What Saint Do You Bury To Sell Your House


Can Burying the St. Joseph Statue Sell Your House? We Investigate

St. Joseph is well-known to many of us, whether we are devout or not. He is the strong, quiet type who protects his wife Mary and the infant baby in the Nativity scene at Christmas. He is the patron saint of families, carpenters, and working people in general, but he is also the guardian and patron saint of those who are selling a house or a property. After all, who better to ask? Many home sellers believe that burying a statue of St. Joseph will aid them in selling their property. That is, at least, the theory.

Yes, but what about this?

Joseph, including why and how people bury his statue, and, most importantly, whether or not you should.

The History of Celebrating St. Joseph and Burying Him To Sell Your House

St. Joseph is revered in many parts of the country, particularly in areas with large Roman Catholic, Italian, and Polish populations. His feast day is celebrated on March 19 in numerous cities across the world, including New Orleans, New York City, Providence, Rhode Island, and others. Parades, handmade altars, red clothing, and food donations to charities are also part of the festivities. On that particular day, a kosher bakery in Rhode Island has been known to produce red bagels in honor of his favorite color.

  1. Teresa of Avila required property in order to build another convent in the 16th century.
  2. Joseph and prayed to him, as did the rest of the congregation.
  3. A traditional German custom involves carpenters burying an image of their patron Saint Joseph under the foundation of the house they are now building, a practice that dates back to the Middle Ages.
  4. Avila’s medal burial, which is still in use today.
  5. Almost any of these tales might have led to the concept that the statue of St.
  6. A widespread practice of statue burial is not documented in folklore, and it is unlikely to exist.
  7. As a result, it is more of a fad than a custom, one that gained traction in the 1990s.
  8. The Roman Catholic Church does not formally acknowledge or condemn the burial of a St.
  9. You aren’t even have to be a Roman Catholic to revere St.
  10. For the most part, having at least some Christian faith in the Holy Family appears to be sufficient to allow you to consider burying the St.
  11. But be careful about dismissing it as a simple superstition or referring to St.

Joseph as a mere good luck charm. Some members of the devout believe that using the saint as a rabbit’s foot or a four-leaf clover is an insult to him and the church as a whole. (Photo courtesy of rosesmith / Shutterstock)

How to Bury a St. Joseph Statue

According to reports, there is no one official way to bury the statue of St. Joseph; some sources agree on a few points while giving conflicting information on others. All you need is a little, basic statue of St. Joseph to complete your altar. You may purchase one online; in fact, there are websites dedicated to selling them, including kits that include instructions and prayers, and they are also available on large websites like as Amazon. It is recommended that you wrap the statue in a clean fabric, such as a small towel, in order to protect it.

When it comes to the actual burial, though, things aren’t nearly that straightforward.

Sources Say You Should:

  • Bury him near the For Sale sign on your property. (It all makes sense.)
  • Bury him 12 inches below ground level. (Or not.)
  • Make sure he’s buried near the road, with his back to it, as an indication that you’ll be leaving the house shortly
  • Invert him so that he would be driven to liberate himself by completing the sale of your residence. (According to this technique, your prayers should inform him that he is trapped till the task is completed.)
  • Inter your loved one right side up, facing your house/lying on his back, pointing towards your house/close to the back of your house/near any backyard flowers
  • If you’re selling an apartment or a condo, you may utilize a flowerpot, with or without plants, positioned on a deck or a windowsill to attract potential buyers’ attention. Another option is to place the saint in your home, in plain sight, near your For Sale sign, if you don’t like the notion of burying a saint. (To serve as a reminder to him to get your house sold.)

Then, according to the experts, you must say your prayers. When you bury the saint, ask for his intercession, and continue to pray to him on a daily basis until the house is sold. When you sell your home, you should remove the statue from the ground and bring it with you. It’s been suggested that if you bury St. Joseph and leave the house, no one will live there for an extended period of time since you’ve put it in a perpetual state of sale and purchase. In any event, burying him in the earth appears to be an act of disrespect.

Perhaps a location with a pleasant outlook.

Do People Really Use St. Joseph Statues to Sell Their House?

Whether your answer at this point is “So this is what people do?” There are a plethora of viewpoints available online, such as “Of course people do this.” Some claim that it does not work, while others claim that it has not worked.yet. Some people have expressed disappointment that the house has not sold, although other favorable events have occurred to aid in the process. And do you know what else? There have been several testimonials from people who have had their properties sold quite quickly, or amazingly quickly, after having a statue installed.

He sold his local landfill, where the statue of Saint Joseph landed up when it was rescued from the wreckage.

You could have suspected it based on the reviews, but this is exactly what they say.

A great deal.

There have been over 50 reviews for just one kit so far in 2017, and they have continued to appear non-stop throughout 2016. A thing that still exists is the practice of using the St. Joseph statue to sell your home.

If You Want to Try Using the St. Joseph Statue to Sell Your House

Many sculptures and kits are reasonably priced, with many costing less than $20. St. Joseph can be found in a variety of forms, including plain or painted, dressed in a Biblical garment or a carpenter’s apron, making pious gestures, or holding his tools. A few of inches in height, they’re often constructed from either plastic or resin. Some are really adorable, while others are calm and solemn. Kits include instructions and prayers, which may also be found online for free, but some of the prayer cards appear to be well-made and would be suitable for displaying in your house while the saint is buried.

Joseph’s statue but would like whatever assistance could be available from the saint’s protecting spirit, try enticing the saint’s protective spirit with modest touches that represent him:

  • Make use of the color red in your curb appeal strategy. Plant some red flowers, hang a wreath on the door, or repaint the mailbox flag
  • Include some red décor in your staging, such as a cushion or blanket on a chair that matches the color scheme. Put flowers in a gorgeous vase to make a statement. (However, refrain from painting the walls crimson.) Make a For Sale sign in red
  • Because lilies are linked with St. Joseph, it is appropriate to plant or display a couple of them. “They toil not, nor do they spin,” but they could be able to assist you
  • Potential purchasers would like seeing a welcoming (red)plate of zeppole (traditional Italian dessert made of fried dough coated with sugar and occasionally filled with cream), which are traditionally served on his feast day. Alternatively, some of those red bagels if you can get your hands on them. Perhaps you could also send a few to your real estate agent’s office

(Olga Larionova / Shutterstock) Image courtesy of:

Here’s the Rub About the St. Joseph Statue: You Probably Shouldn’t Bother

Sure, it’s not expensive, and it’s unlikely to have a significant impact on your prospects of selling your home. Unless, of course, you rely solely on the statue: to steal a term, St. Joseph is more inclined to assist those who assist themselves! A successful house sale necessitates hard effort, an absolutely incredible real estate team, and, most importantly, a fantastic real estate agent. The saint may be pleased with your joint efforts to list beautiful photographs, clean, repair, stage the property, improve curb appeal, promote and display the house properly, and so on.

  • After all, the reviews for St.
  • Regardless of how pleased you are for those who believe their faith has been rewarded, you still want an agent who has a proven track record of selling homes in your neighborhood.
  • A real estate agent’s demonstrated performance, combined with data and science, can offer you a far better chance of selling your property quickly and for more money in the long run.
  • Joseph are found throughout the Christian tradition, and they emphasize his “patience, perseverance, courage, and hard work.” As you and your real estate agent try to close the deal, these characteristics will be essential, and the saint may serve as an excellent role model.
  • Maybe you can still get a zeppole.

The Story Behind Using A St. Joseph Statue To Sell Your House

The items and services listed below were chosen based on their merits rather than their ability to sell or advertise. A small compensation may be earned by Simplemost if you purchase any items or services from a retailer’s website after clicking on an affiliate link provided by Simplemost. Only a few weeks had passed since we’d moved into our new home when my husband discovered a gallon-sized zipped bag buried in the backyard. We’d been discovering all kinds of buried treasures in the flowerbeds and under the deck since the previous owners had a little boy, but this was a completely different find: there was a small statue of a guy cradling a child in a bag.

  • It looked like the kind of person you could find in a nativity scene, and I assumed it was most likely.
  • Kristina Wright is a model and actress.
  • Joseph (perhaps with a young Jesus, as the Joseph we’re talking about here was the Joseph — you know, Mary’s husband?) and his goal was to have the house sell as quickly as possible.
  • Joseph is revered as the patron saint of laborers and fathers, among other things, in the Catholic faith.
  • Joseph’s real estate expertise, the saint has received everything from a Snopes entry to hundreds of anecdotes all over the internet.
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Joseph statues to assist in the sale of a home first became popular, but he appears to have gained widespread popularity around 1990, “with real estate agents purchasing plastic saints’ statues by the gross.” However, despite the fact that the individuals from whom we purchased our home did not follow the St.

Was it because of the influence of St. Joseph? We’ll never know, although they had previously attempted to sell the house but had been unsuccessful. The following is a broad outline of how the process works:

1. Bury St. Joseph in your yard.

The manner in which you bury him will vary on whatever source you consult as well as your own preferences, but the most often reported approach is that he should be buried upside down in the front yard facing away from the home. This location ensures that he will put in his best effort to sell the appropriate property. If you live in a condo or don’t have a yard, you can bury St. Joseph in a pot by the front entrance. You may protect him from the weather by wrapping him in protective material or placing him in a bag, like the previous owners of our house did.

  1. Joseph’s intercession.
  2. The crucifixes that belonged to my grandparents hang on my walls, and I keep Mass cards and other religious artifacts in my handbag.
  3. She buried St.
  4. As a result, what happened?
  5. Adobe

2. Say a prayer to St. Joseph.

It doesn’t appear to matter how you pray as long as you ask for St. Joseph’s assistance, and most of the St. Joseph house selling kits include a prayer card to assist those of us who aren’t practicing Catholics in praying for St. Joseph. The following is an example of a prayer to St. Joseph taken from the website. Man of Roman Catholic faith: O, Saint Joseph, you who taught our Lord the carpenter’s profession and saw to it that he was always well-housed, please hear my heartfelt request for assistance.

I want to sell this as quickly, readily, and profitably as possible, and I beseech you to fulfill my request by sending me a decent buyer, one who is eager, cooperative, and honest, and by allowing nothing to stand in the way of the sale’s completion as swiftly and simply as possible.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Then, Saint Joseph, I promise before the cross and before God Almighty that I will redeem you, and that you will have my thanks as well as a place of honor in my home as a result of this. Amen. Adobe IN CONNECTION WITH: The Ingenious Reason Why Medieval Castle Staircases Always Run Clockwise

3. Boom — you get an offer on your house!

At least, that’s how the stories seem to unfold. After you have completed the purchase of your home, you should express your gratitude to St. Joseph by digging him up and bringing him with you to your new residence, where he should be placed in a “position of honor.” The previous owners of our property obviously did not follow all of the procedures and left him behind. (I’m certain it was just coincidental that an earthquake struck their freshly constructed home shortly after they relocated.) So, what should one do with a statue of St.

  • I placed him in a prominent location in my home — my kitchen window, to be exact — and he remained there for the whole sixteen years that we owned the property.
  • I like to imagine that St.
  • Moving day, I placed him in my handbag and drove him to our new house, which was about two hours away.
  • Adobe Are you interested in putting this approach to the test for yourself?
  • Joseph house sale kits may be purchased for $5 to $10 at religious goods stores or online (Amazon even offers them!

Should You Bury a St Joseph Statue to Help Sell Your House?

The practice of burying a St. Joseph statue to aid in the sale of a home is growing more popular among home sellers. In other words, how does it operate, what information do you need to know, and can it really assist you in finding a buyer for your home? Saint Joseph is one of the most instantly identifiable characters in the Bible. When it comes to Christmastime Nativity scenes, his profile may frequently be seen hanging above the manger, and his presence is a well-known part of many film and television versions of the narrative of Jesus’ birth and life.

He has even earned the title of “patron saint of house sales” since his presence is felt strongly during special Catholic observances and even plays a subtle role in the world of real estate and home sales.

Joseph regard it as a sacred and beneficial tradition.

Like many religious customs, burying St Joseph prior to selling a property is a blend of several separate practices, as is the case with many other religious activities.

The Origins of Burying St. Joseph

Parades, feasts, and other events are held all over the globe in honor of St. Joseph, the father of Jesus, to commemorate his life. In any area of Roman Catholic or Italian communities, from New York to Rome, there is likely to be some type of seasonal celebration dedicated to him or his work. So, where did the habit of burying someone in order to aid in the sale of a property originate? There are various probable origins, all of which are contested by historical scholars. One of them includes a Catholic saint from the 16th century named St.

  • According to legend, Mary and her sisters buried images of St.
  • Of course, the narrative comes to a close with them being provided property to settle on.
  • This custom was given fresh life when Brother Andre Bessette paid honor to the St.
  • Joseph and asking for land for his new chapel, which was dedicated to St.
  • He was notified shortly after that they were ready to complete the transaction.
  • What has been completely true throughout history is that just a small number of people have believed in this technique.
  • Joseph statues as a valid Catholic tradition (although it does not prohibit the practice), it does not condone it.
  • It was not until the 1990s that the practice reached its present zenith.
  • Joseph statues is now rather widespread, and is even encouraged by many realtors, who purchase these statues in bulk to gift to their clients who are considering selling their homes.

Obviously, this raises the question of how you would go about burying your St. Joseph statue in the hopes of increasing your chances of selling your merchandise.

Step-by-Step Guide on Burying a St. Joseph Figure

Due to the fact that the Catholic church does not formally conduct the burial rite, there is no widely accepted manner of performing it. People bury St. Joseph statues in a variety of ways, some of which they do without ever consulting a manual; others who follow the directions on their burying kits, which are available from major shops both online and in-store. There are a slew of major and tiny regulations to follow in order to accomplish things correctly, even if there is no one “proper” method to go about it.

Start by Covering the St. Joseph Statue

When it comes to honoring the St. Joseph burying ceremony, protecting the statue is undoubtedly the most widely agreed-upon activity. He must be protected at all costs. Wrapping him in a dish towel or a plastic bag is something that some folks do. It’s supposed to be a show of respect, and it will keep him from coming into touch with the dirt and debris. No matter who you speak with, the first thing that has to be done is to cover the St. Joseph statue in question.

Where Should You Bury a St. Joseph Statue?

Of course, St. Joseph’s tomb should be located on the land you are trying to sell. However, because the origins of the custom is a little hazy, there are also differing viewpoints on where he should be buried exactly. Most people feel that burying him near the For Sale sign, or at the very least close to the property border along the road, is the most convenient location. Some folks specify that it should be 12 inches deep, however we haven’t been able to locate any evidence that this is important to them.

How to Position the St. Joseph Statue

When the regulations start to get a little odd, it’s a good sign. Although hardly everyone pays attention to this section, some individuals believe it is vital. For example, many people bury St. Joseph upside-down in the hope that selling the house will prompt him to turn the house right-side up after his death. Several other individuals bury him with his back to the house and facing the home. Some individuals choose to bury him in a flower bed instead of placing a For Sale sign on his lawn. In fact, folks who live in apartments or houses with no yard are known to leave St.

The St. Joseph Statue Prayer

Another typical tradition is to offer a prayer to St. Joseph. According to legend, daily prayer increases the likelihood that the house will sell soon. It is customary to take St. Joseph with you once it sells since keeping him buried for the rest of time is thought to be ungrateful for the saint’s aid and assistance.

The Takeaway

Whether or whether you believe in the Christian legend regarding buried St. Joseph statues assisting in the sale of property, the custom is simple to follow and put into action. Everyone may or may not agree on the specifics of the approach, but these “rules” should aid you in understanding the process and the history that has led to it. No matter how you choose to carry out the ceremony, most traditions agree that St. Joseph should be covered and buried along a road, and that he should be offered daily prayers to allow his charm to function.

Whatever the case, it couldn’t harm.

Keep in mind that you must still take the required measures to sell the home, whether that is via the use of a qualified real estate agent or by putting out the necessary work and promotion if you choose to sell the home yourself.

Can St. Joseph sell a house? Skip burying statue, priests say

Whether or whether you believe in the Christian legend regarding buried St. Joseph statues assisting in the sale of property, the custom is simple to follow and put into effect. Everyone may or may not agree on the specifics of the technique, but these “rules” should aid you in understanding the operation and the history that preceded it. In any case, most sources agree that St. Joseph should be covered, buried along a road, and offered daily prayers in order for him to work his magic, regardless of how the ceremony is carried out.

Anyhow, it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

Keep in mind that you must still take the required measures to sell the home, whether that is via the use of a qualified real estate agent or by putting out the necessary work and promotion if you decide to sell the home yourself.

Where And How To Bury a St. Joseph To Sell A Home

Do you want to know how to bury a statue in order to sell your house? According to Catholic legend, burying a St. Joseph statue upside down is claimed to have sped up the process of selling a property. This essay will cover all you need to know about burying a St. Joseph statue in order to sell a house in its current condition.

Who is St. Joseph?

St. Joseph was thought to be Mary’s husband as well as Jesus’ foster father, according to legend. He was a carpenter, a hardworking man who was sympathetic and loving towards others. Among those who have benefited from the patronage of St. Joseph are families; fathers; expecting moms; travelers; immigrants; artisans; engineers; working people; and those who are purchasing or selling a home. The practice of burying a statue of St. Joseph has been around for a long time. While Jesus was still a kid, Joseph was forced to relocate his family in order to protect them from the King.

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After arriving in Egypt with little, Joseph set about constructing a house for his family as well as a business that would allow them to subsist.

Joseph is responsible for looking after their family and their property while also giving safety and comfort for their lives.

Joseph statue in order to sell a house continues to this day.

St. Joseph Real Estate Statue Kit

Modern St. Joseph statues are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and they are built of a variety of materials including plastic, resin, and metal. Because the monument is typically buried in the ground to increase the value of a house, the majority of the sculptures are sold as kits.

Where To Get A St. Joseph Statue

Currently available in a variety of sizes and forms, modern St.

Joseph statues may be found in materials such as plastic, resin, and metal. Because the statue is typically buried in the ground to increase the value of a home, the majority of the statues are sold as kits to save money.

St. Joseph Statute Real Estate Instructions

Modern St. Joseph statues are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and they are often made of plastic, resin, or metal. The fact that the statue is usually buried in the ground in order to sell a home means that most of the statues are sold as kits.

The Way of St. Joseph… In 6 Simple Steps

  1. Ask: Inquire of St. Joseph for assistance in selling your home. Believe: Have faith in St. Joseph to intercede on your behalf before God in order for your request to be granted. Confidence: Bury or erect a statue of St. Joseph on your land as a visible manifestation of your confidence and faith in his power. Before, during, and after the sale of your house, thank St. Joseph for responding to your call
  2. Thank St. Joseph for being there for you. Once the house has been sold, the St. Joseph statue should be moved to a prominent location. Share: Tell your relatives and friends about your positive experience with St. Joseph and how he has benefited you.

St. Joseph Statue Real Estate Prayer

Ask: Request assistance from St. Joseph in selling your home. Confide in St. Joseph to intercede on your behalf before God, in order for your request to be fulfilled; Trust: Bury or erect a statue of St. Joseph on your land as an outward symbol of your faith and confidence in his ability; Before, during, and after your home sells, express gratitude to St. Joseph for responding to your call. Once the house has been sold, the St. Joseph statue should be relocated to a prominent location. Share: Tell your relatives and friends about your positive experience with St.

Continue With Traditional Methods Of Home Selling As Well

In addition to burying a St. Joseph statue, it is advisable to continue using standard methods of selling your house, as advised by theRealtors®at the Lisa DiNoto Group, to maximize your profits. The following are examples of such actions: performing essential repairs, keeping the home clean, taking personal belongings out of the house, making the house available to possible purchasers, and pricing the house to reflect the current market worth. Staging your house is another excellent selling strategy that the Lisa DiNoto Group routinely suggests.

  1. When it comes to making a first impression, you only have one shot.
  2. Setting the tone for what potential buyers will think and feel about your home as they walk through your open house is critical because it sets the tone for how they will perceive and feel about their surroundings.
  3. When it comes to preparing your home for sale, you start with.
  4. Here’s where you may look for homes for sale in California.
  5. Lisa DiNoto Group may be reached at 909-921-254.
  6. Joseph statue may only be shipped for free inside the United States.

How to Sell Your House Fast by Burying a St. Joseph Statue

One of the patron saints of the Catholic Church, Saint Joseph is revered across the world. Catholics have regularly dedicated themselves to the protection and favor that they think comes from St. Joseph in their daily lives, even when it comes to selling their home. Examine the practice of burying saints in order to sell properties, including when it originated and why some homeowners believe that burying small figurines of patron saints such as Saint Joseph can assist them in selling their homes more quickly.

History of Burying Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph is a well-known patron saint of laborers and dads, as well as other religious groups. Saint Joseph’s immobility has increased in popularity throughout the years, according to the tale of his immobilization. Small statues of Saint Joseph, buried upside down beside their “For Sale” signs in their yards, have been buried there for years by sellers who trust in his benevolence. Even though no one knows who originated this tradition, the purpose of burying the statue on the land was to urge the saint to sell their home.

Many years after the beginning of this practice, sellers continue to bury little figurines of Saint Joseph in an attempt to increase their luck in selling their properties. Real estate brokers have begun to employ this technique as a marketing tool for prospective purchasers.

St. Joseph Statue Selling House Instructions

It is possible that you are looking for a Saint Joseph home seller when you begin the process of selling your house. The statue may be found at Christian book stores, on Amazon, and on other websites that specialize in the sale of small sculptures, among other places. Instructions and prayers are included with the Saint Joseph statue.

How to Bury the Saint Joseph Statue

Many different opinions and ideas exist regarding the right manner to bury your St. Joseph statue after selling your property. Here are some of the most common. Some of the recommendations are as follows:

  • Burial of your Saint Joseph statue upside down beside the For Sale sign is recommended. If you bury the statue close and facing the road or towards the rear of your house, it is thought that this will signal to the property owner that you are ready to vacate their premises
  • Even if you live in a condo or an apartment building with no yard, you can bury the Saint Joseph statue in a flowerpot at your front door. If at all possible, try to bury the statue 12 inches below the surface. If you don’t want to bury a sacred statue, you can put it on a window sill in your home instead of burying it. Once the statue has been put, you should continue to pray to the saint wherever you have buried it until the house has been sold.

You will be able to reclaim the statue once your house has sold. Some people believe that burying the figure will curse the house, causing it to become a perpetual buying and selling loop.

What To Do After the Statue is Buried?

Because they provide detailed instructions, Saint Joseph house sale kits might be an excellent investment. When adopting this approach, there is no specific procedure to follow as long as the seller has faith and appropriately recites a prayer every day so that Saint Joseph is aware that someone is in need of his assistance in selling their home.

Helpful Tips to Sell Your House with Saint Joseph

While you’re waiting for Saint Joseph to intervene, try some additional practical strategies for attracting potential buyers to your home:

  • Improve the appearance of the grass where the statue is buried in order to boost the curb appeal of your property while also providing positive energy to St. Joseph underneath
  • Consider painting your entrance door crimson to commemorate Saint Joseph’s feast day. Pray that Saint Joseph takes a look at the various stages of the home-buying process
  • Recite a particular prayer to the saint before showing your home to potential buyers to improve your chances of selling your home
  • When it comes time to present your home to potential buyers, Keep in mind that there are experts on hand who have previous expertise selling homes! If your prior selling attempts have been ineffective, it may be time to consider employing someone.

Your attempts to sell your home must stay focused and determined. Praying won’t do anything if there are no potential consumers, and faith without action is meaningless. Your prayers, as well as the effort you undertake to increase the possibility of a sale, demonstrate your commitment and initiative.


Selling’s a good idea to employ the Saint Joseph technique to sell your house if you’re thinking about it. It is important to remember that your prayers to the saint are only one of the many resources you may use to assist you in selling your home.

Amazon.com : St. Joseph Home Sale Practice : St Joe : Tools & Home Improvement

Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2018Color: GrayVerified PurchaseReviewed in the United Kingdom on September 16, 2018 This item was given as a present to a friend who was attempting to sell her home. I found it to be a well-kept and aesthetically pleasing home. Her bad luck continued when she was forced to deal with a real estate agent from hell, who seemed to have some insane, unneeded, and ridiculous requirements. After sitting on the market for months with only one prospective buyer who came to see it, they were hoping that my friend would take it off the market and lease it to them (because they could not afford to buy it)- this was an option that the real estate agent was ‘pushing for,’ perhaps because he knew them personally.

  1. Joseph kit to a buddy as a present.
  2. Within a week, my buddy received a phone call from another real estate agent who had arranged for a group of people to come see the property.
  3. Right now, as I write this, it appears to be a ‘done-deal.’ The house passed all of the inspections and is currently being prepared for closing, which should take place sometime this week.
  4. The purchasers are in love with the home and want to move in as soon as possible.
  5. Fortunately, he is no longer in the image, so it looks that St.
  6. Overall, I’m extremely pleased with it!
  7. The color was gray, and the purchase was verified.

Because of my achievement, I’m both ecstatic and a little scared at the same time.

On Monday, April 16, I met with a real estate agent.

Joseph has arrived at my home, but he is still in his box.

On Friday, a total of 25 showings were scheduled.

We receive a definite offer of $X plus $5,000 dollars before the end of the day.

There are more than 15 showings on Saturday.

Joseph out of the home before we leave for the day and say the prayer over him before placing him on a shelf (according to the guidelines, he does not need to be buried).

I’m not kidding when I say that before noon on Saturday, we had received an offer for $25,000 more than the asking price!

Even my real estate agent was taken aback.

on Saturday, April 21st.

Thank you very much, St.

Purchase this statue.

According to the United States government, on December 3, 2018, Gray is the color of choice.

Joseph kit on all of my listings, and I am always satisfied with the results I receive.

Joseph in a nice burial box and fussing over directions and other such details, I was perplexed.

Joseph has been quite attentive and accommodating!

I couldn’t be more pleased.

We put forth a lot of effort to make our home beautiful, and we maintained it impeccably clean throughout.

We also acquired a St.

As soon as we put our property on the market, we were deluged with phone calls from agents who wanted to show it to potential buyers.

We didn’t anticipate to sell the house for at least a couple of months after we moved in (there were houses that were for sale for atleast 90 days in our neighborhood, so we were not very optimistic).

I am grateful to St.

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I continued to pray to St.

You will sell your house quickly if you believe, put your confidence in, and trust God while also doing your part, if God allows it.

I was not compensated in any way for writing this, and I despise those “freebie” evaluations that appear on websites.

On September 6, 2021, the United States will conduct a review of the product.

I received this and buried it in my backyard, upside down, with the house on the other side of it.

I checked it up on the internet.

Despite the fact that I’ve had steady daily showings from the day I buried it, I had no showings for the next two days.

I waited a few days before deciding that I “felt” compelled to bury St Joseph in the front yard rather than the backyard.

So I dug him out and buried him in the front yard, upside down beneath the for sale sign and facing the home, with my husband watching over him.

The following day, there were no showings.

We found him the next morning and dug him up.

According to feng shui principles, I placed him in the “helping people” portion of my home, which is the closest right corner from the front entrance while looking into the house.

And then, two days later, we received a cash offer for the house, which we accepted and closed in 2.5 weeks.

I read several evaluations, and the common agreement is that it should be buried in the front yard under the for sale sign, but in my case, St Joseph refused to let it.

He desired to be on his feet when at my residence. So, for those who claim it is ineffective, simply relocate St Joseph to an other site! It’s true that it works! Thank you so much, St Joseph.

Top reviews from other countries

Color: GrayVerified PurchaseReviewed in the United States on September 16, 2018Color: Gray A friend who was attempting to sell her property received this item as a present from me. I found the house to be exceptionally well-kept and aesthetically pleasing. Her bad luck continued when she was forced to deal with a real estate agent from hell, who seemed to have some insane, unneeded, and unreasonable requests. The house sat on the market for months with only one prospective buyer who came to see it, and they were hoping that my friend would take it off the market and lease it to them (because they could not afford to buy it)- this was an option that the real estate agent was ‘pushing for’ (perhaps because he knew them personally).

  • Joseph kit was given to a friend of mine.
  • Another real estate agent with clients who wanted to see the property called my friend a little more than a week after the first contact.
  • Right now, as I type this, it appears to be a ‘done-deal.’ Inspections were completed, and the house is in the last stages of being prepared to close, which should take place sometime this week at the latest.
  • There is a strong desire to move in as soon as possible from the purchasers.
  • With regard to the real estate salesperson who was causing my buddy a great deal of distress, Fortunately, he is no longer in the image, so it looks that St.
  • The overall effect has been positive for me.
  • The color was gray.

I’m both ecstatic and terrified at the same time about my achievements.

On Monday, April 16, I met with a realtor.

Joseph, who is still contained within his box.

On Friday, a total of 25 showings are scheduled.

It is that evening that we receive an official offer of $X+$5,000 in cash.

Showings are scheduled for more than 15 times on Saturday and Sunday combined.

Joseph out of the home before we leave for the day, say the prayer over him, and place him on a shelf (according to the guidelines, he does not need to be buried.) It’s possible that I’ll be awarded the additional $5,000.

Where am I going with this?!

5:00 p.m.

We are grateful to you, St.

This statue should be purchased.

According to the United States government, on December 3, 2018 Gray is the predominant color.

Joseph kit on all of my listings, and I am always delighted with the results I receive.

Joseph in an elaborate burial casket and fussing over directions and other details perplexed me.

Joseph has been quite attentive and helpful!

There is nothing better.

We put in a lot of effort to make our home beautiful, and we maintained it beautifully clean throughout the process.

Our St.

Our property was flooded with phone calls from agents who wanted to show it to potential buyers as soon as we posted it.

Initially, we did not anticipate selling the house for at least a couple of months (there were houses that were for sale for atleast 90 days in our neighborhood, so we were not very optimistic).

For the quick selling of our home, I am grateful to St.

I continued to pray to St.

You will sell your house quickly if you believe, put your confidence in, and trust God while also doing your part.

I was not compensated in any way for writing this, and I despise those “freebie” evaluations.

On September 6, 2021, the United States will conduct a review.

This item was delivered to me, and I buried it in my backyard, upside down and looking toward the house.

I went to Google and checked it up.

In spite of having continuous daily showings, there were no showings for two days after the day it was buried.

What was happening on?

Joseph in the front yard.

We received a cancellation notice around 30 minutes later.

“St Joseph does not want to be buried” was the first thing I remarked when I received another cancellation the next day, on Thursday.

Then I tucked him away in a side table drawer that faced my front door.

We received a request for a screening for the following day around an hour later.

I’m not kidding when I say this is a real thing.

While at my home, he want to stay upright at all times. If that doesn’t work, then relocate St. Joseph to a another place, according to the critics. Actually, it is effective! Please accept my sincere gratitude, St Joseph

Can Burying A St Joseph Statue Help Sell Your House?

In the event that you’re concerned about selling your property on time, or if you’ve attempted to sell your home but haven’t had any serious inquiries, you’re likely eager to accept any useful advice you can obtain from others. Some people believe that burying a St Joseph statue is exactly what you need to close on your house sale.

What is a St Joseph statue?

It appears that burying a St Joseph statue in your yard has been a long-standing practice linked with the real estate industry, whatever your religious views. It is said to have originated in the 1700s, when nuns and others employed the technique to assist in the acquisition of land. Many others have reported excellent, if not miraculous, results. The online retailer Amazon actually offers pages of St Joseph statue packages with prayer guidelines that are particularly meant to aid with the sale of your property.

Some product listings have received over 1,500 four- and five-star reviews.

Some have even succeeded in generating bidding wars among many purchasers.

Who is Saint Joseph?

When it comes to the Catholic church, St. Joseph is a well-known figure. He is Mary’s spouse, and they have two children. Even if you are not religious and have never gone to a church, it is likely that you have seen him represented in a number of nativity scenes during the Christmas holiday displays in which you have participated. Joseph used to work as a carpenter. The saint is connected with laborers, feasts, and being a role model for dads, as well as defending the church, the ill, and dying happily.

Joseph is connected with the essential oil spikenard, flowers, fava beans, and Italian pastry, among other things.

Real EstateThe Ritual Of Burying St. Joseph

It is said that burying the St Joseph statue in your yard can assist you in selling your home quickly. Most early tales of this practice allude to the statue being buried in order to persuade the owner of the land on which it is being buried to sell it to the person who is burying it. As a result, it may be beneficial in both the purchasing and selling of homes. Miniature statues are frequently used in conjunction with prayers. Some people have apparently enclosed them beneath concrete or other renovation projects to keep them safe.

Others disagree.

How to Complete the Ritual

The specifics of how to carry out this rite differ from one location to the next. Some believe that burying him face down will push him to get your house sold and get out of there as soon as possible. Others believe he should be buried with his face up and a finger pointed towards the home. When it comes to burying your St Joseph statue near your for sale sign, the most consistent recommendation appears to be to do so whenever possible. Performing a simple Google search should yield several results for purchasing St Joseph statue home seller kits on the internet.

Before placing the statue in the earth, you may wish to cover it with a piece of fabric or a zip lock bag to keep it safe.

Remember to pray every day and to take the statue with you if you decide to relocate. If you live in an apartment or townhome that does not have a yard, you can bury the statue in a plant pot instead.

The Downsides Of Burying St. Joseph In Your Yard

This house selling method is worth attempting because it costs only a few dollars to purchase, requires no effort (save for a few minutes of yard work and prayer), and is quite inexpensive. It’s always possible that your neighbors may call the SWAT team on you if you are burying a giant statue in your yard at night, or that prospective purchasers will be alerted to your suspicious behavior. Obviously, you don’t want to do this at the expense of disrupting your landscaping, which is important for curb appeal.

When excavating, exercise extreme caution.

That will cost you money and will make it more difficult to sell your house.

Alternatives To Burying A St Joseph Statue

If you are a lover of St. Joseph but are unable or unable to bury anything in your yard, think about alternative connected objects that might both commemorate and assist you. That may involve painting things red, adding red highlights and accessories, bringing in lilies, or incorporating related essential oils into your home decor and décor. Pictures or standing sculptures may work too. Just be sure to talk with your real estate agent and avoid making your property less appealing in the process.

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The practice of burying a St. Joseph statue on your property in order to aid in the sale of your home has been around for hundreds of years. Believe it or not, many people have reported significant success when employing this method to increase the number of bids on their properties. Alternatives to getting your hands filthy are available if getting your hands dirty isn’t your thing. Alternatively, just choose the most qualified UpNest agent in your area and instruct them to go to work for you.

The UpNest platform enables you to compare several agents in your region, allowing you to compare ratings, commission rates, historical sales, and other factors like as location and price range.

There is no need to work with one of our Realtors, but when you can save thousands of dollars on commission, why wouldn’t you want to?

The following are UpNest reviews: Press–Agent reviews–UpNest testimonies–Facebook reviews–BBB ratings What should I do if I come upon a statue of St Joseph?

It may then be displayed on a deck or a windowsill.

What do you think Saint Joseph represents?

The carpenter’s square not only represents Joseph’s profession, but it also represents the principle of honesty.

While the lily, which appears in the Saint Joseph’s University design over the letter J, denotes purity, it also depicts the Virgin Mary and Joseph’s chaste marriage to her, according to the Catholic Church.

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