow, this is a fantastic and exciting development!” I’ve always been fascinated by names, and because I grew up before the internet era, when there were no online handles or email accounts, my Confirmation was the first time I was given the opportunity to pick a name for myself.

  • It was one of my favorite things to read when I was younger, and I had a baby name book when I was a teenager.
  • Spend some time now thinking about what name you want to give your religion, something that will remind you of the spiritual assistance you receive no matter what life throws at you.
  • “Do not be afraid, because I have rescued you; I have called you by your name: you are mine,” God Himself declared (Isaiah 43:1).
  • (John 1:42).
  • It is an opportunity to choose a name that has unique meaning for you, and that will assist you in your spiritual path, while selecting a Confirmation name for yourself.
  • Finding an unusual connection with someone in Heaven is really significant!
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When I inquired of the bishop of my diocese (the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York), he responded with this pearl of wisdom: “Do NOT select a name only because the person is renowned or famous or because the name sounds good.” The name you pick will be with you for the rest of your life!

It’s not just about a name you like; it’s about a person whose entire life exemplifies what it is to be a loyal buddy of Jesus.” Bishop Edward Scharfenberger is a religious leader in the United States.

Your priest and bishop, I’m sure, would agree with him completely! Furthermore, various dioceses may have their own traditions, such as the following:

  • Allowing a Confirmation name if one’s baptismal name is already a saint’s name, so strengthening the link between Baptism and Confirmation
  • Requiring females to take the name of a female saint and boys to adopt the name of a male saint
  • To permit the use of any name, such as that of a beloved relative or other respected person, in keeping with the Church’s baptismal name requirements, which state simply that “Parents, sponsors, and the pastor are to take care that a name foreign to Christian sensibility is not given” (Canon 855 in the Code of Canon Law)

Making sure you understand the norms of your diocese is critical; thus, contact your priest, instructor, or Director of Religious Education for clarification before you begin. Important to remember is that Confirmation names are not required; it is absolutely okay for you to be confirmed using your own name, which is the one with which you were baptized, if that is your preference. All of that being stated, if you are able to pick a Confirmation name and would like to do so, the following resources may be helpful: Catholic Nicknames That Are Different (for those with more adventurous taste) The Most Holy Name of the Virgin Mary (so many beautiful ways to honor Our Lady) Let’s Talk About How to Pronounce Things (Kateri, Therese, Zelie, Xavier, Gianna) CatholicSaints.Info is a website dedicated to Catholic saints (search by name or patronage) Saint’s Name Generator (in certain cases, the saint chooses your name!) Finally, the most crucial step in selecting a Confirmation name is to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide your decision.

It is my goal that you will appreciate discovering the many ways in which your given name may help you grow closer to God, whether you choose to keep your given name or pick a new one.

If so, how did you come to make your decision?

Katherine Morna Towne is the only owner of the photographs.

About the Author

Kate is a writer, the wife of a wonderful guy, and the mother of seven sons ranging in age from one to fifteen. Her debut book,Catholic Baby Names for Girls and Boys: Over 250 Ways to Honor Our Lady (Marian Press, 2018), may be purchased at ShopMercy.organdAmazon. She also blogs atSancta Nomina, where she discusses her opinions on Catholic baby naming.

Choosing a Confirmation Name "Saint"

The Holy Spirit has helped Christians throughout history to conduct their lives in the manner of Jesus and thereby become saints. We are all called to be saints in some way or another. Saints are saintly individuals who made a sincere effort to follow Jesus with all of their hearts. We can all relate to the saints because they were regular Christians, just like us. They placed their trust in the Spirit and followed where the Spirit directed them. Saints have included both men and women, as well as children.

  • Saints have come from all over the world, from all ages, and from all areas of life to join the Church.
  • Because they demonstrate to us how we might follow Jesus with all of our hearts, we Catholics commemorate and celebrate the saints on November 1.
  • Keep your current Baptismal name as long as possible (your regular first or middle name).
  • It is preferable to use your baptismal name for Confirmation because it draws attention to the connection between the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, which is important.
  • Through prayer and imitation, you should pay homage to this saint.
  • Choose a saint’s name that represents a new beginning in your faith life as well as a relationship with that particular saint.
  • Your commitment would be reflected by the adoption of a new name, which would indicate that you are, in some respects, a new person altogether.
  • The saint’s name you choose should symbolize the direction you believe your faith life is heading in, or it should represent a strength or trait that you believe you are lacking in your religious life.
  • If you want to change your name, you shouldn’t do it only because you enjoy the sound of the name, how it matches with your other names, or because it is the name of a wonderful friend or family.

Through prayer and imitation, you should pay homage to this saint. When preparing your report, be sure to take into consideration the following points:

  • If your saint had a given name that was different from his or her’saint’ name, please tell us what it was. During which century did your saint reside? (Please specify specific dates if possible)
  • How about the place and nation where your saint resided
  • I’d want to know what your saint was doing. When is the feast day of your patron saint celebrated by the Catholic Church? When it comes to your saint, who is the patron saint of you? Describe how your saint lived his/her life, how he/she followed Christ, and how he/she made decisions to obey God’s will, even when doing so was controversial. What was the saint’s relationship to Jesus like
  • How did the saint demonstrate compassion for people or provide assistance to them throughout his or her life? When it comes to the Church, what was your saint’s major contribution during his or her lifetime? Provide a brief description of at least one virtue exhibited by your saint’s life. Give an example of your saint’s life that exemplifies this virtue. What made you chose this particular saint

It is recommended that you enter your report into a WORD document first because you will not be able to save and return to it here. Complete the form below and click “Submit” to send your completed report straight to Gracie Lopez, who will get it as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you may reach out to Gracie Lopez at [email protected]. Thank you.

Year 1 – Due April 24, 2022Year 2 – Due January 30, 2022

This implies that thousands of children, teenagers, and adult converts will have to pick a saint for their Confirmation. And although some people glide through this decision, others might get quite preoccupied with the task of making the best selection. If it describes you, don’t be concerned; I was in the same boat. Remember, there is no such thing as a “bad option” when it comes to picking your Confirmation saint! The saint you choose to be your particular patron will pray for you and provide you with opportunities to learn from him or her.

Converts frequently find it daunting to pick a patron for their Confirmation, but in reality, this is a wonderful chance to become acquainted with the incredible diversity of saints with whom we are fortunate to be in communion.

Also, at the bottom of this piece, you’ll find a printable version of my list of five favorite saints for converts.

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In order to receive Confirmation, hundreds of thousands of children, adolescents, and adult converts must select a saint. And although some people glide through this decision, others might get quite preoccupied with the task of making the best selection possible, Not to worry if it describes you – I was in the same boat as you! You should keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “bad option” while selecting your Confirmation saint! This is the saint whom you have chosen to be a particular patron and from whom you will get prayers as well as guidance.

Making a choice for one’s confirmation patron might be daunting for new converts.

Given that you won’t be able to do a thorough investigation of every saint, allow me to provide some brief ideas on various strategies people use to restrict the field a bit.


It’s a good link, and it serves as an excellent jumping-off place. This year, my birthday falls on St. Peter’s Chair Feast Day, which is a very wonderful coincidence. However, when I was attempting to decide on a saint, I didn’t believe I’d be able to utilize this particular feast day.

Because it was the Feast of the Chair, it didn’t occur to me that I might chose St. Peter as my saint of choice. I’m not sure why that didn’t come to me before, but it’s OK with me. I’m pleased with how things have worked out so far.


A large number of people pick a saint after whom they have previously been named (whether this was done on purpose or not is irrelevant). I was out of luck in this case since there isn’t a saint with my first or middle name that I could locate.


A large number of people pick a saint after whom they have previously been named (whether this was done on purpose or not is irrelevant). I was out of luck in this case since I couldn’t identify a saint who shared my first or middle names.

Those are all awesome ways of finding your Confirmation saint. Here’s how mine found me.

Is it possible that you’ve heard of the Four Tendencies? A unique personality type framework based on how you deal with inner and exterior expectations, this one is worth checking out! I haven’t read the book, but the quiz and the findings are really interesting on their own. Anyway, the point of this brief detour is that I emerged from the experience as a Rebel. I learnt a lot about myself, including why I prefer to break my OWN rules from time to time. Consequently, even if the majority of individuals will find their Confirmation saint in this manner, I will most likely not do so.

  • None of the approaches listed above (except from 1) seemed to resonate with me, and I couldn’t manage to make up my decision.
  • All I want is the presence of my intuition, which, on sometimes, might be a little tardy in arriving.
  • My options are limited.
  • This was the case until I attended the Rite of Election at the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City on November 6.
  • Mary Magdalene: how she was freed from a troubled background, how we know so little about her beyond the fact that she was madly in love with Jesus and that she followed him ceaselessly and persistently, among other things.
  • We don’t know much about her, but she was a devout follower of Jesus, and I hope the same may be said of me in the end.
  • What are your thoughts?
  • What method did you use to locate them?

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My list of 5 Favorite Confirmation Saints for Converts

Fill out the form below to receive the password to my new library, which also has a downloadable list of books as well as other delights. Thank you for your interest.

What’s In a Name? Choosing a Confirmation Name

Spring is a very busy time in the Catholic Church; not only is it the season in which we celebrate Easter, but it is also the season in which the sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion, and Confirmation are traditionally received by those who are baptized in the Catholic faith. Those who are getting Confirmation have gone through several months of teaching, thought, and prayer before receiving the blessing.

It is part of the procedure that applicants choose a saint name, which will serve as their confirmation name, which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. It is the bishop’s responsibility to confirm them with their chosen saint name the day they receive the Sacrament.

​What is the Purpose of a Confirmation Name?

Choose the name of an individual saint whom you love, can connect to, or aim to be like when choosing your Confirmation name. This saint will form a spiritual link with you and serve as your role model throughout your life. He or she can also be the one to whom you turn for advice and protection. There are several examples of individuals taking on new names in the Bible, some of which date back to the time of the Old Testament. Many people’s names were modified by God in order to represent the unique roles they would play throughout the history of the Church.

When Simon’s given name was changed to Peter, it was because the word “rock” was used to refer to Peter becoming the first pope: “And on this rock I will build my church” (Matthew 16:17-18).

​Choosing a Saint Confirmation Name

How can I pick from the thousands of saints who exist? Consider the following factors to assist you in narrowing down your options to the one saint who is your perfect match:

Pick up a book on saints

Invest in a good book on saints and learn about the lives of well-known saints who made a significant contribution to the Church. When you consider the struggles and sufferings that the saints went through, as well as their successes and instances of faith, they may serve as a tremendous source of inspiration for your own life.

​Hobbies and Causes

Do you have a love for a particular activity or a great cause that you are dedicated to? You should look for a saint who has aims and interests that are comparable to yours. There is a patron saint for almost every cause under the sun. Think about giving your child the middle name Francis, if you have a strong affinity to animals in general (after the great animal lover St. Francis of Assisi). The life of St. Maximilian Kolbei, who lived an exemplary life of selflessness, is a wonderful model for anybody seeking such a saint.

If music is your passion, you might be interested in learning more about St.

​Maybe a virtue like Bravery or Courage?

Determine whatever virtue a specific saint demonstrated that you identify with – bravery, obedience, charity, patience, or courage — and write about it in your journal. Do you find yourself advocating for folks who are in need of a little assistance? Perhaps Saint Michael should be your choice! Do you have a good understanding of good bedside manner? Your catholic saint name would very certainly be Agatha!

​Need Help? Pray!

If you’ve narrowed down your options and are still stuck and unable to make a decision, pray!

Inquire of God about the finest possible name for you, and ask Him to reveal it to you.

​God Given Saint Name

It is permissible to use your baptismal name as your Confirmation name if your first name (baptismal name) is the name of a saint, according to the Church. It is indeed advised to do so since it serves as a symbolic reminder of your baptism. You should pray in honor of the saint whose name you will be using as your Confirmation name before you receive the sacrament. Inviting this saint to aid you in making moral decisions and to act as your intercessor before God whenever you need assistance is a good way to get started.

Remember to seek his or her protection and advice as long as you need to.

​Visual Reminders

Install visual reminders of your saintly namesake at strategic locations throughout your house, business, and automobile. Prayer cards, statues, books, and jewelry featuring your patron saint will assist you in staying connected and building a closer link with him or her. Please share with us the background behind your personal confirmation name and the criteria you used to make your decision.

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Best List Of Confirmation Names For Boys And Girls

Christian tradition recognizes Confirmation as a sacrament or ritual that takes place once a person has been confirmed. Confirmation is often received throughout adolescence, particularly among Roman Catholics. Individuals who seek confirmation must choose a saint’s name based on the saint they connect with, and that name becomes a part of their complete names after they have received confirmation. For the purpose of this article, we’ll go through some of the most creative confirmation names for both boys and girls.

If you like this blog post about confirmation names, you might also enjoy other wonderful name posts on Kidadl, such as those on Catholic names and saint girl names.

Confirmation Names For Girls

During the first section of this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most creative confirmation names for girls. Girls might pick one of these saint names for confirmation, and after the procedure is complete, they will be directed by the holy spirit of the saint whose name they have chosen, according to tradition. Let’s get this party started. The name Abigail is given to people who choose St. Abigail as their confirmation name. St. Abigail was noted for her love of bees as well as her compassion for the wounded and sick.

  1. Adele is the patron saint of musicians.
  2. 4.
  3. 5.
  4. Mary’s mother, Saint Ann, was the inspiration for the baptismal name Ann, which was also the name of Jesus’ grandmother.
  5. 8.
  6. In the Catholic tradition, this name is derived from the male saint Ambrose of Milan, who was well-known for his preaching abilities.
  7. Audrey, who was formerly notorious for flaunting her wealth before choosing to become a saint, the name Audrey was inspired.


Thirteenth and final name is Cecilia, which is derived from Saint Cecilia, who was the patron saint of musicians.

Charitina is a Catholic given name for individuals who chose Saint Charitina as their patron saint because of her famous virginity.


The name Edana is one of the Catholic baptismal names that was inspired by Saint Edana, an Irish monk and saint who lived in the 7th century.

Emily, who was inspired by Saint Emily and went on to create the congregation known as the ‘Sisters of St.


One of the saints’ names, Gabriella, is taken from the archangel Gabriel, who was born in the year 21.

Geraldine, who was inspired by Saint Geraldine, who lived a life of piety and contemplation.

Germaine, a confirmation name that was inspired by Saint Germaine, who was taught by God to forgive her family for mistreating her when she was a young girl.

Saint Hilda, famed for her extraordinary nobility and knowledge, was the inspiration for the name Hilda, which was given to a girl as a baptismal name.

Hope, which is one of the female saint names for confirmation that was inspired by Saint Hope, who, together with her two siblings, endured for the love of Jesus.



Saint Josephine was a woman who was inspired by Saint Joseph and who cared for Jesus and Mary after being instructed to do so by God.

Karen is a 34-year-old girl who was given her name after Saint Catherine.

Louise, named for the female Saint Louise, who was known for her service to the impoverished.

Lucia, who was influenced by Saint Lucy and made a pledge to marry the savior Jesus Christ.


Nancy is a confirmation name that was inspired by the life of Saint Ann, and it is number 38.

Sylvia, who was inspired by Saint Sylvia and brought her children to live their lives in accordance with the teachings of Jesus, is number forty.

Trudy, a reference to Saint Gertrude, who had a glimpse of Jesus during one of her dreams.

One of the Catholic confirmation names that was inspired by Saint Veronica, who was noted for her compassion for Jesus, is Veronica.

Inspires by St. Yvette, who cared for lepers, the name Yvette was given to number 44. 45. Zita, who was inspired by Saint Zita, a woman who aided the less fortunate. Zoe, who was inspired by Saint Zoe, who was killed along with her husband, is number 46 on the list.

Confirmation Names For Boys

It’s time to have a look at some saints’ names for confirmation that are suitable for boys. If you are inspired by any of the saints named below, feel free to select from this choice of names. Aaron, named for Saint Aaron, who was the first high priest of the Israelites, is number 47. 48. Abban, derived from the Bishop of Metz, who was also known by this name at the time. According to Genesis 17:5, Abraham is descended from the Biblical patriarch Abraham. 50. Absolan, which translates as “Father of Peace.” ‘Achilles,’ named for the Greek hero who fought the Trojans, is number 51.

  • Aloysius, a name that many Roman Catholics in the United Kingdom have adopted, which means “great warrior.” 53.
  • Baldwin is a nickname that means “brave buddy.” Barnabas is a nickname derived from the name of one of Jesus’ early followers.
  • Benno, named for Saint Benno, who lived in the 10th century.
  • Bernard, named for the patron saint, Saint Bernard.
  • Blane, named for the Scottish saint of the Catholic church who lived in the 7th century.
  • Brice, derived from the name of an ancient saint.
  • A number of saints and popes have been named Clement, which is number 61.

In the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great, a Roman emperor who accepted Christianity and the Catholic church, the name Constantine was given.

Damarius, a Biblical name that means “gentle,” is number 65.

David, after King David of Israel, who governed the country during the 10th century BCE.

Fabian is the name of an ancient saint and pope who died in the year 70.


The name literally translates as “God is my judgment.” Gelasius is a Latin word that means “laughing.” This is a wonderful Catholic name for boys that are enthusiastic and hopeful.

Gilbert, named for Saint Gilbert, the founder of the Gilbertines, who lived in the 12th century.

Gregory, chosen from the names of fifteen well-known saints and sixteen popes, is number 76.


” 79.


The name also has the meaning of “handsome.” In honor of King James VI, we have the name James, which means “one who follows.” Kaspar is the name of one of the three Magi, and he is number 84.

Lambert, a surname that was adopted by the French Normans and means “land famed.” It is possible that persons who are inspired by the knight Lancelot, who served King Arthur, may choose the name Lancelot as a saint name.

Leo, descended from Saint Leo.

Macarius is a Latin word that means “very blessed.” Nathan is derived from the name of David’s son Nathan.

Oliver, derived from the olive tree, which is regarded for expressing dignity, beauty, and fruitfulness among other things.


Rufus is an old name that was popular among both criminals and saints alike in ancient times.



Virgil, the name of an ancient Irish saint who is also considered to be the greatest Roman poet of all time.

Xavier, after Saint Xavier, who established the Jesuits.

Zachary, a name that appears frequently in the Bible and means “one who directs and encourages.” Kidadl provides a plethora of wonderful names articles to get you started.

If you enjoyed our options for confirmation names, you might want to consider something different, such as saint boy names or Christian names, to consider.

Choosing a Confirmation Name

In both the Old and New Testaments, when God assigned someone a new task, He frequently gave them a new name to identify them. Confirmation symbolizes the beginning of a new mission for you as anointed members of the Catholic Church, and it is a momentous occasion. When choosing on a Confirmation name, you have two alternatives: The first is that, because Confirmation is a deepening of the work that God began in your life at your Baptism, you are permitted to use your Baptismal name for this ceremony.

Second, you have the option of choosing a new name at Confirmation in place of your baptismal name.

Any candidate can have a name that is either masculine or female in gender.

Here are a few examples: Once the candidate has decided on his or her Confirmation name, he or she must complete the Confirmation Name form that is provided.

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