And Seem A Saint When Most I Play The Devil


A quote from Richard III

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William Shakespeare’s Richard III, to name a few examples. tags: deceit, deception, deception More William Shakespeare quotations may be found here. Please spread the word about this quote: Quotes that you like

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Shakespeare’s play, Richard III, is set in the year 1599. 48,556 ratings, an average rating of 3.5 stars, and 1,931 reviews

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No Fear Shakespeare: Richard III: Act 1 Scene 3 Page 15

CATESBYMadam, his majesty doth call for you,—And for your Grace, —and yours, my gracious lords. CATESBYMadam, his majesty asks for you, and for you, Duke of Gloucester, and for you, my noble lords.
QUEEN ELIZABETHCatesby, I come. —Lords, will you go with me? QUEEN ELIZABETHCatesby, we’ll be there soon.—Lords, will you come with me?
RIVERSWe wait upon your Grace. RIVERSWe will wait on you, your majesty.
Exeunt all butRICHARD, Duke of Gloucester Everyone butRICHARDexits.
RICHARD330 I do the wrong, and first begin to brawl.The secret mischiefs that I set abroachI lay unto the grievous charge of others.Clarence, whom I indeed have cast in darkness,I do beweep to many simple gulls,335 Namely, to Derby, Hastings, Buckingham,And tell them ’tis the queen and her alliesThat stir the king against the duke my brother.Now they believe it and withal whet meTo be revenged on Rivers, Dorset, Grey;340 But then I sigh and, with a piece of scripture,Tell them that God bids us do good for evil;And thus I clothe my naked villainyWith odd old ends stolen out of Holy Writ,And seem a saint when most I play the devil. RICHARDIncredible. I do the wrong and am the first to start quarrels. What I did in secret I blame on others. I cry about Clarence, whom I had imprisoned, in front of these simple fools—namely, Hastings, Derby and Buckingham—and tell them that the queen and her allies roused the king against my brother Clarence. They believe me and urge me to take revenge on Rivers, Vaughan, and Grey. But then I sigh and quote a chunk of the Bible—how God says do good in return for evil. Ha! Dressing my out-and-out wickedness in scraps of Scripture, I look like a saint exactly when I’m most like the devil.
345 But, soft! here come my executioners.—How now, my hardy, stout, resolvèd mates?Are you now going to dispatch this thing? But quiet. Here come the murderers I’ve hired. How’s it going, hardy, reliable friends! Are you going to take care of this thing now?
FIRST MURDERERWe are, my lord, and come to have the warrantThat we may be admitted where he is. FIRST MURDERERWe are, my lord. We’ve come to get the warrant so we can be let into his cell.
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And thus I clothe my naked villainy With old odd ends, stol’n forth of holy writ; And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.

Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea, and Stephen Fry are among the cast members. Genre:Action,Drama,Sci-Fi Rating:R Time allotted: 132 minutes V for Vendetta is a 2006 film set in a dystopian future United Kingdom in which V, a mysterious radical anarchist dressed in a Guy Fawkes costume, tries to bring down an oppressive fascist regime, having a significant impact on the individuals he encounters. V for Vendetta is directed by David Fincher. It was. read more Dialogue: As a result, I disguise my bare-chested villainy.


  • Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea, and Stephen Fry are among the stars of this movie. Genre:Action,Drama,Sci-Fi Rating:R 132 minutes total running time “V for Vendetta” (V for Vendetta) is a 2006 American action film set in a dystopian future United Kingdom in which V, a mysterious radical anarchist dressed in a Guy Fawkes costume, works to bring down an oppressive fascist government, having a profound impact on the people with whom he comes into contact. Then there’s this:.more » Dialogue: As a result, I disguise my bare-chested evil. Along with ancient odds and pieces, stol’n forth from sacred writ Moreover, I appear to be a saint but in reality I am the devil.

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Examining the Richard III Evidence

Portrait of Richard III, courtesy of Lisby on Flickr. ” data-medium-file=” data-large-file=” alt=”Richard III Portrait, courtesy of Lisby on Flickr” data-medium-file=” data-large-file=” “src=”h=300″ width=”250″ height=”300″ src=”h=300″ height=”300″ A portrait of Richard III by Lisby on Flickr. srcset=” h=300 125w,h=150 125w,417w” sizes=”(max-width: 250px) 100vw, 250px”>Richard III Portrait by Lisby on Flickr. Throughout English history, Richard III has been a very contentious person, and his legacy continues to this day.

  1. “And in this way, I disguise my bare villainy.” ‘With strange ancient ends stolen from sacred scripture; and appear a saint, when most of the time I play the devil.’ (Richard III, Shakespeare’s Richard III).
  2. The proof itself is located in the center.
  3. Background information about the project and its historical context: From 1483 until 1485, Richard III reigned as King of England.
  4. Upon his coronation as Henry VII of the Tudors, the bones were returned to Leicester for a brief public display before being interred at the Grey Friars Church there.
  5. During an excavation of the Grey Friars site in 2012, which was begun by the Richard III Society, a set of human bones believed to be those of Richard III were discovered, which was excavated and identified as belonging to him.
  6. Richard III was formally identified as the “king in the car park” in February 2013, according to government records.
  7. Methodology used in archaeology: A earlier investigation had pinpointed the location of Grey Friars, but the exact layout of the houses and structures had not yet been determined.

They were aware that it would have been situated near a major road and that it was possible that elements of the structure would have been missing owing to the reuse of the building materials.

Although GPR did not assist in pinpointing the location, it did reveal contemporary utilities that should be avoided in the future.

The Burial Trench for Richard III, courtesy of Flickr user Chris Tweed.

Evidence based on archaeology: Trench 3 included the remnants of a buttressed structure, which was most likely the parish church.

All three of these funerals took place in well-cut rectangular graves with vertical sides, and the remains were carefully laid out within coffins in each case.

Artifacts discovered include finely ornamented floor tiles, lead window cames, copper alloy lettering, and remnants from a big 15th-century perpendicular window, all of which indicate that this was a section of the church’s eastern end, according to the National Trust.

There was a solitary grave in Trench 1, which was placed within the choir of the church at what would have been the south-west corner of the building.

The body had not been placed out with care, as demonstrated by the torso being twisted to the north and the head being pushed up against the corner of the gravestone.

(2013), was either done in haste or with little regard for the deceased’s dignity, in contrast to the other funerals, which are well-made and meticulous.

Despite the fact that shrouds and coffins would have been common for medieval Christian funerals, there is no trace of their being used here.

Following the posture of the remains, Buckley et al.

Because the corpse was too lengthy for the burial, the head was pushed up against the side of the body.

Hands were crossed at the pelvis, which is an unusual position for this location, and it is possible that the hands were tied, since this may explain why the hands were crossed.

The tomb was not found.

the ids of the files are: ” ids of the files are: ids of the files are: ids of the files are: ids of the files are: ids of the files are: ids of the files are: ids of the files are: ids of the files are: ids of the files are: ids of the files are: ids of the files are: Richard III’s skeleton, courtesy of Wolf Gang on Flickr.

  1. The results of the stable isotope study indicated that the individual consumed a high protein diet that included considerable amounts of seafood, which was indicative of a high social position.
  2. The deceased individual was a guy of around 5’8′′ height who died in his late 20s to late 30s.
  3. Among the traumatizing injuries were 10 peri-mortem wounds: 8 on the head, comprising of sword and dagger blows that would have been lethal, as well as other superficial injuries; and 2 post-cranial sharp force trauma injuries to the ribs and pelvis, both of which were fatal.
  4. In the initial study of the mitochondrial DNA, it was discovered that the skeleton and two direct descendants of Anne of York, Richard III’s sister, were genetically related.
  5. When compared to the past: The location of the bones, the hurriedly excavated grave, and the time frame all correspond to the historical record of Richard III’s last burial in the Tower of London.
  6. It is with great confidence that Buckley et al.
  7. Despite the undeniable greatness of this discovery, it was the author’s final discussion of the significance of the burial that had the most lasting impression on me.
  8. Despite the fact that the project objectives differed for each of the stakeholders engaged, the authors suggest that “this does not imply that we as archaeologists should ignore the queries of larger audiences as being unworthy of consideration” (Buckley et al.
  9. We have the ability to collaborate with the audience, local authorities, and the community in order to do relevant and accurate archaeology.

Antiquity, 87, 519-538. ‘The king in the car park’: fresh light on Richard III’s death and burial at the Grey Friars church in Leicester, in 1485Antiquity, 87, 519-538.

William Shakespeare quote #1095020

Richard III is the source of this information. The most recent update was on June 3, 2021.

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Richard III is the source. On June 3, 2021, the most recent update was made:

„A shot of cocaine and speed, and a shot of heroin. Stripped off all my clothes, leapt downstairs, and ran out on Park Avenue and two blocks down it before my friends caught me. Naked. Naked as a lima bean.“

—Edie Sedgwick, author Socialite, actress, and model who lived from 1943 to 1971. Tapes for the film Ciao! Manhattan, where she talks about her first encounters with powerful narcotics. Edie is a fictional character created by American Girl (1982) Context: Dr. Roberts has stated, “Hello there, ladies. How are things going today? Are you all set to go? Okay. Get on your feet. You should put all of your weight on this leg. Okay? ready? My God, this rear end looks like it’s been through a fight.” You came to hear me speak on the horrors of speeding, which I wrote about?

  • Yes, I’m even beginning to feel paranoid, which is a new experience for me.
  • Choosing between the exhilarating ecstasies of speed and cocaine is a difficult decision.
  • Oh, my goodness, they’re fantastic.
  • Which is more effective: coke or speed?
  • The purest form of speed, the purest form of coke, and the purest form of sex all result in a standstill.
  • That becomes amusing.
  • It has the potential to be quite amusing.

It’s a great combo for a get-together.


That was the first time I’d ever had a shot in each arm separately.

I extended my arms.

Cocaine and speed were mixed together, as was heroin for the last hit.


A speedball is a creature from another planet.

Pure cocaine, pure speed, and pure sex.


Once upon a time, I walked over to Dr.

The fact that he refused to tell me what it was and that I was keeping my calm made it even stranger.

My brain has just exploded out of my skull! I ended up slapping him in the face with my fists. As well as yanking him out of his skull. He was most likely shot in the head. In any case, he was usually blasting up the street around the corner.

„”For I am holy.” When I hear these words I recognize the voice of the Saviour. But shall I take away my own? Certainly when He speaks thus He speaks in inseparable union with His body. But can I say, “I am holy”? If I mean a holiness that I have not received, I should be proud and a liar; but if I mean a holiness that I have received – as it is written: “Be ye holy because I the Lord your God am holy” (Lev. 19:2) – then let the body of Christ say these words. And let this one man, who cries from the ends of the earth, say with his Head and united with his Head: “I am holy.” … That is not foolish pride, but an expression of gratitude. If you were to say that you are holy of yourselves, that would be pride; but if, as one of Christ’s faithful and as a member of Christ, you say that you are not holy, you are ungrateful. …“

Theologian and philosopher Aurelius Augustinus (354) was an early Christian theologian and philosopher. Source: On the Mystical Body of Christ, p.428 of the New International Version.

„And yet in this I desired, as far as I durst, that I might have full sight of Hell and Purgatory. But it was not my meaning to make proof of anything that belongeth to the Faith: for I believed soothfastly that Hell and Purgatory is for the same end that Holy Church teacheth, but my meaning was that I might have seen, for learning in all things that belong to my Faith: whereby I might live the more to God’s worship and to my profit. But for my desire, I could of this right nought, save as it is aforesaid in the First Shewing, where I saw that the devil is reproved of God and endlessly condemned. In which sight I understood as to all creatures that are of the devil’s condition in this life, and therein end, that there is no more mention made of them afore God and all His Holy than of the devil, — notwithstanding that they be of mankind — whether they be christened or not.“

—Julian of Norwich, in his own words English theologian and anchoress who lived from 1342 until 1416. The Thirteenth Revelation, Chapter 33, is a book of revelation.

„I could have played the part of Saint Joan. I ought to have played it.“

The king of Norwich, Julian of Norwich, is quoted as saying 1342 – 1416: English theologian and anchoress 13th Revelation: Chapter 33 is the thirteenth book of the Bible.

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The crafty schemes of the deformed villain, Richard, are chronicled in Shakespeare’s play, which is jam-packed with well-known quotes. The most well-known of them all are listed below. 1. A horse, a horse, and my heart’s desire for a horse! Richard (5.4.8), thank you. 2. We have entered the winter of our dissatisfaction. York’s sun has turned it into a wonderful summer. Richard (1.1.1-2) is a fictional character. 3. As a result, I dress my bare-chested villany. With antique odds and ends plucked from the pages of sacred text; And appear to be a saint when, in reality, I am the devil.

  1. They claim that people who are so wise at such a young age do not live long.
  2. You are bloodthirsty, and thy end shall be bloodthirsty.
  3. The king’s given name means “tower of power.” Richard (on 5.3.14), 7.
  4. I’m on a mission to disprove that I’m a villain.
  5. 8.
  6. (5.3.313), Richard III of England 9.
  7. Richmond, Virginia (5.2.24).
  8. gloomy foreboding His aged face has been softened by the war.
  9. Shakespeare Several quick quotes: This is the winter of our dissatisfaction.

Richard III: Dastardly Devil or Propaganda Victim?

Many well-known phrases may be found in Shakespeare’s play Richard III, which follows the cunning schemes of the deformed villain. The most well-known of them all are listed below: The first thing I would want is a horse, a horse, and I would give my right arm to have one. (5), Richard (5.4.8), Our dissatisfaction is in full swing right now. York’s sun has transformed the city into a magnificent summer. In the first two paragraphs of 1.1.2, Richard 3. As a result, I dress my villany, who was previously unclothed.

  • (1), Richard (1.3.343).
  • According to legend, those who are so intelligent at such a young age seldom survive.
  • Duchess of York was born on April 4, 200, in London.
  • The king’s given name means “tower of power.” 7.
  • The fact that I am a villain has not deterred me.
  • An invention of the adversary.
  • The true hope is fast, and it flies like the wings of a swallow; it turns men into gods, and beasts into kings.
  • a gloomy forecast His aged face has been smoothed out by war.

A summary of the events leading up to Richard III. QAQuotations from William Shakespeare’s play, Richard III. Reasons for the Importance of Shakespeare Italics are in the original Shakespearean text. Shakespeare’s Boss: The Master of Revels

Richard III Fate and Free Will

“I am aiming to establish myself as a villain” (1.1.1). It’s in this statement from Richard II’s inaugural address that we learn of Richard’s ambitions to seize the throne by force. Depending on how we define the word, there are a variety of possible ways to read this statement “a person who is determined ” According to the dictionary definition of “decided,” which is “resolved,” then Richard is suggesting that he has made a personal decision to be a villain and is prepared to go to any lengths to obtain the crown.

  1. (This lends credence to the “free will” argument.) – According to another interpretation, the word “determined” can also imply “predetermined” or “destined,” which implies that Richard is not acting on his own free choice, but rather under the direction of God.
  2. Margaret makes the argument that history is shaped by providential purpose in this manner.
  3. Other people are being held responsible for the nefarious harm that I have perpetrated behind closed doors.
  4. In particular, send letters to Hastings, Derby, and Buckingham, informing them that the queen and her friends are stirring the king against the duke my brother.

To exact retribution against Rivers, Vaughan, and Grey: While I sigh, I tell them that God commands us to do good in the face of evil, and I dress my naked villany in ancient odd ends taken from holy texts, making me appear a saint when, in fact, I am playing the devil; but I am playing the devil at all times.

This is when he takes pleasure in committing heinous actions while blaming them on other people.

To put it another way, Richard pretends to be a saint in order to conceal his immoral behavior.

Niccol Machiavelli’sem The Prince /em(1532) was a “how-to” manual for rulers on how to maintain their positions of authority.

The key is to be imaginative, manipulative, charming, clever, and willful, rather than merely competent.

In other words, when Shakespeare presents Richard as a “machiavel,” he is implying that Richard acts in accordance with his ownem free will /em and does not follow the rules.

(1.3.28) Richard clearly understands what it takes to be a successful Machiavellian leader.

As a result, prosperity has begun to wane and has fallen into the rotting maw of death.

(4.4.1) In this passage, Margaret foresees the demise of the House of York under Richard II.

Still, there are a handful of reasons why this section is worth reading.

Interesting (and disgusting) is the way Margaret describes Richard’s success as having gone from “ripe” to “rotten,” using a fruit metaphor to convey that it has become “rotten.” It is becoming increasingly difficult for Richard and the House of York to maintain their position.

(4.4.6) According to Queen Margaret, God is using Richard to punish the Yorks for the atrocities they have committed against the Lancasters.

Take a look at the following section (1.3.15) after that.

Finally, to put them out of their misery, the duke was bestowed with power.

God, not we, has tormented thy heinous act with his curses, which he pronounced against thee out of bitterness of spirit.

(1.3.15) We learned in the preceding section that Margaret considers Richard to be a divinely appointed agent of divine justice.

Richard, on the other hand, thinks that God is punishing the Lancasters for the atrocities they have performed against his family in this particular instance.

The handkerchief had been dipped in the blood of his son Rutland.) As a result of their long-standing feud, the Lancasters and the Yorks are finally receiving what they deserve.

He who stabbed my Edward is dead, and thy Edward knows it: Young York, thy other Edward is dead, thus you must forsake my Edward.

Margaret is describing to the Duchess of York how everyone has been punished for their previous offenses in front of the Queen.

Richard, Hell’s dark intelligencer, is still alive and well, having just reserved their factor, to buy souls and convey them thither.

Allow me to live long enough to say, ‘The dog is dead,’ please God, and let his life connection be broken.

More precisely, the play claims that events take place in accordance with divine providence as they progress.

So let Richmond and Elizabeth, the legitimate heirs of each royal house, unite in God’s fair ordinance to form a new royal dynasty of their own.

What traitor listens to me and does not respond with an amen?

The son had been compelled to be butcher to the father: All of this created a rift between York and Lancaster (5.8.3) According to the freshly crowned King Henry VII, his rise to the throne is all part of God’s master plan for the kingdom.

(A large number of English monarchs went around proclaiming that they had been divinely anointed to the throne. So does this imply that Richard’s ascent and subsequent fall were also part of God’s grand design? If that’s the case, does it make his actions acceptable?

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