Where Is Saint 14 In The Tower


Where is Saint-14 in the Tower in Destiny 2?

Upon completion of the Impossible Task for Osiris in Destiny 2, you are left wondering where Saint-14, the greatest titan that has ever lived, may be found. Many people are looking forward to giving him his Dawning gift to commemorate the holiday season. You were unable to see him for a period of time. However, you should now be able to locate him in the hanger. Players who finished theCompleting an Impossible Taskquest for Osiris were unable to view him at one point in the game, which was fixed recently.

Many people were under the notion that this was a time-limited event or that he’d appear at the next reset, which is on December 24.

Players were said to have observed a floating Perfect Paragon, Saint-14’s shotgun, in the hanger at some point during the game.

Neither a bug nor a means to make him appear in the game is available until Bungie has determined that he is appropriate for inclusion in the game.

You may find him in the hanger on the left side of the Tower, on the other side of the soccer field.

Saint-14 – Destiny 2 Wiki

Name Saint-14
Title Legendary Titan
Race Exo
Gender Male
Location The Tower
Description A legendary hero and the former Titan Vanguard, Saint-14 disappeared into the Infinite Forest only to be later rescued by a fellow Guardian.

Saint-14 is the Hero of the Six Fronts, as well as the merchant and announcer for the Trials of Osiris, among other things. During the Season of Dawn, the players bring him back to life.


He may be located in the Tower’s Hangar, if you look for him. In front of his ship, there is a carpet with an Osiris motif, and there are several lighted candles all over the area. There is also a colony of pigeons nearby, which Saint feeds every now and again.


Trials Tokens may be exchanged for Trials Engrams, while Trials Passages can be purchased from Saint.


Every weekend, Saint offers two weekly bounties, four daily bounties, and repeatable bounties.


  • Luminous Arsenal
  • Coordinated Assault
  • Deepvoid Alignment
  • End Game
  • Light from Light
  • Starfire Alignment
  • Stormbolt Alignment
  • Luminous Arsenal Sweep the Field
  • Decryption Trial


  • You Think Distance Is Your Friend? You’re Wrong. Auto Fire Brigade, Blundertrust, Connective Charge, Illuminati, Katake’s Retribution, Lane Plinker, Light up the House, Orbs of Lit, Punch Card, Quantitative Hostility, Six-Shot Standard, Skullshock Alert, Slow Burn, Trial of Lead, Trials Triplet, Voidswept Precipice, You Think Distance Is Your Friend?


  • The Trials Arc Defeat, the Trials Grenades, the Trials Matches, the Trials Melee, the trials opponents, the trials precision, the trials rounds, the trials solar defeat, the trials super, the trials void defeat, and the trials void defeat


  • While wearing theHelm of Saint-14, Saint recognises the presence of Guardians that approach him. The soccer ball that was formerly sold from the Hangar is no longer available. It may still be found in the Hangar, squeezed up against the landing gear for Saint’sShip.

Saint-14 Lands In Destiny 2’s Tower: Here’s What His Quests Will Unlock

Since the release of Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn, fans have been delving into the narrative of Saint-14 and speculating about where it could take them. Today, we received an answer in the form of Saint-14, who made an unexpected, surprise arrival in the Tower in conjunction with an usual Friday update. To locate him, proceed on the hangar, which is to your left as you enter the Tower from where you spawned. Follow the road straight ahead, past Amanda Holiday, and you’ll see a new destination marker appear.

Importantly, if you haven’t previously, you’ll want to complete Perfect Paradox and the Saint-14 tale in order to be able to access him.

Saint-14 brings with him three tasks, one of which is the long-rumored Earth obelisk, while the other two are optional. Here’s what you can anticipate from Saint-14’s tasks, as well as the benefits you’ll get as a result of completing them.

Tribute to the Colonies

This quest will take you all over the galaxy, fulfilling goals on various planets as you progress through it. The first phase in this process is straightforward: kill 100 opponents on Titan. Once in Nessus, you’ll be required to kill 100 foes, perform a patrol, and participate in two public events before you may proceed. It will count as two heroic public events if you activate two of them in one go, so attempt to activate a heroic to save some time here. Finally, you’ll have to repeat the process on the EDZ: kill 100 opponents, conduct one patrol, and participate in two public events.

A triumph will be recorded in your book, and you’ll get a tribute that may be put near Saint-14, similar to the gold statues that you can place in the Tribute Hall of Nessus.

A Guardian’s Duty

Simply completing eight crucible, gambit, or vanguard bounties will suffice to fulfill this quest requirement. You’ll get the greatest results if you load up on vanguard bounties and complete them while killing the opponents required to finish Tribute to the Colonies, which is the most difficult task in this area to double up on. Upon completion of this task, you’ll be able to access Saint-14’s bounty. So far, his bounties are straightforward, requiring you to complete tasks such as killing Fallen or defeating foes with sun energy.

Fractalines may be difficult to come by, thus these bounties provide a consistent stream of them, as well as XP to aid you in completing your Season Pass requirements faster.


Simply killing 10 strong Vex, Cabal, and Fallen will enough for the Cornerstone questline. The public events will take care of this one for you if you’re concentrating on the tribute to the Colonies quest, so just concentrate on finishing that and this one will fall into place by itself. St. 14’s Cornerstone quest is the most essential one he has to offer, as completing it would provide access to the Tower obelisk. The most important aspect of this obelisk is that it lets you to link and unlink all of your other obelisks from the Tower, which is a convenient function.

  1. This will need you to finish a quest for each obelisk, which will require you to accomplish timeslot weapon bounties on each planet in order to earn the corresponding obelisk.
  2. In addition, the obelisk provides a pair of additional consumables.
  3. You’ll need ten polarized fractalines and 10,000 glimmer to complete the task.
  4. This will only cost you 5,000 glimmer, and you’ll be able to purchase up to six of them every week, per account, for that price.
  5. With the help of them, you may gain the Trophy Hunter sniper, Pyroclastic Flow rocket launcher, and Perfect Paradox shotgun, among other weapons.

Saint-14’s role on the Tower is now unknown, however fans are already theorizing that he will have something to do with Trials of Osiris when (and if) that activity ultimately returns.

Editors’ Recommendations

  • Simply killing 10 strong Vex, Cabal, and Fallen will enough for the Cornerstone quest line. If you’re concentrating on the tribute to the Colonies quest, you’ll automatically complete this through public events, so simply concentrate on getting that done and the rest will fall into place. It is the most significant quest Saint-14 has to give because it is the only way to get the Tower obelisk once it has been successfully completed. You may link and unlink all of your other obelisks straight from the Tower, which is the most notable feature of this obelisk. This eliminates the need to go from planet to planet in order to change your links. This will need you to accomplish a quest for each obelisk, which will require you to complete timeslot weapon bounties on each planet in order to earn the obelisk’s power. When you do this, the obelisks will all be in sync with one another and the Tower. A pair of new consumables are also available from the obelisk. The advancement of timeslot weapon bounties is accelerated by 10% for a period of four hours when Timeslot Friends are involved. ten polarized fractalines and 10,000 glimmer will be required for this. Fractaline Skimmer “dramatically” boosts your chances of earning fractalines through playlist activities by a factor of two or three. Each purchase will only cost you 5,000 glimmer, and you will have the option of purchasing as many as six at a time on a single account. Time slot weapon bounties are available on the Tower obelisk, as are those on the other obelisks in the game world. The Trophy Hunter (sniper), Pyroclastic Flow (rocket launcher), and Perfect Paradox (shotgun) may all be obtained by completing these objectives. You may use this to grind for another Perfect Paradox if you desired a different roll on the one you obtained when completing the Saint-14 questline. Saint-14’s role on the Tower is still unknown, however fans are already theorizing that he will have something to do with Trials of Osiris when (and if) that activity is reinstated in the future.

Destiny 2 guide: How to unlock Saint-14’s bounties

You saved the legendary Titan, Saint-14, from the Infinite Forest on Mercury during the first two weeks of Destiny 2: Season of Dawn’s campaign. Saint is now lounging in the Tower Hangar, which you can locate here. If you chat with him, you will be able to obtain a number of new Season of Dawn missions. One of those quests rewards you with a new source of thePolarized Fractalineresource: bounties from Saint-14, which you may use to complete the quest. Find out how to uncover Saint-14’s bounty and improve your daily dose of Polarized Fractaline by following these steps.

A Guardian’s Duty quest — Community Service

An illustration of Saint-14’s benevolence Image courtesy of Bungie via Polygon A Guardian’s Duty: Community Service is the simplest new quest available to Saint-14. Make your way to the Tower Hangar and chat with him to obtain the task before proceeding on. The Vanguard (Strike), Crucible, and Gambit bounties are the only ones you’ll need to complete in order to complete A Guardian’s Duty. Take advantage of rewards for the activities that interest you the most and start playing. Keep in mind that you can mix and match the bounties you accomplish; they don’t all have to come from the same activity or group of activities.

Return to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar to complete your mission.

There’s a small, bright region directly behind Saint that you can explore.

Once you’ve finished reading the book, Saint-14 will provide four daily bounties, each of which will award you with 50 Polarized Fractaline.

Tribute to the Colonies

The Triumph of the PastReproduced with permission from Bungie via Polygon If you rush through A Guardian’s Duty without finishing any of Saint’s other objectives, it’s conceivable that the bounties won’t be unlocked when you finish the game. We’re not sure if you simply need to accomplish A Guardian’s Duty, or if you also need to complete one of Saint’s other objectives, Tribute to the Colonies, to complete the game properly. Following are the steps for completing Tribute to the Colonies, even if it’s only for a Triumph.

Early Colonies

Despite the fact that Tribute to the Colonies is somewhat lengthier than A Guardian’s Duty, the objectives are straightforward. First and foremost, Saint-14 requests that you beat 100 adversaries on Titan. Take part in a Public Event or Lost Sector on the little planet, and you’ll have 100 kills under your belt in short order.

Remembrance Through Service

After Titan, the mission will take you to the city of Nessus. Before you do anything further, you should speak with Failsafe. You must now fight 100 adversaries on Nessus, complete a Patrol, and accomplish two Public Events in order to progress.

It is important to note that one Heroic Public Event counts for two points in this mission. Combine two tasks into one by completing a short Patrol while performing a Heroic Public Event. This will kill two birds with one stone. Kill as many enemies as you need to in order to complete your mission.

Protector of the People

You will need to pay a visit to Devrim at the EDZ in order to complete the following phase. On Earth, you have the same objectives that you had on Nessus: 100 kills, two Public Events, and a Patrol, to name a few. To accomplish this section of the quest, use the same procedure as before. Following your assistance to Devrim, return to Saint-14 in the Tower, where he will present you with a golden statue. Placing it on a tiny stand to the right of his ship will be ideal. You’ll receive the A Past Remembered Triumph achievement as well as a big stack of Polarized Fractaline for completing the quest.

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The sequence we completed the missions suggests that you must put the statue before Saint-14 grants bounties — but we doubt this is the true given the tooltip for Saint-14’s bounties and the Triumph.

It’s possible that it’s only for the Triumph.

r/DestinyTheGame – Where is Saint 14 in the tower?

I’m just trying to deliver a treat to him; the sign says he’s in the hanger, but I can’t seem to find him anywhere. Is there anyone who knows? To make a comment, you must first log in or create an account. 1st grade You can safely presume he is still timegated and will not be here until next week at the earliest. People believe it’s a bug, but his shotgun has been visible in the tower for more than a week, so that isn’t a consideration. Bungie has also made no remark on the fact that he hasn’t arrived yet.

  • I told a few people about it yesterday, but all I got in return was downvotes and being called an idiot.:) 12 years ago, I was at this level.
  • Most certainly, the next week 1st grade He isn’t, but I anticipate that he will be there on Friday as a vendor for the trials.
  • a second-grade education What you’re putting on the line is a great deal of faith in your abilities, bud.
  • level a year and a half ago The Drifter’s Company / Okay, alright, alright, alright, alright If this is the case, I’m going to stomp on bricks.
  • 1st grade Is it possible for someone to actually give Saint-14 his cookie at this point?
  • I’m going to guess he is indeed time gated.

It’s a little Cun*ish to have him “drop” on Christmas eve, when most of the players are probably with their loved ones. a second-grade education Because this game is generally excellent, and a single minor bug should not detract from the awarding of a community award? lol

‘Destiny 2’ Surprise: Saint-14 Has Arrived At The Tower, Go See Him Now For Quests

Destiny 2Bungie is a video game developed by Destiny 2Bungie. After saving Saint-14, Osiris tells us that we should speak with him, but he is nowhere to be found in Destiny 2. It was a strange event in the game this week, and it occurred after we saved Saint-14. Perhaps the plan was to see him at reset the following week, but surprise! He has just just arrived in the Tower this very moment. If you’ve been paying attention since the beginning of Season of Dawn, you’ll already be aware of where he is.

  1. Make sure to bake him a cookie before you go meet him, since his arrival will also help to break the current stalemate in the Dawning Quest.
  2. So, what exactly is Saint-14 doing at the Tower of London?
  3. Destiny 2Bungie is a video game developed by Destiny 2Bungie.
  4. In order to progress, you must first fight difficult opponents from many races, kill foes on Titan, and then complete bounties for Tower merchants.
  5. There’s a brief small introduction clip in which Saint speaks to you about what it’s like to return to the game.
  6. The Empyrean Foundation, in my opinion, is virtually surely going to be involved with this in some way.
  7. Currently, I am off to do these Saint-related tasks, and I will keep you posted on what occurs as you progress along the pathways of each of them.
  8. Update: The “tribute to the fallen” mission only rewards you with a gold statue, which you must place near Saint in the Tower to complete it.
  9. In order to complete the objective of gathering pieces, you must construct an obelisk in the Tower.
  10. There’s also a place where you may farm for battle pass weaponry as well as Perfect Paradox.

Destiny 2Bungie is a video game developed by Destiny 2Bungie. You may find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Please consider pre-ordering my new science fiction novelHerokiller as well as reading my first series, The Earthborn Trilogy, which is also available in audiobook format.

Where is Saint-14 in The Tower – Destiny 2 Dawning 2019

This isn’t the first time someone has tried to pass out cookies during the Destiny 2Dawning season and realized they were missing a particularly elusive, recently-returned NPC. You’re not alone in thinking this. No, we’re not talking about Amanda Holliday’s goods here; rather, a lot of Guardians have had one question on their minds for quite some time. If you’ve been wondering where Saint-14 is hiding in The Tower, you’re not alone in your curiosity. Here’s what we’ve learned so far regarding this particular Dawning situation.

Where is Saint-14 in The Tower – Destiny 2 Dawning Hand-In

It’s possible that you’ve reached the stage where you need to offer something sweet to Saint-14 if you’ve been rushing through the jolly chore of providing some of Destiny 2’s most iconic personalities their favorite Christmas candy. If you’re interested about what he likes to eat, we have it on good authority that he adores Lavender Ribbon Cookies. We also know what everyone else wants to snack on this Dawning. Unfortunately, in your efforts to ensure that Saint-14 receives his small gift, you may have come upon a very perplexing problem: he is just not present at The Tower.

  1. “Where has Saint-14 spawned in The Tower?” you might wonder, and the answer is as simple as it is straightforward: he hasn’t spawned in at this time.
  2. No matter if you’ve completed the Season of Dawn’s plot and rescued Saint-14 or not, he’s just not visible at the moment due to a lack of visibility.
  3. Keep your eyes alert, because he’ll almost certainly be where his weapon is now hidden.
  4. We’ll update this once he’s really able to participate in this year’s Dawning activities in its entirety.
  5. Take a look at the following guidelines that we’ve compiled for you:
  • To make Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies in Destiny 2, follow the recipe and ingredients below. Also see Destiny 2 Essence of Dawning Farm Tips and Destiny 2 Candy Dead Ghosts Recipe and Ingredients.

Saint-14 is now in Destiny 2’s tower and heavily hinting at the return of Trials

Keep your spirits up, Saint-14; I’m confident you won’t miss the next conflict. (Image courtesy of Bungie.) With its periodic approach to releasing new material, Bungie has become increasingly proficient at surprising players with unexpected delights that keep them engaged and interested. I know that the drip-feed method is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m delighted to report that my severe addiction has kept pleasantly engaged. The weekly reset on Tuesday enabled us to save Saint-14, a famous Titan who was assumed to have been destroyed by the Vex, by traveling back in time and modifying the past.

  1. But then he was no longer there.
  2. It turns out he just needed a short break after all, since he’s back at it again.
  3. Those will be discussed later, but the carpeting in front of Saint’s new accommodations is far more interesting—especially for those who are dedicated to PvP.
  4. In the shape of soft furnishings, this isn’t so much a suggestion as it is a big advertising.
  5. Trials was a 3v3 elimination mode in Destiny 1 that saw players racing to be the first to reach ‘The Lighthouse,’ an exclusive destination on Mercury that could only be accessed by accumulating seven victories.
  6. With one-of-a-kind (and quite cool) Egyptian-themed armour and weapons available for those who were proficient enough to craft them, Trials quickly became the go-to place for top-tier PvP players to demonstrate their skills.
  7. As a result, Trials gained traction as a spectator sport on Twitch as well as other platforms.

When combined with the fact that Destiny 2’s early PvP was terrible due to the double-primary weapon system, which forced players to travel around buttocks-to-nuts in order to get team shots, interest in the mode dwindled dramatically, eventually leading to Bungie putting the entire game on indefinite hiatus back in August of 2018.

In his Director’s Cut article from a year later, game director Luke Smith had the following to say: “Trials of the Nine didn’t turn out to be the hero we were hoping for.

It was important to us while developing Destiny 2 to make it seem like a sequel while also welcoming new players and streamlining the game—and Trials of the Nine was another victim of that process.” Despite the fact that Smith reaffirmed that Trials of the Nine was on permanent pause at the moment, his use of italics strongly suggested that Trials of Osiris may not be.

  1. Bungie began experimenting with several versions of elimination mode in their Crucible Labs system during the previous season.
  2. Your guess is as good as mine as to when we’ll hear the official announcement of Trials’ return to the airwaves.
  3. Could Saint, rather than Osiris, be the new vendor for the Trials of Osiris?
  4. For the time being, the objectives he has for us entail creating some type of beacon that will attract humanity to the tower.
  5. Cornerstone: Collect a total of ten components from the Fallen, Vex, and Cabal.
  6. There’s little question that none of these missions will come to a close, and I anticipate a great deal of busywork in the near future while I work on whatever monument Saint has in mind.
  7. I’m a little less enthusiastic about Trials, primarily because I’m terrible at PvP, but for those of you who have been waiting for its return with bated breath, I’m delighted that you are pleased.
  8. The huge guy has returned: Now is the time to report to the hangar for a meeting with Saint-14.
  9. In his case, that meant playing Elite in ‘co-op’ on a BBC Micro (one person controls the movement, while the other shoots), until his parents ultimately succumbed and bought an Amstrad CPC 6128 for him and his brother to play with.

In his spare time, when he is not sailing the good ship PC Gamer, Tim can be found moaning that all Priest mains in Hearthstone are degenerates or raiding in Destiny 2. He’s probably definitely engaged in one of these activities right this moment.

Saint-14 returns to the Tower in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn

Destiny 2’s Tower has a new resident who has taken up residence there. No, that is not someone singing Christmas carols, because it is the Season of Dawn, and it is not the Christmas season. In addition, it is not someone who is expecting you to hand them a tiny red envelope stuffed with cash. During the “An Impossible Task” quest chain, you had the opportunity to save Saint-14, a renowned Titan who had been doomed by the passage of time. This comes as a bit of a shock to me. In any case, given that “An Impossible Task” was updated with new objectives and a new Corridors of Time assignment every week, gamers had anticipated him to return for the December 24th reset.

Note: Completing the Corridors of Time objective from week 2 and seeing the Saint-14 resurrection cinematic are not prerequisites for participating in this event.

Saint-14 returns and he’s got bounties

Saint-14 is lying about and feeding pigeons, as you might expect. He’ll enthusiastically greet you and express how pleased he is to be back in the game. There will be a few jokes and quips from the heroic figure, including one about a youngster throwing a shield at his head. Oh, how that youngster has the makings of a Titan in the making. Oh, and he’s got three bonuses in store for you as well:

  • Pay homage to the Colonies by defeating 100x the number of adversaries on Titan. After that, you should speak with Saint-14. Obtain 8x Vanguard, Crucible, or Gambit bounties as part of a Guardian’s obligation. After that, you should speak with Saint-14. Collect 10x components from Fallen, Cabal, and Vex majors/yellow bar foes in order to complete the Cornerstone questline. After that, you should speak with Failsafe.

It is not yet known where these bounties will go, but we will keep you informed as our investigation progresses and as new information becomes available. In the interim, you might submit your Dawning 2019Lavender Ribbon Cookies for consideration. There are two more tasks to complete before receiving the Alpine Dash Dawning sparrow. Once you have completed them, you can on to the next one. You may also pay Xur a visit when you’re on the planet Titan. The Agent of the Nine will almost always offer you an exotic that you don’t already have, even new ones that have been added to the game after the release of Destiny 2: Season of Dawn.

More bounties and The Tower’s Obelisk

Hommage a l’Independence des Colonies– Following your conversation with Failsafe, you’ll be required to fulfill the following activities on Nessus:

  • Hommage a l’independence des colonies– In order to accomplish the following activities on Nessus following your conversation with Failsafe:

When you have finished with this section, proceed to Devrim Kay in the EDZ. You’ll be assigned the identical tasks as before, with the exception that you’ll have to complete them in the EDZ this time. A Guardian’s Responsibilities– You will be entrusted with conversing with Saint-14 for the second time. A diary item will spawn exactly next to Saint-14’s ship, which will be useful later on. This gives you with more opportunities to earn more Polarized Fractaline resources through bounties. The following are today’s bounties:

  • Kills by the Fallen may be obtained everywhere
  • 30x foes can be slain using Solar damage
  • 15x enemies can be defeated utilizing Void melee. 1x Psion boss kills during the Sundial activity
  • 1x Psion boss kills during the Sundial activity
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Cornerstone– Completing this reward grants you access to the Tower Obelisk, which allows you to synchronize all of the others from different locations.

To learn more about the Tower Obelisk, please see our comprehensive guide. Destiny 2: Season of Dawn is now available for purchase onSteam.com. If you want further information, please see our guides and features center.


This is a stub. Please help improve it. By contributing to the expansion of Destiny Wiki, you can make a difference. “Saint-14 is my given name. They refer to me as the “biggest titan that ever lived” because of my size and strength.” Saint-14 is a saint who was born in the 14th century. Saint-14 is a titan of the Exoplanets. He was also a TitanVanguard in his previous life. Besides theHelm of Saint-14 and the Saint-14’s Ring, he wields thePerfect Paradox, which is his preferred weapon of choice.


The Crusade Against the Fallen was initiated by Saint-14 during the early years of The City, while the Wall was still being built, and it lasted for several years. At some time, he assassinated Solkis, the last known member of the House of Devils, and subsequently fled to Mercury in search of Osiris. He was discovered dead in a tomb on the planet Mercury, deep within the Infinite Forest. During the events of theSeason of Dawn, The Guardian aided Saint-14 on one of his first field operations against the Fallen, as well as providing Saint-14 with his hallmark weapon, thePerfect Paradox, which he used to defeat the Fallen.

Saint-14 was able to make his way out of the Infinite Forest after spending a long time there fighting the Vex.


  • “I have discovered the most valuable of all treasures: a pragmatic Warlock.” in addition to this, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] “”I’m Saint-14, and I’m here to bring the heavens down upon them.” “They refer to me as the greatest titan that ever lived.”
  • “Pigeon Noises” “in addition to this, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]


  • In the Speaker’s and the people’s hearts, Saint-14 was the most cherished Guardian.
  • Saint-14 was so beloved by the Speaker that the Speaker adopted him as his own son.
  • It was Saint-14’s belief that the Darkness was a physical, extraterrestrial entity of enormous power. It is said that Saint-14 has a Greek accent. It was Saint-14 who introduced him to the other Guardians, according to the player’s Ghost, long before he discovered his own Guardian.


Saint-14 is a well-known non-player character (NPC) in the Destiny world. Your chance to save him from impending death will come up when you’re doing the Season of Dawn mission, which requires you to construct sundials. After you’ve completed this task, Osiris will instruct you to talk with him. There’s even a quest for the Dawning event that asks you to deliver a batch of cookies to him. The only problem is that he’s nowhere to be seen. There are several indicators that should be leading to his whereabouts, however the location is devoid of any clues.

Hopefully, our Destiny 2 Saint-14 hangar location guide may be able to provide some insight.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to find the NPCs themselves.

Where to find Saint-14 in Hangar?

We have absolutely no notion where things are going right now. We’re only speculating that he’s meant to be in the hangar with us as well. Based on the advertising art that depicted him at that place, as well as the game’s little hint about his location from the present you’re intended to give him, we’re making this supposition. There’s also the matter of a floating shotgun on the other side of the soccer field in the hangar, which has been reported by multiple witnesses. It’s not just any shotgun, though; it’s a Perfect Paradox, which happens to be Saint’s trademark weapon.

  1. In either case, we’re in for a long wait.
  2. If it’s a time gate, we’ll have to wait still another week to find out.
  3. If you want further assistance with Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, please see our tutorials onDead Ghost Locations,Jade Rabbit Locations, andEyes on the Moon – How to Begin the Vex Invasion for more information.
  4. Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher – Symphony of Deathguides is an exotic rocket launcher used by Deathbringer.

Returning to the past for new players, we can provide you with instructions such asIkelos Weapons – How to Get SMG, Sniper Rifle, and Shotgun; alternatively, if you’re playing Forsaken content, we can provide you with guides such asCorsair DownBadge – Dead Body Locations.

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Saint-14’s troubled history with the Eliksni, or the Fallen, as many have come to know them, will have come as a shock to Destiny 2 players who only know him as “that one Exo Titan that we saved from being lost in time” and the “Trials of Osiris vendor” or “that one guy who is obsessed with pigeons.” During a previously leaked cinematic from Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer, Mithrax, the commander of the House of Light, was caught up in a fight between himself, Lakshmi-2 of the Future War Cult, and the game’s titular character, Saint-14.

In response, Saint informs Mithrax that he can’t reasonably expect the inhabitants of the Tower to live in the midst of their monsters, which Mithrax responds with a Fallen legend about a fearsome beast that went by the name “The Saint.”


For those who are unfamiliar with Saint-14 in Destiny 2, or with any previous Destiny mythology for that matter, Saint-14 was the first Titan Vanguard – prior to Zavala – and served as the Speaker’s right hand in the original game. Saint-14 fought valiantly in the Battle of the Twilight Gap, and thereafter he went on a quest for Solkis, Kell of the House of Devils, whom he captured. After locating Solkis, the two engaged in a grueling deathmatch in which Saint-14 expended nearly all of his Light, but was able to concentrate what little he had left into a massive headbutt that allowed him to pierce Solkis’ head with the horn on Saint-14’s helmet, thereby defeating the Fallen House’s supreme leader.

It is one of my favorite Finishers in the game since it brings some of the lore into the game.

In order to keep Osiris from venturing anywhere near the Vex, Saint set out on a mission, but he was sadly robbed of his Light by the Vex, and he fell in the Infinite Forest after reporting his newest discoveries to Osiris, the Speaker, and The Guardian.

It is Saint-14’s nature to be compassionate and kind, and he will never hesitate, as long as the people in need are of the same species, to provide assistance.

Monsters in the Light

Season of the Splicer has witnessed a number of difficult situations involving the Fallen and other members of humanity that are now residing in the Tower, and Saint-14 has had a role in at least some of these situations. Saint-14 is informed by Mithrax about a city that is grander than even the one in which the Guardians were born and presently reside; the Fallen resided there with the Traveler until it was forced to leave them. They discovered that something else had been sent back when they attempted to track down the Traveler (which the Eliksni referred to as “The Great Machine”).

  1. In the next narrative, Mithrax informs us that the monster referred to itself as “The Saint,” and we are shown the fabled Helm ofSaint-14, which has been set ablaze in the background.
  2. Everyone in his immediate vicinity is making sacrifices, and those in the Tower are not free from the necessity to make sacrifices as well.
  3. No.
  4. Yes.
  5. I believe that Saint-14 is being manipulated and that he is having difficulty adjusting to the situation.
  6. While I anticipate some confrontation between the two in the near future, I hope that nothing is irreparably harmed in the process of repairing it.

Season of the Splicer is demonstrating more and more with each new piece of tale development that monsters don’t simply exist and hide in the depths of the earth; they can also be found thriving in the Light.

About The Author

More on this later. Author Hi, Greetings, my name is Ben, and I enjoy writing about video games, comic books, anime, and any other technology that I can get my hands on. I enjoy sharing my thoughts on all of the latest and greatest, so follow me on Twitter for memes and other fun stuff!

Destiny 2 Halloween easter egg has fans excited for Festival of the Lost event

This year’s Festival of the Lost event is drawing near, and the return of a Saint-14 easter egg has fans hopeful for a dash of humour in the game this year. Destiny 2 is a live-service game, which means there are a plethora of events to attend throughout the year. The Festival of the Lost, on the other hand, is the highlight for many. Guardians are sent into a pitch-black version of the Infinite Forest to slaughter as many bosses as they can during this Halloween event, which is often offered as a PvE action.

Read on for more information.

Saint-14 easter egg has fans hoping for a fun Festival of the Lost quest

This year’s Festival of the Lost event is drawing near, and the return of a Saint-14 easter egg has fans hoping for a dash of humor in the game this time around. Because Destiny 2 is a live-service game, there are a plethora of events to attend throughout the year. The Festival of the Lost, on the other hand, is a highlight for many. Guardians are sent into a pitch-black version of the Infinite Forest to fight as many bosses as they can during this Halloween event, which is normally offered as a PvE activity at this time.

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  • Find out more about Destiny 2 Season 16 – all we know about it.

Other commenters suggested that, given that Savathun is currently imprisoned in the Dreaming City ahead of the Witch Queenexpansion next year, we should prank her instead, or even disguise ourselves as one of her Hive family members – although, as noted in the thread, this could be considered offensive even for the Witch Queen. In fact, one user proposed that players may participate in a Tower Prank raid in which they would be required to prank Zavala in his office at night, possibly with the assistance of some optional stinkbombs from The Drifter.

Make sure to go through all we have to say about the event.

Destiny 2 The Pigeon Provides Quest Guide – Dawning 2021 Quest Steps

Like every year, the Dawning event in Destiny 2 begins with an introduction quest, but this year’s event includes an additional objective themed on Saint-14 and the Eliksni, which will be available to everyone. Isn’t it true that everyone could use a little Dawning cheer? The Tower custom is important to Saint, so we decided to bake something special for our new friends to share in the festivities. It will be delicious as soon as we find out what the ingredients are and how to create it.

Destiny 2: The Pigeon Provides for The Dawning 2021 is covered in detail in this guide, which walks you through each of the 10 mission tasks. It is your responsibility to accomplish this quest once you have completed the introductory mini-mission from Eva, which exposes you to the event’s mechanics.

Step 1: Speak with Saint-14

The mission begins by going to the Tower and making your way over to Saint-14’s corner.

Complete The Lost Splicer

To get things started, we’ll be traveling to Europe. Take a look at your goal map and make your way to the northernmost part of Europe. You’ll discover a quest item at this location, so proceed to engage with it. Along the cliffside, you’ll come upon a datapad hidden in a tiny cave, which should be indicated by a white diamond on your HUD. Inspecting it will advance the quest and notify you that you’ll need to acquire certain components for the next stage of the process (surprise).

Create Swaddled Etherdips

It’s impossible not to enjoy a delicious Ether-dipped cookie. It’s time to go shopping for some fresh ingredients:

  • Pure Ether Extract – derived from lost regions on the continent of Europa. Harpy Eggs – Earned by beating Vex Harpies
  • Harpy Eggs – Earned by defeating Vex Harpies Glacial Starwort — harvested from nodes and chests throughout Europe

I propose that you travel to Cadmus Ridge and harvest the Perdition Lost Sector while there. Not only will it fulfill your Pure Ether Extract needs, but it also contains a large number of Vex Harpies, which you may dispatch with relative ease. To further enhance your Ghost’s abilities, consider installing the Combo Detector mod, which will allow you to detect both resource nodes and hidden treasure boxes. I was able to accomplish my whole step in three passes through this Lost Sector; just be sure to keep an eye out for Glacial Starwort as you make your way through the area!

Purchase Kellsdough and Make Swaddled Etherdips

We must now save up 15 Dawning Spirit in order to purchase Kellsdough from Spider. Delivering Dawning Gifts and accomplishing Dawning Triumphs are two ways in which you can acquire this cash. Another option is to finish the Dawning Bounties that Eva has distributed. These are quite simple to complete and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Just remember that if you’re hunting for snowballs, you’ll only be able to find them on Europa and the events that take place there. Having said that, I discovered that making things and delivering them to the various NPCs was the most effective technique.

In regards to the Etheric Spiral, I recommend that you equip your Ghost with the Combo Detector mod to make it more effective.

  • The Etheric Spiral — This spiral is formed by nodes and chests in The Tangled Shore. Buy 15 Dawning Spirit from Spider to get Kellsdough
  • Kellsdough is worth 15 Dawning Spirit.
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“You wussy little wretches. Is there nothing special for me this Dawning? “Did I do something to deserve to be put on your bad list?” —The Spider, to be precise.

Return to Saint-14

We have everything we need to make this happen. It’s time to make the journey back to Saint-14. “Return as soon as possible! My mouth is watering at the prospect of baking with the fiercest flames the Tower has ever seen!” —Saint-14

Deliver the Treats

Deliver the Swaddled Etherdips to the Eliksni Quarter, which is accessible through the HELM. Simply approach the Fallen in the vicinity of the camp and you will be instructed to present the gifts. Make sure your sound is turned up so that you can hear all of the adorable baby Fallen sounds.

Aww, this makes murdering all those Vex seem like a good idea. Whether or whether the Eliksni are aware that the goodies come from me is immaterial, as long as they know that they are coming from all of us in the Tower. —Saint-14

Update Saint-14

Return to the Tower and report back to Saint on how things went. “I’ll let Mithrax know that his people are welcome to come to me for additional cookies.” I’m going to take on the recipe again, and this time I’m going to succeed!” —Saint-14

Return to Eva Levante

That’s all there is to it! It’s time to inform Eva about all of the joy we’ve provided her. “Please tell Eva about our experience. It will provide her peace, and I know how much she worries.” —Saint-14

Destiny 2: 10 Things You Need To Know About Saint-14

“Saint-14 is my given name. Several people have referred to me as “the greatest titan that ever lived.” “His first words after escaping the Infinite Forest were, “I’m alive!” Saint-14 is recognized as a renowned, hilarious, and strong Exo Guardian who battled heroically for the sake of humanity in the Exo Guardians universe. In Destiny 1, he was referenced for the first time, and players eventually got to see him in Curse of Osiris, however it was just his dead body that they saw. During the Season of Dawn in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, the Guardians were able to meet the legend and save his life, which was a first for the series.

10His Classic Headbutting

Saint-14 was first presented in Destiny 1 as the powerful Exo Titan that headbutted Solkis, the Kell of Devils, to death, according to a Grimoire card. Season of Dawn ended with a clip showing Saint-14 departing the Infinite Forest, where he was shown repeatedly headbutting and slaying Minotaurs. It appears to be a combat method that is exclusive to him and has not been observed by any of the other Guardians. Either that, or he’s just a little odd.

9His Many Accolades

Purple ribbons were tied around Saint-14’s Grey Pigeon ship and around his dead body in the Vex grave. The Accoladelore revealed that Osiris was aware that he referred to him as his “accolades,” but he didn’t understand why. The tale takes the reader through numerous points in Saint-14’s life where he achieved fame and fortune. Civilians who have been touched by Saint-14’s charity and witnessed his heroics have presented him with pieces of fabric in the colors plum, lavender, and purple. He carried them about with him for the rest of his life.

8Osiris and Saint-14 Are A Couple

Saint-14 and Osiris have had an extremely strong connection over the course of Destiny’s mythology, dating back to the Dark Age of the Sun. During the Season of the Hunt, rumors of their connection began to circulate since Saint-14 and Osiris were seen having personal discussions. ADestiny 2writer made it clear on Twitter that they are, and have been, a gay couple throughout their relationship. “I have discovered that rarest of treasures: a pragmatic Warlock,” Saint-14 states in reference to Osiris in the Warlock bond dubbed Blood Maturity fromDestiny 1, which is a cute phrase.

7Cheating Death

During his pursuit for Osiris, Saint-14 was killed in the Infinite Forest, and his body was later laid to rest by the Vex. After finding Saint-14’s corpse in Curse of Osiris, his girlfriend devises a plan to bring him back to life and save the world.

He then constructed The Sundial, a time-travel device, in order to pinpoint the exact instant Saint-14 and his Ghost were killed. Saint-14 was saved from death by the Guardian and Osiris, who assisted him in defeating Agioktis, Martyr Mind, and transported him back to the Last City.

6The Perfect Paradox

During theCurse of Osirisexpansion, thePerfect Paradox shotgun was first featured. It was created in the Infinite Forge by the player utilizing Saint-14’s personal belongings, which he obtained via exploration. Perfect Paradox, on the other hand, was handed to Saint-14 in the past by the player from the current day in order to assist him. This was seen in the “Corridors of Time” quest, as the Guardian assisted Saint-14 during the Dark Age on Mercury and granted him the Perfect Paradox as a result of his assistance.

5Being Saint-14’s Inspiration

In addition to the Perfect Paradox narrative, Saint-14 saw the player as his influence in other ways as well. A little girl he had spared was told by him that a Guardian had once saved him as well, giving him hope for the future of humanity, according to The Accolade legend. According to Saint-14’s Gray Pigeon mythology, he wrote a message to Osiris, the Speaker, and “to my inspiration,” which is the Guardian, and addressed it to them both. The history surrounding the Helm of Saint-14 also reveals that he was regarded as odd because he believed that a savior Guardian would appear in the future, according to the legend.

4Saint-14 VS The Fallen

At one point in the “Corridors of Time” questline, Saint-14 expresses his disdain and contempt for the Fallen, citing the devastation they have wrought on mankind. He revealed their heinous crimes, such as watching Dregs eat human infants and destroying communities in the Cosmodrome, as well as their brutality. Saint-14 fought in the Battle of Six Fronts to combat Fallen Forces during the City Age, and he also led a crusade against the Fallen during the Dark Age. Saint-14 overcame Solkis, the Kell of Devils, and so brought the crusade to a close.

3Developing The Last City

To urge Saint-14, the Ghost shows him a hologram of the present-day Last City during theCorridors of Timequest. Years later, Saint-14 was instrumental in the formation of the Consensus. This was intended to offer government for the city as well as a safe haven for its citizens. The Vanguard, Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult are now part of the Consensus, as is the Vanguard. Upon returning to the Tower in the current day, he was overjoyed by the transformation that had occurred in the city.

2Saint-14 And The Speaker

Saint-14 is a kind individual, as seen by his saint-like demeanor and demeanor. According to the Patron of Lost Causes legend, Saint-14 said that the Speaker was a leader who was concerned about the well-being of all people. Due to the fact that Guardians are reincarnated without parents, he considered the Speaker as a father figure, while the Speaker saw Saint-14 as his own son. They treated one other as though they were members of their own family, and they were even referred to as father and son at several points in the story.

1Saint-14 Was The Vanguard Commander

In his ship’s final record, Saint-14 informs Osiris that he wishes for him to remain in the City and assist the local population. Despite the fact that Saint-14 was the first Vanguard Commander, he preferred that Osiris take on the job. Osiris was neither a believer in the Speaker’s or the Saint-14’s doctrine, as seen by his actions. Despite his initial agreement, he went for Mercury in order to discover more about the Vex. Saint-14 was dispatched to track him down and bring him back. STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT PART: Destiny 2: 10 Things You Should Know About the Exo Stranger According to the books, the elven archers were not at Helm’s Deep, thus who saved the stronghold from falling?

Read on to learn more about the author.

She is active in the game industry not only as a writer, but also as an illustrator.

She draws inspiration from video games and anime to develop cyborg characters that explore her culture and feminism, and she sets them in an universe that is committed to environmental preservation. Saniya Ahmed has more to say.

The Violet King: The Story Of The Greatest Titan Who Ever Lived In Destiny 2

Bungie created the Season of Dawn banner.

Hero Rising

In the ruins of Old Russia, sometime before the Tower Age, a ghost by the name of Geppetto resurrected an Exo who had been dormant for centuries. Saint-14 would be the moniker of this Exo as he progressed up the Titan ranks. Saint would be taken to the Last City by a man known only as the Speaker, whom he would regard as a father figure upon his resurrected state of being. The Battle of Zephyr Station would be the first known instance of Saint-14’s heroism, and it would be the first time he was recognized for it.

  • It was the Pidgeon’s first off-world mission.
  • This would’ve been the end of Saint had it not been for the appearance of a mystery Guardian and Ghost, who came to his aid and defeated the House of Rain.
  • Saint-14 is the recipient of the Perfect Paradox.
  • Saint had been encouraged by the Savior to keep battling no matter how difficult the situation appeared to be.
  • 14 would react to a distress call from the Firebreak Order, with the help of Osiris as a backup.
  • In the meantime, Osiris struggled to keep the incoming Eliksni at bay as Saint and Elriq battled to create a vantage position from which to resuscitate their downed companions.
  • During the period when the conflict was at its most intense, guardians from every part of the battlefield would send radio messages to the rest of the guardians; Shaxx, Saladin, Osiris, Saint-14, and Elriq would all report that there had been no casualties among the guardians in battle.

The Death of the Iron Lords

An Exo was resurrected by a ghost named Geppetto sometime before the Tower Age, deep within the ruins of Old Russia. Saint-14 would be the moniker given to this Exo as he progressed through the ranks of Titan. Saint would be taken to the Last City by a man known only as the Speaker, whom he would see as a father figure upon his resurrected state of consciousness. The Battle of Zephyr Station would be the first acknowledged act of valor for which Saint-14 would be remembered. On this operation, the Pidgeon was entrusted with evacuating refugees from the Vex conversion and Fallen scavengers on the planet Mercury.

  1. As Saint fought against the House of Rain, he was eventually caught down by his Ward of Dawn and defeated.
  2. St.
  3. The Perfect Paradox is bestowed upon Saint-14.
  4. Even though Saint was struggling, the Savior had encouraged him to keep fighting.
  5. The Firebreak Order’s Elriq, a Titan of the Order, was the only one who remained fighting when the team arrived.
  6. Even when Elriq began to doubt their ability to win, they were victorious.
  7. KANUCS created Saint-14.

The Search for Osiris

The relationship between Osiris and Saint has existed throughout their whole lives as guardians. Both have been discovered to be in a relationship in more recent works. When Osiris was exiled by the Speaker, Saint rushed out of the tower to assist his colleague in need of assistance. After Osiris disappeared from the planet Mercury, Saint would journey into the Infinite Forest in search of him. The Violet King grew disoriented in the Forest, and fearing for his life, he began writing letters to his closest friends and allies.

  1. During a recent letter to the Savior, he expressed his desire for them to recapture the Perfect Paradox and continue to use it for the greater good.
  2. Saint-14 would battle the hordes until the last breath was taken from him.
  3. The Guardian would locate the tomb and recover the Perfect Paradox from Saint’s corpse, completing the circle.
  4. It was noticed by Osiris that the vex had built a shrine to Saint-14 and had repaired his armor, which indicated to him that they regarded him as an outstanding warrior.
  5. He would spend an inordinate amount of time trying to address this problem.

A New Dawn

Since the beginning of their guardianship, Osiris and Saint had maintained a strong bond of friendship. In recent works, the two have even been shown to be together. When the Speaker ordered Osiris’ expulsion, Saint rushed out of the tower to assist his colleague in distress. In order to locate Osiris after he had disappeared from Mercury, Saint would travel into the Infinite Forest. While wandering around in the Forest, the Violet King grew disoriented and, fearful for his life, began writing letters to his most trusted companions.

According to the motion he made in his letter to the Savior, the Perfect Paradox should be recovered and used for the greater good.

He would battle the hordes till the last breath left him.

Immediately following the events of Curse of Osiris, our guardian would travel to the Infinite Forest in response to a signal received in the Simulant Present.

The Phoenix would travel to the Pidgeon’s last resting place after passing this information along to Osiris.

Saint-14 had a shrine built in his honor by the vex, indicating that they regarded him as a heroic warrior, according to Osiris. Osiris would emerge from the grave bereft of joy and filled with sadness. He would spend an inordinate amount of time trying to solve the problem.

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