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How Does St. Mary’s College of California Rank Among America’s Best Colleges?

St. Mary’s College of California is a private, coeducational university that was established in 1863 in Sacramento, California. It boasts a total undergraduate enrolment of 2,468 students (fall 2020), is located in a suburban environment, and has a campus that is 420 acres in size. It follows a four-fourths-fourth-fourth academic calendar. Regional Universities West,5 is the position that St. Mary’s College of California holds in the Best Colleges ranking for the year 2022. The total cost of tuition and fees is $51,568.

General Information

Affiliation with a religious organization Catholicism is a religion that adheres to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

St. Mary’s College of California’s 2022 Rankings

Saint Mary’s College of California is placed 5 in the Regional Universities West ranking system. Schools are rated based on their performance across a set of widely regarded metrics of excellence, which are used to determine their ranking.

  • 10inBest Colleges for Veterans, 5inRegional Universities West, 10inBest Undergraduate Teaching (tie), 5inBest Undergraduate Teaching (tie), 10inBest Undergraduate Teaching (tie), 5inBest Undergraduate Teaching (tie).

See all of the scores as well as the important ranking elements. More information on how we rate schools may be found here. Subscribe to the U.S. News College Compass publication. See how this school fared on the main performance metrics that were considered in the rankings.

St. Mary’s College of California Alumni Starting Salaries

The table below shows the median beginning wages for alumni of St. Mary’s College of California, organized by major. In the case of a significant Biological and Biomedical Sciences are a broad term that includes a variety of disciplines. Services in the areas of business, management, marketing, and related support Programs in Communication, Journalism, and Related Fields Liberal arts and sciences, general studies, and humanities are all examples of liberal arts and sciences. Show All 5 Salaries by Major» displays all 5 salaries by major.

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St. Mary’s College of California Photos

Saint Mary’s College of California admissions are competitive, with an acceptance rate of 77% and an early acceptance rate of 78.4 percent for those who apply early. More than half of the candidates accepted to St. Mary’s College of California had SAT scores ranging between 1070 and 1253, or an ACT score ranging between 21 and 28. However, one-quarter of those who were accepted received scores that were above these limits, and one-quarter received scores that were below these levels. It is necessary to submit an application by January 15 in order to be considered for admission to St.

Priority application deadlines are as follows: See the complete list of entrance requirements.

Will You Get IntoSt. Mary’s College of California?

You may use our free college acceptance calculator to compare your test scores and GPA to the data of other students to get a sense of how you compare as an applicant to other colleges.

College Admissions Calculator

Users of the U.S. News College Compass submitted the information.

Academic Life at St. Mary’s College of California

The student-to-faculty ratio at St. Mary’s College of California is 9:1, and 54.2 percent of the school’s classes had fewer than 20 students in attendance. Among the most popular majors at St. Mary’s College of California are business administration, marketing, and related support services; social sciences; liberal arts and sciences, general studies and humanities; psychology; parks and recreation; leisure and fitness; biology and biomedical sciences; communication, journalism, and related programs; visual and performing arts; history; and natural resources and conservation.

Students’ happiness is measured by the average freshman retention rate, which is 84 percent in the fall of their first year.

54.2 percent of those between the ages of 20 and 49 45.8 percent of those who have 50 or more 0 percent of the population Details on Academic Life may be found here.

Student Life at St. Mary’s College of California

Approximately 2,468 undergraduate students are enrolled at St. Mary’s College of California as of the fall 2020 semester, with a gender split of 42 percent male students and 58 percent female students. At this school, 60 percent of the students live in housing that is owned, operated, or associated with the college, while 40 percent of the students live off campus in other residences. In terms of athletics, St. Mary’s College of California is a member of the NCAA Division I. Gender distribution among students: Students pursuing a degree on a full-time basis See the whole Student Life section for more information.

St. Mary’s College of California TuitionFinancial Aid

According to the most recent data available, 62 percent of full-time undergraduate students at St. Mary’s College of California receive some form of need-based financial assistance, with the average need-based scholarship or grant award totaling $16,013. In order to be successful, paying for college does not have to be a tough or stressful endeavor. Visit the Paying for College information section for tips on generating money and cutting expenditures, or utilize the U.S. News 529 college savings plan.

I submitted an application for need-based assistance.

Percentage of total need satisfied on average The bare minimum of credits each term that a student can take to qualify for full-time tuition pricing See the complete list of tuition and financial aid options.

Campus Safety

Campus safety data were provided to the U.S. Department of Education by the university and have not been independently verified. It should be noted that the percentages for criminal crimes indicate complaints of suspected infractions to campus security and/or law enforcement agencies, rather than prosecutions or convictions.

Potential students and their families are advised to conduct their own research in order to evaluate the safety of a school as well as the surrounding neighborhood. See the complete Campus Safety information.

St. Mary’s College of California Campus

A variety of student services are available at St. Mary’s College of California, including non-remedial tutoring, a women’s center, a placement service, a health center, and health insurance coverage. Additionally, St. Mary’s College of California provides campus safety and security services, such as 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols, late-night transport/escort service, 24-hour emergency telephones, lit pathways/sidewalks, limited dormitory access, and other measures (key, security card, etc.).

  1. Mary’s College of California have access to a vehicle on campus.
  2. Mary’s College of California.
  3. Students, graduates, faculty, and staff at St.
  4. News community, and they may contribute more insight about the school.
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Explore Saint Mary’s College of California

When it comes to reacting to the coronavirus outbreak, Saint Mary’s College is committed to taking a proactive approach. Our top goal is the health and safety of our accepted students as well as the rest of the community. It is strongly recommended that prospective students and their family visit our Admissions page for information on virtual enrollment events and COVID-19 campus updates. Read on to find out more


1928 SAINT MARYS ROAD, MORAGA, CA 94575Athletic DivisionNCAA Division I Athletic Division (without football) Athletic ConferenceWest Coast Conference (Athletic Conference) The following is from Saint Mary’s College of California: Because Saint Mary’s College of California recognizes that there are many routes to knowledge, it offers a diverse curriculum that includes the humanities, arts, sciences, social sciences, education, and business administration.

The college serves both traditional students and adult learners in both undergraduate and graduate programs at all levels.

When professors and students are motivated by curiosity about the nature of reality, they look twice, question why, search for more than just facts but for underlying principles, aim for a synthesis of all knowledge, and articulate themselves clearly and eloquently.

Saint Mary’s College of California Rankings

The rankings of niches are based on a thorough examination of crucial facts from the United States Department of Education as well as millions of evaluations.


SAT/ACT Although taken into consideration, it is not needed.


After financial help, the average cost for students who receive grant or scholarship aid, according to the college’s statistics. Average total amount of aid awardedStudents who received financial aid received 99 percent of the total.


Academic achievement, pay, student evaluations, and other criteria are taken into consideration when assigning grades to professors. Evening degree programs have a student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1. Yes Ninety-five percent of students believe that their professors put out a great deal of effort into teaching their classes.

There have been 63 replies. A total of 66 percent of students believe it is simple to get into the classes they desire. There have been 71 replies. Students agree that the task is manageable in 73 percent of situations. There have been 70 replies.


  • Liberal arts and humanities are a broad category of study. Graduates in Communications (58 graduates)35 graduates in Physical Education Teaching and Coaching (30 graduates) Performing Arts29
  • Graduates
  • Performing Arts Graduates in the Health Professions19Graduates in the Health Professions

Justice, Community, and Leadership (JCL)

JCL is a one-of-a-kind major that blends classroom instruction with hands-on service with a variety of community partners in the Bay Area. Students will be able to connect with and understand social, environmental, and educational concerns that are now prevalent in our society as a result of this curriculum. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of community partners, including schools, non-profit organizations, and campus resources.


Approximately 2,495 undergraduates are enrolled full-time. The typical student at this school may be summarized in one word or phrase, so please share it with us.

  • Motivated32%
  • Optimistic29%
  • Wealthy24%
  • Bored7%
  • Focused5%
  • Outgoing2%

Campus Life

Freshmen are required to live on campus. 99 percent of the population voted in the poll Students report that they do not participate in Greek life in 90 percent of cases. There have been 70 replies. According to a poll, varsity athletics constitute a significant component of campus life for 73% of students. There have been 92 replies. Poll What is the one word or phrase that best represents your institution?

  • The majority of respondents said they were little, kind, and loving. Ten percent said they were white, and ten percent said they were inclusive. 7 percent
  • Alt-left craziness and bullying, 2 percent
  • Terrorism, 1 percent

After College

Earnings on a median basis six years after graduation Employed within two years of graduation After graduation, 80 percent of students are optimistic that they will be able to find work in their industry. There were 35 answers.

Saint Mary’s College of California Reviews

Rating: 3.58 based on 51,059 customer reviews Selecting a category from the list below will take you to a different page. All of the categories Saint Mary’s provided me with an unforgettable experience! The campus is lovely and incredibly calm; I enjoyed being able to experience the rush and bustle of the Bay Area before returning to our beautiful school buried away in the mountains. When I was on campus, I always felt comfortable, included, and a part of the community. Furthermore, the sessions were quite fascinating, and the round table conversations that we had enabled me to improve my public speaking and critical thinking abilities.

  1. My favorite program at SMC was our 4-1-4 schedule, which allowed me to branch out of my degree and experience new things.
  2. To summarize my overall experience, I would urge everyone to try visiting SMC and considering going if you are seeking for small class sizes, excellent discussion opportunities, and an all-around education.
  3. Beautiful community; I adore the individuals that work here as well as the facility and everything else about it.
  4. There are simple procedures for obtaining accommodations if you want assistance with specific tasks, and this has proven to be the most beneficial to me during my time at SMC.
  5. They do an excellent job of ensuring that first-year students receive the assistance and guidance they require, and at the end of my first year, I felt really confident in myself and the decisions I was making at school.
  6. Everyone else has been wonderful, and it is clear that these teachers are really concerned about their students’ well-being.
  7. There are some wonderful folks on campus.
  8. In general, the kids are nice and accepting of others!

Transferring out seems like a nightmare, so make sure you have a thorough idea of your alternatives and the curriculum before you arrive. Keep in mind that TRS and Seminar will likely be in the horizon for you.

Mount St. Mary’s University

Located in the Catoctin Mountains in historic Emmitsburg, Maryland, Mount St. Mary’s University is a private, liberal arts university with a satellite campus for adult students in Frederick, Maryland’s second biggest city. It is a member of the Catholic Church. Traditional undergraduate students can choose from more than 80 majors, minors, specializations, and special programs, while adult students can choose from more than 25 undergraduate and graduate programs at the institution.

Pursue academic success in a truly elevated environment.

Every step of the way, you’ll be met with a high level of challenge and support. Discover more about academic programs. News01/07Students

SRIA Scholars Focus on Summertime Research

Take a look at the tale. News02/07Academics

Julianna Roman Strived for Equity in Work as Maryland Public Service Scholar

Read the storyUndergraduate Programs03/07 by clicking here.

Majors and Minors

Undergraduate students can choose from more than 70 different majors, minors, specializations, interdisciplinary programs, and special programs at the Mount. Examine your options for majors and minors. News04/07Faculty

Five Students Awarded NSF Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowships

Take a look at the tale. Possibilities for Employment05/07 Graduate Programs06/07 Graduate Programs

Graduate Degrees for Working Adults

Take advantage of one of our numerous degree or certificate programs in business, education, public service, or science to advance your professional development. Investigate Graduate Programs Programs for Adults 07/07

Adult Undergraduate Degrees

Earning that degree you’ve always desired while still working is now a realistic possibility. The Mount offers working adults a choice of five distinct undergraduate degrees, each with a curriculum and format that is geared to meet their demanding professional lives. Examine the Adult Education Programs

Find your path to success in an academic environment created to inspire students of all types, talents, and abilities.

Learn more about our programs.

Find what success means to you.

Our alumni make a difference in their chosen fields, whether they are in health, business, or charitable work. See examples of success. Those Who Have Made a Difference2/8

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Veronica Balick, C’20

Cancer Research is laser-focused on providing service to others. More information can be found at News03/08Academics

Mount Places Among Top in Maryland in U.S. News Best Regional Universities Rankings

Read the story “Lives of Significance” for more information. 04/08

Ingrid Hazbon, C’21

C’21 Ingrid Hazbon, a future physician assistant, enjoys serving the community as a firefighter and emergency medical technician in her hometown of Canton, Ohio (EMT). More information can be found at News05/08Alumni

From Student-Athlete to Coach and Professor

Take a look at the tale. News06/08Students

Mount Selects Handshake as University Career Management System

Read the story “Lives of Significance” for more information. 07/08

Brianna Cherney, C’19

In college, Brianna Cherney (C’19) has excelled, and she has set a goal for herself to complete the 150 credit hours necessary to sit for the Certified Public Accountant examination by graduation. More information can be found at Career Insights for the Month of August

Everything is possible at the Mount.

And the Career Center is there for you every step of the way, from the moment you arrive to the day you start your first job after you graduate from the Mount. They will assist you with selecting a major, locating an internship, and connecting you with some of our excellent alumni so that you can witness firsthand how they are making a difference in the world. Visit our Career Center for more information.

See more success stories and find ways the Mount can help you get to where you want to be.

Continue reading for more stories.

Saint Mary’s College of California – Colleges That Change Lives

If you are looking for the most up to date listings, please visit the college website. Majors Accounting Anthropology is a branch of study that focuses on the study of people (Concentration in Archeology) Art as a Form of Expression Art Theory is a branch of philosophy that studies the relationship between art and society. Criticism Art History is the study of the history of art. Biochemistry Biology Administration of Business (with specializations in Business Analytics. Digital media, entrepreneurship, finance, global business, interfaith leadership, and marketing are some of the topics covered.

  • Communication Engineering (3+2 specialty program) is a three-year degree that focuses on communication technology.
  • History) Earth Science is a branch of science that studies the earth’s surface.
  • Studies on the Environment Ethnic Studies is a term that refers to the study of ethnic groups.
  • Kinesiology (Concentrations in HealthHuman Performance, Health Promotion, SportsRecreation Management) (Concentrations in HealthHuman Performance, Health Promotion, SportsRecreation Management) Latin Studies in Leadership and Organizational Behavior (B.A.
  • Performance/Theatre Design and Technical Theatre are two of the most popular options.

Sociology SpanishTheology Religious Studies is a term that refers to the study of religion. Women’s and Gender Studies is a branch of sociology that focuses on the study of women and gender. Languages and Cultures of the World

Saint Mary’s College // The Observer

In addition to Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s, The Observer is a student-run daily print and online newspaper that serves the greater Chicago area. Find out more about us. – There are 207 posts tagged with “Saint Mary’s College.”

Saint Mary’s to require masking indoors through Feb. 11 as part of updated guidelines

| The date is Wednesday, January 5, 2022. In an email sent out on Wednesday by interim vice president for student affairs Gloria Roldan Jenkins and COVID-19 response team chair Mona Bowe, Saint Mary’s University announced that it had updated its COVID protocols for the spring semester in accordance with recommendations from the St. Joseph County Health District. Among the changes are a campus-wide indoor mask requirement until Jan. 30 and a masking requirement for all visitors until March 1.

Strengthening community, empowering student body: Saint Mary’s student body president and vice president reflect on fall semester

Crystal Ramirez and her husband Genevieve Coleman| December 8, 2021 | Wednesday, December 8th, 2021 Seniors Eleanor Hanson and Adriana Salgado set out to develop and deepen the link between the three campuses of Saint Mary’s University, as well as to empower the women on the university. When Hanson and Salgado ran for their respective positions in May of last year, their platforms contained the following:

Saint Mary’s to sponsor virtual Get Inked Teen Writing Conference

Crystal Ramirez| December 2, 2021 | Thursday, December 2, 2021 Saturday, the Michiana Writers’ Center, a local non-profit organization, will hold its annual Get Inked Teen Writing Conference at the Michiana Convention Center. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the annual conference, which is normally conducted in person at Saint Mary’s College, will be hosted online for the second time this year, instead of in person. Students in the 7th through 12th grades are welcome to attend the conference.

Saint Mary’s to require masks indoors

Staff Report from the Observer for Tuesday, November 30, 2021 Saint Mary’s University announced immediate modifications to its masking policy in an email sent out Tuesday morning by Mona Bowe, chair of the COVID Response Team and executive director of retention strategy at the university. “Effective immediately, everyone on campus will be obliged to wear a mask indoors, regardless of whether or not they have had vaccinations,” Bowe wrote to students in an email. “This procedure applies to all workers.”

‘Take the lesson, not the story’: Saint Mary’s student hosts transgender inclusivity workshop

The next day, Monday, November 22, 2021, Crystal Ramirez Sophia Sanchez, a senior at Saint Mary’s, presented a session on transgender inclusion on Friday afternoon. The event was intended to make the tri-campus community a more welcome environment for transgender and gender non-conforming persons. Megan Buell, executive director of Transgender Information Education and Enrichment Services (TREES), was on hand to assist with queries and to provide resources to those in attendance.

Beyond the Belle: Saint Mary’s students assist South Bend teachers, build community

Siobhan Loughney| November 18, 2021 | Thursday, November 18, 2021 By participating in Beyond the Belle, a student-led initiative run by the Office for Common Good at Saint Mary’s College, students are working to improve literacy, community, and love.

The Observer spoke with two students who are involved in the program by teaching youngsters in local South Bend schools for this week’s Tri-Campus Thursday. Beyond the Belle’s message

Saint Mary’s student trustee speaks on role, representing the student body

|Thursday, November 18, 2021 | Siobhan Loughney| A student-led initiative run by the Office for Common Good at Saint Mary’s College is helping students improve their reading skills while also building community and love among themselves. For this Tri-Campus Thursday, The Observer met with two students who are involved in the program by teaching youngsters in South Bend public schools. Outside of the Belle’s sphere of influence

SMC for the Spectrum hosts cornhole tournament to support club, local organizations

Liam Price| Liam Price is a British actor who has appeared in a number of films, including The Angela Athletic and Wellness Complex in San Diego conducted a cornhole tournament fundraiser on Friday afternoon to benefit SMC for the Spectrum. Monday, November 15, 2021 Those who wanted to compete paid their entry fees, then formed teams and lined up across the field house to compete. Due to the frigid weather, the competition was initially scheduled to take place outside but was moved inside the field house.

South Bend woman killed in pedestrian-related crash near Saint Mary’s, Notre Dame campuses

Staff Report for Saturday, November 13, 2021 | The Observer Reports from the South Bend, Indiana-based television station WNDU state that a woman in her 60s was struck and killed by an oncoming pick-up truck while attempting to cross State Road 933, just south of the intersection that connects the Saint Mary’s College and University of Notre Dame campuses on Saturday evening. A police officer in charge of the investigation

First Gen Family club hosts celebration in honor of First-Generation College Celebration Day

The next day, Friday, November 12, 2021, Crystal Ramirez The First Gen Celebration was held in Rice Commons on Thursday night in celebration of First-Generation College Celebration Day, which was celebrated on November 8 by the Saint Mary’s First Gen Family group. The event began with a talk by professor Stacy Davis and ended with a supper where students may mingle with other first-generation students, teachers, and staff members who attended. She has a positive attitude on life.

Saint Mary’s College (IN) – The Princeton Review College Rankings & Reviews

Located “across the street from Notre Dame,” Saint Mary’s College, or SMC as it is commonly known, “is a distinctive, women’s Catholic college with a strong sense of tradition,” according to the college’s website. Saint Mary’s University combines a “little school feel” with the advantage of being “close to a large university,” where SMC students may enroll in courses. The university has “high standards for education, superb teachers and staff,” and “an strong sense of community.” “St. Mary’s offers a strong academic approach that also prioritizes spirituality,” according to one student, and “professors are eager to aid students anytime they are in need, but they are by no means our hands.they challenge their students to accomplish.” In addition to a nursing curriculum that is considered “one of the finest in the region,” Saint Mary’s also boasts “nurses who are among the best in their field,” according to the school’s admissions website.

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Additionally, one student informs us that “their chemistry department has a fairly good admittance rate into medical school,” according to the student.

However, students at Saint Mary’s have told us that “the material is challenging.professors are devoted to helping students achieve,” and that the school’s “study abroad programs are fantastic.”

Student Body

Students at Saint Mary’s come from “a variety of various backgrounds,” are dedicated to their education, and are motivated to make a difference in the world. Saint Mary’s students have been characterized to us as “a confident woman who is aware of her own worth.” “She is warm, personable, and down-to-earth,” says the interviewer. “Saint Mary’s does have a white majority,” and the school “could be more inclusive” when it comes to the “racial diversity” of its student body, according to the report.

The students at Saint Mary’s University love partying, making new friends, and meeting boyfriends, but they are far more concerned with performing academically and advancing their educational experiences.

Campus Life

Saint Mary’s has a tiny campus, which aids in the development of “an wonderful feeling of community,” and its location near “other schools” adds to this sense of belonging. On weekends, students will “remain involved in the community” and “participate heavily with Notre Dame and Holy Cross students,” according to the university. We were told by one student that “you get the rewards of being an all-institution, women’s a focused, informal, and safe environment, the perks of being a Notre Dame student,” which includes “football tickets, additional classes, and males,” among other things.

We are told by one kid that “this is absolutely not a party school.” “There is a decent mix of work and play” at Saint Mary’s, according to one employee.


Applicants:1,830 Acceptance Rate: 78% GPA on a 4.0 scale in high school: 3.81

SATACT Test Scores

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing on the SAT the 25th to the 75th percentile (enrolled students) 530 – 630 p.m. SAT 25th-75th percentile in mathematics (enrolled students) ACT Composite Scores between 500 and 620 the 25th to the 75th percentile (enrolled students) between the ages of 23 and 29


the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections of the SAT percentiles ranging from 25th to 75th (enrolled students) The time is between 5:50 and 6:50.

SAT 25th to 75th percentiles in mathematics (enrolled students) Average Composite ACT Scores between 500 and 620 points percentiles ranging from 25th to 75th (enrolled students) 23-29% of the population

Selectivity Rating

Get a customized plan for submitting a competitive application from a college admissions professional. Read on to find out more


The most often seen class size ages 20 to 29 The most often encountered lab / sub section size ranges from 10 to 19 people.


Class size is the most common. From twenty to ninety nine Typical lab / subsection sizes range from 10 to 19 people.

Career Services

The most common class size is 20 – 29 years old The most common lab / sub section size is from 10 to 19 people.

Prominent Alumni

The Honorable Nora Barry Fischer ’73 is a Federal Judge in the Western District of Pennsylvania. Representative for Texas’ 30th Congressional District, Eddie Bernice Johnson (born 1955). Susan Peters ’75 is a Vice President of Executive Development at General Electric Corporation. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ Chief Regulatory Affairs Branch is Mary Tattersall ’72. Wal-Mart Corporation’s Delia Garcia ’93 is the Director of Corporate Affairs. Colorado College President Jill Tiefenthaler ’87 is a Colorado native.


Employment Opportunities Are Available on-Campus Career Services is a service that helps people find work. Networking with AlumniAlumni Services Classes Internships and Internship Interest Inventory Alumni from the region Possibilities Available at School ExperientialInternship


Applicants must submit their applications by the first of March.

Financial Aid Statistics

Average total need-based gift aid received by freshmen Undergraduate Total Need-Based Gift Aid on a Percentage Basis Those undergraduates who have borrowed money through a loan program of any kind The average amount of student loan debt owed by graduates The average amount of each freshmen scholarship/grant package is as follows: International students are eligible for financial assistance.

Expenses per Academic Year

$1,100 is the average cost of books and supplies. The cost of tuition and fees varies depending on the year of study. NoBoard for Commuters is $1,050 per night. Commuting expenses for commuters: $500 Room and Board for Students on Campus$12,580

Available Aid

Methods of Providing Financial Assistance Scholarships and Grants from the federal government Need-Based Funding for need-based college/university scholarships or grants provided by the institution Federal Pell Grants Awarded on the Basis of Need Private Scholarships for Deserving Students SEOGNeed-Based State Scholarships are available to those who demonstrate financial need. There is non-need-based scholarship or grant help available via the institution. Programs for Direct Student Loans from the Federal Government Direct PLUS Loans are a type of loan that allows you to borrow money without having to go through a bank.

Student Body

The total number of undergraduate students is 1,577, with 10 foreign countries represented.


Undergraduates who live on campus 85% of students require assistance in locating off-campus accommodation. There are no first-year students who live on campus. 97 percent of the time, the campus environment a small urban area

Housing Options

Undergraduates who live on campus are known as “residents.” 85% of students require assistance in locating off-campus accommodations. There will be no first-year students living on campus this academic year. Campus Environment (97 percent) Petite ville

Special Need Services Offered

Calculator is permitted in examinations. Exams with a dictionary are permitted. Exams are permitted to be conducted using a computer. Exams are permitted to use a spellchecker. Environment that is devoid of distractions Accommodations for kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Various more types of assistive technology

Student Activities

Exams are permitted to use a calculator. Exams are permitted to use a dictionary. Exams are permitted to be completed on a computer. Exams may be taken with a spellchecker. Environment that is devoid of distractions. Students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may require special accommodations. Assistive technology in other areas


Calculator is permitted in examinations. It is permissible to use a dictionary in examinations. Exams with a computer are permitted. Exams using a spellchecker are permitted. Distraction-free setting is essential. Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may be accommodated Aside from that, other helpful technology

Student Services

Medical ServicesMinority Student Support Groups: The Office of Student Involvement and Multicultural Services manages an orientation program for minority students, provides tutoring services, and provides guidance to minority student clubs and organizations. Army The ROTC program is available at the following collaborating institutions: University of Notre Dame Navy ROTC is an acronym that stands for Reserve Officer Training Corps. University of Notre Dame and other participating institutions are offering this program.

Campus Security Report

Campus Safety and Security Report A crime that poses an immediate or ongoing threat to students or campus employees falls under the purview of the Jeanne Clery Act. This act requires colleges and universities to make their security policies public, maintain an open crime log, publish an annual crime report, and issue timely warnings to students and campus employees about the crime. Additional materials may be found on The Princeton Review’s page on campus safety, which includes: Whenever possible, the Princeton Review posts direct links to each school’s Campus Security Reports.

Other Information

Report on Campus Safety A crime that poses an immediate or ongoing threat to students or campus employees falls under the purview of the Jeanne Clery Act. This law requires colleges and universities to make their security policies public, maintain an open crime log, publish an annual crime report, and issue timely warnings to students and campus employees about the crime. More information about campus safety may be found on The Princeton Review’s website on the subject. Each school’s Campus Security Reports are linked to directly from The Princeton Review’s website, when applicable.

Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool, supplied by the Office of Postsecondary Education of the United States Department of Education, allows applicants to view all school-specific campus safety information, as follows:

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