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StudioA24RatingR is a 24 hour rating service (Restricted) Advisory on the subject matter Using profane words when under the influence of alcohol sexually explicit material Tobacco usesubstance abuseviolence Purchase of ownership rights Streaming is available now. DetailsFormatPrime Video DetailsFormatPrime Video (streaming online video) Devices Watchable on devices that are compatible with it

  1. TheRatingsStudioA24 (Restricted) Advisory on content harsh words associated with alcohol material with explicit sexual references Violent behavior includes smoking, drug usage, and violence. The right to purchase You may watch it right away! DetailsFormatPrime Video (detailed information) (streaming online video) Devices Watchable on devices that have been approved.

The best reviews have come from the United States. Mary Snellings was a woman who lived in the United States. On February 14, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States. 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product I have to wait until the end of 2020 to make this verified transaction. The themes of Saint Maud are comparable to those of the earlier A24 films The Witch and First Reformed. I was overjoyed to finally see this video after 6 months of arbitrary waiting, followed by the frustration of having to sign up for an Epic trial just to see the film.

TW: It’s possible that a sex scene will be triggered midway through the film.

  • 6catds On February 13, 2021, a 1.0 out of 5 star rating was given in the United States.
  • Purchase has been verified More over 40 minutes into this slogging snooze fest, I had had enough and shut off the television set.
  • I began to wonder whether there was something I was overlooking.
  • I was hoping for a huge surprise or some thrilling, engaging action, but there was none to be found.
  • There isn’t a single appealing or engaging character in the film, and it is simply boring and poorly paced.
  • This was beneficial to 53 individuals.
  • Although tonally striking, the plot is a letdown.

Spoiler alert: the boogeyman is actually mental illness.

A stronger emphasis on the supernatural would have made this film far more interesting.

A reluctant 3 out of 5 stars.

Misty On February 15, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States.

Purchase has been verified Saint Maud has finally been released in the United States, over a year after the rest of the globe.

It is both terrifying and completely enthralling.

The young nurse’s plunge into Catholic apocrypha is expertly documented by first-time filmmaker Rose Glass, who captures both the violence and the joy of intense, delusional devotion in this compelling film.

This was beneficial to 21 individuals.

Purchase has been verified People’s beliefs and ideals are insulted when the speaker is insensitive to those suffering from mental illnesses.

jude On February 14, 2021, a 4.0 out of 5 star rating was given in the United States.

Purchase has been verified This was a breath of fresh air.

I thought the concept was original and well-developed within the genre.

Something does in fact take place.

It pulls your senses back and forth, and just when you think you’ve gotten used to it, you are hit with a jolt of shock: Yikes WTF!

It’ll come back to haunt you.

Gordon McCracken is a Canadian businessman.

Excellent Purchase has been verified Excellent video about religion and self-identity that will leave you thinking.

Tsavo On February 15, 2021, a 1.0 out of 5 star rating was given in the United States.

However, there was no delivery, only a bare minimum of terror, and nothing but Christianity re-digested again again.

I was looking forward to this film, but I didn’t think it lived up to the expectations. If you want to witness people being mutilated for the sake of God, see Martyrs (the French film, I think it was released in 2008) or Passion of Christ. This was beneficial to 20 people. See all of the reviews

Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Saint Maud’ on Hulu and Amazon Prime, a Religious-Horror Tale That’ll Scare All Your Lights On

Oh my God, Saint Maud should come with a disclaimer when it premieres on Hulu and Amazon Prime this fall. Even though Rose Glass’s debut movie is a true underdog horror-thriller that was unquestionably the dark horse in the BAFTAs’ Best British Film race, the nomination isn’t for naught. It is, however, a nomination nonetheless. A cast that includes actors such as Morfydd Clark and Jennier Ehle feature in an artsy-yet-unpretentious film that does not question if you will be creeped out, but rather how much you will be scared out by it.


The gist of the story is that something happened regarding Maud (Clark). I believe it is depicted in the initial frames, which indicate a painful and gory event, despite the fact that the specifics are hazy and unclear. Perhaps what happened isn’t essential; what matters is that it forced her to become an Extremely Catholic, and that she now narrates the film in the form of diary-like monologues to God. As far as I can tell, these are monologues rather than dialogues, because her assertions that he responds to her don’t seem altogether convincing from where I’m sitting on this side of the universe.

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Murder mystery novel about a nurse who lives in an old, run-down shoebox with roaches and, presumably, God in the English countryside near the sea.


She even experiences a similar encounter with her new patient, Amanda (Ehle), which, as one might expect, helps to tear through the professional barrier that had previously existed between the two of them.

Amanda, a former dancer and “small celebrity” who is now afflicted with disease, is regarded as her moral inferior by Maud: Amanda draws in callers of both sexes, is a trifle of an artist, and is capable of caustic cruelty (her former caregiver described her succinctly as “a smidgeon of the C-WORD”).

  1. Seeing Amanda with her concubine through a doorway, Maud looks at her with wide eyes and a puzzled expression.
  2. This isn’t going to go especially well in my opinion, do you?
  3. David Cronenberg would be overjoyed with this film, which contains the greatest squirm-inducing scab-peeling horror moment since The Fly (see below).
  4. The following is a performance that should be seen: Clark has previously made an appearance in Crawland.
  5. Nonetheless, Saint Maudis her genuine emergence, an exploration of the harrowed fringes of dark mental disease that makes Hannibal Lecter look like Holly Hobbie, and a portrayal that makes Hannibal Lecter look like Holly Hobbie.
  6. Skin and Sexuality: There are a handful of sex scenes including exposed buttocks and indicated goings-on that you will not watch at all if you want to be turned on.
  7. I’m not sure I can answer that, or maybe I don’t want to, but the likelihood is that I just don’t care.

However, while the film occasionally falls prey to tired “is it real or is it a dream?” clichés, it is overall refreshingly on-point.

Its directorial style is straight to the bone, and the film’s brief running time prevents it from sabotaging itself with its own dead seriousness.

There is absolutely no enjoyment to be obtained here.

For better or worse, Glass does not shy away from the kind of skincrawly-goosebump fetish cinematography (you can almost feel the scab peeling off your skin, for better or worse) that makes such atrocities seem so real.

Maudone is a film about a woman who believes herself as one of God’s agents, a fighter, prophet, or messenger, but she also sees herself as one hell of a sinner, and that’s precisely what makes the film so terrifying.

A stunning debut from Glass, Saint Maud will have arthouse horror fans glued to their sofas for the duration of the film.

More of his work may be seen at johnserbaatlarge.com, and he can be followed on Twitter at @johnserba. Keep an eye on Saint Maudon Hulu Keep an eye on Saint Maudon Amazon Prime is a subscription service that allows you to watch movies and television shows on the internet for free.

Saint Maud

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Written and Directed by

Synopsis Saint Maud, the feature picture directorial debut of writer-director Rose Glass, is a disturbing and boldly creative vision of religion, lunacy, and salvation in a fallen world that is both terrifying and boldly innovative. Maud, a newly pious hospice nurse, becomes obsessed with preserving the soul of her dying patient — but nefarious forces, as well as Maud’s own immoral background, threaten to put a stop to her holy mission. Synopsis Saint Maud, the feature picture directorial debut of writer-director Rose Glass, is a disturbing and boldly creative vision of religion, lunacy, and salvation in a fallen world that is both frightening and boldly innovative.

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A24’s Saint Maud has an official trailer in high definition. Saint Maud, the critically acclaimed horror film, will have its exclusive television debut tonight, February 12, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Epix, according to the network. On top of that, it’s available to stream on Philo, as an add-on to FuboTV, and through Amazon Prime. Maud is a hospice nurse who has just become a passionate Christian. She has been tasked with providing care for a dying patient called Amanda at the institution where she now works.

Sinister forces, as well as her own immoral background, threaten her ability to fulfill what she thinks to be her heavenly mission.

It stars Morfydd Clark, Jennifer Ehle, Lilly Frazer, Lily Knight, Marcus Hutton, Turlough Convery, and Rosie Sansom, among other actors.

What channel is Epix on?

Utilize the channel finders provided below for the following providers: Verizon Fios, AT T U-verse, Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum/Charter, Optimum/Altice, DIRECTV andDish.

Where can I watchSaint Maudif I don’t have Epix or the Epix app?

It may be seen as part of a Philo Epix bundle. Also available through Amazon Prime are Epix movies and TV series, which are available as an add-on to FuboTV or as a standalone subscription. If you don’t already have Prime, you can join up for it for $12.99/month and then add Epix as an add-on for an additional $5.99/month. Both Amazon Prime and Epix will provide you with a 30-day free trial period. Please keep in mind that if you purchase something after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a fee.

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Saint Maud

Saint Maud, the feature picture directorial debut of writer-director Rose Glass, is a terrifying and strikingly creative vision of religion, lunacy, and salvation in a broken world. With the death of her patient, Maud becomes preoccupied with preserving his soul – but evil forces, as well as Maud’s own immoral history, threaten to undermine her pious life and her holy calling.

  • The film is rated R (for language, disturbing and violent content, and sexual content)
  • The genre is horror
  • The original language is English
  • The director is
  • The producer is
  • The writer is The release date for theaters is restricted. It will be released (streamed) on February 12, 2021
  • It will run for 1 hour and 24 minutes
  • It will be distributed by A24
  • The aspect ratio will be Scope (2.35:1)
  • It will be released (streamed) on February 12, 2021
  • And it will be distributed by A24.


In ‘Saint Maud,’ a psychological horror film written and directed by Rose Glass, the protagonist is a neurotic devoted nurse who gets obsessed with the concept of saving her patient’s soul from everlasting damnation. It is terrifying, exhilarating, and creepy to see ‘Saint Maud.’ A chill will run down your spine as you take in the eerie mood created by this piece of music. This is a film that will stay with you for a long time since it is based on faith and dread.

Jennifer Ehle and Morfydd Clark are the stars of the film ‘Saint Maud,’ which opens in theaters today. Are you interested in learning more about the plot of ‘Saint Maud’ and where you can watch it online? Everything you need to know about it is provided here.

What is Saint Maud About?

Maud is a newly-religious and solitary young nurse, whose naïve demeanor leads her to pursue a genuinely Christian path of pious dedication after she has an unreported traumatic experience. When Maud is assigned to provide hospice care for a cancer-stricken dancer, her great faith swiftly turns into an obsession with the conviction that she must save her patient’s soul from everlasting damnation at any cost.

Is Saint Maud on Netflix?

While ‘Saint Maud’ is not currently available on Netflix, fans of the horror genre can watch similar films such as’The Boy'(in which a governess is shocked to discover that the couple who hired her wants her to care for a doll that they treat as if it were a real boy) and’Sinister'(in which a woman is forced to care for a doll that the couple treats like a real boy) (a true-crime writer moves into a creepy house and finds disturbing home movies of the previous family).

Is Saint Maud on Hulu?

Although ‘Saint Maud’ is not currently available on Hulu, you may view other comparable films such as’The Field Guide to Evil'(an anthology of horrific folklore stories) and’The Wretched ‘, which are both available on Netflix (a boy tries to save his possessed neighbor).

Is Saint Maud on Amazon Prime?

Although ‘Saint Maud’ is not currently available on Amazon Prime, interested viewers can watch similar films such as’The Grudge'(in which a woman who died in the grip of murderous rage haunts the people who enter her house) and’The Hole in the Ground'(in which a woman who died in the grip of murderous rage haunts the people who enter her house) (a mother suspects that her son who returned after being lost in the woods is an imposter).

Where To Watch Saint Maud Online?

‘Saint Maud’ is currently available for viewing only onEpix. A current channel membership is required in order to view the movie, which may be viewed on the channel’s website or through its mobile app.

How To Stream Saint Maud For Free?

According to the current streaming schedule, “Saint Maud” is exclusively available on Epix, which means that anyone who already have Epix may watch it for free on the channel. This film is not accessible to view for free anywhere else other than Epix, where it is offered on demand.

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Films about the supernatural Rose GlassCast is the director of this film. Jennifer Ehle and Morfydd Clark are two of the most talented actors working today. Lily Frazer is a young woman from the United Kingdom. The date of release is February 12th, 2021. Synopsis Rose Glass’ psychological horror film, written and directed by herself, stars Morfydd Clark and Jennifer Ehle in the lead roles. Glass is making his feature film directing debut with this film. In association with the British Film Institute, Escape Plan Productions and Film4 Productions present “The Great Gatsby.” Glass was awarded a Special Commendation in the Official Competition section of the London Film Festival, and jury president Wash Westmoreland praised the film for its originality and creativity.

A24 will handle the theatrical release in the United States, while StudioCanal has acquired the distribution rights in the United Kingdom.

It will be released in theaters on March 27, 2020 in the United States and on May 1, 2020 in the United Kingdom. Saint Maud is a film directed by Rose Glass, and it will be released on February 12th, 2021, in the United Kingdom.

All release dates

Cinema Release Date Friday February 12, 2021
DVD Release date Friday February 12, 2021
Netflix DVD release date Friday February 12, 2021
Netflix streaming Not available

Where can I see Saint Maud: ‘DVD/Bluray’ on Amazon Prime Video?

Check Netflix and Amazon Prime availability in your country:



Keep up to speed with the latest Saint Maudother streaming releases by following their social media accounts.

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Production details

Saint Maud, a drama-horror film directed by Rose Glass and produced by Film4 Productions and the BFI Film Fund, was released on October 9, 2020. Box office earnings: $1,640,866 (at no cost). 84 minutes in length and running time The official Saint Maud website

Here’s Exactly How You’ll Be Able to Watch A24’s ‘Saint Maud’ at Home on February 12th – Bloody Disgusting

In the United States, A24’s horror filmSaint Maud, directed by Rose Glass, was eventually released in select cinemas last month, and it will now be broadcast *exclusively* on EPIX later this month as well. If you’re wondering how to watch Saint Maudhome when it premieres on EPIX on Friday, February 12, you’re not alone. Let’s take a look at how this is going to play out next week, because we understand that these things may be a little complicated, especially with so many different streaming services on the market today.

  1. EST, but it will be available to stream through theEPIX NOW app at 12:01 a.m.
  2. This information was provided to us by EPIX today.
  3. You may test EPIX RIGHT NOW for $0.99/month for two months, after which it will be $5.99/month.
  4. All you have to do is join up, and you’ll be able to watch Saint Maudat’s return to the United States on February 12.
  5. At present time, Saint Maudis is only available through EPIX, and you will not be able to get it anywhere else.
  6. There are thousands of titles available on EPIX NOW.
  7. St.
  8. In this novel, Maud, a newly devout hospice nurse, becomes obsessed with saving the soul of her dying patient — but sinister forces, as well as her own sinful past, threaten to put an end to her holy calling.
  9. Joe Lipsett praised the film as “an exquisite religious psychological thriller with religious overtones.” Since 2008, I’ve been writing for the horror community.

Bloody Disgusting’s editor-in-chief is a former journalist. Eli Roth’s prop corpse from the film Piranha 3D is in his possession. Has four amazing cats to call his own. Toys are still a part of his life.

Saint Maud (2019)

Maud, a lonely young nurse whose naïve temperament leads her to seek a pious path of Christian devotion after experiencing an unknown tragedy, would have perished if not for the mercy of God. Maud is now in charge of the hospice care of Amanda, a retired dancer who has been devastated by illness. Her strong religion swiftly generates an obsessive conviction that she must save Amanda’s soul from everlasting damnation at any cost. When Rose Glass makes her feature-film debut, she skillfully draws the viewer into this disordered mind, gradually setting up her true journal of a country nurse for a disconcerting and finally shocking trajectory as the film progresses.

It is with an empathetic gaze that Glass tenderly captures this relationship, which at first assumes an ethereal, dreamlike atmosphere – but it isn’t long before Maud’s dogmatic candor incites an irreconcilable friction, spiraling her mind into a suffocating confluence of creeping doubt and paranoia that Glass captures this relationship.

And when this insidious fever finally bursts, the ramifications are both devastating and scary in equal measure.

  • The content is rated R for its frightening and violent nature, as well as its sexual content and profanity.

The content is rated R for its frightening and violent nature, as well as its sexual nature and profanity.

Saint Maud: How to watch the horror movie in 2021

Calling all horror aficionados and enthusiasts! Saint Maud, from A24, will finally make its big-screen premiere later this month, and the excitement surrounding the Rose Glass picture is only growing. According to Deadline, the psychological horror film has already received an incredible eight nominations from the London Critics’ Circle Film Awards, as well as overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. However, for those who are unfamiliar with the concept, here is the premise:

What is Saint Maud about?

Following a new hospice nurse as she becomes “dangerously obsessed” with preserving the soul of a dying patient, Saint Maud explores the themes of love, loss, and redemption. With sinister forces at work and memories from her inescapably sinful past, Maud has her job cut out for her, to say the least, and she has her work set out for her. She’s on a mission from God to rescue souls, and she’ll stop at nothing to see it through. It’s both terrifying and exhilarating to watch her. Saint Maud, according to the Rotten Tomatoes Critics Consensus, is a “brilliantly unnerving combination of body horror and psychological thriller,” and writer-director Rose Glass makes a “impressive debut” with the film.

The question is, how will we be able to view it? And when is this going to happen?

How to watch Saint Maud

It has been reported by Deadline that Saint Maud would be released in select cinemas on January 29, 2021. Those who are unable to attend the screenings of this highly anticipated horror film but who are anxious to see it online need not be concerned because there is a digital version available. As reported by Deadline, EPIX allegedly “went after the movie vigorously for a Pay TV-all platform” in a massive deal, with Saint Maud supposedly being released on “all platforms” by February 12, 2021, as part of the arrangement.

However, the critically praised horror film appears to be well worth the wait, based on the trailers.

For the time being, you can see the movie in person later this month at a cinema near you or on Netflix in February from the comfort of your sofa.

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