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Sekiro guide: Do these four things to beat Isshin, the Sword Saint

The Sword Saint, Isshin, is the final boss of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and we’ve written detailed guides for each phase of his battle, but this guide distills our advise for dealing with Isshin, the Sword Saint down to four simple guidelines that will help you survive no matter what phase you’re in.

Block more than you think you need to

Our major complaint about Sekirois is that it requires accuracy while not being as responsive as we would like it to be. We swear we’ve pressed the block button nearly 14 billion times, only to find ourselves staring at ourself as a sword flies at our unprotected face from behind us. Every strike you suffer from Isshin deals a tremendous amount of Vitality damage to your character. Allow yourself to make the assumption that taking a hit will result in your adversary receiving half of your health.

It’s a great mental model to instill a dread of being struck above everything else in you (and us!) and to motivate you to behave more intelligently.

If you’re stuck and don’t know what to do, just block.

Put an end to being struck.

The rule of two

The single most irritating method to take damage in Sekirogoes usually something like this: you attack when it’s plainly safe, and then your opponent ignores you and attacks, causing a significant portion of your health bar to vanish in an instant. There’s a straightforward approach to deal with this: Limit your attacks to no more than two consecutive attacks. See the preceding guideline and block soon after your second attack if you have one. Attack twice, then defend against both attacks. You’ll get your hits in, and you won’t get hurt in the process.

Additionally, if you’re utilizing theIchimonji: DoubleCombat Art, this applies.

Taking that second overhand swing would not only lead you to lose your balance, but you will also suffer damage since you will be unable to stop his next blow.

The rule of three

This is another another brain trick, but it is beneficial since it prevents you from being overconfident, fighting without reason, and receiving damage. (See the preceding section on the rule of two.) Simply expect that Isshin will attack in bursts of three attacks — which means you should prepare to block for a minimum of three assaults every projected minimum of three strikes. He may be quite aggressive at times. Sometimes it’s even less. Sometimes he’s dead on with his predictions. It doesn’t make a difference.

Do not attack until the three-count has been completed.

It’s quite OK to miss an opportunity to attack. It’s unlikely that a single hit will make or break your run. Next time around, you’ll catch up with him, and it’s far better to play carefully than to attack before he’s finished and risk losing some of your Vitality.

The umbrella principle

You may launch yourLoaded Umbrella Prosthetic Tool whenever Isshin utilizes one of his wind- or charge-based techniques by simply pressing the button on your controller. It’s a “get out of jail free” pass, in other words. We spent a significant amount of time attempting to determine which flavor of assault he was about to deploy and then attempting to answer in the moment. It turns out that’s just as unpleasant as it is tough to do. If you get it wrong, you’re going to be in big trouble. To do this, just use your umbrella to deflect the assault and then press the attack button after he is finished to use theProjected Force skill and unleash an attack of your own on him.

Sekiro Isshin, the Sword Saint boss guide: How to defeat the very final boss in the game

Image courtesy of Leviathan on YouTube. (Photo courtesy of Leviathan/YouTube.) With the exception of the Shura option, you’ll have to beat the Sekiro Isshin the Sword Saint boss as a final battle in practically all of the Sekiro endings, including the original. There’s no polite way to put it: this is a difficult battle to be in. Isshin has a wide range of attacks, a long range, and three distinct phases that must be completed in order to defeat him completely. And if you fail at any stage along the process, you will have to start over from the beginning.

If nothing else, there is at the very least a reasonable cheese approach that you may employ in the latter two phases to make your life a little bit more bearable.

How to beat the Sekiro Isshin, the Sword Saint boss

Consequently, the first phase is a direct sword duel with the Sword Saint, who has some tremendously powerful strikes in his sleeve for you to contend with. There are a plethora of assaults to be on the lookout for. The first of these is if he sheaths his sword and then follows it up with a very rapid dash and two blows; you have the option of either fleeing or attempting to deflect when he puts his blade back in his sheath. No of what happens, he will be exposed to a handful of blows soon following this.

  • One of his most important combos is a three to four-hit sword combination, which has extremely weird timing and is difficult to learn if you wish to deflect correctly.
  • Another type of attack to be on the lookout for is his wind sweep and wind slash assaults, both of which are signified by wind collecting around him.
  • Eventually, you will be victorious over his initial phase.
  • His primary weapon throughout these periods is a massive spear, however he does own a firearm.
  • During these periods, though, you may annoy him by racing about in circles and waiting for him to utilize his jumping spear strike before attacking him.
  • You can just keep doing this till the battle is over.

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Isshin, the Sword Saint

He is referred to as Isshin, The Sword Saint (Kensei Ashina Isshin; Sword Saint, Isshin Ashina) and he is a boss in the video game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This Complete Isshin, The Sword Saint Boss Guideprovides you with tactics for defeating Isshin as well as tips, techniques, and lore notes to help you along the way. Bosses such as The Sword Saint are unique and fearsome Enemies that, when beaten, cause a special display on the game’s screen to appear, such as ” Immortality Severed ” or ” Shinobi Execution.” In order to beat them, you will need to land multipleDeathblows on them, and the only way to do so is by filling theirPostureGauge with enough health and energy.

For the NPC version, see Isshin Ashina’s website.

Isshin, The Sword Saint Location

He is referred to as Isshin, The Sword Saint (Kensei Ashina Isshin; Sword Saint, Isshin Ashina) and is a boss in the video game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. You’ll find tactics for defeating Isshin, The Sword Saint, as well as tips, techniques, and lore notes in our Complete Isshin, The Sword Saint Boss Guide. After defeating a boss, such as The Sword Saint, a special and dangerousEnemy will appear on the screen, with a message such as ” Immortality Severed ” or ” Shinobi Execution ” shown on it.

However, diminishing their health will cause their Posture Gauge to decrease at a slower rate, supporting you in achieving your goal.

Spoilers for the last chapter of the game can be found on this page!

  • Endgame Ashina Reservoir may be found down the tunnel near the Sculptor’s Idol
  • However, you must first defeat Genichiro, Way of Tomoe, before you can access it. Genichiro is a boss who must be defeated if you are slain by either Ishin or Genichiro. Genichiro is also a boss that must be defeated if you choose to serve Kuro after speaking with Owl. For more information, see the section Endings. The NPC version can be found atIsshin Ashina, and the boss version can be found atIsshin Ashina (Boss).

Isshin, The Sword Saint Rewards

Endgame Ashina Reservoir can be found further down the tunnel, near the Sculptor’s Idol; however, you must first defeat Genichiro, Way of Tomoe. Genichiro is a boss that must be defeated if you are killed by either Ishin or Genichiro. Genichiro is also a boss that must be defeated if you choose to serve Kuro while speaking with Owl. For more information, see the section entitled Endings. The NPC version can be found at Isshin Ashina, and the boss version can be found at Isshin Ashina (Boss).

  • The following items are in your memory: Saint Isshin, Dragon Flash, and 20,000 XP
  • 25,000 XP NGC+ (charmless 30,000)
  • 50,000 XP NG+3 with Kuro’s Charm
  • 135,001 XP without Kuro’s Charm (NG+7/8)
  • And 20,000 XP with Kuro’s Charm.

Isshin, The Sword Saint Boss Guide Strategies

Phase 1: He will begin as Genichiro, Way of Tomoe, and go from there. As the third phase near Kuro’s chamber on the rooftops approaches, the combat will be rather ordinary. Aside from the large, black Mortal sword swings he begins with, he has no other weapons. While he is taking his initial swing, you may dodge behind him and score some easy hits in while he is doing his second set of swings. He will lunge, and if there is enough gap between them, Mikiri’s counter will be straightforward. He only has one Vitality bar, and if you kill him with a single strike, a sequence will play in which Isshin steps out of his body.

  • His primary strikes will be swift and to the point.
  • He will sheath his sword, and the blade will glow white, before rushing and double slashing forward.
  • Once he slashes, he leaves himself vulnerable to a rapid two-hit combo.
  • A thrust in preparation for an easy Mikiri counter, which will be telegraphed by the fact that he will finish up in the thrust posture prior to committing.
  • A close range, whole screen sweep is also included, allowing you just enough time to dash backwards before the weapon is activated.
  • Isshin Phase 2: Phase 2 represents a significant increase in difficulty compared to phase 1.
  • He pulls out a spear and swizzles it around in a tight circle around his body.

In addition to the spear, he will have a short sword as well as a quick fire rifle with him at all times.

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He will get increasingly hostile with time, advancing towards you if you create an excessively huge distance and shooting the gun if the gap becomes excessively large.

A great number of heavy overheads, generally one after another, will be thrown by him, each of which can be deflected at the expense of severe posture damage.

When Isshin deflects one of your attacks, he will occasionally jump backwards and execute a sweeping attack with his spear at the target.

Take caution when you’re doing this since he may follow it up with another overhead.

It is important to note that wearing the Loaded Umbrella will prevent you from suffering any vitality or posture damage if you are fighting to dodge/deflect some of the dangerous strikes (unless he is employing lightning, which will not occur until phase 3).

If none of your other options are working, you may utilize the umbrella to help you cheese your way through the situation.

Isshin Phase 3: This phase is very identical to phase 2, with the exception that he possesses three additional attacks.

When he performs this, you will want to go close to him and leap in order to redirect it right back at him, dealing significant Vitality and posture damage as well as a flurry of free strikes.

In addition to his big overhead blows, he will be gaining lightning damage as a third new attack.

His strategy will be the same as it was in his phase 2 battle.

If you miss the Mortal Blade deathblow when you deliver the ultimate deathblow to him, you will have to start over from his third phase. If you are successful in defeating the boss, the message “IMMORTALITY SEVERED” will appear on the screen.

Isshin, The Sword Saint AttacksCounters

Attack Indicator Counter
Phase 1
Charged Attack, Vertical Force Wave Isshin puts his sword back into the sheath and readies a stance. A glint will show on the hilt. After a delay he will strike downward with his sword, launching a wave of force infront of him. After another short delay a second wave of force will be launched forward following the same path. Deflect, then dodge second force wave.Waves can be deflected fully but will leak damage if blocked. It can be interrupted by a full charged strike of praying strikes exorcism.
Ashina Cross Isshin puts his sword into its sheath and after a short delay steps forward towards the player and makes two very quick slashes with his sword. Press deflect twice without pause as soon as you see a flash of light at his hand. If trying to avoid this attack entirely, be sure to run as far as possible.
Ashina Cross Cancel If the player is very close to Isshin when he is readying “Ashina Cross” he will cancel the attack by quickly smacking the player with his sword, then following up with a perilous sweeping attack. He will also do this after the player repeatedly deflects his attacks. Deflect the initial hit then jump and stomp. Block or attack when coming down as he will counterattack immediately unless forced to defend.
Ichimonji Double Isshin will raise his blade in a ready stance and perform an Ichimonni double. If the player deflects the first hit Isshin will stagger, then immediately transition into “Charged Attack, Vertical Force Wave”. Since “Charged Attack,Vertical Force Wave” is far more difficult to deal with, it is best to simply dodge or block this attack. The attack can be sidestepped, by doging to one side of Isshin.
Distance Slash If the player is far away from Isshin and/or uses an item Isshin quickly dash at the player and slash them. Make sure that you are far enough away that you have time to react or that it simply cannot reach you.
Phase 2
Charged Attack, Horizontal Force Wave Isshin will sheath his sword and charge an attack. After a short delay he will quickly swing his sword in a spinning motion causing a large force wave in a circle around him. Wait for a moment, then deflect as soon as Isshin begins to move his arm. Alternatively, you can instead sprint and then jump toward him, then jump again on his head. This will allow you to get 2-4 free hits on him as you descend from the jump and after landing, and his slash will not hit you since you’re in the air. Alternatively if you are close, it can be interrupted by a full charged praying strikes exorcism.
Charge Attack, Double Projected Force. Isshin will sheath his sword and charge an attack, After a short delay he will make two slashes in the player direction launching discs of force with each slash. The discs will deal damage through your block in not deflected properly. The attack is easy to dodge and it is recommended you do so as deflecting the discs will not affect Isshin’s posture.
Leaping Slam When far away from Isshin and/or using an item Isshin will leap into the air and slam down with his spear. He will then follow up this attack with either a sword strike or he will pull out his gun and shoot at you. Deflect the slam then counter attack. Regardless of what he does after the slam he will either get hit or block your attack.
Retreating Sweep Isshin will leap backwards into the air and sweep in front of him with his spear. He usually does this after blocking/deflecting several of the player’s attacks. This attack comes out very quickly and is difficult to deflect. Deflect, or quickly dodge forward for a free hit.
Glock O’Clock When at distance Isshin will pull out a Glock 19 (really a matchlock pistol) and shoot at the player several times, he will often then follow up with a large thrust from his spear. If simply blocked, the bullets can damage your posture very heavily. It is recommended that you learn how to deflect them (it should be noted that the last bullet is slightly delayed so caution should be made not to get your posture broken). Mikiri counter the following thrust, or jump attack if it’s a sweep.
Phase 3
All attacks from phase 2 Same description Same counter
Lightning Slash He will jump into the air and lightning will converge on him. He will then launch the lighting at the player with a sword swing. Jump into the air and use lighting reversal, mist raven, or Sakura Dance to redirect the attack at Isshin, this will stun him.

Isshin, The Sword Saint Lore

  • In order to bring his grandpa back from the underworld, Genichiro sacrificed himself, as the BlackMortal Bladeon, in order to bring this younger incarnation of Isshin into being. According to the Black Scrollkey item, the Black Mortal Blade is as follows: “It is rumored that she possesses the ability to open a portal to the underworld. It is via this power that it is able to bring about life “in addition to this, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Isshin, The Sword Saint NotesTrivia

  • Andre Sogliuzzo (in English) and Tetsuo Kanao (in Japanese) are the voice actors.
  • The Japanese honorary title of Kensei() is only bestowed upon a warrior who possesses unparalleled swordsmanship abilities. The direct translation of kensei is “sword saint,” which indicates a greater level of perfection and moral dimension than the more often used term “sword master” (kengo), which implies a higher level of perfection and moral dimension. The title should not be confused with the phrase “swordsman” (kenshi), which is another Japanese term.

Isshin, The Sword Saint Image Gallery

Here’s a Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice walkthrough that will show you how to defeat Isshin, the Sword Saint. Gameplay suggestions, recommended Prosthetic Tools and Items, as well as boss techniques and assaults, are all included. Check out the whole list of boss fights!

Isshin -Video Guide

Location Near Secret Passage (After Acquiring Dragon Tears)
Rewards – Memory: Saint Isshin- Skill: Dragon Flash

Take a look at all of the Area Guide Walkthroughs!

Isshin – Recommended Prosthetic ToolsItems

This is a strong Skill that may be used to counter this enemy’s Perilous Attack. This will cause significant Posture damage and may boost your chances of landing a Deathblow. Check Out the Complete List of SkillsEffects!

Mist Raven

This is a handy tool to have in battle, even if it is not absolutely necessary in this particular encounter. It can aid you in avoiding long-ranged assaults that are tough to parry and defend against. Check Out the Complete List of Prosthetic Instruments!

Isshin – Combat Tips

  • Mikiri Counter is necessary in this situation
  • It can do loop assaults such as Genichiro during the first phase. During the second phase, use Mikiri Counter at the conclusion of your strikes
  • During the third phase, use Lightning Reversal.

The first phase of the combat, similar to Genichiro Way of Tomoe, can be repeated indefinitely. The second phase strengthens Isshin’s defenses, but the Mikiri Counter can be used to deliver Posture damage to him. If you utilize Lightning Reversal at the third stage, you will be able to fight your way back.

This Fight Starts Immediately After Fight With Genichiro

Immediately following the defeat of Genichiro, Way of Tomoe, the battle with Isshin, the Sword Saint, will begin in earnest. If you are beaten by any of the two bosses, you will be forced to confront Genichiro once again.

Isshin -Attacks

Isshin will perform a sweeping sword strike followed by a Perilous Attack if you come too near to his position. You can parry the initial sword attack and jump to avoid the Perilous Attack if you are quick enough to react. If you’re at a distance, he’ll strike with two consecutive slashes, so make sure to time your movements correctly.

(Mid Range) 2 Consecutive Unsheathe Attack

In the middle of your range, Isshin will hold and charge with two unsheathed blows in rapid succession. Make an effort to parry twice in order to avoid being harmed.

Isshin’s Main Skill

When Isshin builds up and you notice white smoke waves surrounding him, he will unleash a barrage of vacuum blows on you. It is possible to escape being hit by moving behind him and landing a few hits.

2 Guards → Normal Attack (00:11 Seconds)

After two guards, Isshin will unleash a barrage of his own blows. Keep your guard up and parry when he does this, which will let you to raise your Posture damage against him.

Overhead Attack (00:15 Seconds)

As soon as Isshin lifts both of his arms, he will perform an overhead sword slash and follow it up with a handful of more blows. Dodging to the side to avoid the first strike, then moving to his side to deal your own assaults, is the best way to avoid getting hit.

2 Guards → Pose → Perilous Thrust Attack (0:20 Seconds)

After twice defending against your blows, Isshin will position and prepare for a Perilous Thrust Attack to come at you. This is an excellent opportunity for you to employ the Mikiri Counter to inflict large amounts of Posture damage on Isshin with the Mikiri Counter.

2nd Phase – Isshin, the Sword Saint AttacksTips

Isshin will charge up with white smoke once more and shoot it out in a broad spiral around him this time. This is tough to avoid, so make use of your Mist Raven or maintain a safe distance to avoid injury.

Sword Swing From Left → 3 Sword Strikes → Perilous Thrust Attack (00:25 Seconds)

After swinging his sword from his left waist, Isshin will perform three consecutive sword strikes before launching into a Perilous Thrust Attack with his right hand.

You can dodge to evade this attack, and then Mikiri Counter the Perilous Attack to deal Posture damage to your opponent.

Sword Swing From Right → Spin Move → Thrust Attack (00:33 Seconds)

A spin move and a push attack will be performed by Isshin when he strikes with his sword from his right to his left side. Dodge to dodge the sword swingspin move, and then use Mikiri Counter to deal Posture damage during the Perilous Attack to deal with the Perilous Attack.

Back Step → 4 Gun Shots → Perilous Thrust Attack (00:46 Seconds)

Taking another step back, Isshin pulls out his rifle and fires four bullets before finishing with a Perilous Attack. Following your parrying of the four pistol bullets, utilize your Mikiri Counter to defend yourself against his Perilous Attack.

Jump Slash (1 min, 1 sec)

Avoiding this assault is as simple as moving to the side or dodging to the other side. Move quickly to Isshin’s side to do some damage when he performs the slashing motion.

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3 Consecutive Sword Attacks

Isshin will do three successive sword strikes by swinging his left arm down from his left shoulder. You should be able to parry these three attacks if you timing your movements correctly. Otherwise, it’s difficult to come up with counter-moves to this one.

3rd Phase – Isshin, the Sword Saint AttacksTips

In the event that Isshin attempts to hit you with a lightning attack, leap and then press R1 to use your Lightning Reversal move. Depending on how well you time your attack, you may be able to stun Isshin and hit him while he is electrified.

2 Consecutive Air Slashes (00:30 Seconds)

Isshin will perform two air slash attacks in addition to the rest of his moves. To avoid being attacked, use your Mist Raven or evade, and then close the gap to hit him when he has completed his assault with it. All rights reserved by Activision Publishing, Inc. (C)2018 Activision Publishing, Inc. Trademarks are the property of the companies that own or license them. Neither it nor its licensors have given their endorsement to, nor are they responsible for, the operation of or material on this site.

I’m sorry. I just can’t beat Isshin the Sword Saint : Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice General Discussions

The following was originally posted by ThePacifist09: I’ve completed the game, defeating every mini-boss and boss with no problems at all. Isshin, on the other hand, was too much. After getting through the first part of Genichiro, Way of Tomoe without suffering any damage, the second phase is like all of my brain cells abandon ship because I just cannot deal with Isshin’s rage and aggression. I can’t inflict any physical harm to him in order to prevent him from regaining his position. His posture recovery is too quick for him to be dealt a fatal blow.

  1. However, I was left feeling dissatisfied.
  2. Great Shinobi Owl I’m definitely going to give up on this game, but are there any general strategies I can use to defeat Isshin?
  3. Longer version: As Terry has stated, take a pause.
  4. In regards to what you described (that you already tried).
  5. However, you must dodge around or at least around his assaults if you want to be able to land hits and make Isshin miss his attacks.
  6. As a result, certain assaults to the side and behind are more difficult to dodge, while others do not require any dodge at all; in fact, you may go around Isshin while he is conducting his attack if you want to do so.

To be honest, Isshin’s posture recovery is enormous because he enjoys running away to regain his posture, so dealing damage to at least near 50% of his HP (to ensure that it recovers slowly so that you have time to get back at Isshin before he fully recovers or recovers much posture) is what I would do if I were going to try to beat Isshin by deflecting, jumping, and mikiri.

  1. – Only monk-specific abilities: – Only deflect when necessary: – Using everything: is just the sum of all opponent attacks (i.e., foes that use weapons), and as a result, he represents the sum of all you are capable of doing in the game.
  2. Some movies demonstrating many methods of beating Isshin, as well as where and how each move works.
  3. even though I end up killing by HP anyway) or someone else’s method may not be the most effective for you.
  4. If I do not stagger the target for a few more extra hits, I will clash swords, which means it is time to deflect, and I will deflect untill the enemy decides to perform another skill move that I can dodge through again or untill the enemy attempts to flee from me, whichever comes first.
  5. I am not perfect either, but there is no need to be flawless; all that is required is that you take good care of your HP and heal when necessary (and the only reason to dodge away is to heal).

Sugar can aid with damage (or for you to stand with your posture or HP), but no item, prostetic, or talent is truly “necessary” to battle the monster; it only makes it safer, faster, or with more alternatives to complete the task.

Sekiro: How to Beat Isshin the Sword Saint

If you’re reading this, you’ve accomplished something wonderful! You’re most likely nearing the conclusion of the game. The bad news is that You’ll have to defeat the game’s most difficult boss in order to witness the final scene. The following video will teach you how to defeat Isshin the Sword Saint inSekiro.

Genichiro, Way of Tomoe

You’ll have to confront Genichiroyet one more before you can finally take on Isshin himself. Even though he’ll be in his lightning phase during this battle, he won’t be employing lightning strikes very frequently, if at all. When the combat begins, he’ll start by wielding the black Mortal Blade to his advantage. You have two options: either go behind him or dart away to avoid being attacked by him. If you utilize Mikiri Counter to deflect his thrust Perilous Attacks and retain the pressure on him, this fight should be quite easy.

Phase 1

Even while the opening phase of the battle against Isshin the Sword Saint isn’t very challenging, the most hazardous portion is the amount of damage he can deliver with a single stroke. If you’re not careful, a single combination may quickly put you out of commission. His sword combos are readily avoided, but there are a handful of patterns you need be aware of in order to avoid getting caught. A brief burst of light will appear whenever his blade is sheathed, indicating that he is prepared to launch an assault.

Isshin the Sword Saint also has a thrusting Perilous Attack that you can counter, but you must be cautious while dealing with it.

As soon as the monster draws his sword and you notice a blast of wind encircling him, begin racing to the side in order to avoid being struck by the wind.

Phase 2

This is when things become more difficult. Isshin the Sword Saint will now be armed with a spear as his primary weapon, but he will also be armed with a sword and a freaking pistol, just in case. The monster will become considerably more aggressive during this phase if you attempt to maintain distance, and will employ overhead swings on a more frequent basis throughout this phase. The good news is that the overhead swings can be avoided with relative ease, allowing him to counterattack more effectively.

These blows can be deflected, but getting down at the right time may be difficult, so I found it preferable to evade them rather than risking Posture damage.

The only drawback is that he’ll start shooting his gun, which means you’ll have to dodge the bullets while keeping an eye on what he’s doing at the same time.

In addition, Isshin the Sword Saint possesses a stomp attack that may deal significant Posture damage during this phase. Please be advised that he will continue to employ his wind assaults during this phase.

Phase 3

The last phase of this fight plays out in a similar manner to phase 2, with the exception that Isshin the Sword Saint now has lightning-based techniques to counteract them. He will now be able to deliver lightning damage with his overhead swings, which will make his patterns even more lethal than before. You’ll still want to avoid these assaults and penalize him for them, while also making certain that he doesn’t launch a counter-attack. When he uses his new primary attack, he covers his spear in lightning and swings it in an arc across the battlefield.

If you perform it correctly, you’ll shock him and leave him vulnerable to a massive counterattack.

By maintaining a safe distance, you may still lure the thrusting strike away from you.

Make sure to visit ourSekiro guide wiki for more information and suggestions on how to play the game.

SEKIRO Last Boss, How to Beat Isshin, Th

SekiroshadowsdietwicesekiroshadowsdietwiceSamurai Dark Souls is a role-playing game. Go!— How to defeat Genichiro and subsequently Isshin, The Sword Saint, will be demonstrated in this clip. Isshin is the final story boss to be defeated in Sekiro. However, there is one more enemy to face after him, the Demon of Hatred, which I will document in a film after I have defeated her. The fight with Genichiro will be similar to the other two bouts we have had with him, so apply the same strategies of deflecting his strikes and countering his inescapable assaults as you did in the other two fights with him.

  • Isshin makes his entrance shortly after Genichiro.
  • Isshin possesses a number of extremely strong moves and combinations that you should be aware of.
  • Anyway, you can deflect his initial assault and then jump to counter his second attack with relative ease.
  • Also, Isshin possesses a thrust strike that you’ll want to utilize the Miriki Counter on in order to avoid getting hit.
  • Prepare to narrow the distance between you and him and use Miriki Counter to stop him.
  • During Isshin’s second phase, he begins to employ a Lance in his combat.
  • Making certain he didn’t have an unfair edge when employing the lance was a priority.

As soon as you detect that he is ready to back-step and sweep, duck forward and remain with him.

It is also possible for Isshin to use a devistating Lance combination on you, which will cause serious posture damage if you attempt to block all of his attacks.

I, on the other hand, believed it was better to simply ignore him while he was employing this combination.

He does, however, have a few new attacks.

If you are struck with both of the slashes, it will do significant damage, so prepare yourself for it.

As soon as you see the red sign emerge on Isshin’s chest and he jumps into the air, you should do the same thing.

Lightning Reversal is a tremendously potent spell that is essential to winning this battle.

Maintain a relationship with him and follow this technique until you, too, have achieved the status of true Sword Saint!

Genichiro is a difficult opponent to beat.

GenichiroIsshin The Sword Saint is a saint who wields a sword.

Sekiro’s last boss battle Final Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice The Final Chapter of Sekiro The last cutscene of Sekiro Sekiro: A Guide to the Spirits of the Dead Sekiro Boss Strategy Guide Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough In the video game Sekiro: Shadows Die, You play the role of the “one-armed wolf” twice, a disgraced and deformed warrior who is saved from the verge of death both times.

When the young lord is taken, nothing, not even death, will stand in your way as you embark on a treacherous journey to reclaim your dignity.

Use a lethal array of prosthetic tools and extraordinary ninja talents to your advantage as you merge stealth, vertical navigation, and visceral head-to-head combat in a harrowing battle.

How to beat Isshin the Sword Saint in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Thus far, you have succeeded; there is only one more battle to go. Isshin the Sword Saint is the last boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and he can be found in the Ashina Reservoir, right adjacent to the Near Secret Path Sculptor’s Idol, just through the passage next to the Near Secret Passage Sculptor’s Idol. Rather than being divided into four phases, this fight is divided into four parts. If you die during any phase, you’ll have to start over. Therefore, mastering the first few phases and taking little (if any) damage is critical, as you’ll need to conserve your Healing Gourd uses and resurrections for the later phases.

  • Only heal during the times listed below.
  • This fight plays out almost precisely the same as the last one, with the exception of the lightning, but bear with me while I walk you through it.
  • Even if you manage to block it, you’ll still take a considerable amount of damage, so instead of blocking him, simply run backwards and out of the way as soon as you notice him charging up.
  • This strike has the potential to recur throughout the fight, so keep a look out for it and respond appropriately.
  • Maintain your own posture while deflecting all of his normal assaults (backing off as needed to regain some of your own).
  • To counter a sweep, leap and jump again to deliver a Jump Kick for massive Posture damage, then use your Mikiri Counter on his thrust strikes if he is doing one.
  • Mikiri Counter will also be useful in this situation.
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In order to complete this phase without receiving any damage, you must first reach a point where you are not vulnerable to any harm.

After that, it’s on to the next phase, where you’ll be facing off against Isshin the Sword Saint.

Fortunately for you, I’ve included a list of his attacks below.

You should, however, be on the lookout for the following things: Isshin will occasionally take a step back and hold his sword behind him, waiting for the swirls of wind to be absorbed by the sword.

With a little experience, you’ll be able to timing this rather well, and it will result in relatively simple hits for you.

For his overhead sword attack, he raises his sword over his head for a few seconds before striking downwards, the same may be stated.

You can also take advantage of this chance to heal if you require it.

You should rush backwards out of the path as soon as he sheathes his blade and then start looping around Isshin as soon as he begins to strike.

After performing a large sideways swipe with his sword (which you may Deflect), Isshin will take a further step away from you, increasing the distance between you and him.

As soon as you see this, sprint towards him and deliver a Jump Kick followed by a strike or two to deal major Posture damage to him before he can finish the assault.

Because of this, you will most likely not be able to land any hits of your own by the time you return to him, but that is OK; all you need to do now is evade the assault.

Both strategies are demonstrated in the examples below.

They might be tough to react to at times, but they can also be really beneficial if we can get the timing of our Mikiri Counters exactly correct.

The second is used in the middle of a long-ranged combo and is very quick, so you’ll need to react quickly in order to get your Mikiri Counter in.

Continue to chip away at him with these methods, and you’ll ultimately land the first Isshin Deathblow on him and defeat him.

The third phase of this conflict has begun, and this time Isshin is armed with his sword, a spear, and a gun, which seems a little unfair to me at this point.

Be careful not to get hit by any of his normal strikes during this phase, because your Posture bar will fill up very rapidly.

Don’t be concerned about getting any of your own attacks in, since you will most likely not have the opportunity to do so without being penalized.

Also keep an eye out for the following moves: Isshin will come to a complete stop and begin pulling in wind, just like he did in the previous phase.

If you’re close enough, you can do a Jump Kick here, but I often found myself not having quite enough time to complete the move, so I opted to simply move out of the path rather than risk getting hit.

Isshin will run a short distance away from you before turning around and sprinting straight at you once more.

Then, while he’s in the air, step left and then right to dodge the strike and get a free hit or two in yourself as a result.

You may also take advantage of this moment to heal if you need to, but make sure you wait a split second to make sure he isn’t about to launch into a combo right away first.

Get thrown back by the gunshot, then rush back towards him and leap twice while above him to deliver a Jump Kick and deal massive Posture damage.

He then fires off many bullets before launching a Perilous thrust strike with his spear.

These thrust assaults can occasionally occur outside of this combo, but fortunately they are slower and much simpler to respond to during this phase, allowing Mikiri to avoid being hit.

Occasionally (though seldom), Isshin will conduct a sweep attack in place of the thrust assault that follows the gunshots, so keep an eye out for it and hop over it if you notice a different-looking Perilous attack approaching.

The last phase follows, and it follows a similar pattern to the previous one, only this time he’s armed with a bolt of lightning!

Although the beams are diagonal rather than vertical this time, they may still be readily avoided by sprinting sideways at an angle rather than straight forward.

The most significant change in this phase is the lightning, but fortunately, we have had a lot of practice reversing it by this point.

Immediately as you notice the red kanji symbol beginning to disappear, jump into the air.

Continuing to follow the strategies from the third phase, avoiding the new charge up strikes, and successfully performing lightning reversals will allow you to ultimately open Isshin the Sword Saint up for the last, lethal Deathblow to strike him out cold.

You’ll receive Memory: Saint Isshin for killing him.

This memory item may then be used at a Sculptor’s Idol to permanently boost Attack Power, the Dragon Flash skill, and a significant amount of experience points. Congratulations, you have finally finished this abomination of a game. So, it’s on to NG+ now?

Someone’s Defeated Sekiro’s Final Boss Without a Weapon

Do you want to feel inadequate in less than three minutes? Look no further. We’ve got just what you’re looking for. A player of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has successfully defeated the game’s final boss utilizing solely Prosthetic items. The amazing video was created by Reddit user “tricky toy” on the Sekiro subreddit, and can be seen in the video below. Rather than using the Shinobi’s blade (which is the sole primary weapon in the whole game), the player instead chooses to utilize one of the game’s Prosthetics, which are tools that may be discovered and attached to the player’s left arm for usage.

  1. That nefarious poison sword Prosthetic weapon, which can erode away at an opponent’s health and stamina meter, is precisely what it is being utilized for in this instance, as you can see.
  2. Of course, none of this would be possible without the player’s flawless precision parrying, which allows him to complete the entire fight in two minutes and 45 seconds while appearing to be relatively effortless.
  3. He is without a doubt the most tough boss in the whole game, which is made even more difficult when you realize that there is a separate boss battle with Genichiro Ashina that takes place directly before this.
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  7. Hirun Cryer is by far the most inexperienced member of the USgamer community.
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Genichiro & Isshin, the Sword Saint

Shizu, the leader of the Okami tribe, is the next boss. Masaji Oniwa is a musician from Nigeria. ‘Genichiro, Way of Tomoe’ is the first and, at the same time, the last boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He is also the game’s first boss.

This portion of our guide discloses the weak points of the adversary as well as a few methods that you may employ to beat the ultimate boss with relative simplicity. After defeating Genichiro, you will face the second boss, Isshin, immediately following your victory over him.

  • The location of Genichiro, according to the Way of Tomoe
  • How to defeat Genichiro, the Way of Tomoe
  • How to defeat Isshin, the Sword Saint
  • How to defeat Genichiro, the Way of Tomoe

Where to find Genichiro, Way of Tomoe?

Ashina Castle is the location. To discover the ultimate boss, you must journey to the bottom of Ashina Castle, which is known as the Ashina Reservoir. As you descend the stairwell from the roof of the castle and turn right, you will arrive at the sculptor’s idol, Ashina Reservoir, on the other side. The bonus boss known as Seven Ashina Spears – Shume Masaji Oniwa will be encountered in this area as well. You may avoid fighting him entirely by heading to the left to the wall, then sneaking behind the wall and down to where the Hidden Passage is located on the other side (the same way you ran away from that place in the Prologue).

How to defeat Genichiro, Way of Tomoe?

The enemy’s special attack is a large-scale-area cut; keep your distance from the boss at all times to avoid being hit by this attack. Genichirois isn’t a terribly demanding employer, to put it mildly. It is necessary to be loyal to the employer at all times in order to deal with him efficiently. You will be able to prevent him from launching special strikes in this manner. When it comes to winning quickly, it’s more important to diminish the opponent’s posture than his health. Although he just has one life bar, the opponent is well armored, and your assaults don’t seem to impress him.

Wolf will be knocked unconscious for a short period of time, but his posture will be restored in no time.

  1. In most cases, when you see the red special attack indicator, it represents a cut from the bottom, and you must be aware of this in order to avoid being injured. Perform assaults with a small interval in between – occasionally you can do harm to your opponent when he was ready to strike (or when he runs around you), causing him to cancel his attempt to hit you. Try to conserve as many health points, healing supplies, and spirit emblems as you can for the following battle, which will take place immediately after your triumph against Genichiro
  2. You will not have time to rest after this combat.

How to defeat Isshin, the Sword Saint?

Isshin, the Sword Saint, is the second mandatory final boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and the game’s second obligatory final boss. In the aftermath of the battle with Genichiro, the confrontation with him takes place directly after the encounter with Way of Tomoe. The boss has three health bars at his disposal. The secret to defeating him is to lower his posture and deliver a crucial hit to his vital organs. A “grunt” may be heard whenever the boss sword flashes in front of you, which indicates that he is about to charge a special attack, such as a straight cut in front of you or a strike around the opponent’s center of gravity.

Using Mikiri Counter, you should be able to stop the push and strong assaults.

In this instance, you should utilize a Mikiri Counter to defend yourself from the assault, as well as to make an easy counterattack and weaken the posture of the opponent.

When you get Ishiin’s initial health bar down to zero, the partisan becomes an extra weapon in his arsenal.

He now has the spear in his possession, yet he still prefers to fight with a sword.

Also, be on the lookout for his spear attacks: his direct hits may be countered with Mikiri Counter, his top cut can be deflected with a sword, and to escape cuts on the ground, simply leap.

Immediately following that, he fires four rounds from his rifle and then attacks with his wood-weapon, which you must deflect using Mikiri Counter to avoid being hit.

To reduce the posture of your opponent, try to avoid close fighting and anticipate strikes that will need to be blocked with Mikiri Counter – this will be the most effective means of diminishing his posture.

Countering lightning can prove to be the most effective technique of diminishing the health of the monster, as well as the safest approach of completing the game successfully.

Eel liver will help to shield you from the effects of electricity to a certain extent. When the vanquished boss falls to his knees, do not forget to deliver a unique blow to his weakened state. Shizu, the leader of the Okami tribe, is the next boss. Masaji Oniwa is a musician from Nigeria.

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